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FromClassifieds-Subaru 2.5 Turbo Engine & Mendeola MD4E

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Subaru 2.5 Turbo Engine & Mendeola MD4E



So, I am upgrading my Chenowth to an LS3, and I am selling my Subaru 2.5 engine. The motor is tuned to run on 110 octane race fuel, with around 15 lbs of boost. It has a manual boost adjustment if you want to go any higher.
I removed the complete harness, which includes Motec M4 Computer, relays for 2 Spal 12” High Perf. Fans, Ignition, Fuel Pump, Transmission Pump. 14” Intercooler Fan, and a Derale Oil Cooler. (See Pics) The Motec is enclosed into a Water Proof box, and the entire engine harness, including sensors, fuel injection, etc… is connected with 2 15 pin waterproof conn. For easy removal and service. This makes it almost a Plug and Play set up!!!!
Power Steering Pump and SwitchPro are NOT included
Engine is located in Las Vegas, NV.  $9000.00 OBO for engine only (Trans Separate)

• Subaru EJ2.5 STI Block
• Manley Forged Pistons
• Manley Forged Rods
• Subaru STI Nitrated Crankshaft
• XPG rod and main bearings
• STI 12MM Oil Pump
• ARP Head Studs
• Cometic Multi Layer Head Gaskets
• Steel Cam Gears
• Shortened Oil Pan
• Cylinder Heads had a valve job and all new valves and springs installed.
• Kennedy adapter includes Flywheel, Pressure Plate, and Disc
• C&G Fuel Rails
• C&G Intercooler and Scoop, with 14” fan and custom shroud
• Tom Face Turbo Header
• Garret GT2871R Ball Bearing Turbo W/ V band Flange Exhaust Outlet
• TIal 38MM V-Band WasteGate
• Motec M4 Computer and Harness W/ High Output Igniter box
• Derale Electra-Cool Remote Cooler

I also have a MD4E with the HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM GEAR CARRIER HOUSING AND MS BEARING UPGRADE. Trans has 1 season on it 4 3 day trips since Daniel Artigas installed the Upgrade kit new Syncros, and seals. Trans is set up for gear oil pump.
5.14 RP 1st:3.10 2nd:1.93 3rd:1.67 4th:1.26
Located in Las Vegas, NV $4500.00 OBO

I will sell separate or together.


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