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Prowlers aka "Sand Sprite" Sandcars Gallery


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adding a topic for Sand Sprites

Sand Sprite 1
Sand Sprite 2
Sand Sprite 3 & 3LT
Sand Sprite 4 & 4LT
Sand Sprite 5
Sand Sprite 6 & 6LT

Custom Sprites

I personally owned a 1995 SS4, got it roughly "stock" from the OG owner.
V8 Buick 215
I upgraded the beam and rear suspension and changed some of the components to help it work better for me...







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My uncle built probably 10 SS1's over the years. No pics

My friends all had Sand Sprites
SS1 mid travel - Blue car
    started like with a VW 2100, now running a 2.0 Subi from @John@Outfront
SS3 LT (one of the first and only) - Red car
    started life with a VW 2280 nitrous motor, then a 2.0 subi nitrous, now a 2.5 subi from @John@Outfront

my SSIV in glamis

glamis prez 023.jpg

glamis prez 028.jpg

glamis prez 066.jpg




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2 hours ago, Larry said:

Are sand sprites a good buggie. I'm picking up one today.... And. Where are they made.

Sand Sprite 6 was my dream car back in the day when they came out. Actually still are lol. There was thousands of sand sprites made, put a pic up lets see your ride!!

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Our family has 3 prowlers cars, although not too sure which models they are considered. The red car started out as a 2 seat beam car and then was converted to an a-arm car. The blue car was a “mid travel” car and the black car is their long travel car.  40C26338-900A-4A06-B356-926083A58B2A.thumb.jpeg.ca451007fadeed6d34f57c9413c232f5.jpegF9FD6191-5CC4-478E-99EF-1871196E92F2.thumb.jpeg.28229f78056c206bd692cfea153a8510.jpeg4B85ED5B-ADF2-442A-87AE-2A35CE6C0DF3.thumb.jpeg.f93d7611e214cb55630b8ead33b2be67.jpeg

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