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    Quick update: that upper bowl vent line was the problem! little thing ran all weekend.
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    Been rock crawling the Rhino since 2004, only issue is tire size but that's overcome by bashing!
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    I support this dude, he's working harder than I ever have...
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    Just wanted to say HI to everyone on here. A new member hear but have been going to Glamis for probably the last five years. Usually camp in wash 4 at the very back left. Have a white chevy 2500 and a 3705 weekend warrior with a 2005 grey toyz4bigboyz. Im good for a cold one if your in the area or if you see me out and about im usually with a few other guys that all have rails. Im the turtle in the bunch but hoping to get a good tranny combo done on for my 2387 from the wright gearbox so I can at least see what is left of their dust trail lol. Anyways just wanted to say Hey and hope to see you guys out and about in Glamis. First trip is thanksgiving weekend and maybe Dumont the late on the 27 28 and 29. Take care and be safe. See ya out there.
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    Bonus is gas isn't draining into the crankcase anymore.
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    And who called that one? Just saying... lol. Great to hear!
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    i didn't. It's sewn shut but typing is a whole nother thing lmao
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    All I suggest is no one here explain how to change banks on their car to car radio. It's been nice being able to just pick a channel besides the basic 16 cause no one knows how to change banks lmao
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    I have a Lincoln HD3200, it is the lincoln 135 that Home Depot was selling. After getting used to it, and giving it more power than it was asking for, it does a fine job. I plug it into whatever 30A RV outlet I find and never use an extension cord unless it is one of the big fat 30 or 50 amp ones. You try to weld on a 15 A circuit, or use a 50' extension cord, your welds will truly suck.
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    LoL, Thanks, this is just a random pic I got off the net. But I am going to be doing the same type of work.
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    Omg that chithead hot forming that steel probably has no face left
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    Buy the one desertbound is selling
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    Is it just me or does he sound like the illegitimate love child of Elvis and Cher ? Yore welcome, you will never hear Volbeat the same.
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    Fast runs!! A few made me feel like I was there on some of those jumps!! Awesome vid as always Mikey!!
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    God I love the dunes just watching brought a smile to my face!!!!
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    It's going to be an awesome weekend. We'll be there Thursday around 5p to 6p.
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    I am glad it is his not mine. DON~~~
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    Hi Let's make the list names .... Mikey Don and Dede Richard Jeff Brad Jeff C. Jeremy A. Jason Mike
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    Very cool can't wait to join on one of these trips
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    I almost got my fingers cut off at an ice rink in West Covina.......I'd guess it was 1974ish. 5th grade. Thomas Woods started to fall, grabbed onto me, I fell and his skate went right over my index and middle finger. Stitches on both (ok, I guess they didn't come that close to being cut off but I bled all over that ice!).
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    Disarm yourself, only way for sure.
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    some of this on my Saturday........limits and hooked and handed a shit load as well. Great fun.
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    Saturday we went to celebrate my grandsons 3rd Birthday after that we went over to his parents house and continued the party. Got the new car closer to being ready for my first trip with it. Mounted some of the most important things on the car my American Flag and my Flag. Now to finish the other not so important things like some lights and a radio.
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    Annual buggy salon treatment. Wash, wax, polish, chrome and treat vinyl etc.
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    little off the subject but for all you guys runnig these 170's you should call Jimmy at xmf in AZ. He built a whole new class just for these little ones. he has it dialed in on the clutching and everything. his daughter won the whole series with a carbed machine over the efi. his clutching is pefect and he said that they go anywhere in the dunes with the clutching. I think he told me he has them hitting 50 with no engine mods. Also a bigger carb really wakes these things up. they are basicly a ATC 70 engine in there.
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    Rugged was having a 25% off sale that was still good as of yesterday. May want to call them and see if it is still going on. I have the 60 watt radio and the 660 intercom (I don't listen to music when driving, so the fancy intercom was not a must). It worked flawlessly in Baja, which was my first trip using it. Rugged has been great with customer service when I every have a questions or issue. I had helmet kit go bad and they replaced it no questions asked.
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    I have bought a bunch of rugged stuff and so have all my buddies. Good stuff. If budget is paramount the rugged 660 with the 25 watt radio will do the trick. Get the 100$ head sets and just run the basic 5 pin cord to them. I'm not a fan of the big watt radios. All the channels in glamis are so busy now and that's all you hear is guys talking about their day and how their wife is.
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    Choose a company that supports its product and has good tech support for any questions. Had a glich once with my rugged called and they troubleshot the system with me on the phone and solved the issue and not feeling rushed to get of the phone either .
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    Started wiring this week. Got the panel wired up.
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    He's still typing, Dale. Just be patient, he never said he was fast.
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    Spend months building car drive it one weekend break it Spend months fixing it to be "better" repeat Its a cycle we cannot seem to break.
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