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    Test drive my wife to see if i need to add any fluids
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    Dont need proof these days. News and govt says thats what happened so thats what happened
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    This is the side Camera .... part 2
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    I did the final misc. crap on my buggy, trailer and truck today. All I have to do now is load buggy in trailer and decide when next week I'm going. Temps are pushing 100 until Friday...
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    He would come in the loading dock, unload his packages which wouldn't have looked like weapons, flash his VIP badge and up he goes. Security procedures are mostly as a result of past failures. Having never been done before, they weren't on the lookout someone disguising weapons and bringing them in that way. Bet they will for now on! When I worked in restaurants most of them I could enter through the unlocked back door. Chili's and a couple of other chain restaurants had double locked door systems. I'm sure these were installed after robberies from people entering through the back. Nobody probably really thought giant skyscrapers could be knocked down by a plane before 9/11.
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    Cleaning the carpet within one of those home cheap o rentals. Now cracking some beer and cleaning the jeep interior with the attachment. Doing a better job of spraying the water all over me and the dash then the darn upholstery.
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    BBQ contest at OC Fairgrounds, burfday cookout later, little work on RZR tomorrow.
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    No idea.. I am guessing it probably isn't a real big charge, not like they threw a hand grenade at it or something
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    Trying tri-tip in a crockpot. Santa ana winds are gusting so no smoker or barbeque. Dry rub, wrapped in tinfoil, and 8 hours on low.
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    A 15 MPH SPEED RULE EXISTS ON THE SAND HIGHWAYS. No person shall operate an OHV in excess of 15 mph on public lands within 500 feet of Highway 78, Grays Well Road, Gecko Road and access roads within the Gecko and Roadrunner recreation sites. Get well Scott and I hope not to read anymore of these incidents. Any holes dug by contractors should have been marked and barricaded its their responsibility.
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    Test drive the car, take the boy to get a hair cut, then back home to tinker in the garage...
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    The timelines showing that the security guard knew of the shooter before his shooting rampage is something I would imagine that the hotel would cover up very quickly.... As a side note this is a very emotional issue, this thread is for discussion and opinions. Even the people who were there don't know exactly what happened, there will be a lot of speculation in this thread. Please try not to make things personal between members.
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    you should be talking to a medical professional, not arguing in a condescending manner with random people on an offroad website.
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    Off to CBM "Grand Opening" dealio, and then I hope to meet Kevin later.
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    CBM Show and Shine, MX million dolla race, and SDSU game, BBQ, Booze, Fornication
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    CA RV show round 2 today. Might pull the trigger on one if the price is right. Then OT tonight and tomorrow. Andrew
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    Heading to Foddrills Motor Sports Show and Shine here shortly
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    Soccer and kids birfday party again, beach barby-q . Sunday - garage time----mandatory
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    Replacing stub axle bearing, found I started to distroy one out last sand trip. Trying to design a hood for the car also. Something that won't look like socks on a duck!
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    I'll be celebrating my Birthday while installing a tile roof on my patio cover...tired of looking at the composition shingles while the entire rest of the house is tile. Tomorrow,try to take my son to Willow Springs to run his go kart. Everyone have a great weekend!!
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    most peeps have you blocked though so they dont see your posts
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    Ive got another weekend at work, Tuesday will be my next day off. After I get home, try and fix my Harley and stupid leaky vw. Back to work tomorrow. Same old business.
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    at work babysitting racking contractors, surfing the web looking at info, forums etc on building toterhomes, searching classifieds for used peterbilts.
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    Jason. Pretty sure I have your number. I’ll shoot you a text when I leave westmoreland.
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    Like I said time will tell.. Again its all speculation! I dont have to show or prove anything. Its called a discussion.. Its an opinion and again you dont have to agree.
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    No, it is called construction of the timeline from the digital record, and they have the records and calls! Nothing has changed much and all we are getting is more info. 40 seconds after shooting security he opened up on the crowd! Sounds right to me, please explain the "Cover up" and for what reason? The Tin Foil Hat crowd needs to step back and look at the facts! Put up or shut up, no other evidence of a second shooter, or involvement of the Authorities! Either for Religious reasons or Political are the only two reasons a 64 year old millionaire does something this disgusting and stupid!
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    Can't run with the big dog stay in the pound! Your Tin Foil crap is a slap in the face of real police work and the Victims, if you don't understand that I am sorry for you! I have been in this "Discussion" from the beginning with real facts and news! If that hurts your feeling Snowflake I am very sorry!

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