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    I choose to not identify with daylight savings time.
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    Haven't been here for awhile, but in the past I camped with Glamis Dunes people and had a great time. My girl and I are looking for folks to camp and ride with at G. What's the best way to meet up?
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    Talking to my dad about the current reasons. He stated it was a war time effort to save electricity, also used again in the 70's when their was an energy crisis. He remembered another reason being safety. People driving home after work in day light is safer than driving home in the dark.
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    Ok, so I didn't have time to add this little tidbit of info after I posted the install on my shocks. So, gets the dumb dumb award of the year. I put the shocks on, was all stoked, drove the truck front seemed stiff a little, drove to work and made this post. At work I was thinking something didn't seem quite right...then it clicked later that morning. AWW EFF! On the front shocks there are (2) bushings that go on the top portion of the shock. (1) slides on the shock, then you put the shock through the mount, and then put the other bushing on the top, then the lock nut and tighten. Well...that 1st bushing...yeah I forgot the put that on! I get home and right there on my tool box were the other 2 bushings. Pulled the shocks off, added the bushing...re-installed and Ta DA...this thing drives Awesome! If you are looking at replacing shocks for your truck...These are a great deal! Just don't do what I did!
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    Well, forgot to change my alarm clock yesterday. Also didn't change the time in my truck. Was a bit surprised when I was the first one to work today when it finally hit me......Son of a bitch! I guess I'm getting an early start today.
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    Wed before it's acceptable to have a beer.....
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    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! The little Blondie that had the shy act in the beginning was pretty smoking hot! Almost as hot as my wife!....... and yes, everyone was good to great. JD was surprisingly pretty darn funny. My wife and I had a extremely great time and we would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you JD for posting the invite, extremely great time tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Apparently it allows you to get into first gear.
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    Busy getting everybody to the dunes. 3 of these for Thanksgiving. The other 2 for New Years One has a 2D to S4D conversion with a new twin turbo set up and new Howe power ram from a charlynn. One has new turbo housings with modified exhaust, new seats, new custom fuel cells x2. The last one is a 2D to PBS conversion just came in this week after hurting the 2D over Halloween.
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    I did the same started on a atc 90 love that bike ,i even put it in glamis canal upside down screaming dad the whole way to splash down. Anyways got married and on to quads , wife didn't like riding quads so, time for a rail ,the kid was fine on a quad. the rail too fast and the dunes a little big for her , so time for a turbo rzr 4. And now we have to take the rail,the rzr,and the quad to the dezert. Everyone has their own toy and dad has back up if the rail breaks,which hasn't happen.So feel it out there is a happy medium.
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    Strange, nobody goes to an NRA event or gun show and shoots up the place. I'm not a huge fan of organized religion but really! Other than some "kill the infidel" dealio it seems like a weird target or just a soft target for puzzies. Hope these peep's God helps them cope.
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    Almost done...
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    funny you mention that ...I'm going to put a vecta mount on the back Roof , next time out!
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    We are considering dumping our 4seat rail and going back to quad's. Kids are on lt80s now and I feel that I should be on a quad with them so we can start teaching them to dune on there own. Once they get a bit older and move up in bikes up to 450s ill probably get back into a rail. Been riding ATCs, Quads and dirt bikes for 40 years. Love it. My body cant do what it used to on a dirt bike or quad and that bugs me. I had my prime and its gone. I feel more challenged and feel like I'm always improving in our rail. I enjoy it a lot more.
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    With age comes a cage... I did the same thing startin from the 90 bored out to a 110. Progressively moved up to quads and Honda CR's. Got hurt and lost time from work so it was time to build a car. Built it my way so i knew want I wanted and the performance that i needed. Now the RZR's and Can Am's can run with the best of them and the market is wide open for the picking. Just have to figure out if you want to be Robby Gorden or just cruize and use the power when you want. HAVE FUN is the #1 thing
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    A little more tonight. Cage thanks to Toys for Big Boys!, rear chase light, Harnesses and switch plate thanks to Assault!
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    I just paid 20,600 otd for a 1017 ss se, 7.75 sales tax. San Marcos Ca

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