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    Just finishing up some little things on our kitchen remodel...then first round of SuperX!! Brappp
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    I'll give you one clue where they carry the spray paint.
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    With the new law I believe smoking in a vehicle is not legal but your buddy probably didn't need to argue the finer points of the new laws with these upstanding citizens. I believe dumbing down the population with legal MJ is going to prove to be colossal mistake. Time will tell.
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    Sitting on Pad 2.5 in glamis having some coffee. : coffee:
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    I don't smoke, I don't chew, I don't date women that do. Now, with all of the miss use of CA taxes in our state, why would any sane taxpayer agree to more taxes? They raise gas tax to fund highway repair, that should have been repaired with taxes already collected. Now, they legalize MJ so they can add to the slush fund in Sacramento.
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    I think that was a March trip before by Birthday, you guys still wiling to show me around in March
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    A lot, it had a Honda road bike with a turbo. We were at Olds one time and Jeff went over where the alky light weight Banshee's were racing and he left after they did and he passed them like they were standing still half way up the hill. It was real fast. I rode it but never took it up the hill. Jeff was a real good rider. DON~~~
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    A bill? For what? You supply a respectable LT rail/fuel (like the BLM FUNCO), and I'll pull trash out of the dunes all season for free. The clowns pulling it out were paid regardless off whether they were doing that or harassing someone's sandwich maker about her glass mayo jar. At least they were doing something useful...
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    thats why the legal limit for operating a vehicle honestly needs to be zero. when I blew my .07 one time i was shocked I was anywhere near .08. I guarantee most people have driven mutliple times a year even month over the legal limit. dont forget that .08 is the legal limit, but you are still at risk of dui anywhere up to .08 its call "wet wreckless" and what sucks is it comes with majority of the penalties a DUI comes with. I learned that the hard way from a FTO CHP training a new guy. the problem i see with mj vs beer vs nyquil is, i know after 1 beer at the hill someone is not necessarily impaired yet. I know taking a dose of nyquil doesnt impair me. but every time i have smoked weed in any amount it has effected me where i don't think i was safe to drive. with how potent edibles are no effin way you should drive or ride after one. I am super worried about my kids getting into edibles. there are many people we dont go camping with or go to their houses for this reason. edibles are always candy or cookies brownies......never chicken ala king or brocolli (you know the stuff kids wont be tempted to eat) this is what high drivers will be charged with until the get proper testing and even a scale of some sort http://dui-california-arrest.com/dui-california/wet-reckless-california
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    I can’t help but wonder why everything in the world not guarded day and night get f’ing tagged! Do these people have spray paint in their underwear? I don’t even know where my spray paint is! What the hell! ...........end of rant.......
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    I received a package today from the vet with Duner's paw print and some of his ashes in a seed pod to plant. I sure do miss him...
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    I think it's this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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    Anyone try these from M4? http://www.m4products.com/angled-aluminum-body-flush-mount-flood-light-5-white/
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    If she was with you the night before that was a morning after pill.
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    Maybe drunk or had no clue what their actions caused to your truck. Many many years ago at our wedding, two people wrecked their cars just getting out of the parking garage...
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    It's about having a choice. Should I go on rant about the damage the legalization of alcohol has caused over the last century? I can assure you it's far less the a lil pot.
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