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    Da ch"EFF" lives RIGHT!! Peace
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    Lmao!!! Typical that this post would turn into a for sale add or a cess pool of opinions and not facts. No such thing as a midbore hub or 2” hollow hubs. No name cars are no name cars for a reason. Anyone with a welder thinks they’re a car builder Theres more that goes into suspension geometry than whether it’s a true a arm or not. You do NOT need to drop tens of thousands on prep. Wtf, are you guys prepping? Basic maintenance goes a long way. Understanding your car and knowing how to turn a wrench will be important.
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    My number 1 piece of advice is that a sandrail is not a 1 time upfront cost. You WILL incur significant up keep costs in any car that you own. This up keep cost increases EXPONENTIALLY with every 5 HP you add to the car. With what you have said about wanting to hit the whoops at 90 you must factor this into your decision. There isn't a car made by man that can take that pounding over and over without upkeep and maintenance. With all this said, be warned this can turn into an addiction to which there is no cure.
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    So, Last trip my rhino just cut out on me and wouldn't start. Had this Epic journey of getting towed back out by K2 back to Pad 2.5. Anyways...got the thing home and Code 33 was thrown...Ignition Coil fail. So I ordered a new ignition coil...installed fired up then died. Well, I know the battery was old, over 5 years so I got a new battery (It needed it anyways) Installed...no start. So, Process of elimination, I disconnected the Dynatek CDI and tada...it started. So threw the Dynatek in the trash and ordered an MSD Ignition. This one plugs directly into the stock ECU, so simple. That tooK all of about 3 minutes...started right up. In all this, I saw my crankcase cover (plastic cover over the sheaves and drive belt) was cracked, so I ordered a new rather than try and jerry rig it and half ass fix it. I know the day will come when I am going to sell this thing and I couldn't pass this off if anything was not how I would want it for myself. Now the fun part...I was getting ready for my next trip to Dumont for the 1st weekend in March. Gotta pull the sand tires off. Well how about that, 2 lugs snap off the rear right hub. Mother EFF #$$#%^@#$%@#%^@#!!!!!! So, ordered new hub bolts and nuts...went to my buddy's last night to use his press and swapped out the old (did all 4) and put in the new. Well...time to put it back together, clean it up and go have some fun! The joys of an offload toy! Dirt bikes were so simple...
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    $9500 OBO. Mint shape, never crashed or rolled. Oil and filter changed after each trip. Never leaked oil (that's RARE on a Wildcat, LOL). New stuff - battery, MLS steering slider rack, rear diff. Accessories: UTV Inc - Cage, doors, harnesses, shift handle, blower, mirror, gas cap, fire extinguisher Pace Off road- Chromoly a arms upper and lower, tie rods with shear plate, rear radius rods Fox - RC2 Shocks EVO - ECU Reflash, bullet muffler Yoshimura - Wind screen, rock guards Rigid - 40" light bar, Amber lens savers Twisted Stitch - Suede heated seats Rugged Radio - Radio, intercom, push to talk (both), 2 head sets with mics, antenna Tribal Whips - Whipzilla (orange) Muzzy - Wet clutch delete PRP - Knee pads Douglass Sector Wheels, STUs AC Stock stuff - 2 brand new belts, trunk, upper a arms, tires/wheels, seats, rear cowling (Brand new), trailing arm.
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    With President’s weekend fast approaching I figured I better get my lights hooked up for some night rides in Glamis. I was originally going to have a bumper built to put lights on it. The custom bumper plan was cutting it to close, so I ended up getting the Can Am dune bumper (Bert's Mega Mall had a sale this weekend on parts so I took advantage). Glad I want this route as it is a nice bumper and has plenty of room for lights. The bumper also comes with a new bulkhead that seems to be a little beefier than the stock X3 bulkhead. This time around I did not want to run a light bar. I had one on my XP and it was great. Lightbars tend to reflect the dust and sand too much, if you are not leading the ride. I knew for sure I was going with Baja Designs for my lights. I had them on my last car and in my opinion they are the best on the market. A called over to Baja Designs and they helped me figure out the best lighting for what I like to do (night rides in Glamis). I ended up with Squadron Pros with the driver combo on the A pillar and a pair for XL80s for the bumper. The XL80s are currently driving combo, but I will switch out the lense on one to make it a spot. I also used Baja Designs’ wiring harnesses to make wiring easier for me (I hate wiring).Wiring was not too bad, but putting on the new bumper required some work. Can Am makes nothing easy to work on and putting on the bumper was no exception. The new bumper comes with a new bulkhead and that means you have to remove all the front plastics to make it easier. Actually I as not as bad as thought. About 10-12 screws and it came right off. I found a great video on youtube on those to remove the front clip in one piece. Can't wait for the night rides as I will be able to see much better.
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    i would expect nothing less than this from my friends
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    just buy my trailer. it is the garage model and you don't have to worry about anything
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    Spell check doesn't seem to be working.
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    lol hear that all the time, stories for days, only way I see that being true is if the trailer is actually not there
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    Dbart, sounds like you need to get a motor home so you’ll have something to work on in your spare time
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    You owe us all a beer, a good beer! Smack yourself for me!
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    My last full season at G was 10 years ago and every single trip was a #$$#%^@#$%@#%^@#!!!!!! If it wasn't the buggy it was the rhino, if it wasn't the rhino it was one of the kids quads, if it wasn't one of the kids quads it was the golf cart, if it wasn't the golf cart it was my quad... never-ending battle of All I can say is it's a good thing that G is as awesome as it is or none of the headaches would be worth it
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    You'll get a good price, these still hold value for those looking for cheap family fun. Keep it running the right way, your stuff is always clean and runs well.....it will sell when the time is here.
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    Pretty easy to sum up this topic. There are only a handful of respected builders left in the industry. There’s a reason for that. Their cars work. With a budget in the $50k’s there is no reason to stray from these builders. Everyone is going to tell you what they have is the best. They’re protecting their investment.
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    I would figure in about 20% on top of the purchase price in upgrades you’re inevitably going to want to do. Therefore, if your all in budget is $50k, look for a car that is around $42k. Good luck with the search and welcome to the sickness!
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    Perfect I just left you a message
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    Congrats Ken (YFZ4KT), YFZ4KT, A for sure nomination for Y F Z 4 KT for everything he does for the Veterans Day ceremony. He’s behind the scenes most of the time, working incredibly hard, doing so much for us and all the veterans; flags, pens, awards, and themes. He is a true GlamisDunes.com hero . Ken, you (and the rest of the Vets day crew) work so hard to make each Veterans Day ceremony more special than the last. Each year the ceremony grows and most of us have no idea of the work behind the scenes, that it takes to grow this beast . I have missed the last two, but will make the 2018, see you then and thanks, it means so much to us vets. As always you are welcome in my camp anytime. Tim you know the drill name and address
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    No problem...didn't read the specifics, just looked at the pron..err..pictures, and remembered this post. If I find anything else, I'll certainly share.
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    Much respect to those who can sit at a desk all day and work with customers, computers, designs, engineer, etc. An office nearly killed me. Went to college to be an electrical engineer. Hated every fvxk!ng minute of being in an office. Learned a lot about fiber optics and light, electricity, magnetism, but christ almighty I hated customers and people.
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    Imperial County is the worst, When the Target in El Centro was being built they started calling it a 30 day permit. Every 30 days there was some special permit that was needed that the month before wasn't needed.
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    And... LOL https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Red Rhino&amp=true
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    Just talked to the owners son and the place will be amazing. Sucks it isn't open this season but should be worth the wait.
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    Speaking of staring at a computer screen.....................Anyone got a shovel? Peace
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    Maybe so, but its still a kick in the ass doing stuff like this. Riding a chopper skid doing aerial work is by far the biggest kick I have had in my career. Sitting in an office staring at a computer screen all day would have put me in a grave 20 years ago. Eff that crap.
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    I think you might have a different definition of fun job from the rest of the world......
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    Or you just stay so busy paying for it, you never have time to ride, and 1.5 years later you have 50 hours on it..
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    Here’s me in the lead, trail braking into T1 at Autobahn Raceway in Chicago area at the SERCA National Convention. Spec Rental class. Our car club would rent a track for our national convention. The locals drove their cars in, the far flung folks flew in and rented. We ALL brought helmets and the Rental session was by far the most interesting. Superior rental company maintenance? Bwahahahahaha. I once rented a Chevy Malibu (Malibutaaaay) in Los Angeles, drove it nonstop at nearly 100mph to Austin, TX, flogged it mercilessly all day long at Texas World Speedway, then drove it back. I put over 3000 miles on that poor car. Prior to leaving, I told the rental company that I was driving to TX and back and that they should perform all maintenance due in the next 3000 miles. When I got into it, the OCI indicator said 10% remaining. NMFP: drove it away. In short: run. Run far far away. Those intro models are especially flogged, as that’s what most people who don’t rent often end up with. The nice cars are generally rented by older people, or guys like me who travel a lot and have amazingly tired of abusing rentals for no reason.
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    Here is the link to the video on how to remove the front clip.
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    See if you can get the rental history on the car you like, if Bababouy, IS, TLL, TD, Orange R... or Crusty show up on the log, RUN! If Off Road Ryan shows up then buy it, that nozzle hasn't been offroad or over 60MPH in his life.
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    I went the cheap route and bought steel shelving from Costco since I have a bunch of heavy crap and then built doors around them. The Work bench is a steel shelf with a plywood top. Ghetto fabulous.
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    Thanks! Yeah it's just to get into them to adjust the doors and whatnot. I've found drilling the pulls last gives everything time to settle in.
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    I own a dually, 2007 Chevy. I owned a cr3905 for about a week, towed it from Az to Cali. As soon as the legs were off the ground the truck was already on the overload 'spring' (leaf). It squatted my truck and it was empty. No water, toys, dishes, bedding, beer, nothing. I have no idea how peeps tow with a 3/4 ton and say 'Its like its not even back there' 'I get 20 mpg' 'Go up the grade at 65' etc. My dually has a 23,500lb rating - newer Chevys are rated for more. I cringe when I look at Nick's set up (dunerdude). No offense brother! I know you towed that combo w/o incident and so have a lot of other people. Buy as much truck as you can and add the trailer accordingly.
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    Which border are you talking about? That casino is in CA, unless you mean having to go through Mexico to get there via off-road means from the dunes.
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    I am going to attempt to make it there this weekend. Will keep you updated.
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    Where are you located? If you flip the axles I'd recommend also cross bracing the leaf spring hangers. My guy who operates a professional welding shop is 150 an axle. He cross braced my last leaf spring hangers and made it bolt in in case the fuel or water tanks needed work. The bracing was a bit extra but not bad.
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    I bought two from evilbay sorry if it was me...
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    Lost Yeti 20 Hopper full of coors light and maybe a water or two. Lots of sentimental value offerering reward. Call Jeff 520-360-8479

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