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    Kicking it in Texas with brother cheff watching Washugal and enjoying time with family
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    Sometimes...you just get it right on the first try with born, natural ability!
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    It was up over 14v last I checked so I unplugged it....... Just ordered this AC/Heat unit. I expect it to get the job done with my little Honda running all night. My buddy had an extra spot for labor day at Silverwood with full hookups so I'm sure the AC will get a test then....no insulation yet. https://express.google.com/product/1916565483764354131_5000547351679376919_118724597
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    They all end up here https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/In-suit-against-Starbucks-Ca-court-says-workers-13108697.php
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    Surprised that page didn't have a gigantic link (30 pt font) to a high interest 100 year loan to pay for that highly critical degree that will help a perspective student just start to scratch the surface on what is needed to understand why pedophiles are confused about which bathroom to use...
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    Working today then bringing our new to us trailer to my shop. Need to get acquainted with it and have a few upgrades that I want to do. Picts to come. You all be safe and have some fun.
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    Caught myself yelling at these morons to work controls as I saw the disasters developing.
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    Would you trust yore money to these guys?
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    Leave my Jeep out of this... Aspergers.
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    that video was intense, I don't feel the bike rider will be on this earth very long, stupid is what stupid does
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    recent trip to Vegas seen this guy north on the 15 and other in hotel Parking structure edit ...just read it was supposed to be old cars ...I’ll try again later haha
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    You're Mac, you don't need a bike or a helo to be an azzhole
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    Mac is 4 feet of anger and hate. Kinda like an angry hobbit.
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    And spread the oil leaks out..
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    Turbo 2.5l out of a 2006 WRX STi
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    At 1:07, Game on!!!!!! Guy on bike started it and Fusion finished it. Buyer beware!!! PS- lane spliters are DICKS!!!!
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    Proud of my alma mater.....................
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    is it just me, or is it pathetic that the guy on the ricer couldn't get away from a 4 banger fusion?
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    That pic is from the wrong angle.
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    Got a brisket started this morning. Was inspired by Matt.
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