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    How did this post not get any upvotes? He's on to something here. Glamis is pretty much what YOU make of it no matter what anyone else does. I've been when it was in the 30's, been when it was in the 110's. Been when there was a couple dozen folks, been when there was a couple hundred thousand. Some times are better than others but is there ever really a bad time at Glamis? Hell I had one trip where I drove four and a half hours, unloaded, rode for twenty minutes, blew up, drove four and a half hours home. That twenty minutes was extremely fun. Guess all I'm trying to say is Glamis is fun, if you make it so. Seek out what you enjoy, avoid what you don't.
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    I can have fun in Glamis with anyone on any weekend. I’d suggest everyone try to do the same.
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    Well, I wouldn't worry, its obviously extra or it wouldn't be floating around in there like that....
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    One of my dream cars. Never knew about the serial numbers.
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    By different you mean the tens of thousands of mass produced vehicles that are basically identical.?
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    Sorry to hear........it's one of the worst things there is.
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    Heard my brother was massively bleeding internally and was getting lifeflighted off a mountain. Not being a surgeon, I had no idea what his prognosis would be, but if they’re calling a helicopter to take him for emergency surgery, figured I’d wanna be there in case I never got a chance to talk to him again. Would suck if I just said “fack it, we’re goin DOOOOONING” and the worst happened...
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    And you went home? Even if you were a surgeon they wouldn't let you operate on him. My brother ruptured his spleen snowboarding. He was in ICU for like a week. You had plenty of time to get there to see him in the hospital...
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    That's pretty insulting saying people can be "dazzled by shinny LED accent lights and" SQUIRREL!!!....................................................
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    That's just the end of a snap ring, the rest of the ring could still be holding what it's supposed to. I'm a backyard mechanic so If it were me I would use a borescope to look around inside or attach a magnet to a coat hanger and see what I could fish out. Maybe one of the trans guys will give you and idea. The only thing I know about PBS is Mr. Rogers isn't alive anymore.
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    Just some topping for smoked sauseges.....bacon,pastrami, onion and bell peppers
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    Some ribs and a brisket yesterday. Before and after...
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    I agree 100% I was told Thor as a parent company is turning out 3500 units a day, that is all together, all of their lines/companies. Was told by 2 different people. I can't imagine what that looks like. I was talking to the sales guy at the ssss that had the Renegade super C. Said Renegade only produces 600 in a year. Between factory quality, QC and then dealer PDI/QC they only come back with an average of 0-1 maybe 1-2 issues. Course you are paying $200k for it. A neighbor just brought home a Tiffin Allegro moho, new, and he has a dozen items that it went back to the dealer for - $160-180k for that. If Lippert is stamping out chassis for most of the toy hauler & travel trailer world, know wonder there are so many problems!
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    Wow, great find! He is very passionate about the Cobras. Learned a lot about them in those few minutes. Thanks for posting
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    Very cool! Did you catch that nutcase that did something like 205 running through water while what looked like manually wiping his windshield?
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    I raced against him at the antique drags at Carlsbad in the late 80’s. Car was not setup for launching but had a 130 mph trap speed.
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    LMAO! Idk that I ever want to be on a first date with a Tranny... PS. I'm stoked on the headers too
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    Sorry quaddaddy. Letting go of a loved one is got to be one of the hardest things we can do in life, best wishes to you and your family.
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    Two bad ass cars, two smoking hot women one wearing a skimpy sexy cop out fit and you notice the sign. WTF is wrong with you.
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    Lost my big guy over a month ago. It's not easy but knowing I gave him the best life a dog could have and looking back at all the places we have been together makes it a lot easier knowing he is in dog paradise. (loved going on buggy rides!) IMG_1304.MOV
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    Sucks, horrible times. I had to do the same after the T-Day trip last year.
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    Very sorry...it's never easy saying goodbye to our 4-legged pals. It's been 10 years since putting out Queensland Heeler "Porter" down when he lost the battle with cancer..still think of him to this day.
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    Look at that face looking out the window! Let me out I gotta Go Pee !!!..Love it ! RIP
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    I'm so very sorry for your loss! They love us so unconditionally, they get so excited every time we come home, they're so eager to please and understanding of our moods and hold a very special place in our hearts that even other humans will never touch! Time will lessen the pain, but you will always have fond memories of her!
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    You can replace them, but you can never replace them eather.
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    Sorry for your loss, big time.............. as I have posted this a few times now, we lost our black lab “Roxy” a little over a year ago. I have had dogs my whole life. Usually when I lose my buddy I wait about six months to a year before getting another puppy. But a little over a year ago when we lost Roxy, my family just could not handle it well at all. We went through the “shock- grievin- let’s not disrespect good old Roxy ( we did ask Roxy‘s permission and Roxy told us that we have so much love to give to another dog that it was OK to get a puppy ASAP ) process and we were just so lonely after about seven days we all said screw it and we went ahead and got another puppy. It was a very wise choice not to wait any longer than what we waited. We got another black lab and we named her Harley.............. Miss Harley Tucker...... if you know who that is. Once again, we are very sorry for your loss and we definitely feel your pain. You’ll feel better soon, hang in there.
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    Sorry for your loss! Can never replace a friend like that but she crossed that rainbow bridge and can play forever now.
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    Very sorry for you, its tough. Sounds like she was a very good girl.
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    I’m so sorry for your loss.
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    If I had the dough I'd be all over this car! Beautiful car at a more-than-fair price. GLWS
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    EEE built a rear a arm trx250r back in the early-mid 90’s a guy named mike used to race it in the d38 fud days
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    Suspension Unlimited Sandrail: 2 Seater 115" wheel base Light weight 1250 lb. Quick 2332cc Turbo VW 230HP+ 15 gallon fuel tank Fox shocks 930 CV's HID lights A-Arm front & 5-Link rear suspension Electronic ignition Turbonetics T3/T4 hybrid Comp eliminator heads 46/40 valves VW pyramid bus case 002 FTC main shaft 1st thru 4th Comes with paddle tires and desert trac's $15,900 OBO Call or text Jeff at (714) 450-5811
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    That’s my friend Gene. He built everything himself. He lost a leg riding motocross years ago and everything he builds is based on his situation. The bedside tilt up so he can get access , the spare tires canaliver down so he can get them down. The hood tilts forward to access the engine. He built a bad ass motor mount system for easy accces to the engine since it’s pushed back under the firewall. He’s still tuning the shocks, as it really needs bigger rear shocks.
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    In alpine. Never seen this before. Full tube and sounded mean
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    I would like to see this car. Just sold me Car and am looking......
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    Must be nice to have new toys. 2003 WW SLC3905 here. I am also afraid to get rid of it. I am thinking about putting an electric awning on it to give it that "wow" factor when people pull up. "Must be Bert Renolds or something" Scraped together some loose change and paid the registration for the year last month. $37
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    Wow....……...sad to hear how f'd up that industry is. Keep in mind that the work force out there right now is just a giant piece of shit. Sounds like you should find a nice used one that fits your needs Matt.
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    This would make one hell of a back up car.HMMMMM

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