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    I'm left handed on rare occasion, helps change it up when needed.
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    Everybody deserves to be treated equal. It does not matter if you are a lefty or if you are normal
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    There are no lefties, either right handers or wrong handers
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    How guys that own SxS's eat ice cream.
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    Pretty cool article on the history of Indian Motorcycles. I saw that it was the bike of choice for the Pastrana jump in Vegas earlier this year. Looks like they're making a decent run at Harley in the market. https://www.knfilters.com/blog/a-history-of-indian-motorcycles-the-century-old-american-brand-making-a-comeback
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    The rules look like they were copy/pasted from when I used to do it and I’m sure you remember, people had a tough time following them back then. ? beep beep brother
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    I wonder how long it will be before they have to change the name to "Native American Motorcycles"...and then "Liz Warren Motorcycles" to be politically correct.
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    So you know I like math.......................the chance to win is 1 in one quadrillion. let me put it down in number form 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000 yes that's it. 15 zeros. the world has 7 billion people on it now. So you would need 142,857 worlds like ours and populated the same and only 1 person will win from all the worlds. Its a scam, But I did have the African prince tell me he has $25,000,000 waiting for me as soon as I pay him $5k. I think getting the $25 million from the prince has better odds
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    Flip the switch a few times to kick the fuel pump on. You’ll hear the difference once the system is pressurized.
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    Turned out great... Looks like a brand new car!! ?
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    So I believe that you could apply that to any business out in the dunes bottom line is there for a profit to pay the bills keep their stockholders happy so what’s the difference whether it’s a small mom-and-pop vendors or a organization. ..The bigger organization has more money to spend on keeping the dunes open and supporting keeping the dunes clean and open future generations something to consider.
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    Hey that’s not true. As I order a chocolate shake. ???
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    Bumping this back up.... I remember @KingGlamis is a flashlight collector, you had a great topic I thought......can't find it. Found this little guy at Harbor Freight, I like the fact that it's 12v rechargeable. https://www.harborfreight.com/80-lumen-12v-rechargeable-mini-flashlight-64109.html
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    Well after being paralyzed 4 1/2 years ago and losing the use of my right arm I have slowly learned to use my left. Odd and awkward but I'm figuring it out.
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    In all fairness, I've talked smack about those congregating in Garbage Flats for years. Dirty shiatty people many of which have various forms of Hep C, you'd do well to invest in preventative measures prior to venturing in...Here's what I saw last time I visited,
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    Just so you know. Everyone is born right handed, Only the good ones overcome it. Yup, I'm a lefty.
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    First thing to do it pull the drain plug and see what kind of sparkly mess you get if any at all. There is whole list of things I can have you check before pulling the trans, but lets get through the easy stuff first. The next thing I would check after pulling the oil is the reverse arm on the drivers side. Disconnect the cable and manually push the arm in and out of engagement to see if you can feel the detent. All the way forward would be disengaged, towards the bell housing is engaged. Maybe put your hand on that arm when pushed forward and turn the flange like you do in the video and see if you can feel anything there. It possible that the detent fell out or the cable needs to be adjusted. Probably easier to call me after you check those items for the next steps.
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    This car has some very unique and cool stuff on it....I love the clean wiring and that simple accessory belt line! The water lines area trip...I've never seen that set up before. It looks badass! Are those braided lines that are tapped into the hardlines part of the steam port? Just curious. Sweet car man...GLWTS! ~jw
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    If your turn brake in in the middle it is easiest to run the lines down the middle. My car the turn brake is on the left so my lines run down the left.
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    Smith and Wesson model 27. 1970s era no dash rare 5” barrel, fell into my lap. Always wanted one of these
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    The steering shaft and steering support is all done. We are not using a clamp on. We installed a heim and a uniball bearing support instead. I spread them out as much as possible. It is super rigid. We are also using the NRG disconnect. They are slop free and always click in in the same position.
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    Got the front suspension just about done. Need to do steering. Getting the rear arms mocked up.
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    Going to an S4 and looking for the best options for shifters. What do you have and like/dislike about it? Pictures would help as well. Thanks

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