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    After looking at the video I believe a cheap Chinese heim joint was the culprit in that accident!
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    It kind of is if you think about it lol
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    as a real Boy Scout none of this transgender "scout" shit. I was told this story while sitting around the campfire. "An Indian chief, Rising Sun, was concerned with how white men were expanding across the forests, plains, and mountains. His tribe was very small, but as every tribe and nation was being overpowered and sent to reservations, he came up with a plan to save the People. His son, Falling Rock, was a strong, intelligent, and trustworthy young man and Rising Sun loved him very much. Rising Sun asked Falling Rock to travel across the whole of the country and talk to every tribe he met. He was to convince them to join forces and repel the invasion of the white men. Falling Rock left in the spring with 4 other braves. When the leaves fell in late summer, one brave returned to Rising Sun to tell him that they had contacted all the tribes in the desert SouthWest. When the snow began, another brave returned telling of their success with the Great Lakes tribes. A third brave arrived home just as the spring flowers bloomed and told how the strong tribes of the Rocky Mountains were ready. Finally, the last brave returned in high summer from the Eastern tribes with their promise to fight. This last brave also said that Falling Rock was now racing back to all the tribes, telling them to meet at the Mississippi river in the spring for the great war. Rising Sun's small tribe prepared for battle and, when the snow melted, they traveled to the Mississippi. They waited there through spring and summer, but no other warriors arrived. At the end of summer, Rising Sun sent braves out in all directions to track down Falling Rock while the tribe waited. By snowfall, all the warriors had reached the other tribes and returned to Rising Sun. All the tribes had waited to hear when the war was to take place, but Falling Rock had not been seen by any of them so they had stayed put. This worried Rising Sun terribly since he loved his son and missed him terribly. The small tribe was forced to wait there through the harsh winter and when spring arrived, so did the white soldiers. They surrounded Rising Sun's tribe. Rising Sun knew they could never win without the other tribes so he talked to the leader of the soldiers. Rising Sun promised to go peacefully to a reservation if the white men would promise to help him find his lost son. This was a small price for avoiding a fight so the white men agreed and Rising Sun's tribe did not resist. To this day, Rising Sun waits for his son to return. And, to this day, the white men have held up their end of bargain struck that day. People across the country are still searching and everyone is asked to help. That is why you will see signs along the road that say, "Watch for Falling Rock". "
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    2005 Ag Next Generation, 5 Seats Sand Car Built 2.5 Subaru turbo, Built 091 Trans, New STU paddles, Rugged Radios LED Lighting HID Lighting IntelliDash performance digital gauges New Custom Wrap and Powder Coat Wheels
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    Great news. Dave is a good, fair, honest dude.
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    SOCO station in Niland has water...…….I think. I can't vouch for how good it is though. It's also a good, easy stop for diesel. Been doing the 111 for many years. Took the 86 down once last year. It just gets worse and worse. I am happy doing 55 mph (the legal speed limit while towing btw) and rarely have the need to pass someone. As for water, I always filled my 75 gallon tank in my moho at the house. I don't have that issue now. Bring my 5 gallon jug and rarely use more then 3 gallons out of it. Simplicity!
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    If you’re an amphibian and bring 200 gallons of water while grossing 35klbs, you’re at 4.5%. Assuming you get 10mpg and the extra weight has a proportional affect on mileage (it doesn’t), you’ll save 2.25 gallons of fuel on a 500 mile round trip. So yeah, not wurf it.
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    I have rims for both of you, let me get them to the shop
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    There's been a lot of discussion, meetings, posts, and talk on both sides of rules and regulations and what we can't do at the ISDRA. Even in recent years we've had ordinances and other statutes come down and "take away" what some would have considered rights or privileges (pallets, tires, bottles, magnesium, comp at night, etc.). We could certainly compile a list of the things that we CAN'T do (especially since there isn't a good comprehensive list in one single place), that said, there are a lot of things that we CAN do at the ISDRA (legally), many of which we can't do at any other federally managed public OHV area. I'd like to compile a list of the things that we CAN do at the ISDRA... help me out, would ya? Especially those that have frequented other OHV areas
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    I should note that I polished the anodizing off the acorn portion of the lug nut that makes contact with the wheel, and they come on and off with ease now. ~jw
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    Driving down 78 leaving Glamis at 45-50mph (heavy crosswinds that day), I was passed by some McPenis into oncoming traffic so he could do 55-60mph (he probably figured out the reason for my speed once he got out of my wind shadow) and then slam on the brakes less than a 1/2 mile later to turn into Dunes Edge Storage. His turn did not involve moving over at all, so I got to come to a near stop as well. You wouldn't happen to store there, would you?
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    Great job, love build threads. Have fun
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    Only took me two times where I thought I would save some gas money and get water once I got close to the dunes. I had driven past Miller Park in Blythe many times and knew I could get water. There was never anybody there. Could pull up and get fresh water nobody was ever around at 7pm on a Friday night. Until the first time I decided to get water, Then it must of been the finals of some soccer tournament and there had to be 100 cars in the parking lot. Could not get close enough to the spicket to fill up. Spent half an hour trying to find a place to fill up in Blythe. The second time I was earlier than I had been before and when I got to the park there were no Soccer Moms in the parking lot but there was a line of RV's filling up. Took almost an hour to fill that time too. Just not worth the what if's
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    FIXED!!! turns out it was the main shaft clip. cost a whopping $150 to fix.
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    It would probably take me 3 pages to explain all of the intricacies of these ratchet mechanisms, so I won't go into heavy detail but hit the main points instead. The mechanism in the picture is the original PBS design that was used in the Mendeola and PBS sequential transaxles. Mendeola did make a few changes to that design through the years that did help a little, but did not solve all of the issues. If I were to post a picture of our new ratchet mechanism, the untrained eye would not be able to see the difference between the old and new style. The main thing we did was make lots of small adjustments and fine tuning to the parts to make them more precise. That was the main issue with the original design, this would cause the mechanism to not return to center after completing a shift (ghost shift, pull on the stick and nothing happens), or could cause an over shift and even a double shift (shift from 2nd, skip 3rd and straight into 4th), or it could even start to shift, then not fully turn the drum over and kick back into the gear you were in. What we did was take a slow motion video of the ratchet mechanism in action and watched what was happening and we were able to see where the "slop" was that was causing these issues. Those are the parts that were "cleaned up" and made more precise, along with using a much stronger centering spring. The thing about the older style mechanism really comes down to tuning the centering spring that you see in the picture. These springs are not all the same and cannot simply be installed and sent out the door. The arms that are outside of those roll pins need to be bent and tweaked until they allow the mechanism not only be centered, but fully allow the mechanism to return to center after each shift. Many of these were simply "assembled" and never tuned, so a certain percentage of them work just fine, the other percentage have issues. If you talk with 10 different people about how their older system works, some will say it's great, others will say they have had nothing but issues. It all really comes down to how the whole system is tuned.
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    I owned this car for a short period. Its a great duning car with lots of power, someone is going to get a badass toy!
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    Da chEFFF just bought an X3 and looking forward to something new. My guess would be to run it in 4wd all the time. That's what I did with my Golf Cart...………...I mean Polaris 900! Peace
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    It came back from powder on Saturday night. Then he reassembled it that night and was out testing it on Sunday afternoon......... He pulled the motor on Sunday night in camp and made a few adjustments and was back in the dunes that night enjoying the 4 extra hp from the motor mod that he just completed John loaded up around 9pm and headed back to OC fast forward to Monday morning car was torn down to the frame and three new bars were added two bars were gussetted and the car was rewired with a few new quick disconnects Then due to time constraints John put street tires on it and did a shakedown run thru the streets of OC while chasing down a dirtbag customer who tried to skip town without paying his bill....... then this was about 1pm...... Jon said no more painting and blending in mods so he tore it all down and brought it back to Powdercoat........ fast forward to today / …….....it will be done this morning at 11am and should be back reassembled by 5:45pm and on its way for a mid week shakedown tonight around 10 pm for a nightride If it wasn’t for the daaam powdercoater taking a full day he woulda been out on Tuesday???? see you soon John!!!!
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    No doubt an 86year old widow who is donating 95% to the catholic church
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    I have a pair of Crow belts. 3" X 3" Padded Shoulder , including crotch belt. Not Trashed, No Cuts or Frays, Not Weathered You know what they cost new. SOLD Rick
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    I kinda laugh that one too as they try and save fuel but its a flat tow to glamis for the most part.
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    What about the Arco at the 111 &86 junction? I know they have a dump there.
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    @jjoseph99 Boy you just snuck that one in. @I'm Sorry The other lotto thread drawing is tomorrow night Good luck everyone!
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    Snapped the tree on the opposite side of the road like a toothpick!
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    Not to mention you no longer have to load/unload at home. And making life easier/saving time is why men invent things.
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    Have and S4S, after my first season with car had rebuilt, $3K, since then (4 seasons, average 25 days in the dunes per season) nothing in repair except change oil every year. Car weighs in at 3500LBS , LS 383, 934's. Buddy had a REBUILT, JUST OUT OF SHOP, FORTIN go bad in 2 trips, NO warranty 10K, would have been $3K if it was a S4. BTW a ALbins is 30K Plus so sure add 1, I can break my S4 5 times It is all in how you drive, how you treat it, I dont drag race, I dune hard, but set up car to be in 3rd most of the time The sport is not cheap, which is why I can never retire we can make this post 30 pages and never get a final answer, treat your car well, it should treat you well.
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    Cheapest I have done was $1200 (No issues, no worn parts, just labor, seals, bearings). Most expensive was $11,500 (All that was reused was bell housing and differential). Expect the worst, hope for the best. The coming thing that needs to now be done to the older (Pre 2015) sequentials to make them right is the shift mechanism. This was the main cause of complaints as to why they did not work properly. This shift machanism upgrade is approximately $3500 for the parts alone. Any worn parts, labor, seals, bearing, etc. get added on top of that. Expect no less than $4000 to do it right and bring it up to date with parts that work.
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    Does the car have RCV's on it?
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    True , every one of us was a rookie at some point. Here is where the difference lies. When I was a rookie I had a few friends who were not. They taught me good dune practices. They showed me how to ride better , how to read the dunes how to make sure that I was not a burden to the rest of the group, They even made sure I could maintain my ride so that once in the dunes we could ride and have fun, not work on my ride. Camp Cluster EFF not only doesn't do this it does the opposite.The rookies are all in one big group they don't see proper dune etiquette, they see complete chaos, so that how things must be complete chaos. Fireworks are illegal, but Camp Cluster has them ( even though they are professional and have a permit) so I guess I can have them too Camp Cluster had loud music, No problem with me bringing out my system, just doing what I saw them do. Don't worry about knowing how to work on your stuff just bring it by we will fix it for you. Don't even get me started on the black bag project........ Sure it is a nice thing that the people are doing but how about a Clean up after your PHUQUING self project. Instead of cleaning up about these douche bags throwing trash down lets teach the idiots to pick up after themselves or get the Phuque out of Glamis.
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    Built this little 10/22 to start doing precision 22 shoots with my son
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    Im with hotboat. Its a crack that finished itself off. At minimum; compress it together, weld it, fish mouth double it. To fit it permanently and un-noticable; tack a temp crossmember across the frame, cut and remove the tube @ the other side, match bend an internal tube for either side that extends 1.5x’s beyond the length of the tube diameter on either side. Drill holes through the cross member, bevel weld joints 30* install sleeves, install crossmember, even up sleeves weld joint, weld rosettes. Blend, paint and never mention it again. Might be a good idea to check the frame is square and this is not from frame damage elsewhere
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    We had a blast, I clocked all my guys out at 4pm and paid them $50 each hour x 10 guys to finish up and tag team my car, cleaned up some rough areas, smoothed out some welds, added some more wire tabs, camera tabs, reinforcements, etc . With all the mods I have done over the years finally coming to a close. I seem to always have ideas that im testing and never have a finished (or at least painted car) it will be back in a week from getting baked, blasted and powdered. then a 2 week assembly.
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    If you bought this 6 months ago- sure I would say 2d and the v6. But, Dune season is HERE. It's time to dune. I would leave it alone. Like others have said, run it and see what you like and don't like. Make a list of pros and cons. A list of must haves and a list of wants after each trip. And start saving some side cash. But If you decide to change it up- make a budget and give yourself a time frame. Then DOUBLE both. That should give you an idea of how much it will cost and when your maiden voyage will be
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    Damn you and your logic! Its 172HP btw.......not that Im counting
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    If your near me, I'd be happy to help. Get that midboard assembly unbolted from the arm and bring it by my shop. I've done mine a few times and have all the tools. Costa Mesa. Erik
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    1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, 2 Door, hard top Please read all of the details here, there are a bunch of them. I bought the car in 2002 as a Pro Street, back half car, I drove this all over the place & raced it locally. It is super consistent, & a lot of fun to drive. I have the original Black CA tags on the car. It has a 1968 Caprice 427, BBC with Oval Port heads, some cam, domed pistons, Car ran 6.40’s in the 1/8 with 180 HP Nitrous plate. I decided I wanted to go with a single turbo & started buying all of the other parts to move over to that combination. I have lost the motivation to finish the turbo project, so I'm selling everything as an unfinished project. Please note that the car now has a new GlassTek Cowl induction hood on it, not the hood with the forward facing scoop. I'm selling the car as it sits & EVERYTHING I have goes with it. It will be a really cool street car when its done with LOTS of power & will cruise on pump gas all day long. If it does not sell as is, I will put the motor back together & sell it as a running hot rod & then part out all of the pieces I've collected over the years. I put a new Optima in it and got all of the lights & blinkers & everything all fixed up. I wired in the MSD 7531 & tested it to make sure it worked. All that’s left to get the turbo configuration done is put a set of pistons & cam in it & finish up assembling the fuel system & sheet metal in the trunk. To get the car running again naturally aspirated, it needs new valve seals in the GM heads, a gasket set & some headers. There are a bunch of other parts that are not listed that also go with the car, I just hit the highlights. I'm asking $25K for everything. New Price $20K. If your interested, touch base with me, Im motivated to make this go away..... I am not willing to sell off any of the parts. I might be willing to deliver, depending on distance. The car is located in San Diego, California. Bobalos@gmail.com. I posted a BUNCH of pictures of everything on my website. There are 2 pages of the stuff that is included with the sale of the car. http://www.xtrmbowties.com/66ChevellePage.html If you need more pictures of anything let me know, I can get to most of it rather easily. The OEM Dash is 100% there & complete. Trans #1: TCI Th400. Worked GREAT behind nitrous motor. Trans #2: JW Trans Th400 & BUILD SHEET (new). UltraBell, Deep Pan, Trans Brake, HD Main Shaft (see receipt). Converter built for the JW Trans & 1500 HP Turbo car. Ford 9”, 4.10 Gear, spool, Strange aluminum center section setup by ART. Approximately twenty, 1/8th mile hits. Alston double adjustable shocks & springs (New). TRZ Tubular A-Arms (New), with QA1 R Series, coil over single adjustable shocks (New) and Springs (New). Heads #1: GM Oval port heads. Heads #2: AFR Heads (New), w/Ferrera Stainless Valves (New). Crower Shaft Rockers for AFR Heads (New) Turbonetics, T6 GT 88mm Turbo (New), Custom made Stainless Hot Side (New), 4” downpipe, two 4” V-Bands (new) & Tubing. CSU 850 Blow Through carb with dual feed bowls (New). Intake tube with TiAl Blow Off Valve (New) & Silicone hoses & stainless clamps. Crank #1: GM 427 Crank (still in motor) Crank #2: Keith Black Billet Crankshaft, 3.755 stroke (New). Mag’d & checked, ready to install. Crank #3: GM 454 Crank, 10/10, Checked & ready to use. Painless wiring harness, Lights & blinkers all work. Led running lights & tail lights. Fuel Cell (New), Battery (New), & H2O box in trunk with trans cooler built in, Magnafuel ProStar 500 fuel pump. New Braided hoses & ends for fuel system. Sheet metal to finish trunk. TONS of Fittings & hoses to finish fuel system. Glasstek, Cowl induction hood (new), deck lid (new) & cowl (New). Quick Latch sets for hood & deck lid (new). ATI Flex Plate (New) & Super Dampener (New). 2 Stage boost controller from Brian Brown (BBR Racing). Jesel Belt Drive (New Belt & Seals). Cleko set (New). CSI Carbon Fiber TH400 shield (New, but expired cert). Eagle Rods with L19 Bolts (New) Intercooler with 1000+ HP, Bell Core. Water pump for intercooler. Innovative Waste Gate. Custom Copper WG & T6 flange gaskets Moroso 22163 Billet wet stump oil pump. MSD & Holley Wire sets MSD 7531 Ignition system (bought from friend, tested @ MSD and Tested in car). MSD 8251 HVC Coil. MSD 7555 Synch & Misc Cables MSD 8998 Buzz Box (New) Parachute & License plate mounts for car (New) Parachute spring Launcher & Mounting kits (New). Stroud Parachute (New). Window net (New). Wing strut kit (New). RCI Jacket & Bell Helmet. RJS 5 point Camlock belts. Alignment & front end tools (New). Sheet metal valve covers (New). Snow H2O injection system. Stroud 10 Lb Fire system with Push & Pull activation heads & cables (New). TRZ Anti-Roll bar with bushed, grease-able housing ends, Heim Joints to replace Rod Ends (all New). Wheelie bars with new Rod Ends.
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    We got a warning for no spark arrestor on a quad
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    This one can be questionable because "As current conditions allow" and a few folks camp deep in the actual dunes Both incorrect. Spark arrestors and below 98 decibels are the rule.
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    I don't have a picture of it right now but the aluminum under the bolt heads on my brand freaking new Tatum hubs is already wallowed out from overtightening onto soft aluminum. A friend who is the crew chief for a class 1 and class 10 car said he has seen Tatum hubs do this frequently, the permanent fix is to mill out an area under the bolt heads and install a chromoly washer with 6 holes for the bolts. Sort of disappointed in them at this point but whatever, they were only $2300.

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