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    Watching the Dodgers. Reading Camp RZR threads about the relationship between Polaris and Satan.
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    It was I think back in 08 the same time the idiots of CA decided to buy a bullet train, elect a Muslim to president and they also passed a prop to treat animals better and give them more space and some other crap. So after it passed Norco Ranch (egg's) closed moved to I don't know where and I'm sure other businesses closed also. So now we have prop 12 to take it even farther. I can't help but think this is all headed to the end of the meat, dairy and poultry industries in CA and eventually the end of those products being sold in the state. 10 -15 years ago I would be told to put my foil hat back on but it seems like the libtard play book of death by a thousand cuts is at work here. With every one of these lame feel good laws prices go up, it gets harder and harder to afford and eventually it's outta the reach of the commoners. Just one way to force us to be vegans after all controlling how people eat is a major part of controlling everything we do.
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    Today's highway stars, courtesy of Moto world in El cajon.
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    Saw this on instagram, grabbed a screen shot. Funny chit but it’s the truth...
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    Working again. You all be safe and have fun. Looks like the camp rzr is going off.
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    Weird taxi here in London!...
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    Pin hole? Nail holes? Ha ha ha Let me show you guys how to fix MAN SIZE holes. I wrote a how to thread on a boating forum because those guys are extreamly grouchy. Basically sew the rip with leather sewing stuff from Tandy, put a big tire patch from TSC on the inside and protect the threads with shoe goo. The tire still holds and works fine. The only problem is that the sho goo cracks. Can anybody think of a better product than shoe goo? https://forums.iboats.com/forum/general-boating-outdoors-activities/trailers-and-towing/10546020-tire-sidewall-repair Here is the other tire and it's been duned hard and still has last years air in it. Like I said I need a better product than shoo-goo. Suggestions?
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    Well ok then: Painting the ass end of my reworked Trailer & Ramps. Tons of cutting 'n' grinding for relocation of the ECU then tabbing rear seats. Can't wait ?
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    Drinking my motivation for going out and fixing some stuff on the motorhome. Then going out to dinner and celebrating Day of the Dead.
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    I went to go & get my Glamis parking pass & went back to the bathroom. as I was coming out of the bathroom it caught my eye & I had to do the Flintstones, emergency stopping routine. LOL.
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    You won’t be disappointed with the purchase of this truck. Doug take extremely good care of his stuff. If you go over and check it out look at all of his toys they will all look brand new.
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    Here's one I've been saving
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    Testing the pics with my phone to see if the true color of green is better via my phone
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    I use a tablet and once in a while use my wife's IPad, always takes me back to page one. We don't have a computer any longer so I can't check that. Maybe fastcorvairs is on to something. Going to page one is not a big though, just glad to have the web site. Thanks
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    My one employee impressed me with this offset drill (he worked aircraft) there was really no other tool that could do that! The tabs are for the gas tank straps. I liked to have my tank a little less ridged in the car so it could shift In a bad crash. the color looks washed out in the pics but in person you need sun glasses. it is way darker green. Tranny and shifter are next shocks are rebuilt, slight valving change, tranny is rebuilt. 9/16 F911 bolts are installed with twin uniballs per pearch (waiting for arms) black parts are in next wed (gas tank, air tank, rear arms, rims, lower rear air bag pearches
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    forcing businesses to adapt (move out of CA). liberals are too F'n stupid to realize they are killing CA. wait until you see what Newsome does. gavin is such a priveledged, cheating, coke addict pretty boy that never accomplished anything except banging (and marrying) the daughter of a billionaire..... #eff*inscumbagmakeshillarylookgood.
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    The fact is we will never know for certain what happened. Our government and the FBI have become so corrupted that they can not be trusted at all. Our news outlets a nothing but fabricated propaganda machines for the left. The truth is the last thing we are going to get. Even if this guy said on live TV he did it I wouldn't believe it.
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    Mike. next run in two weeks. Better get it finished .
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    I went the overhead route to keep it out of the elements more. Made my own mount and used the billet mounting plate from Rugged and it works great.
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    It came back from powder on Saturday night. Then he reassembled it that night and was out testing it on Sunday afternoon......... He pulled the motor on Sunday night in camp and made a few adjustments and was back in the dunes that night enjoying the 4 extra hp from the motor mod that he just completed John loaded up around 9pm and headed back to OC fast forward to Monday morning car was torn down to the frame and three new bars were added two bars were gussetted and the car was rewired with a few new quick disconnects Then due to time constraints John put street tires on it and did a shakedown run thru the streets of OC while chasing down a dirtbag customer who tried to skip town without paying his bill....... then this was about 1pm...... Jon said no more painting and blending in mods so he tore it all down and brought it back to Powdercoat........ fast forward to today / …….....it will be done this morning at 11am and should be back reassembled by 5:45pm and on its way for a mid week shakedown tonight around 10 pm for a nightride If it wasn’t for the daaam powdercoater taking a full day he woulda been out on Tuesday???? see you soon John!!!!
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    Cruising down I95 from Boston to New Hampshire and saw this gem w 2 xr75 s in the bed! cool
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    If Polaris wants to "donate" to the dunes, how about the pony up some of the the high priced attorneys the have on retainer for a SH!T TON of pro bono action lead by the ASA.

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