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    I cant say enough good things about @John@Outfront Mtrsprts and the whole team at Outfront. My car developed a strange electrical problem over Thanksgiving and the alternator wouldn't charge. I bought a new one (turned out to be unnecessary) and still wouldn't work. And I unfortunately didnt know enough about electronics to diagnose it. I took it to John, and he had it figured out in less than 5 minutes. Turns out my excitor (sp?) wire broke, but I couldn't find it. John told me he'd have it fixed in an hour and I'd be ready to go. When I came back, John told me he'd fixed my alternator and found a few other minor issues and was just going ahead and taking care of them. He fixed some stuff I didnt even know was wrong and my car runs better now than it ever has. John and his crew are the best and I can't say enough good things about them. Ive called them countless times with questions and they couldn't be more helpful or nice. I have my heart set on a v8 car next, but they've really got me thinking about another subi with support like this.
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    He can't respond as he's out on the freeway chasing down his customer ........
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    Ocotillo is amazing and the kiosks the BLM set up out there are really great. Very educational for the kids. Need to spend more time there.
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    Exactly. With the majority representation they can ram it through without even needing to consult voters. CA is officially a democratic dictatorship. Aka. We are the same as china
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    cannot leave soon enough. Going real Estate shopping over the Holidays . Going to be a zonie, or a Patato in 2 years. Or sooner if a few things fall into place.
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    IPhones texting other iPhones will not be affected. Using iMessage. So we will have to stop texting anyone with a green bubble. This state sucks.
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    I can't imagine the new government agency that will have to be created and staffed to collect taxes from every text message. I can't wait to get out of this nut house.
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    The harness is complete. Mark just has to wire the fuel pump and fans to the relays. I'm going to weld two 1/4NPT bungs in the radiator for an anode and a petcock while it's empty. Pulling the motor always made a mess with the coolant....tying to make my life easier wherever I can. I figured an anode can't hurt to extend the life of the radiator. Here's a couple pics of the harness. Still have to route some wires and clean the inside of the car up when the fuel pump and fans are done. The parts are done at PC. Should be able to grab them tomorrow and do the final installation of the accessories. ~jw
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    I miss day drinking......
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    So I’ve git a Gen 3 Funco with a Northstar 2d. I’d like to swap in a turbo subi e85 motor. What model motor should I be looking for in terms of best platform to build on? Also any ideas on best places to look for a motor? Thanks in advance
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    I hear he goes the extra mile for(or after) his customers.
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    Buy 12" and cut https://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?pid=7560&step=4&showunits=inches&id=283&top_cat=197
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    LOL If you are feeling threatened by John, just give us a little nod buddy, just a little nod would do. You don't have to go through this. ???
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    I even suprise myself sometimes!
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    #1. Dont use a debit card. You have to fight to get YOUR money back. #2. Use a credit card company that does instant TXT msg the second any card is used. I do that with all my company and personal cards. Its instantaneous. I like capital one for this alone. Crooks now use wireless cameras and will position them so they can see everything you push. The gas stations are huge because they deal with a pump and not a person. Usually just need the card number and the zip to clone it. They do the same @ ATM's and you will never see it. It has happened to a few of my company cards when my guys fill up at a random gas station. I always catch it though because of the instant text msg.
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    Yes we grounded the radiator to the chassis. We also added an anode to the radiator cap. Amazon- zinc anode radiator cap Here's are a couple articles that should answer your questions. Ron Davis electrolysis tech info Electrolysis article
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    just have to get an Arizona phone
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    There is something to be said for slow and steady.
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    Good deal, that's the same one I run in my longbed
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    1968 Camaro SS 509 Big Block (30 over 502), full roller valve train (true full roller rocker system), teflon coated pistons, port and polished GM aluminum heads, Edelbrook intake manifold, 950 Holley carburetor, MSD ignition, five speed Tremec transmission, hydroboost power break system, Dyno tested @ 628 HP, 12 bolt rear end, Deaver suspension, alpine stereo w/ four alpine speakers, JL Audio amp and inverter, 17" American Racing wheels, black show quality paint, black interior in perfect condition. Asking $44,900 OBO Thanks for looking. Pm, text or call Dave 714-345-6655
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    I WANT TO GET THIS SOLD. come take a look and give an offer
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    I believe the FCC shot this down today on a 3-1 vote. Wait......wtf we got support from the feds?
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    Got it...and look at the box they shipped it in. I can't help picturing the IQ test on Idiocracy when I picture the people that package this stuff! They could have fit 30 of these in there.
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    I will be getting mine in October. I think they look clean. Maybee have 2020's out by then.
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    I don't like it at all, glad I cant afford one anyways, Ill hang on to my 2009 hd
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    They all look pretty similar now. Hell i have a hard time tellin an F150 from a 250 ford from chevy toyota. Nothin is as ugly as the titans though
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    I sent it back to you check your PM, has not even been a full day
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    I wish that app would lock you in and get rid of the keys then that same app would drive you far far away as possible so you had ZERO internet access and then the app banned you from gd.com Now that would be a sensational app for sure!!!
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    Yeah, but he'll only give you the coordinates to where the guy is currently working...
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    75% water and 25% green crap here. Coolant also bumps the boiling point of water up.
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    That's why the #1 bike rider needed to hold up 3 fingers to let the driver know that there were 3 more bikes following. Totally not the car's fault due to faulty information from the bicyclists.
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    In California it seems to be getting easier, seems they are opening up more stations https://pearsonfuels.com/stations/
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    No. The centerline of the input shaft to the pinion shaft/CV flange is wider in the PBS/Mendeola (Now calling them a Weddle) sequential. The 2D uses VW based shaft centers (approximately 64 mm) and the sequentials use Porsche later model shaft centers, which are 85mm. This increases the distance from the center line of the crank/input shaft to the centerline of the pinion shaft/CV flanges about 3/4". Almost Correct. Same motor mounts/trans mounts = about 3/4" lower CV flange location from 2D to PBS. The Subaru bell housing throws many other specific factors into your application that don't really apply to someone keeping the VW adapter plate. Trans mounts and engine location all become quite a bit different. This is correct. If swapping transaxles, be prepared to cut out the trans mounts and start over to place the trans in the best location pertaining to the CV flange location. Correct. This means if you leave the crank/input shaft location in the same location in the car, the CV flanges will then be placed about 3/4" lower in the chassis. If you want to keep the CV flanges in the same location as where they sat with the 2D, you will need to relocate the engine approximately 3/4" higher in the chassis. This is the recommended way to retain your existing suspension design and keep the bottom of the trans above the lower rails of the chassis to prevent it from dragging on the ground. Something will need to move for either trans swap, that is guaranteed. Either keep the engine in the same location and lower the CV flanges. Or keep the CV flanges and raise the engine. Those are the 2 options. In review, be prepared to move either the engine or the CV flanges when swapping from a 2D trans. There is no way around this to do it properly. If you are swapping in the PBS, you can use the same chassis cross members/mounts as the 2D. But, you will lower the CV flanges in the chassis as well as have a bit of trans case hanging lower than the 2D, think about bottoming the trans case when suspension in compressed. If swapping the Mendeola (Now calling it a Weddle sequential) sequential, it would raise the engine approximately 3/4" but would keep the CV flanges in the same location as the 2D, as well as the bottom of the case.
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    Agreed... Don't wanna do anything less than the 2.5
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    Doesn't surprise me ^^. My cats are strickly for security. I know someone's at my door when they run.
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    It is what it is I can't control every adult but I will apologize for there actions ....I my self try and treat everyone equal and do the rite thing ...
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    V6 driving LS killers are not allowed to have an opinion either.
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    Well, I am 55 and had not been to the dunes since my 20's and that was riding a Hodaka Wombat. I bought my SxS 4 years ago without ever having driven one. Got hooked on Glamis (used to ride Buttercup) and have made 10 to 12 trips a year since I got it. The buggy has been in the back of my mind the entire time. I have decided to go for it and if it does not work out, at least I tried it. I have decided I want a two seat mid engine buggy, very similar to the one I linked in the first post. I should be able to still dune the small stuff with my group, at least after I get used to the cutting brakes and will have a blast in the bigger stuff. If you know of a two seat mid car that is not listed here or on RD, let me know. Would really prefer a S4 or bigger trans, would take a Subi or LS for power. Would like to be in the $40K or less range, and I know that may be hard with the sequential, but I have seen them. Not in a huge hurry, but could buy right now if I find the right car. Thanks for all the input (both pro and con). I will keep my SxS for dirt and as a back-up.
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    That's not even all of us. 11 rigs. 22 dudes. 1320 beers.
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    Sometimes it's fun to leave the ladies at home and mash the loud pedal with your friends. To each their own. Let us know how the LuLulemon Black friday sale goes.
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    I'm not sure if you guys know this or not, but dirt tires will fit on sand rails. Also, there is no law against it either. I got a set of dirt tires about 4 years ago and it has Drastically increased the amount of use I get out of my car. On top of all of the normal hard pack riding spots, the car has been down to baja and I use it yearly on our annual cross country trip. Here's some pics form the last one. 4 days 240 miles camping/living out of the cars for 4 days. Even duned it with the dirt tires on. As long as you aren't worried about silly things like the powder coat on your lower arms or the bottom of the car, you will have tons of fun.
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