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    Here is the one I just purchased from Nick yesterday. Absolutely love the car and can't wait to get out there!
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    I'm packing up and headed home in the morning. I store at gds so rolling empty home. Headed to OC. Fifth wheel hitch and tag capapale. Truck is lifted a bit but will help you if I can. Pm or call/text Erik Sorry no help on a good shop.
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    my thought is ... if u need a spotter to do something in G its Unsafe for All
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    2007 Big Bro, LS7, S4D
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    Its a cold hearted bish first thing in the morning
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    I still do ribs 'Kevin's way' we talked bbq more than glamis.
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    Just picked up a new (to me) sand car/dual sport and was wondering if anyone had seen it in the passed or knew the history on it. It has turn key built LS2 with a Kenne Bell Supercharger and mendiola S4 The wrap says Defiant and under the wrap its purple and gray? Anyone seen this thing before?
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    My buddy Went back out there this morning looking for her. Just found her 5min ago around 5 miles south of where we camped.
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    I don't like your tone.... Yes, ... cover, facia, moulding, "thingy"....none of those terms work. I think I might end up doing a metal cover. Eff the man!
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    Crusty for the win. That is it.
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    LOL. Well, if Mr. Mac wants to borrow my benchtop Chinesium (Hazard Fraught) brake and shears, he's welcome to.
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    And 2 zig-zags if you're this feller...
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    RK is gonna have his new RV that weekend !
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    They might meet there match when DJ Macitty Mac show's up. Just add some expensive liquor and get ready for the cheap laughs.....
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    Let keep this on topic please. Thank you.
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    Nope, love your hauler, would get it in a minute if it was in a better price range for me. I see a lot of haulers sitting for sale for months because owners are asking dealer prices. Credit Union don't play that. Just hoping somebody sees your ad and knows somebody with same/comparable hauler going through a divorce.
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    I've used the foam stops on every vehicle I've ever had: street cars, road race cars, buggies, Jeeps, etc. Love them. Don't keep you from bottoming, just make it inconsequential when you do. No clang, no giant bouncing rebound, just "squish" and you go on with your day. This of course assumes you have ground clearance at full bump. Casing hurts. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/shop/speedthane-shock-bumper-bump-stops~8207-10807-701-16-566-7564 New guy joined our group for a run over New Years told me he was expecting a shit show through the whoops when he saw my "lowrider" beam chassis, and couldn't believe how well it did. The stops won't fix completely wrong spring rates, but let you run softer rates so you can actually bottom out without problems. You should be bottoming the shocks every once in a while: you paid good money for those shocks, might as well spring it so you use all of it.
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    oh got a new payment to move into a new house, got a new tv, and inherited an old man to take care of.. only thing I want now is time to play in the sand box.
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    the studs I got from Mcmaster car mad it easier, will let you know on the caps, car is looking really nice
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    I have only owned Gas front engine MH's, and I like em just fine. My bitches about the power and handling are to me, pretty minor. I have never driven a pusher. I know when talking to folks, power is the first thing ever mentioned; "Oh man, you will have so much more power!" My current coach with the V10 does alright. 45 up Cajon or 55 up White Water, with the trailer loaded with 2 sxs's. I mean, yah, more power is great and all, but.... But then, we do not use our coach that much, currently. We are looking to get set up for retirement. We will not be full-timing it, but we do want to spend weeks at a time on the road exploring the less traveled. My reasoning so far has been, Pushers cost more to buy, cost more to maintain, more systems to break. Engine failures would break the bank, same with transmissions. Tires cost more, Fuel costs more, registration costs more. And for what? Running 10 mph hour faster up the few bigger hills we have between here and AZ, or Glamis, or Pismo? I met a guy in Palm Springs one trip, he was next to us in an RV park that cost more per night than I generally pay for a hotel room, he pulled in and parked his Monaco next to our 2005 Holiday Rambler. You could see the family resemblance between the coaches when side by side. It turned out that he is from Apple Valley as well, so we talked for quite a while. His is a 2008, and had the same miles as mine, about 65k at the time. He only had his coach for a little less than a year, we had owned ours for just a few months. Fast forward a year-ish, and I run into him again at the fuel station. He has spent more than $12k in the past year repairing his for mechanical issues. In the same time, I had replaced the water line for the ice maker, the brain for my self-leveling, and upgraded headlights to LED(Strongly recommend them for coaches, damn what a difference!), all totaled, less than $1k. He gets between 6-7mpg, not towing anything, I get right at 8, either towing flatbed with sxs or flat towing Jeep. Please, larn me up good, besides the power to pull hills, what should one expect from a pusher, what are the advantages? There has to be something I am not seeing.
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    Or these are commercial chassis that are meant to be used all day every day, not once every couple of months and strapped to some mondo trailer...
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    Don't forget that spring rate is wire diameter, spring diameter, and number of coils. Even if they're both 0.40", the spring rate can be hugely different.
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    Mike we drilled out one of Bobs free bleed holes and that really helped with he chop. Get spring close and we can work on valving. Are those front shocks Fox ?
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    I read on the various FB accounts of the accident at OLDS, that they had spotters and were video tapping that jump all morning. Spotter etiquette is nice, but Driving Conditions are more vital IMHO. Radio Communication would help, you didn't have that listed on your first post, I would add it. However...that HP war video, near miss of guy on quad...radio and spotter were useless there. Bottom line is drive as allowed for current conditions. Any Driver who takes this chance risks killing or hurting others by hot dogging it in front of the crowds. There were people parked at the top of olds, IMO honest opinion you simply do not jump near crowds. The guy just drove up to an area were others were already parked, he may have had no clue what was going on in that area. I doubt he would have parked there if the area was clear and empty. Parking at the top of Olds is like parking at the end of the Drags - you are in front of a car at its top speed or amount of effort to reach point B from point A. You are ALWAYS safer watching the show from point A.
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    WOW! My exact gift too! EXACT! Peace
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    John woods does transmission only but he shares the shop with a guy who does work on trucks. Last year when my transfer case would not shift out of 4-low I towed it to him. The guy had me over a barrel. transfer case was coming out and getting opened up, I was fully expecting a huge invasion of my .... well you know. That didn't happen. The guy found that the linkage had a bolt fall out and that was it. No charge for the repair. Handed the guy a $50 bill and said thank you. I would recommend him. He answers the phone at John Woods Transmissions.
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    They'll also claim you're a commercial vehicle when you are very clearly NOT a commercial vehicle, just to get out of performing the service they were happily willing to charge you for. The time to determine what kind of vehicle you own is BEFORE they start taking you money. There is something dishonest about a company putting crap in fine print and then suddenly enforcing it when you're miles away from home. Especially when they just make up criteria, like somehow deciding your 2500 must be a commercial vehicle over the phone, only when you need a tow.
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    I had almost the exact same thing happen to me. When I posted about it on here a few yrs ago, all of the AAA fanbois jumped in the thread and practically called me a liar. Anybody who doesn't heed the warning deserves what happens for not listening to sound advice. What insurance did you switch to?
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    Here’s my 33 x 15 baja pros And 33 blasters on my car. I run them on combos. Love them at 10lbs. Gonna get another set and get them buffed to see what I like better. Much better than my 8.50 STUs
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    I've owned 3 Gas Class A's and only test drove DP's IMO there is NO comparison. The DP ride is so much more stable and quiet. Speed and power have never been an issue with my class A Gasser I tow a 20ft box with RZR quads fuel wood etc. and usually catch myself needing to slow down. But the ride is loud as hell and rough not to mention crosswinds are a white-knuckle ride. Not sure if anyone else mentioned that with a DP your generator in up front so when you are in back taking a nap or watching a movie you don't have a 5500 Onan blasting under your bed and TV. We don't use ours enough to ( for us ) justify the cost of DP but when I get the time to travel more I will no doubt trade in the gasser for DP. Also, don't get caught up in buying too new. My friend picked up a 2000 country coach so it had a rock solid base and remodeled the interior with the same taste you would see in a model home and looks awesome. A lot of DP's are nice but have really gaudy interiors that look like a Persian palace, cool if you like it but not my flavor. Anyway happy shopping, let us know what you get.
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    Yes if your asking me what I have.
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    So Sad. It just seems like every holiday weekend there is a horrible event at the drags, the hill or some other tourist hot spot. Please, people, be VERY careful in these areas or just avoid them. I know they are fun but they aren't what makes Glamis amazing. Accidents can happen at any time out there but the probability increases tenfold on big holidays. Makes me so sick to read this. Those poor kids 😞
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    Committed to something now....
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    He wasn't doing a wheelie up the hill. Looked like he hit the lip and gave it gas but the front end couldn't have been more than 3 ft off the ground if that
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    08 Four Winds 34G on the GM Kodiak 5500 chassis. The majority of the issue was because Thor put way to short of a wheelbase (213.5") under the unit so it made for some really wild handling in the wind and rough ride because the rear axle was over-weight. The Jayco Senecas on the same chassis don't seem to have nearly the handling issues from my understanding as they seem to have been built with sufficient wheelbases. I can't say they ride particularly better since have never been in one to know. They're still on work truck leaf springs though and the ride is going to be absolutely nothing like an air ride system. I bet if one was equipped with a Kelderman or Reyco air ride it would be immensely better.
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    we're in this search now. sold our super c mostly due to the ridiculously horrible ride and crappy handling. have driven LooneyDuner's Holiday Rambler about 100 miles and wow, i see what people are talking about now. drove an 04 winnie vectra on the freightliner IFS chassis today, again super comfortable. more plush than the roadmaster chassis but def leans more in the corners. the air brakes are amazing and the feeling of substantialness of the whole rig is, to me, a help in the overall driving experience. some things I've found that are must-haves: at least 330hp, whether its a cat or a cummins, whatever. you'll be happier with a bigger engine is what most have said to me. 10k tow rating. don't look at the hitch, look at the spec plate by the driver seat or the weight card placed somewhere in the rig. the GCWR needs to be 10k over the GVWR for that. I've found many that are only 5k, no bueno. 6 speed trans. don't even bother with a 5 speed. 36' and longer have the longer wheelbases and ride/handle much better than the shorter coaches do. side radiator is a bonus if you like easier access to the engine if you plan to service it yourself. not a deal breaker but is nice. I'm personally seeking a side rad coach the bigger the tires, the better the ride. yeah they're expensive but if you take care of them and keep covered, 8-10 years can be had out of them.
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    I'm so tired of reading about these accidents. Please people, if you have no f'ing clue how to drive or be safe in our play ground, stay the f' out. Prayers go out to the lost duner and his family.
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    Wow, I’m shocked. I was digging around to find out if Kevin was still posting and found this. Mike Dee buddy, I’m sorry for the loss of a good friend and brother coworker. Working together gives you a bond like no other especially when that worker is such a great guy. I spent some time talking with him when he was going through his divorce. I had invited him to come to Missouri with his ex-wife (obviously before the divorce) and spend some time with me which he was going to try to do. After his divorce I extend the invitation again but it never worked out. He was one of several guys I was looking forward to meeting in Glamis when I return. I really enjoyed his straightforward posting not giving two shits what anyone thought. He “had my back” in many threads back when we had a contingent of more liberal thinkers on here. RIP Saychez316 (RIDE In Peace) I will think of him when I get back out there and have a drink with those that knew him. BBB was right, not a better place without him.
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    I treated myself to a lift and some wheels/tires for the new to me tow pig.
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    Christmas came early for me this year! In fact it was in April!
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    So Santa brought my daughter a electric Razor scooter. She’s having a blast on it, but wants me to ride around the neighborhood with her. So my post Christmas gift was ordering myself a scooter. I ordered a Xiaomi M365, which is the same as Bird or Lime uses.
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    32” sanyo roku tv and blue ray for the motorhome.
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    Here is mine..Almost complete
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    The thing with RV's is what is important to me can be something you couldn't care less about. You really need to focus on what you want and what is important to you. Having had a few RV's you have an idea of what you like and what you hate. Make that list of must haves, then likes and buy the one that has all the musts and as many as you can find and afford.
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    No doubt!!!!! I have Carlisle on my wheelbarrow and I get nervous!!!!!
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    Thanks for all post .....

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