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    I'm packing up and headed home in the morning. I store at gds so rolling empty home. Headed to OC. Fifth wheel hitch and tag capapale. Truck is lifted a bit but will help you if I can. Pm or call/text Erik 949-510-4666 Sorry no help on a good shop.
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    my thought is ... if u need a spotter to do something in G its Unsafe for All
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    I still do ribs 'Kevin's way' we talked bbq more than glamis.
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    Just picked up a new (to me) sand car/dual sport and was wondering if anyone had seen it in the passed or knew the history on it. It has turn key built LS2 with a Kenne Bell Supercharger and mendiola S4 The wrap says Defiant and under the wrap its purple and gray? Anyone seen this thing before?
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    I'm sure there is a better section for this thread be it Safety or Newbies, but I figured there would be more exsposure here in light of recent events. These are my feelings about this subject and just wondered what the masses thought also. Random people standing at the edge of a lip you want to jump are NOT your spotters. Especially if nobody is signaling you that it's clear but are actually just watching you drive all the way up the hill. Unless it's a jump that tons of people have been jumping, in the same direction and one at a time, and someone is signaling it's clear, assume that it's not clear. Even then to me it's a little sketchy using people you don't know.This is my break down for each party to keep things as safe as possible. Spotter- Know your spotter- The safest spotter you can have is someone you know. They will at least want to keep you safe which in turn will keep all safer. Have multiple spotters- The more you have, the more there are to scan all directions Have a main spotter - This person will wave you on that it is clear along with waving you off Extra spotters - Scan area to make sure it's clear along with waving off the driver and anyone that may cross the path. Spectators - Everybody has the right to wave off a driver if you see something. Sometimes your spotters will miss something. Driver- Main spotter- Your job is to keep your eyes on that spotter all the way til lift off. If you can't keep an eye on your spotters and the line you want to run, you have no business doing what your about to do. Team of spotters - As a driver, it's your job to explain to your spotters what your plans are and what you need them to do.
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    So I finally splurged an got the Sonos 5.1 from Amazon!! If you have never heard it, you will be blown away!!!! It beats any Bose system hands down!
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    Just got here to pad 3. There is plenty of room on all the pads or roadrunner
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    No experience with Duramax diesels, but I've heard it's very bad to use stop leak in some diesels...
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    Yes if your asking me what I have.
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    So Sad. It just seems like every holiday weekend there is a horrible event at the drags, the hill or some other tourist hot spot. Please, people, be VERY careful in these areas or just avoid them. I know they are fun but they aren't what makes Glamis amazing. Accidents can happen at any time out there but the probability increases tenfold on big holidays. Makes me so sick to read this. Those poor kids 😞
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    Committed to something now....
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    He wasn't doing a wheelie up the hill. Looked like he hit the lip and gave it gas but the front end couldn't have been more than 3 ft off the ground if that
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    I'm so tired of reading about these accidents. Please people, if you have no f'ing clue how to drive or be safe in our play ground, stay the f' out. Prayers go out to the lost duner and his family.
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    Wow, I’m shocked. I was digging around to find out if Kevin was still posting and found this. Mike Dee buddy, I’m sorry for the loss of a good friend and brother coworker. Working together gives you a bond like no other especially when that worker is such a great guy. I spent some time talking with him when he was going through his divorce. I had invited him to come to Missouri with his ex-wife (obviously before the divorce) and spend some time with me which he was going to try to do. After his divorce I extend the invitation again but it never worked out. He was one of several guys I was looking forward to meeting in Glamis when I return. I really enjoyed his straightforward posting not giving two shits what anyone thought. He “had my back” in many threads back when we had a contingent of more liberal thinkers on here. RIP Saychez316 (RIDE In Peace) I will think of him when I get back out there and have a drink with those that knew him. BBB was right, not a better place without him.
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    I treated myself to a lift and some wheels/tires for the new to me tow pig.
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    Christmas came early for me this year! In fact it was in April!
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    So Santa brought my daughter a electric Razor scooter. She’s having a blast on it, but wants me to ride around the neighborhood with her. So my post Christmas gift was ordering myself a scooter. I ordered a Xiaomi M365, which is the same as Bird or Lime uses.
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    32” sanyo roku tv and blue ray for the motorhome.
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    not a fan of the new 1500's, and hd's are terrible. they screwed the pooch with that one. fyi def in the fuel tank of 2014 f series costs about $13k to fix.
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    Here is mine..Almost complete
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    Looking good Andy. Your putting to much faith in them two jack stands.
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    Thanks for all post .....

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