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    I've noticed a few posts asking about places with the best deals on paddle/sand tires or where to go. My shop's about 2 miles from STU so i figured I would go talk to them and see if I could get something setup. Figured maybe I could help some GD.com people save a few bucks. I'm now setup as Mars Sand Sports and am a board sponsor. My normal prices should already be cheaper than everyone else but mention GD.com and I'll knock off as much more as I can. I currently have most of the popular sizes in stock, and can stagger cut the SxS stuff if you need it. I'm in G quite a bit and can always bring tires with me to save on shipping if that helps anyone out. If you have any other questions let me know! -Justin Mars Sand Sports (951)239-2872 Murrieta, CA
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    Thanks Dale! Just lowered price to $35k. This car is like brand new. Blown away how it’s still for sale at this price.
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    We kind of fell into a DP without bunks. Right now I pull out one of the couches and inflate the air mattress, pull out the other jack knife couch. My 12 and 4 year old daughters sleep on one couch, my 14 year old son sleeps on the other and my 1 year old son sleeps with us on the back bed. Eventually he’ll make his way to the floor. IMO, bunks are a must. My life would be so much easier if I had them. But, I fell into this DP when my parents decided to no longer camp so I couldn’t pass it up. They say bunks hurt resale value but I don’t particularly buy just for resale value. For however many years I own it, I want to be as comfortable as possible. Andrew
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    Thanks for all th BD wishes. Im slowly getting my act together. TTL
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    Probably the cleanest 7.3 Excursion I've seen. Great CL ad too. GLWTS! ~jw
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    most of the time weld on or bolt on the caliper mount, and the brake kit goes on like your wheel goes on, for 2'' hollow about $1700 to convert your spindle with brakes 4 piston snouts labor brackets and all hardware if you need a combo brake then many for sale on the board @sandroosten can convert the wheel in his Haas
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    Cannot believe this has not sold yet! Love your car! GLWTS!
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    is that a ss6 in the back there? the blue one
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Remote-Start-System-Predator-Powerhouse-3500-Inverter-Generator/283344379406?hash=item41f8a41e0e:g:mB4AAOSw-FNb-IHF:rk:1:pf:1 Works great.
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    I have used arg auto Glass in San Marcos ca, and Andy's up yer bug both. Will look for their phone #'s.
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    I thought I would save this for a two seat chassis but after seven years sitting in the garage I just want it gone. My wife is getting a rubber band car. If someone wants it and chooses to have John at Outfront work on it, I’ll pay shipping to his place John will treat you right and he’ll be more than reasonable. He gave me a very good quote back a couple of years when I talked to him about it.
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    wowzers, I almost cant follow you. In short, you are saying that the BLM is not happy with over the road trucks converted to Rv's and that they cant write tickets because the .gov is on vacation. And the BLM should be a host not a pest. did I win the decipher contest?
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    Asphalt racing will see a tire pressure delta of 10-15% front to rear. For sand, I'm running 100-133% difference (6 up front, 12-14 back). Most of the weight is on the rear, so weight:contact patch isn't so different if you play with air pressures. There is a yuuuuge difference in contact patch on a paddle with 6psi in it vs. 14psi. Less forward bite from higher pressure also keeps the front wheels on the ground, an important part of steering. Check out the tracks in the sand from my buggy with heavy rear bias for air pressure: Since it's a bias-ply tire, the higher air pressure crowns the tire and reduces contact patch by quite a bit. Not only does it narrow, it also shortens as you can see by how much, er, rounder, the tire is front:rear in the last picture. The shorter contact patch means less leverage is required to initiate a slide, and the longer contact patch up front allows more slip angle front tires: Bummer is traction on flat ground does seem to suffer, so be careful when starting out. Going up dunes, I think the added wheelspin is helpful as you can use the paddles to move more sand (the guy following especially loves this). The lack of flat ground traction does mean you won't be able to live your life a quarter mile at a time, however... Absolutely, driving style will definitely change handling balance. So will air pressures. I like to use both. Makes for a FUN ride when you can drift going UP a dune. CAVEAT EMPTOR: running a very large rear air pressure bias will make your buggy looser than a lot lizard. This means you HAVE to be on the gas to keep it from swapping ends. With this setup, I breathe the throttle to initiate turn-in, then get back on it to maintain angle. This is compounded with speed, so beware on large bowls. If you just chop the throttle while turning in, it WILL be a garage sale. That being said, to quote my first racing instructor: "loose is fast, don't be a pussy."
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    Greta Van Fleet If you don't know them, you should.

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