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    All of a sudden, i’m hungry like a wolf .....
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    If someone using the term "dual sport" in their for sale add then they more then likely have a set of dirt tire and paddles. I've never liked the term and don't use it unless I'm making a joke. There's more to making a strong dirt car then just adding boxed or plated front and rear arms. Can't tell you the number of times someone has asked me to check out a potential 'dual sport' car purchase for them and it turns out to be just a set of dirt tires sitting next to a sandrail. There's nothing wrong with true sandrails and there are some great builders out there. But putting a set of dirt tires on a sandrail doesn't mean it's ready to hit the hard pack like Barstow or Ocotillo Wells. Good luck in your search, having a budget is the first step. One thing to keep in mind- no matter how much horsepower you have you can only go as fast as your suspension will allow. Engines are easy to upgrade, suspension isn't.
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    Dual sport is really just an inflated term people use to help sell their car as SANDPSYCHO explained. In all reality a good sand car won't be good in the dirt and a good dirt car won't be good in the sand. Suspension tuning is completely different, weights are completely different, center of gravity is different, etc. But that being said there are several builders out there that took account of customers that like to go play in both sand and dirt and don't think they're robby gordon. Cars like Desert Dynamics, Dunebuggy.com Sidewinders, HRT, etc. added extra gusseting to arms, stronger bulkheads, double sheer mounting points and other bonuses that make the cars stronger and labeled them as "sand car chassis with duel sport arms" or something similar. There's several guys on this forum that have really solid cars that do well in both sand and dirt, but they have spent years and years dialing and fine tuning to get them to work in both. @L.R.S., @jwest2sh, and @J Alper come to mind when talking about cars that can and do get used for both. But they are really in a different league of cars from the more affordable LS1/2D cars.
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    the ceiling of my garage is open to the roof and the 2x4 joist running along the wall is about 12" off the wall so I just put them up in the rafter all the way down the wall. Looks like a used tire store
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    Dave killed it on a set of headers I sent to him off a clients Buckshot X5. New crossover pipes were built on his mock up engine and he noticed a rub mark on one side of the original set. He text me and asked if it was hitting the frame, and it was. He made an adjustment and it doesn't run now. Very impressed with his quick service and communication during the process. Looking forward to doing business with him again.
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    Dual Sport is nothing more then a term used to make people thing your car is stronger then a typical sandrail. It's also used to make a heavy ass desert car sound lighter for duning. If your itch is a LS powered sandrail and you can afford to scratch it, do it. In 2-5 years you're very likely to sell it for what you paid, if you lose the itch. Nobody is building new Ls1/6 2D cars, so what is out there is it. They will hold thier value much better then other vehicles that come out with new exciting graphics and some gimmick every year. The real problem is the itch just gets worse and more expensive.
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    Yep looks great. Nice yob. Major plus that it can be used while camping. We always had that bike obstacle course you had to weave through.
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    Gonna copy your idea! Thanks.
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    Looks sweet good job!
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    Tech3 mid engine. I tried to get ahold of Darren for a new Sand sprite but I couldn't so I purchased the tech 3
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    I'll send you a pm with a link for the full quality. Nice pic with your phone of the computer screen.
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    This is a very well built Car. I was quoted $150,000 by Kyle at S&S to build the exact same Car. The original Owner told us he sold it to build a 2 seat car and that this car has very low hours. We need $112,000 . The Car is freshly serviced and read for Sand. The only flaw in this car is the "Bead Rings" on the Wheels have a few scratch's. Bob 909 478 4791 Christopher - 909 809- 7241 Here is link : losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/snd/d/beaumont-ss-sand-car-4-seat-twin-turbo/6802616323.html
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    Can't put an axle in from the outside on a stub axle. I use a hammer and tap it around in a circle. Some are very stubborn.
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    Do not I repeat DO NOT give the court a copy of the citation. They will use it to go forward with the case. Have a copy with the officers name blacked out. The violation blacked out and the cite number. The number can be used to track who was issued the cite book.
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    Welcome to where you'll get all the information you asked for and additional information you didn't know you needed to know!
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    Micheal Jordan was cut from his High School Basketball team..... If all you are going to do is go to Glamis and drive down some dry river beds in the desert, get a Sand Car. If you want to get out in the desert, Mountains, dunes and everything between buy a sand car, a jeep and a dual sport/ adventure motorcycle or just a Side by Side. Don't worry about where you get picked for basketball during PE it has no bearing in where you will end up.
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    Haven't really touched or looked at one up close and personal but owning one still feels like being picked last for the basketball team during PE class.
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