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    I guess I don't want to have someone unhook their truck and drive me all the way to El Centro for extra fuel. Epic trip and one more day of duning I will go home Happy. My car is running so damn good. Just don't want to go home. Most things in life are just a filler in between going on a killer Dune trip.
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    Just to clarify some facts. Regarding weight and the Honda at 1459 lbs being called heavy. The Yamaha is 1565 lbs wet, with an estimated 115 hp. The Polaris XP1000 N/A is 1369 lbs dry with 110 hp, The WildcatXX is 1816 lbs with 130 hp. Just for reference the base model X3 is 1486 lbs with 120 hp. The RZR is by far the lightest, but it also has the most light duty parts that get switched out for heavier stronger parts. Cages, bumpers, full doors or inserts, radius rods etc.. And regarding running the Baja 500 or 1000 on the same belt? I do not know of a team that has done that. I do know many who have not broke a belt at the 500 or 1000. But that’s because all the teams I know changed the belt at least once, typically at driver change pits. They can do it in the time it takes to fuel, change drivers and change out rear tires. One of the top teams at the last 1000 changed 3 belts, each at a planned fueling pit.
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    OB forgot to drop off his meds for me. I have an idea for a new car, if this sell or not I'll probably start it.
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    You show up to one of the many demo's that will be going on throughout the year and I will make sure you get to the front of the line. At that point you can come back here and give your actual butt in the seat opinion. Deal??
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    Tempting, but I'll have to pass on that trade, Yes they do pretty good, Its my second FJ and had a lot of Jeeps over the years. I prefer the AC in the FJ
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    Yeah it does, that looks sick!
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    this is better than Ping pong.
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    Damn dude. That looks so bad ass!!
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    Couldn't be happier with this project! has been really great to work with. I never would have imagined this type of body being done on my car but Adam and his crew have a vision and the ability to turn that into a reality.
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    I just hope I can sell my house and get out before it's worth nothing. Right now it seems like nothing is selling around here but they are building new houses and condos like crazy. I hope they know something. Let me add I will not bring the CA flag with me. I refuse to own one of those commie rags even now let alone fly one.
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    Now see.....this would be the PERFECT TIME to upgrade to the S4 and do a swap....summer is getting close...…...Sell your complete motor package and trans.....Drive for LRS and build up a BIG credit and have him do the upgrade...……. I am glad one of us is thinking correctly...….all that time fixing & running eu2000 gennys with the garage door shut has made you a bit incoherent!
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    I've been a GM guy forever but this time I needed something different. Picked it up yesterday. We actually wanted to get into a Lariat but $70k was a bit steep so a nicely equipped XLT was just right... although it wasn't too far behind the Lariat on the window sticker. The main difference between the two was the leather seats, so I've already ordered a Katzkin leather kit for it , can't wait to get that put in. Next week it gets a spray in liner and clear bra put on. We will likely leave this truck stock wheel wise, I like the factory chrome wheels it has on it now. Mama got her new vette the year before last so now it was my turn. lol Just way excited to finally get into something new.
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    My wife wants to go anywhere so bad, im just not ready to start over yet. Something has to change here, because if it doesnt, it will infect the rest of the country
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    Hell I’ll just throw in the trailer with the deal new Universal 24’ 100” rear door
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    NO! If we leave, I will not try and bring the CA agenda with me! PERIOD....I will however park my rig and live by the beach 3 months a year and enjoy the weather I love soo much!
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    I have seen the Honda Talon up close few times now. Last weekend when I was buying my kid a Honda dirt bike they had one sitting there. Think it was the first one in So. Cal. The Talon is much better looking in person. It looks well built and gives you that Honda reliability feel. The Talon is not designed or intended to be the fastest SXS out there. I think it is governed to 74mph. (In my opinion )What Honda designed this to do is be able to flogg the crap out of it with the motor set up they provided and not have to worry about anything breaking. The motor trans set up is massive. It is all one unit. The DCT set up is slick. Interestingly in the reviews I have seen most leave it in sport auto mode and don’t really override it to shift . What I also gather from the review is this will be a good trail and open hardpack SXS. It will be underpower for the dunes compared to the other offerings available. Word from the dealer I was at last weekend is a 4 seat model will be released by the end of summer and a turbo model is in the works. If Honda offers a turbo model, then I will be interested. It woild he hard to go back to a non-turbo model for me.
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    Seen Victor David Hansen on Tucker Carlson a number of times. I love the guy. He says all the same things I say cept he sounds really smart when he says it.
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    Hmmm, pretty much sums up why I got the hell out of there!
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    Lol! I usually drive between 65 an 75 when I'm not towing. I was probably just in a slow section driving and taking pics! 63 or so when towing. 11.5 MPG towing my buggy trailer and 10.5 towing the 33ft fifth wheel.
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    Congrats Mikey! Looks like fun! Love your vids....I'm over watching $250K sancars do wheelies down the drags and up Olds. ~jw
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    The problem with this type of extinguisher in our type of vehicle is the wind. Any gas only type agent will dilute very quickly with even a small amount of wind. The preferred type would leave a film of some kind of agent around to either keep the fire smothered or cooled. My preferred choice on a system is the AFFF type that dumps foam/water solution and leaves a very wet film and doesn't get affected by the wind.

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