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    Thought I would share a few pics from happier times
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    Sad to hear. Rest in Peace....May the Lord greet you and welcome you into Heaven. With Easter around the corner, at least we have the promise of eternal life and salvation waiting for us. God Bless the family and friends at this difficult time.
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    I can’t make up any ground when everyone picks Tomac to win. Great racing though. I feel bad for Marv.
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    Did mine in 2006/07 DIY mostly. Had a friend do the masonry work and pour the slab. Everything else done by me with using recycled materials from the TV shows Monster Garage and Monster House. I ran water, electrical and natural gas underground before having the slab poured. This is a 'dry well' with half of a plastic 55 gallon barrel with holes drilled in it and for drainage. I never ended up doing a sink so it hasn't been used at all. Second favorite place in the world other then Glamis. Originally planned to do a built in BBQ with a sink and fridge, blah, blah blah... But I found a deal on the Jenn-Air grill already set up for natural gas. I also added a Traeger Tailgator smoker. My garage has a fridge and is on 30' away so no need to have another fridge on the patio.
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    Razor is bomb, rail is better but rode in an X3 and their pretty bad ass, most fun and reliability is the x3 unless you plan on spending more money for a rail. Most rails in that budget can’t beat the X3 all around.
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    Buggy > X3 > XPT in the dunes. 1 vehicle for all, X3. Best combo: buggy and a cheap Jeep.
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    I have both and still dont understand the whole "less maintenance" idea. I would agree with "different" maintenance but I fail to see it really being any cheaper. If you really are gonna go camping in the sand and hard pack the sxs might make sense. If primarily in the sand buy a rail
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    I have done similar things a couple of times. Organizing and selling off my very close friend and mentors 50 years worth of tools and equipment was strange but was a blessing to his wife and sons. Both of his sons are Lt. Colonels in the Marine Corps and had no idea how to deal with it. I call his wife whenever his memory crosses my mind. She appreciates it. She likes to talk about him. Your help means more to her than you can know.
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    The idea of less maintenance well lets just say you will find out that belts are expensive, places to work on your SXS don't give a eff* about your ride as there are plenty of other SXS owners that will gladly give them money when you won't. The places like SDR,TMW are great when it comes to getting aftermarket parts but when you need service not many places to go that again care because there are more customers right around the corner. I have had both and still have a RZR stuck in the garage that I will get almost nothing for when the wife finally lets me get rid of it compared to the buggy that I sold even in a soft market I still broke even on and I had 3 seasons of dune shredding fun and guess what when I took it to get freshened up the place cared and even did what I asked him to do. I only goto the dunes so I maybe a bit bias and yes you can take a SXS many places but you still will have clutch problems and service problems as I think even to manufactures considers these disposable toys like a motorcycle or personal water craft.....
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    They all work but a side by side in the dunes just doesn’t compare to a sand car. Another thing to consider is that a 25-30k long travel LS car will still be worth 25-30k in 5 years, what’s a brand new rzr or x3 going to be worth? Unfortunately the maintenance is going to be more expensive that a sxs, but it well worth it in my opinion.
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    Made breakfast and my 6 year old daughter and her daisies troop served them for the old timers in descanso this morning. Gonna do some yard work and painting rest of today
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    A year and a half ago I proclaimed that Tiger would NEVER play in another tournament.........................................
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    Not so fast mister, stay tuned- I need to work another Saturday 😂
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    They said he might be back. Bruised bone and torn ACL.
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    Maybe that’s why you don’t have a Harley anymore! I drive forward not in reverse😂
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    Drove down to the OC and picked up and Buggy and trailer from a dear Friend..Her Husband passed last Nov..I duned and camped with him and his wife for 40 plus years and it was time she let go of his Buggy ..It was hard for her and to be Honest hard for me as I never thought my truck would be hooked to his trailer towing it away...
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    Good point here. You WILL spend more than anticipated on accessories. Mirrors, Door panels, gussets front and back, extra storage, seats, belts, shocks, etc. The list goes on and It really adds up. I was surprised at how stupid expensive every little item is. As an example I refused to spend $500 for a tiny storage box/ice chest and built my own from plywood and a $40 bag. I also added a piece of 3 layer sign composite under the plywood for a heat shield. Lot of crap in that big bag for the desert. Works really well.
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    These where sold to a board member that PM'd me back on the 6th before I started this thread. Thanks for the interest and thanks again Slappy!
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    Flying to Phoenix to hang out with my sons family, and see the grandson.. And possible do some more real estate scouting. . Countdown is on for the happy exodus from Kommiefornia.
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    The roof really finished it off. Matt I will do it for 26k , just saved you 4 grand..
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    It adds up but 30k is crazy. This is what 10k got me. Top included with all grills doors etc. I bought a Traeger grill and ordered the doors from them they only charged me 22 bucks a door with the handle
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    Check out Eldorado Stone, they make building blocks similar to modular cabinets for outdoor kitchens. Easy to install. They make kits also.
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    Yes Lake Peasant, we are at Peasant Harber in the dry camping on the hill $16 a night
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    What I own is the the best! They all suck. Pick your poison. Neither is reliable without a ton of work.
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    If they're all priced the same, or even remotely close, I'd recommend a sandrail for the money. You can't compare a 1,000cc turbo engine to the torque of a V8, especially with a 4 seater. As far as replacement parts, any decent fab shop should be able to make an identical replacement part for whatever brand of sand rail you buy, no problem. You didn't mention what terrain you were going to use it in. If you're going to Glamis only, then the sand rail for sure. If you want to drive it on tight off road trails, then I'd suggest you get the sand rail, another trailer and an X3 for the dirt.
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    Enjoying the beautiful weather at Pismo .....
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    Trying to attach a photo of my bar project, hope it works! I added a big screen TV on back wall.
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    I'm not losing any sleep over it. If my CNC components fail at some point it is just as easy to install a Jamar or some other brand in it's place. The solution is a few hundred bucks at most, not an amount of money anyone with an off road vehicle should be concerned with.
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    Yes you are correct. I also believe they put in a quick 34 years in the business just so they could fukk us all. Makes perfect sense to me too. This is scary....I didn't realize how much alike we thought.
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    Awesome!!!!!! I would love to make my house look like that style, but my bank account says otherwise!
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    Steve passed today from cancer, multiple myeloma

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