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    This guy knows why gas prices are high... he supported the gas tax increases... and will support more of them. Make no mistake, these idiots, are not really "idiots" they are educated people. The sad part is how much they believe the general population to be full of idiots. The general masses in CA, who also supported the gas tax increases, see this headline and think "wow, he is looking out for us"
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    The problem is the thieves are probably out of jail already looking for their next truck! Efffen justice system is not working any more.
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    I dunno...........somebody felt like riding the wheels off this one.
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    You said it... working hard.😂 Not really Brother. I take more time off now than ever. Strange how the love of a good woman can put things in perspective. 😉
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    You can do this afterwards:: https://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhjVvXjmj94b9U18mt
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    I believe I’ve got it covered.... I started chemistry at a early age
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    Hrrmmmm.... Special fuel blend. Yep. Special refinery requirements in the state. Yep. Special transport requirements to bring fuel into the state. Yep. Special filling station fuel tank requirements. Yep. Outrageous per gallon taxes. Yep. Carbon taxes on gasoline production. Yep. Can't imagine why our gasoline is so much more expensive...
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    @L.R.S. just went through this on a clients of his car. Turned out to be the wrong pilot bearing. Maybe he’ll chime in.
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    like Chevy said Prescott you don't have to hit the I17 or the 10. only time you hit the ten is right before Quartzsite which is only 17 miles from Ca. you can store your rig in Quartzsite at our place rates are stupid cheap. think my brother gets $40 per month. for 40ft rigs
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    You should get a new rollcage to protect your investment
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    This is written by a friend of mine Eddy Justice; Red Flag Laws are a Giant Red Flag By Eddy Justice I am an unabashed believer in our Constitutional rights. When the Founding Fathers enshrined gun ownership as a right of American citizens in the Constitution, they knew what they were doing. They were so adamant on the right to bear arms that they declared that this right “shall not be infringed”. Let me be clear: firearm ownership is a right afforded to every American, and that right should not be obstructed without due process. I believe it is important to recognize that a law-abiding individual has a right to own a gun free from government surveillance and interference. I understand why folks would want to make sure firearms do not fall into the hands of dangerous individuals, we all want to protect our communities and families--but we cannot do it at the cost of our freedom. Gun ownership is as important as right as the right to a fair trial, freedom of speech, and freedom of faith. Gun rights cannot and should not be forfeited without clear, strict, and narrow set of rules that respect due process and are enforced clearly and consistently. At present, there is talk floating around the Missouri capitol to implement Red Flag laws right here in Missouri. Red Flag laws do not meet the definition of fair due process of depriving someone of a firearm, it’s government run amok. Currently, a lot of coast-states have Red Flag laws. These laws allow the state government to forcefully seize a person’s firearm if they receive a complaint from someone stating that person poses behavior that implies they could be dangerous. It is a law designed for friends and family members to signal to the government that someone they know should not own a firearm because they could pose a threat, then in comes the sheriff or the police to suspend that person’s constitutional right to own a firearm, taking away their gun, and holding it until the person is no longer viewed as a threat by the government. And That’s it. No due process, no trial, no conviction. Just a tip off to the government that so-and-so should not have a gun, and then it is taken. That is not how rights work, that is not how liberty works. Our rights can only be forfeited if we committed a crime and are found guilty by a jury of our peers, not because Neighbor A does not want Neighbor B to own a gun. Red Flag laws should be a giant red flag to everyone in our state that radical liberals are trying to make it easier for the government to take away our firearms. It gives government too much power, it curtails our rights and ignores the Constitution. It creates a subjective measure of who should and should not own a gun and then strips away a person’s rights for a “future crime” they might commit. Any Missourian with even cursory knowledge of the Constitution can tell you that an American can not be punished, imprisoned, or forfeit their freedom until they commit a crime. We cannot allow these radicals to dictate who can and cannot own a firearm. I for one will join with responsible firearm owners and freedom-loving Missourians to stand our ground against Red Flag laws or any such law that would deprive Missourians of their liberty without due process. Eddy Justice is a state senate candidate for Senate District 25 comprised of Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Shannon, and Stoddard Counties.
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    Ok, so besides, XR's, CR's, CRF's, ATC's, Pilots and the Odyssey ....what has Honda Built....
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    Just my $0.02. I've been to see this car in person, nice car, very clean but the seller is in to playing games and not honoring his deal. Don't waste your time. This car has been for sale for 3 straight years on CL, there is a reason why he hasn't sold it. He's a well off guy from Point Loma and he wants attention more than he wants to make a sale. I looked at the car at his house, offered him $32K, He told me that the least he would sell it for was $35K, I left his house and called him back 5 minutes later, to tell him I would be there that night with $35K and a trailer to pick up the car, he then told me that he wouldn't sell it for $35K "but that was the least that he would consider", words were exchanged. The guy proceeded to text message me over the next couple of days, I offered him $37K with the trailer, I finally had to tell him to stop contacting me. I don't care for people who make deals, then go back on their word and use semantics to hide behind, just because they got cold feet. Proceed at your own risk, he needs a friend.
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    Cool! Not to surprised to see no posts on here. Tough situation my friend. Everyone that read your original post about your daughter pictured seeing their own son or daughter like that, which as you know is a scary thought. Sometime people just don’t know what to say. Rest assures every single member of the board wishes your daughter and your family the best! Keep us updated and we will keep her and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
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    All of those factors are at work, but the reason for this recent increase was due to unplanned and planned refinery shutdowns. Right when they were switching over to the summer blend, one of the refineries had an explosion and fire on March 16. We don't have enough refineries to begin with since the oil companies haven't built any new ones in decades.
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    No to get too far down the rabbit hole but I do agree. I believe there is an attempt to make driving so unaffordable that it forces society onto public transportation. This restricts our freedoms and lets government control our movements.
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    Could be a groove worn in the input shaft from the seal. (Believe it or not that the rubber from the seal can wear into hardened steel over time) That is what mine did over time and had to replace the input shaft during my last rebuild.
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    Easy to get to seals. Just drain fluid and pull bellhousing. Reseal housing to trans.
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    On Ch 5 news yesterday morning...one of the News anchors in the field was at a station in LA...and said, I can fix this real simply. He pulled the numbers off the price sign out by the entrance to the gas station. Look take this 4 off and there is a 3 underneath! Look, just saved a dollar. the rest of the team back in the studio was like...is that illegal...you're gonna get arrested! He said he'd go to jail for it....we're getting gowged!
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    Uh, The cylinder is pointing forward. The 185/200's cylinders point up.
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    This guy amazes me. His recent crap about the death penalty is embarrassing. How could you just take something that the California people voted on and just reverse it to fit your agenda? Isn't that the reason we vote? Isn't that a democracy? This state blows.
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    my rig is 36' and it will be $2800, the going rate in Phoenix from what I could fine to wax and polish my unit would be about $450 +/- x2 year so after year 3 I save $1800 ($3600 if it lasts the 8 years as advertised) and have the ease of maintenance. At least that is what I am expecting, I am not an agent of this product nor do I have any experience with it.
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    www.versatube.com I haven't used them but giving up options in case you hadn't heard of them.
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    Went out to Johnson Valley for Easter weekend. Never camped there before. Camped near where King of the Hammers happens. Lots of cool trails and riding out there. Did a nice 118 mile ride on Saturday from Johnson Valley to Slash X and Sunday morning did a shorter ride checking out the more technical stuff. I will be back for sure.
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    I’ve seen this style snap in half twice, both been while slowing for a red light. Not sure about brand but they were both this style. Youd never feel comfortable with aluminum after seeing that.
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    That's funny. And I'd bet that the motor still runs. Hey, it's a Honda!
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    At least some closure. Sorry to read all this.
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    I have had this Weber for over 8 years, it has been solid and I cook on it almost every night. https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/gas-grills/summit-series/7360001.html
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    I may have a hook up with Lion bbq http://lionbbq.com/archives/627
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    I've had Bull and Cal Flame. I prefer Cal Flame for the look but both are equal quality in my opinion. I used to work for a company that was a Cal Flame dealer so I got a pretty good deal buying direct and that's what I used on my current Island. I did the same thing. Bought the equipment and had the Island built. I would Highly suggest the sink. I had one in my last Island and opted not to put one in my current Island and I miss it. It's a good spot to put cooking utensils and to rinse your hands when either cooking or just doing yard work and other things in the back yard. You'll also need a 110v outlet under the Island to plug in lighting for your grill and I would install one on the outside of the island to plug in a blender or anything else. I also did under counter lighting which looks awesome at night. Cal Flame has a whole bunch of accessories like doors, drawers, side burners, etc. Check out their website: https://www.calflamebbq.com I got the 4 burner grill, set of 30" doors (soft closing, pretty cool), a set of drawers and the paper towel holder. I still have a contact at Secard Pools who is a Cal Flame dealer who can get you pricing. They're not far from you in Rancho Cucamonga.
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    Hello J my buddy uses an old bumper jack they just modify them a little and they weld two studs on they’re frame for mounting I have a couple of you want one I’ll even modify it for you ..... john
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    Happy for anyone who digs in to something to have fun . For myself tho I need back into rc cars like I need a hole in my head .
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    The xj replacement
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    i absolutely hate the tow from phx to payson. it is one of THE hardest hill to pull during the summer time and most truck mfg use it for testing for over temp issues during summer. would be easier come winter but still not a fun pull with all the twists and turns Friend of ours lives in Chino Valley (north of Prescott). he goes down the 89 to the 60 and then hits the I10. comes back up the same way. the tow up yarnell hill is a good one and the switch backs into prescott will get any motion sick passengers, sick. That said, the only time he hits the 17 is when there has been between decent to heavy snow. they dont clear 89 like they do 69 to the 17 and visa versa. he says going 17 adds about an hour to the trip. if you move to payson, you will have to contend with phx traffic every time you go to leave. Avoid the 10 like the plague unless its late morning or mid afternoon. 6-10am on a work week as well as 3-7pm are the worse times. rest of the freeways around the 10 can get backed up but nothing horrible.
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    I make the tow on 89 about 15 times a year towing my 40' hauler with a dually and in my opinion it is the only way to go. I-17 to Phoenix is a nightmare.
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    The drive from Phoenix to payson is probably the toughest tow in Arizona, tons of long grades and wide sweeping turns, the only thing that makes the 87 better than i17 is there’s usually less traffic. Not sure about 89 vs i17, you would most likely be towing a the opposite way of traffic going to Glamis though, could do i17 to 303 to i10.
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    Speaking of shovels, I just bought one for car camping that was dirt cheap ($8.74, free SH) folds up and is the size of a paper plate when stowed in it's carrying bag. It's a cheap (but works perfectly) copy of the military folding shovel/entrenching tool. Everyone should have a shovel, extra water, extra food, a radio and/or cell phone, first aid kit plus blood clotting powder, in case someone's bleeding but it will be awhile before they can get sutures. Spare parts, tools, etc. An ounce of prevention or preparedness beats a pound of cure! Like they say, it's better to have and not need than need and not have!
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    A picture of before and it’s current state. Had a Northstar/2D and it’s going to an Alper 454/S4. Been a 3 year project but a lot has changed.
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    I will take seat belt injuries over head trauma every time.
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    Three collisions in each one. First is mechanical pieces, second is your body that impacts restraint or object inside the vehicle, third is the organs inside your body crashing into their surroundings. Worst of all, our toys do not enjoy "crush zones" like our auto to absorb some of the impact, so full impact is delivered directly to our bodies.
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    I like your style sir.
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    Ok, I'll play. I have yet to meet a woman who implanted something in her chest that fixed what was wrong in her head.
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