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    Man you have taken a beating in this thread and kept on going, good for you. Everyone of us who have made mistakes on our own projects hate to see what we think is the same thing happening to someone else. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that every single person that has posted wants you to have a good experience so you will enjoy your time in the sand rather than have a bad taste in your mouth from your build and end up like many who finally throw in the towel and walk away.
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    if ur eyes wasn't 3/4 closed u can see the over spray on the elec. pipes and white pipes on the ground
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    Excellent Trade Sir!
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    Finish it!!!!
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    Dam bro I’ve been watching this since you got it. It’s starting to look like a marriage. It’s cheaper to keep her. Keep up the good work.
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    This ^^^^ plus it’s not really hp it’s the torque.
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    Lol. I blame the phone screen. Facts is facts.
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    Bought the car with a stock LS1 and 2D. First season, 12 trips and it was done. Sounded like concrete. It just isn’t about HP. My car is 2700lbs. 934s and outboard hubs. Lots of rotational mass and heavy car. I don’t beat on the car. Just drive fast and a lot. 2D can’t hold up to that stuff. Put a Fortin in it.
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    I had 386 to the wheels through my 2d. I had one season where all was good. Then 3 seasons in a row it came out for bearings once, second and third once, the R&P most recently. I just picked up an s4 from Wright last week. 🤞 2400 lb amplified with 33s.
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    660 hp at the crank, turbo Subaru. Two seasons so far no issues. It’s in a gen 4 funco
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    My pops buggy is making north of 650 with a blown Northstar at 12 psi in a 4 seat mid engine, lasted 4 years so far running hard with a PBS cable shifter
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    It's always the last one. Because once you find it, you stop looking, thus making it the last one you looked at.
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    428 hp at the wheels from my LS1. I put the buggy together in 2013 with a slightly smaller cam and switched to a larger one in 2018. The trans has been apart twice to fix shift fork damage caused by the AJ Speed Shifter. No gears have been replaced and I've had no more trouble since I switched to a PBS shifter. I don't beat the car up through the whoops, but I do launch the car from 6000+ rpm when drag racing. Its a 2000lbs mid engine buggy on 33 inch paddles. Another buggy in our group put over 470hp to the wheels. He broke the 2d case and reverse gear after getting stuck a few years ago. His buggy weighs 2800lbs and he hasn't had any other gear issues.
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    450hp Outfront 2.5 Subi Needed an input shaft due to seal lip groove wear. Three hard seasons. Don't know how old that shaft was either.
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    That sounds like a good solid plan. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
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    Norcold Refrigerator Gas Shut-Off Valve Assembly Item #: 47110 Brand: Norcold Model: 61692322 Be the first to review this product Quick Overview A replacement gas shut off valve for some Norcold refrigerators.
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    Rent a breaker for it and blast that rock into smaller pieces!
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    This is my first post, long time follower. Got a new to me buckshot x5. Taking the car this weekend to Andrew. Upgrading the 2d to a PBS S4. Hoping to get my hands on one of these shifters !!!
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    Dont want to shoot this off topic.............. that Buggy is amazing!!!!!! @stumpalump FWIW, my buggy is kind of like that. it has a super short hood & the sides only come up to just past where my foot is. The shorter hood is cool & I can kind of see the suspension cycling, but IMO, its a novel thing for a second then its kind of annoying. sand does come up into the car & occasionally fills your lap with sand. It also lets the cold air in. Another thing, is every once in a while I will catch the passenger side wheel spinning out of the corner of my eye & start to panic that something has fallen out of or off of the buggy. LOL. Im kind of tall (6'3") so I sit high in the buggy so seeing down is not a problem. seeing up is...... When Im @ the bottom of a hill trying to look up to see where the rest of the cars are, Im staring @ the roof. not a big deal, I just have to pay attention when we are going down the previous hill & hope that everyone has not piled up going up the next hill. Its not bad enough that Im going to do something about it, but sometimes it catches me off guard. Bob
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    mooselimbs are incompatible with western way of life. I can't find the pic I was looking for but this is close enough.
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    Not much.....
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