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    Meet Bruce our new boxer had one for 13 years and had to put him down. Only made it 6 months before we had to have another
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    Wait till Anderson comes back. Now that Osborn got a taste of riding up front and won a heat race, that should build confidence. Roczen will be a contender, he just has a get healthy.
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    Cbm tune🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Unless you have some sentimental value in the car, (based on MGM's post of being a previous owner you likely don't) or you really really like projects and have lots of disposable cash, you should sell the car before you tear it apart and find something much closer to your needs/desires as far as the drivetrain goes. You are going to spend so much money you'll never recover, it makes no economical sense to do a swap on this car. Granted, nothing in this sport makes economical sense.
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    Boils down to how much you love that car and if you want to put $12k+ into it. IMO you are money ahead to sell it and buys something with a LS and mendi. If you decide to keep the 3.2, the AEM Series 2 is a great plug-n-play standalone for $1300 or so. John at Outfront sells them and has done a couple J-series recently.
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    Checked on my big, beautiful wall. Razor wire went up very recently. Still plenty of open border though.
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    Wow! Since when did you become the superintendent of good taste ...lol!
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    Soooo do I fix the leaf spring issue and buy a rock crawler or go big and back half the truck ............ .......... ................ ........................ well I guess I’m going big now. Might as well put it back in the shop and cut the back of the cab off again 😂 Time to back half it and 4 link it !
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    I’ll make copies on the copier and make a file to send you and see if that will work. One way or another I’ll get you what you need.
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    I would do the swap if you have the parts and skills you say. Sounds to me like you would have less than $25k in the car and it will be worth at least that (if not more) when finished (even as a single shock car). Amplified cars handle very well and have pretty good resale value. I can put you in touch with Peterbuilt (fab guy for amplified back in the day) if you need replacement parts. When I first bought that car, I was thinking the same thing you were, but then another deal came along and I turned and burned it. Good luck and have fun!!!
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    If I were in your shoes, having the engine, needing to buy a transaxle, having solid fabrication skills and wanting a 4 seater V8 car:
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    No brainer, needs a V8, if you look at the post I did on the funco it will help you set the Mendi trans in, I cut it back all the way to the torsion housing - or what is called the rear a arm support, the hardest part is if you use standard sand car headers, then the trans has to be dead straight or the mufflers will be off and it will look like you rolled the car,
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    I agree with most. If you can get it tuned great, if want/are ok with a project then do it, otherwise punt and start with what you now want. even doing the tune would be a great selling point
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    Congrats! Bruce is a cute pup! Now you gotta teach him to fetch you beers from someone else's cooler!
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    I'm not a fan lol The Dungy playbook (consistency) works when there aren't too many fast guys on the field. I think there are too many fast guys out there now, that will battle for a win...
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    It sounds like JoeyNY has some decent skills if he built 4 or 5 street cars. And he sounds like he has an engine in the garage, so just needs a trans. So it will cost a few bucks, but he can do all of the work and only has to buy some of the parts, it might not be completely crazy expensive. Trans 5k to 6k / Rear Bypass 2k / headers 800 / still about 8k to 10k. How much did you pay for the car to start with? You guys are right, nothing in this sport makes financial sense. Maybe better off leaving the car alone.
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    GKN cvs with Fortin stars and cages.
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    Mic drop bitches, yeah that’s me!
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    Burned/melted electrodes means too hot. Lean? Fuel pressure ok? When were fuel filters changed last?
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    I remember sitting at BaBaBouy's Bar watching some dude tear up the lake in one of these things.....amazing I can still taste that Ice Cold Keystone Lite like it was yesterday . . . .
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    From "Oakland, CA" that says it all right there, maybe his whistle tips fell off his banshee.
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    I wonder how much of my tax bill will get used to keep this douche locked up?...…….
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    That is a car that I sold to the guy you bought it from. There is allot of work to do a swap on that car. Suspension, would need to be changed. The rear cage would need to be extended as well. Having owned about 6 amplified's, they are quite fun with a v8, but depending on what the total investment, it may not be worth it to swap. Top end market on that car with a v8 is maybe $25-30k. Unless you are completely going thru everything, you might wind up being upside down to do a swap. This is back in 2013 when I sold the car.
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    LS / Mendi swap/ Alper did mine last year and it is awesome!
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    Yep. Idaho sucks. You should't go. I hear Arizona is nice..........
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    Put a plastic bug in there...A target will ensure no missing!
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    Congratulations on the new pup. We just got our boxer Tatum about a month ago. They are awesome dogs. Sorry about your loss as well. We too lost our boxer recently who was 12 but we only made about 6 or 8 weeks before we had to have another.
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    Nobody wants a super clean rzr for a great price?
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    Wow episode 4 was almost as intense as episode 3 was. Not too many clues revealed in the previews for #5 either. I have to admit I got a little sniffle from this one. You get so wrapped up in it you have to walk away and tell yourself this isn't real. lol
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    I fully believe this. I’m just the guy caught in the middle on “who might be right.” If I can find a set of 930 flanges, I will swap them out until this next off season and swap to the 934 setup. Such a large volume of info at once from so many different people.
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    I have a 2 seat mid that has a second tank right net to the main just like you were saying. It was like that when I got it. They just plumbed the two together with a run of AN hose at each end. Works fine.
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    Soooooo...... was it one of those Sandrail guys doing a drive by...... shouting their gang affiliation “”SAND CARS UNLIMITED””!!!
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    Funny story about my dad. One cold long winter in the hills of Northern California, my dad was going hungry. No way off the hill, snowed in deep, no way to get food. Had some basics but nothing to eat for the foreseeable near future. He sets up his rifle knowing deer cross thru his property and he gets lucky the next morning. Yes it was illegal to shoot, he had no tag, wasnt season and to top it off it was a doe. But hunger and survival were the driving force. Excited and again hungry, he dresses the dear. Cuts the portions and setup up to eat the back straps as its the most tender without having to hang the meat for days. In the kitchen he prepares the meat. He has the frying pan set, some oil getting hot and what he things is flour. He drags all the meat thru the flower and frys it up. Ready to feast he sits down and takes a bite. He spits it out and immediately realizes it wasnt flour he used. It was powdered sugar. It ruined the meat, the taste etc. He said even the dog wouldn't eat it.
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    Orange County is armed like no other. Thank you Sheriff! Hoping for the rest of CA. I will be checking out Idaho in 3 weeks... the new CA
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    Joined Boot Camp Fitness type deal thing... Either gonna bring Sexy back or passout/heart attack...
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    With a driver its more like 68/32. About ready to slap an 80lb winch on the front, already going to be popular cause no trans axle to break. All the AS lol. The balance on the little car is almost as bad and its runs good on the throttle... I'm far from worried about the V-drive (more like a drop box), its BEEEEEEF cake. QC gears will take it all.
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    I'm afraid to sell anything of value there anymore. I used to flip things on eBay from time to time, but the fees, return policy (paying for return shipping, no restocking fees, horrible return policies) ) and now this, let's just call it "feebay".
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    Ok the iPad pictures suck. Here is from phone:
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    I can't wait for the hot weather now.
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    Ok, so I don't follow politics much BUT I did want to hear that video in the Cathedral fire thread from truth seekers or whatever and figured since the wife commanded me to wash dishes last night (must have misplaced my mancard) I thought I would just put on some headphones and listen away. Cool video to listen to blah blah blah because I had to imagine everything since I was using my phone and it was in my pocket. Get to my point! Sorry, so... the video ended and whatdya know another video started. This one on Immigration! Hilarious!! Sensitive topic but amazingly powerful to hear that our President had a meeting Friday morning where he said he would possibly be moving the immigrants to sanctuary cities. I fukkn died laughing!!! Ohhhhh nowwwww Pelosi back pedals!! What the heck just happened??!!! It was just laid out to me incredibly hilarious in that video. With punch lines like "Pelosi now calls that illegal" hahaaaa. Too da loo. Carry on.
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    I liked the first price better lol
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    They're = They are. "I hate people, they're retards." Their = Ownership. "People should take care of their butt holes." There = A place or direction. "Yep, I was butt raped right over there."
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    Ya , It was packed on New Years. We finally found a spot way back at wash 23. Truck seemed to do pretty well but your exactly right..... Its a BIG Pig. # 20-1/2 feet long and weighing in at a Heavy ass 6,600 LBS !!!!
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    I still have that "Rim" video..
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    penetration carried out against a person without that person's consent? Snopes = FALSE
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    Weddle builds their own transaxles as well as services numerous others. Weddle owns Mendeola. Weddle sells LAT gear oil. See where I'm going with this...

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