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    that's funny. I just got my bandaid off today. looks great. I just spent 3 hours in my skid steer relocating 30 buckets of rock on a previously impassable road/hill. going into work for a trial tuesday.
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    I absolutely agree!! seems like everyone needs their 15 minutes of fame, scabbing on and building janky sheet in the dunes.
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    need it for sand rail and a couple of bikes
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    I run the Shocker style- two in the front and one in the back. The small HDS5 is angled toward the drivers seat for easier viewing. The HDS10 is reachable while the passenger is strapped in. The one in the backseat is for whoever's back there. I've spent thousands of miles prerunning and when I'm in the back seat not running my section it's actually boring. So I added something to do back there.
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    I have the Lowrance elite 7ti and really like it. It is simple to use and easy to see and I am just using the internal antenna.
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    Take a look at how many Republicans that did not run again for re-election because of trump.. Swamp draining and you missed it.. probably pay a little more attention behind the scenes and not whats being flaunted in your face and you might see how good this guy is.. Investment Exodus / Shifting Supply Chains – China Walks into Trump’s “Golden Ticket” Trap It was a geopolitical chess match ..missed? watch this It is a slow go when everyone is against you... cant just ask the DOJ or the FBI to do their jobs.. Dirty from the top down... Think about the FBI angents working with Mueller.. not one stepped forward and said hey this investigation is garbage? Not one? Mueller knew Russia had nothing to do with anything in just a few days.. why did it take 2 yrs to come to a final conclusion? Terrible investigating skills? No, all part of the Dirt from the top.. Stand by as you have been... things I think will start taking shape.. Starting to like Barr but time will tell. Find some honest people to do what is right is not as easy as it seems anymore .. the Rule of law happens to be who donated more money and to whom at this point. Hes doing a great Job and to your point" The economy is rarely a direct effect of the President" ... think again... Obama killed the middle class and manufacturing.. single handed... Policy has an impact.. Focus on Tariffs and you see manufacturing get a flint of life.. remove EPA rules a little and that spark turned into an ember. See what manufacturing is doing now? Trade reset is coming.... China will hurt for a long time... Companies will be forced to leave china nad move to other Asia countries in this reset.. Stand back and see the forest through the trees.. get out of the weeds..
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    Clean car! You must have been the one that bought it before I can last year lol. Glwts!
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    Good reasons right there. Go for it.
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    I recognize you but is that Ken or Nick?
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    This picture alone would make me want to switch. I can't stand all the leaking fluid and the mess it makes. I assume you need to top off the reservoir as well. I've had both and I recommend the EPS.
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    Season apparently isn’t over.
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    I bought my kit on here Mac. Search affordable power steering posted by hondarcr as suggested. I will add a couple things. Glen in our group bought a DD car with Howe steering and he was coming out of a car with electric power steering and one of the first things he did was swap to electric power steering cuz he liked the feel of it better. Also, my last trip out a few weeks ago i loaded on the trailer with power steering and when I unloaded in Glamis it would not come on. Still duned all day without it. I texted Harvey (hondarcr) and he made one reply that was of no help and when I asked for suggestions, nothing. Just sayin'. Packed her away unfixed. Probably be a September issue now.
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    Ls1 back for sell, buyer had to ask his wife and she said no, also have wiring harness and mefi computer for sale.
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    Been a few a few years since I haven’t had a late April or early May trip . This year I didn’t make it out 🙁. It does always get me how different the sand is. The bowls fill in weird and the places you expect firm sand are full of loose fill. This ones from a couple years ago.
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    Search for the thread in parts called affordable electric power steering, that guy was really responsive and had a great price.
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    This is offensive to Should read: Anyone interested in straightening their tooth!
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    That's cool. Maybe the sand will cleanse the tacky memorials.
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    My BFF and I spent the weekend Celebrating Mom
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    Yes, I partially think this might be a little bit of his game plan. Some news reports said that he totally mind focked the libtards at the SOTU address by providing them with an incorrect copy of his speech. They were all prepared to do some sort of childish disrespectful display in unison at a predetermined point in the speech and he thwarted them because they had no idea what he was really going to say. That's why we saw Pelosi madly flipping through the pages of the speech early on and was reduced to doing her childish little sarcastic golf clap as her last resort. I truly enjoy it when he pulls out their brains and plays with it like play dough. He's got them so wrapped around the axle and emotionally wound up they can't see straight. Like all of these investigations. They're subpoenaing everybody and his dog trying to nail him for anything. The media even stooped so low as to dig into his finances from the 80s to discredit him. It cracks me up to think how foolish they look digging for every little tidbit. I'm sure he's got them chasing his left hand while he's fisting them with his right.
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    Can't wait for tomorrow's thread... what do you torque your lug nuts too...
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    Playing in the local sand in Oklahoma for the week. Soon as I get back home I'll get this thing packed up and shipped out to you
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    I think this is still one of the BEST Looking 2 seat designs around! I love these cars...

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