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    Not a face plant, but what about a dog that fetches crayfish?
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    So... I've "kind of" done this before... We were in Thailand. I was on a bender and a flaming shot kick. I ordered a round of flaming shots. I told everyone what to do, how to drink it without burning themselves. The shots come, we light them...throw my straw in and the girl next to me from the ship..."what do I do again?" so I ignore my flaming shot...start helping her with hers. The guy across from me..."Dude...you're straw is melting." I reach in to grab my straw...burn my fingers. What's the first thing you do? Yep...stick them in your mouth...with molten plastic on them...Now my mouth is burnt. THEN what do you do? Yep...you guessed it again. Take a drink. Which I grab the flaming shot...which has now turned the glass hot red. I burn a f*cking smile like the f*cking Joker from Batman into my face, burned my mouth, tongue, fingers...then the girl says..."well that's stupid. I'm not doing it." So glad I'm here for you all....
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    Unfortunately life is requiring that I change a few things. I am selling my Coach and my beloved Lexus GX470. I started with the best year. 2005 had more horsepower than any other year of the gx470. Low mileage 130k, timing belt and water pump done at 100k. King coil overs and reservoir shocks front and rear. LSK upper control arms and spindle gussets. Heavy duty rear coils. Custom roof rack set up with Roof Top Tent. Foxwing awning, solar panel wired to controller, dual Odyssey batteries. GG lighting 50” single row and Smittybuilt traction boards, also a shovel mount. Custom rear bumper with high lift jack, Titan Fuel tanks 12 gallon tank, and full size spare. ARB 50qt Fridge, aluminum storage containers, Renogy remote solar suitcase, and camp table. Seats in great shape (always covered with molle rear panels with multiple pouches for tools, med gear etc). Weather tech front an drear mats, LED headlights and fogs. 285/70r17 BFG KO2 with 5k miles on them on Method Con 6’s. Custom exhaust with magnaflow muffler. I was about to start the rear drawer set up and on board water system. The longer I have the truck, the more work will be done and the more the price will increase. Truck is a great camping and exploring rig. $25k (at this point)
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    Im 97% in. 100% out if its over 105. Rolling n Friday by dinner time. Can AmX3 DS
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    Thanks, it wasn't easy getting it in there, but it was way way worth it. Aside from the obvious upgrade, It changed the whole handling of the car, got some weight down low in the back, corners much better, surprisingly.
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    Haven't watched an episode, but anyone with the name Grey Worm...reminds me of Big Worm from Friday! My pick for the last man standing...if that's what's happening around here!
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    Be careful which unit you buy, I accidentally got the Nascar kit and it wouldn't turn right.
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    forced technology transfer, theft of IP, currency manipulation..... I'm a former Wall Street Guy and I listen to CNBC about 4 hours a day. Communist China has 'stolen' wealth from America that you can measure in the Trillions..... Heck, they probably stole 250b from MSFT alone with pirated windows OS. Or the hundreds of billion they stole from AAPL in the form of forced technology transfer that went directly to Huawei to build phones to compete with AAPL. Don't get me started on the currency manipulation, manipulated GDP or manipulation of the yield curve through buying/selling US Treasury's...….. On a side note, the retaliatory tariffs on US tequila, really gonna kill the America tequila industry.... 😕
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    Demoncrats can do no wrong! I'm so sick of all of them. Too bad we can't just clean house, clear the slate and start new with non-career politicians.
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    Only smarter according to the story.....
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    From what I read Glen Helen did not want to meet the AMA's demands about financial compensations, the AMA also wanted lap times under the 2:00 minute mark. Big mistake for the AMA. Glen Helen was the premiere west coast track. From what I saw and remember about Pala ( other than the piss poor planning for the influx of spectators) was that it was pretty much a flat field with a track built on it. Unlike Glen Helen where it is a track built into the terrain.
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    Mirror closet doors in the bedroom!!!!!!! NICE!!!!
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    The table showed up yesterday, YOU ROCK!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
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    1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. My dad bought it in California in the 80's. Drove it for a little while then he drove it back to Utah in the 90's parked it in his garage and there it has been sitting.He passed away and I went back to Utah picked it up and trailered it back to California, washed it and pushed it in the garage. It has not been started in many years. It is in very good shape. The motor is a 400 with an automatic. It has 78,059 orig miles.It ran great when he parked it but it hasnt been started in 20+ years. It is being sold as is. Vin # 2W87Z6N543781I have the title, it is clean. The pics of it dusty is what it looked like sitting in the garage all those years. Any questions, please let me know. Texted Dave (661) 312-4855
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    Seems there's always tension between groups. Sandcars, SxS, quads, bikes, etc, but I don't think it generally extends beyond online BS'ing. Most people are generally cool, as long as you aren't being a dick to them. I've seen way more acts of aggression with other outdoor sports, like surfing, than I have at Glamis. I think much of the animosity towards SxS people is that the popularity of SxS has brought a lot of people who have never been desert folks to Glamis (and other places). Many of these newer people don't seem to have any riding/camping etiquette or respect for public land. Not that there aren't plenty of sandcar/bike/quad riders that dump trash, but the fact that SxS are the trendy new thing and popular for newbies makes them an easy target, if you will. My group is small but you're always welcome with us in wash 10, and I'm sure you will find plenty of others that will say the same. I like being with a group, doesn't matter what you ride, we are all there for the same reason.
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    Cbm tune🤷🏻‍♂️
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    I think he has the long table, the propane cover can be bought from Jim @ VIP RV in Menifee... I just sold my 08 to MWB and it effing flew off on the freeway during delivery. I bought a new one from Jim...
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    I have a long one that you are looking for. PM me your addy and so I can see what it cost to ship. the table will be free.
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    This looks like a fun boat to chase tuna or drug dealers.

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