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    Guys, Its been refreshing to see your views! Im Pro life! had a similar thing as a previous post.......Had our first boy, then a miscarriage. the next child had a test that showed possible signs of a Downs child. They recommended an amniocentesis to confirm. We asked what the purpose of confirming it does for us. Then you could make a more sound decision on if you want to keep the baby. they forced us to watch a movie that explained how it would all go down. we walked out of the movie and said to ourselves, "are you kidding me" We will take what ever God has in store for us, BTW no thanks. She was one of our most "normal" kids of 6! could you imagine? our 5th child was born with Downs and is a special gift in our family. doctors didn't know when he came out as by this point in our marriage we didn't even do any of the tests (why? for what reason) Its funny how they label their movement "right to choose" sounds positive doesn't it? why not just call it what it is..... Anti life! Oh im sorry does that sound bad? I do believe in Pro choice "in the bedroom" after that........the choice has already been made now deal with the consequences as a human.
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    As a man I don't think I have much to say about what a woman wants to do with her body in this situation. If I had a daughter or if my sister, mother or girlfriend got pregnant I would support her ability to make a choice. I would hope she would make the right choice and not have an abortion. If she did that would be her choice. The entire child support debate is a complete different topic.
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    When i was young and promiscuous, i was pro abortion because i was self centered and didnt want inconvenience in my life. In other words, i was more of a doer than a deep thinker. when i heard my first daughters heartbeat at the 6th week of pregnancy, everything changed. The sonogram at 12 weeks, absolutely no doubt that is a life. Then, at the first 12 week sonogram for my youngest daughter (now a year and a half old) showed so much detail and no doubt its a life that the docs could see a large mass in her chest that they guaranteed would kill her before full term and were trying to convince us we HAD to have an abortion. We refused and today that kid is one of the greatest joys in my life. She is the happiest strongest and healthiest of my 3 kids. -roe vs wade was prior to current sonogram tech. Today we know after 6 weeks we have a fully formed human. All abortion is; is a last resort for selfish people that would rather kill innocence than go through a perceived burden. Its all about greed and irresponsibility. If you cant see thar you are lying to yourself
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    What blows my mind about this issue and most issues debated in politics is the complete lack of discussion on how to fix the root of the problem. We instead seem to line up on one side or the other. There is always a handful of us that are in between seeing both side but unfortunately the ones is charge have a winner takes all attitude. I'd say its a pretty safe assumption that no women plans on getting an abortion. Due to many factors but mostly a lack of responsibility 500,000 + people a year are having to make this choice and I'm sure a lot more are having children they never wanted. Seems we should be talking about how we reduce unwanted pregnancies more than talking about how we end them. When you look at the demographics there is a clear distinction that young poor women make up the majority. https://www.guttmacher.org/news-release/2017/abortion-common-experience-us-women-despite-dramatic-declines-rates Seems that if we could address the "why we do it" more than the "right to do it" we might be able to make a real difference. I'm Pro good decisions and if not bringing a child into this world is ultimately the best decision then so be it. If you can't be responsible enough not to get pregnant and then not take care of your responsibilities when you do get pregnant then you sure as hell shouldn't be given the responsibility to raise a human.
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    No. I was birthed to a woman who had no desire to have children. Loved dogs way more than humans. After letting me run wild and free in a city that was at the time 81% Black she decided on my 12th birthday to drive me 300 miles away and drop me off in some foster care system that is more fugged up than I have time to explain. 11 families in 5 years ought to sum it up a little for you. My time from 0 to 17 was way more effed up than you could ever imagine but I tired of handouts and Govt assistance and decided only I could make a better life for me. Long story short, I turned out pretty damn well. Not any of the things you perceive. I know you said likelihood, I'm just giving my experience. Having said all of that: if you believe in a Creator then life begins a conception. I'm a man so it's not my decision to live with and I don't think abortion should be used as a means of birth control On the other hand I believe very strongly in sterilization. It should be mandatory for some segments of society and then the argument would kind of just sort itself out.
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    You tried to say phag didn't you? You can't say F@G on here.
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    Testing the suspension in a G Out!
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    Yes he doesn’t have a real PBS like he mentioned. It’s still 2D gears. Those tires will shred 2D gears. Just post a pic of the damn wheels so this thing doesn't go 30 pages. Wheels won’t work.
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    I can't imagine getting pregnant from a violent rape and then being forced to birth the child. Talk about zero choice, jeez.
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    This is a tough one... I believe the woman has every right to decide, but I hope it's within the first couple weeks. Who am I or government to determine her birthing of a child. If she doesn't want to proceed then she has that right. There has been abortions for centuries. Legal or not.
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    Let's make this easy Abortion kills a human !! Ok on to the next topic.
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    Stayed at Cactus flats...sxs's. Some cool trails. Summertime gets SUPER dusty. Here's some pics...
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    @Stugots I'm in Costa Mesa if you need anything.
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    I think we need to let it decide what it identifies as.
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    OG duners is torsion tube, millennials and newbies - rear trailing arm support housing tube
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    With the recent laws passed in Alabama, Georgia and soon Missouri, What are the opinions here on "abortion"? I have a lot to say on this. I can argue for or against. I can offer solutions, compromises, etc... The big fallacy I see here is abortion is not a "right". Legal abortion is a legal precedence set over Roe v. Wade under the legal opinion of the 14th Amendment's "Right to privacy". One the nurse of the last few days, feminists are losing their minds. In an attempt to educate...I asked if rights should be taken away, limited, left to people not involved to decide. The response was a resounding "NO!". So I offered the example of gun control and the the 2nd Amendment that explicitly forwards the right to bare arms and that the same people screaming to keep their "legal precedence" are mostly the same screaming to take away my explicitly defined "right". Absolute mind explosion. They can't even see the lines. So I took it a step further. "What would you give up in order to keep abortion open and legal?" They are willing to give nothing. This is not how politics works. I also offered an easy solution. Under the "Right to choose" (which I've explained isn't a right at all), include men. Include in the right to choose men having the ability and legal standing to give up parental rights when informed that a woman is carrying his child. This would give men the ability to forego paying child support for an unwanted child. Now if the guy accepts the child, then he's on the hook, can't change his mind later. Women lose their mind again. "NO! They have a responsibility to take care of it!" But you can make the decision to terminate when he wants it, why can't he relieve himself of legal and financial obligation and have a "right to choose" as well? I explain it this way and state that this issue isn't about women's health at all. It's purely about women wanting control to make decisions. Decision that men have no say yet can bare major consequences against their will and desires if the woman so desires. So let's start there....and GO!
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/17/business/media/grumpy-cat-dead.html I'm sorry but this cat was HILARIOUS!!! I used him for MOST of my meme's to people... I'm sure none of ya'll care... BUT... I'm gonna waste a thread about it anyways!! RIP Grumpy Cat!! Thanks for 7yrs of entertainment!!! .
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    Watch this.. if you can still argue it..
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    Politics has lost all sense of debate, compromise and creating a great good for the largest amount. it's all about win or lose now and in most cases, 100% of Americans lose out or suffer somehow. The pure lack of debate and intelligible effort to solve this kills me. Also, this is a 50 year old debate. It serves really as nothing more than a distraction from what our elected officials and citizenry effort could be spent on, creating a greater good.
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    ^^^^^ I have this question For those that are for it (abortion)... Ponder or answer me this.. Exactly much would you be for it, had your "MOTHER" decided to have one on YOU???? End of discussion.. See what I did there? <<<<< I also addressed another hotbed topic.. men by nature are not capable of childbirth .... and the 3rd topic: by nature (2) men cannot procreate, nor can (2) women.. Some thing are set and designed that way by God.. Seems fairly straight forward, but this hotbed discussion has been raging since Bible times, so as Solomon stated, there is nothing new under the sun.
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    She is survived by her sister " angry pussy "
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    The first words my GF spoke this morning getting out of bed were "grumpy cat died".... Me--->
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    I was thinking the same thing? I know it’s a 2d with a pbs case but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna last with that much bite, luckily it’s just a 5.3 though
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    Yes, and no. If you run the 35A4, the MAP plug is different. Your ECU will technically run it. The 3.0 doesn't have a provision for a knock sensor that the 3.5 has. Plenty of guys get away with swapping engines, the MAP plug, and using the old harness/ECU. If you go 35A1, the MAP plug is the same. Or, use a T-body off a 32A2, bigger and has the same MAP plug. Call me tonight if you want.
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    Not quite Big Bear but if you're near Cactus Flats then you must do Rattlesnake Canyon and TipTop Mountain. Views are astounding from up there and the canyon is amazing as well. Lots of exploring to be done in the area. Dinner at Pappy and Harriett's ain't too bad either if you don't mind commingling amoungst Bikers, Cowboys, Douchebag Hippsters, EuroTrash, and filthy Hippies. They feel the same way about us off-road types so it's kind of a peaceful coexistence with dirty looks passed back and forth.
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    So if someone punched a woman in the very pregnant belly and the baby died, would they be charged with murder in NY or any other state that allows late/full term abortions? Do the perceived wants of the woman carrying the child dictate if it is murder or not? That is some pretty fuzzy law right there.
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    I support termination when conceived by rape or if the mother's health/life is at risk. I don't support it as a form of birth control. And this came up debating yesterday...So...if raped, take a morning after pill as a precaution. You don't know if you are or aren't. Why wait weeks or months and have more pain and trauma over it? Seems less traumatic to me. Besides, less than 5% of rapes result in a pregnancy.
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    Its not her body, its their body. They share it via placenta (complete integration of circulatory system). Not being smart enough to use birth control or plan b doesnt license you to kill another life.
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    No...I understand it. I hold an "illogical" opinion on this...
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    I see the child support topic and and inclusion as being a "right to choose". I have know women to trap men by getting pregnant. Shoot...after I got divorced and was dating. I had a girl tell me she was pregnant. My response was "Oh wow...who else are you sleeping with because I'm snipped." She was PISSED! I gathered my things and said farewell...
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    I agree with you, the issue the other side brought up(which I think has 0 bearing) is that conservatives are hypocrites because we'll carry out a death sentence on a convicted murderer but do not want them to terminate a life during pregnancy. Most SANE people know the difference. But hey, it is the left we're talking about
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    Apples to basketballs, but 99 7.3, just finished 2800 mile drive with dually and 4000 lbs camper that's as aero dynamic as a shoe box, average 11.4 driving 65 to 70. When trailer is behind drops to 10.5-9.5mpg. In town empty, 17.5 to 18. Truck is basically stock.
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    Great pics @dbart It is actually a lot of fun!! Get your pass and enjoy!!!
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    Interesting. I have not run them but my brothers best friends uncle has and he said it wouldn't work. I have been able to trade rims and tires with members on the board straight across a few times. Worked out perfect for both parties and didn't cost me a dime so you could try that.
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    It's hard to keep up with all the pages of educational material but last update I thought you were getting a 2d?
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    I think the arms will always dictate the wheel's backspace. Yes, you can correct it by converting, but how? Building new arms? Or setting up the microstub inner more.... just use the right wheels or as LRS said spacers.
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    Have an old backup j35 in my warehouse on a pallet. Sold the buggy I had it for. 400 bucks or something like that? Costa Mesa.
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    Gonna move 10 yards of concrete one wheel barrel at a time?
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    I loved that motor ^^^^^^, I used to pull them out at the junk yard and dream....."all aluminum V8" had a selection of parts even 4 speed bellhousing. then I got the olds F85 version of the same motor. extra head bolts, factory 4 barrel carb..... I was still dreaming big. that was in the early 80's. right on! Then Rover bought the rights to the motor, then they made it a 4.7liter oh man............................. since then I switch to Subies its the next step past the all aluminum V8!
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    I love John, and I certainly think he's very fast, but... suddenly Chad George is chopped liver? I seem to remember everyone in the George family being very fast, with Chad possibly being the fastest. Has everyone forgotten him? The only way to find out for sure who is the fastest is to level the playing field. Here's what I propose. Have Grant shmooze his biggest Dubai customer into sponsoring the event, by which I mean bankroll the expense of building 5 identical 2 seater Funcos with Outfront 6 cylinder engines and S5 transaxles. All cars are identical, Funco just puts letters on them - A, B, C, etc. All engines are built by Outfront, but installed by Funco, so none of them can be ringers and nobody at either shop has any idea which engine is in which car. Then Chad, John, and 3 other drivers who might be as fast are given the cars and allowed to practice in them for 2 weeks. On race day, there is a drawing and the 5 cars are randomly assigned to a driver just prior to the race. This way nobody can tinker with any car and expect to get the same car for the race. After the winner is determined, the sponsor gets to market the video and sell off the cars to the highest bidders, either here or over there. This way there is no doubt that the driver with the most talent won that day. Grant gets to sell 5 more Funcos, John gets to sell 5 more top of the line 6 cylinder engines. We get to watch the race of Champions and the sponsor gets to recoup most, possibly all of his money. Everybody wins! Well, one can always dream!
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    So yore Chipindale Entertainer "friend" was named Vandala?? GD.Com wishes you and yore friend all the best...……
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    that top pic is perfect, nice air too
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    One word-- Zihuatanejo I'm going to go hangout with Red and Andy.😀
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    Got the call today to pick up my new weddle s4....
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    We park the RV on 300 road to Black Canyon Lake. You can SxS to Black Canyon Lake. You can take the back roads all the way to Heber (cool trail with historical markers on it) and decent chance of seeing deer early in the morning. You can cros 260 and go to the Rim Country store for ice cream. There’s a bunch of trails I haven’t tried on the north side of the 260 that are supposed to be awesome. You can drive 10 minutes to Willow Springs for awesome trout fishing too.

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