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    Thanks for all the replies so far! I’m looking forward to getting this thing out, and seeing what it can do. I’ll be ordering all the reinforcement kits, and doing all that during the off season. My little guy was so excited that he jumped up and picked out his spot before I could even get it off the trailer.
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    Finished putting my scooter back together. I painted it (red) and lowered it, got rid of the reflectors on the fork tubes and fender and took it for test ride. Started repair on the hydraulic clutch on my pit bike. Cleaned the shop to get ready to put the sand car in so I can have the trans gone thru. Getting ready for kids graduations next week.
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    Last day in Florida hanging by the pool with family, BBQ tonight, 5 dozen oysters, 4lbs swordfish, 3lbs poki tuna, and T bone steaks and a cooler of cold ones. Life with family is good. Pics to come.
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    99 xj. Runs good Rough country long arms New front deaver jeepspeed 5.5” springs New rubicon express 4.5” leafs rear Fox shocks rear Dirt logic shocks front Jcr rear bumper, sliders, and tank skid Frame stiffners D30 w/30 spline chromoly axles C8.25 w/chromoly axles 4.88 gears w/Arb lockers front and rear 6 month old Mickey Thompson 35s adams driveshafts 9200 obo Not the prettiest Jeep but has t skipped a beat on any obstacle from big bear to Moab.
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    No work scheduled but plenty to do. Going out to Glamis for an overnight trip. More of a trailer recovery mission from storage. Seeing a few friends then head home. Should miss the rain coming into so cal tomorrow and hope to miss the wind on Monday coming back from G. You all be safe and have fun. GM “We do not know one promise these men made, one pledge they gave, one word they spoke; but we do know they summed up and perfected, by one supreme act, the highest virtues of men and citizens. For love of country they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue.” - James A. Garfield May 30, 1868 Arlington National Cemetery
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    Thanks all. Great weekend and better peeps.
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    There is a nice state park about 7 miles south of Grants Pass. We have stopped there many times for over night. It is just off the 5.
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    wow that is a nice size spot
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    We stay at Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff on the way up. It’s about 8 hr drive to there. Nice big rig size spots, clean, on the river and has pool to relax after drive with the kids. Next day it’s 5 hrs into Oregon Dunes.
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    My buddy had a 99....225k on the original motor...then 75 on the used motor he put in it.....started having coil issues at 295k...replaced a coil...that was it for problems with that motor.....He thinks it paid for those islands in Dubai......
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    Fantastic story, what a fabulous read. Ralph Johnson is a stud.
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    We stay at the Oregon Dunes KOA campground in Hauser. Its a great place to stay, you can ride right from your campsite out to the dunes. Clean, with some nice size sites.
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    Thats pretty spot on -
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    I feel that the type or grease you use is less important then the frequency you tear them down, clean them up and regrease. No two cars are the same so what works for one may not work for the other. Just too many variables; HP, car weight, paddle size, driving style, etc. Also, saying BelRay and Swepco "mix" is a little misleading. I don't mix the grease together. Better term would be to say BelRay/Swepco combo. I use a needle tip on my grease gun to pack the CV with Swepco then use a caulking gun to put a layer of BelRay over that. I also put BelRay in the CV cups on the trans and the micro stub. For midboard hubs I put a layer of BelRay on the outside of the CV.
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    Saw this car in person and its a sweet ride!!!!! Someone is going to get into a buggy for a great price!
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    Pretty bad ass out here today. High of 79 so they say.
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    Relaxing in Glamis with my gal. Weather is epic, slight breeze. Couldn't be happier. Truly.love this place.
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    Well I hope so. It’s hard to base it off current selection. Not a ton of them for sale and the ones that are, are built differently. This I feel is more for a guy that has friends with jk’s on 37s or 40s and wants to go do all the same stuff as them but doesn’t want to be in to a Jeep for 50k. I took this on all the hardest trails in Moab with jeeps on 40s and they didn’t do anything I couldn’t.
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    I did. 5 last week. Reed, fuerte, sir prize ,haas. they all produce fruit at different times of the year
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    Received his first chemo shot Monday .. and another shot on thurs.. $2,000 shot.. out of pocket.. he was feeling well enough for my daughter to drive to st George for a show at Tuacahn .. he is still nauseous but he did good.. sitting in Zion .. sitting!! Enjoying LIFE .. what a blessing as this was a scheduled get away for the family and we do this every Memorial Day and Labor Day. We we are very family oriented and it’s really not as fun with out them.. but they are here... thanks to to everyone that has helped.. the 5$ and 20$ donations really add up and help.. my daughter told me the cancer he has is very rare.. so rare that the cancer center in Phoenix has never treated it before. Dr said it will never be healed.. he will always need treatment.. sad.. tough situation .. wow . New there was bad stuff out their but ..
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    All the driver had to do was drive between the poles to get into the rail yard.
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    Watched the ncaa lax semi finals!!!!! Now some Pala MotoX with the boys!
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    I went down to a nursery that's going out of business. bought 50 trees. 2 and 3foot boxes. organized them and am ready for the semi to come on wed to make two loads to my house. purple plum. Australian willow, Brazilian pepper, camphor, peach, Santa rosa plumb , hybrid crape myrtle , Valencia orange, pomegranate, African sumac., birch, koletaria , liquid amber, and some more screening trees
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    Before you spend any money on exhaust, programmer, and any other performance upgrades, first spend the money to get your shocks revalved and new springs. After any safety items (seats, harnesses, cage, fire extinguisher, etc. depending on indented use), suspension work is the #1 performance upgrade and best money you can spend on a SxS. For reference, I recently rode in a 2015 RZR XP4 that had dialed in suspension and it was a 100% better riding and handling machine than a stock RS4 that I had just got done driving. Spend the money on the shocks.
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    Zero carb rock star and 2 shots vodka. Zero carbs/sugars and roughly 64 calories per ounce of vodka. Have a great weekend.
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    WTF am I doing trying to start a diet and non-drinking period yesterday, right before Memorial Day Weekend. I'm an idiot. WhoTF am I kidding?
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    I'll play. WTF are you doing wearing rubber gloves for an antenna swap?

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