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    They are just thinking of the new DUI revenue it will bring in. Which mean more revenue collectors!
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    No instagram, no facebook, no myspace. This is the extent of my social media. It started because i started here before facebook and myspace. All my friends i went to the desert with were here (before that it was atving.com chatroom) For the most part they are all gone, most all have moved, quit when they got married/had kids. Etc. but new people on here became my glamis friends ( i have a seperate hardpack group that doesn't come on here). Now im the married with kids and dealing with a wife with conflicting schedule (works saturdays) dance soccer and baseball. We make only a few weekend trips a year and lots of day trips, all superstition/plaster city. But when i feel the kids are ready (more when im ready, see too much carnage in the sand). I barely remember the old board format. I notice the recent change of seperate classified etc. doesnt really phase me. but at least gd.com isnt collecting all my data and selling it to china
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    I'll believe it when I see it. And...this will be the permanent BLM DUI/shakedown for everything checkpoint, due to it being a choke point and they can limit passage and check everyone.
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    You are right, most forums are dead - It seems only the Motorsports forums survive and its mainly because of "tech articles and discussions" you can get You tube videos on non Sand related tech, other than high performance cars and boats - yeah pretty much they are gone.... I don't think the new look hurt anything, its never been great on mobile IMO This was always a tight community- even before I joined I snooped for years, back then it was like this was a personal forum for some Glamis crew... Its more spare, but it is surviving even if its starting to get too politically correct while I miss the builds a lot - but I guess no one builds anymore - they either write a check or buy used... You aren't going to get tech or real discussion on Face less book, and Instagram is neat for small pic I can only see on my phone so I still enjoy coming here and discussing and viewing and yeah I have friends on here and its good to see what they are doing and stay up on the trends, but yeah a lot of "personalities" have moved on and lets face it there are so many SxS sites, if thats your thing you are probably spending lots of time there What do you mean less people in the dunes? less GD people? sure not less people - its crazy out there... The Glamis scene has changed at least 3x since I started going in the late 80's ... 2000 was the peak of nuts .. not just that the spring break crowd found glamis but the partying was nuts... it calmed down then in 2005 the LS buggy craze was ON... then by 2009 that slowed down due to economy, then the SxS revolution, and I have seen similar changes to the site, and the censorship and PC attitude that is just a symptom of our failing society... at least IMO I still enjoy it - the connection to Mother G is here I cannot go a day without stopping by...
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    I agree. I always enjoy your comments because you are always positive, never negative, even in the negative posts. I appreciate that. I take notice.
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    Since joining in late 2018, the only person I have ever met face to face is Devin at the Beach Store. But I do have one particular friend here who I'm pretty sure I'm going to meet at Buttercup. We've talked on the phone a lot, and I found out he's a huge fan of Butter Cup. I'm interested in Butter Cup too as a way to get me more interested in real duning runs instead of just tooling around the periphery and the small dunes. Overall, regarding the website interaction, it's entertaining as long as you look for topics that you're interested in. No one can be interested in every topic here. I prefer the ones regarding OHV destinations and information on what people did there, lots of photos or videos, and definitely humor. One person who I appreciate but never said it before is @onanysunday, because he finds the coolest videos.
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    Somebody says we need a build thread . Here we go a 4130 -dd-buggyworks 4 seater chassis going on the board . Have a couple ideas not sure what I wanna do but my intention here was a secondary car for the family or friends in addition to the vw sand limo I hornswagled from Kevin for the same purpose I guess it would Be Maybe a Trainer car for my boys or backup car next time Kevin breaks the beast .i dunno it was a stray chassis that needed a home .🤪 Thought about shortening the chassis for a 2 seater , maybe mid engine ...., any idears ?
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    I loved it every time Yoshi would try to post new pictures of his mc cars... and everyone just commented on his wife in the background, and ignored the stupid cars. I miss having an entire page of new threads to read, but I got another hour a day of my life back to pull weeds. so many nice cars got built before 2010 and now it's just too easy to buy a used one and then update, bypass, 2" snouts, radius roof, big body etc, rather than starting a build from scratch . I ordered my chassis brand new at the sand sports show in 2005 and picked it up early 2006. I am one of the few guys I know that is still driving the same buggy. to this day still haven't painted it cause i never stop changing stuff
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    The early contributors and even trolls were fun. Pastor always had something good to say (I bet he still sticks his head at times), remember V8rail and the guys that were building those buggies. You had Mr LV, Faster Daddy, Flashpoint and so on and they always had something good to say to stir the pot and keep it loose. Of course we all blame all of this on Chummin
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    I have no issues with the new site. I have been on GD.com since the beginning. While I never did the 13.5 or the Compound, I have met some great people on this site even raced in the first buggy EPO. I think the biggest change is the lack of new topics, 6-7 years ago it would seem every hour there were a couple of new topics, now it seems we can go a day without a new topic. Along with that the busiest forums were the buggy forums, then it moved to Gen Chat and so forth. I still visit everyday I am at my desk, gives me 10-15 minutes away from emails, spreadsheets and lame ass Powerpoints...………. The members here still are a wealth of knowledge about Glamis and other things, and this should be the go to for anyone in the sport...………….fyi, all the Glamis FB pages are lame, so many lame peeps...……….
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    If the 'new posts' could go back to how it was, I'd be fairly happy. Glad I got here as early as I did. Made some great friends and camping buddies. Hard to go to Glamis without bumping into someone.
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    Still good, but now it's just a few topics a day, but it's summer And hopefully the boat pics of tan milfs will get posted...
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    All I look for in a gps is an arrow showing me which way and a distance to the waypoint. But I only do glamis. Ive used the motion x app on an old Iphone and now I have a lowrance. I’m all for the less is more thing.
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    There's a couple of really nice ones located at the corner of Google and your keyboard.
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    Looks like we might get a legal crossing over to Boardmanville! Move this if its in the wrong spot.
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    Fixed. Thanks BRO 👍
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    Even before them It was Bluesky who was trolling the site. I always thought he was a second account of another member, I didn't know who but that was the feeling I got.
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    I have not seen the "bank drive thru" video or pictures of "Josh Daniel at the drags" in years.
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    ^^^That's great!. As how it is now is less than ideal for many reasons.. I saw the other post you referenced, after i started the thread.
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    i agree with simple and reliable, but id go with 934's since thats what we have on our other cars.
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    Stugots said in another thread that we tried a new feature/option and it is not working well for the For Sale section. It will be changed back soon. We agree the way it works now is not ideal.
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    still haven't embraced Instagram! This sight and riverdaves are my go to's. This sight has changed over the years, but still the best place to come to see all things glamis. Race desert is pretty cool as well, but this is the "OG" or me!
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    Awesome! Can't wait to see where this goes! Oh...extra car for family and Friends?? Do you need any more friends?
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    The County is on board, The BLM is on board, The CHP on board as well. Now comes the hard part. Even though all they are looking for is a new graded crossing adjacent or near the existing one. This means the Eco Nazi's will show up in droves to protest. Then we have one final hurdle to get over and that will be the Union Pacific Rail Road even if they are willing to approve this I bet it will take 5 years before they can allocate a crew to do the work. If you think I am joking just remember this you can't spell stupid with out the UP.
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    Beautiful bike, I love the fx style shortie pipes and the springer. Just an old guy loving the look!
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    Got one parked wherever the 3ff he wants!
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    Not sure how she keeps it all from burying her car completely filled halfway up the windows except for drivers seat
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    hopefully that salsa he’s making will find its way out there also .
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    Now we need Kevin to figure out how to cook chili n fries on the BBQ.
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    I'll let you know next week, my neighbor is up there right now..... You pack it ALL out, so stay away from spicy food for a few days before you leave....
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    I also have no social media computer life other than this site . I personally have no use for social media . I think the site is great . I have nothing to compare it to
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    I just wish I could have experienced that Glamis history.
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    I have a 5ti in my Ford raptor and I haven't had any issues with the signal.
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    You're going to hear that there are all kinds of new members all the time. The reality is these "new members" don't post so not a lot going on here to read.
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    I heard they welded 2 KX500 motors together....1000cc's of two stroke terror.
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    The Lowrance Elite 7ti would be a good replacement. 7" screen makes it easier to see. PCI has a free map for Glamis.
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    i know ur loosing sleep over this, but ur going to have to wait
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    Bringing back the old Kawi triple .......
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    I already knew the answer.... just want to publicly pressure my big brother to get it out so we can get it fixed . October will come fast
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    I remember the thread. This was the site I liked best. https://www.toughtopawnings.com/Patio-replacement-fabric.html
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    im really just looking for maybe a 2.5 stroker ford, that makes like 200-240 hp an more tq than the type 4 thats in it now. plus it would be cool to have a ford in his sand car, cause we are big ford guys.
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