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    TTT thats one sexy Beast... Enjoy it Regarding the Turnkey Intercooler ... When I first saw what they were using almost 10 years ago - I was so Skeptical because I had learned a "formula for Sq inch sizing" that I got in Turbonetics school, and this feel short by about 1/2 However the intercooler does a pretty good job and most importantly has a very low pressure loss , by not being in front of a radiator or worse behind one it gets good flow, and the core is not one of those "Chinesium" poorly built cores. a good spearco, bell or treadstone core is so much more efficient That said - there is no way its going to cool 20 lbs of boost without lots of air coming through the scoop, but 10-15 is pretty easy
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    Its only Air ..and its only 10lbs of boost and Kolby at Turnkey build the complete engine so Im confident he knows what he doing ..
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    Two years ago I started out with a new build after I wreaked my other car..HRT built my chassis and I was gonna keep it mild on the motor with a LQ9 junk yard motor...Long story short at the end of this year on impulse and a little help and recommendation from Fullthrottleguy I sent my LQ9 to Turnkey in Oceanside ..After talking with Kolby and asking Alex(FTG) a million question I settled for a 408 stroker twin turbo ..I'm pretty excited about it ..It goes to the dyno on Friday ..so we will see..it with be run on pump gas so it will still be a mild tune....Kolby at Turnkey gave me a killer price that I couldn't pass up ..here are a couple of pics and one short vid 20190703_144758.mp4.29905f53519529e83c1cd89ae856e2c8.mp4
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    Saying goodbye to the boat today. Been fun building and barely using. New asphalt going down at the shop. Catching up on some paperwork. You all have fun and be safe.
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    Looking good Tom, I can’t wait for next season. I guess I better get my act together and get ready.
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    I was just going back re-reading this thread because I am rigging a buddies car with new power and He asked me to have a look at the CV's They are 934's on a 2800lb car with what was an 450 ish HP engine I pulled the boots back and the Bates boot were full of grease, I mean like it was purposely packed in there and i a still finding on the floor of my shop as it squeezed out all over when one of the boots popped off - and I wish I took a pic, the CV's were basically dry. I asked what grease he used, he said "i had some old Mobil 1 in the grease gun" that was maybe 2-3 tubes easy I basically had a small heart stop moment.... Like LRS, and partially from his experience I have used the BelRay swepco mix religiously and kept the Boots clean to prevent heat build up - the reason I tried and threw away those CV savers - they basically were like putting covers on the CVs kept the grease in and all the heat. Like a pot on the stove with a lid .. not good Also Like Alper said heat kills CV's and moves the grease out... This was a great reminder why you need a Binder like the Anti-seize in Bel Ray and the Pressure capabilities of the 101 to really work with CV's.. but also like it has been said all cars are different - greater angles and HP seem to stress the film capabilities of the grease and of course the quality and hardness of the CVs themselves... On my last cart with Alper supplied 930/30 RCV stars and Fortin cages in GKN bodies, I ran Alper/Kartek dual boots and Mantek on 24 degree angle and a lot of HP in a 2000 Lb car and my typical 2x a season regrease - they looked new after the first season, it told me you have to take in all the factors... the Mantek for me worked great although it was a bit lighter than I was used to. But back to this car... Mobil 1 basically oil running out, Boots filled with pounds of grease and a full season plus on the CV's and I inspected them and they looked great - No idea what brand, CV's But I know the guy that had the car was an EMPI fan... so this completely made me scratch my head, throw my hands up and just say WTH.... I put Swepco 164 in and we'll see how that does Its a Chromo vs DOM 2.0 discussion in CV grease world....
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    LOL ....we will put you in the middle..
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    Doing a little paper work today. Wifes cousins wedding tonight. Lots of cocktails. Wifes family reunion brunch deal tomorrow. Probably more cocktails will be involved.
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    Trying to hawk some vegetables from my garden in front of the house with the kids. If anyone in Escondido wants anything hit me up!!
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    cortni is making some breakfast, then we are headed out on the lake. supposed to be around 115 today in havasu, like it was yesterday.
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    Thanks buddy got a set of Extreme doors.
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    I just bought a set of 1/2 doors off Amazon for $135 shipped. They are really nice for the money. I'm not sure if you're in the market but here's the link if you are. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075Y1SZCH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    I don’t remember if you got a 2 or a 4 seat car. I’ve got the 2 seat with 30” and 10 paddles from Scat. They are on 8” wide rims that aren’t headlocks and they seem to work well. I just need to remember to always have it in 4wd cause I’m special.
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    I asked him so many questions ..And his answers were always more than what i was expecting..when i didnt understand something he went into full detail so i would... I dont know about junk yard tommy...lol..Im glad twin turbo tommy doesnt make look like a poser anymore..lol
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    Congrats! I have a Turnkey NA LS7 and love it. Good thing you went with a twin turbo engine, but Junk Yard Tommy would have been a cool screen name. And @fullthrottleguy definitely knows his engine stuff. He's helped me out more times than I can remember.
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    This is the comedian lounge. Doesn't bother me, keeps the ad bumped up. And I know each of these 'comedians' personally. Shit, I even know you.
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    I assume you already have your reservations for August ? The summer months are typically sold out. I would air down the truck between 15 to 20 psi depending on the tire. You want a nice bulge on the sidewall. The trailer is usually pretty good between 20 to 25 psi. The sand has been really soft and chewed up around pole 4 and everybody's getting stuck there making it even worse. You need to carry speed / momentum to get through there. Also I suggest trying to time your arrival at low tide as it's less chance of getting stuck since you will be driving on more hard packed sand. Have fun and there's a ton of people to help should you get stuck. Join either the Pismo dune riders FB page or the Jerk Pirates page and there's tons of good info to read. Have a good time.
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    looking at Instagram, looks like Matt had no issue on the drive up, going to get my class A but just don't know if I have enough time before my trip in 3 weeks

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