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    Stumbled across this today, I'll chime in. The rear gearbox (trans) is virtually the same as the Polaris RZR, made by the same manufacture. They have some very small fine tooth gears that are made as fast as possible and cut out of the cheapest material they can use. Typical failures have been high gear and the rear final drive gear breaking teeth off. We do our "Weddle Race Prep" to these the same way we do the Polaris and Can-Am trans, debur the sharp corners off of the gears to reduce the chance of a crack starting. Shot peen the gears to reduce surface tension, further reducing the chance for a crack to start. Micro polish the gears to help with longevity and reduce friction. Replace all of the Chinese bearings with high quality SKF, Koyo, ***, etc. bearings, these have been a main failure point in the Polaris trans. Finally, we take measurements of all of the shafts and add a specific amount of preload to keep them from moving around inside the housings, this is a main cause of bearing wear and case failures. This is basically the same process that we have done for the early VW transaxles to get them to survive off-road use in the early days. The front diff in the Arctic-Cat/Textron is a whole other level of bad engineering and design, but I have been getting them to be a bit better. The main issue is to properly set the ring gear to have proper gear lash for lubrication, the entire diff carrier needs to be moved 0.060"-0.080", which is a huge amount. Once proper gear lash is adjusted, the diff carrier is moved over so far that the diff lock mechanism can no longer be used, so I have to leave the differential as an "open" diff, once you get one wheel off the ground, you will lose forward drive from the front. This is not a big deal for use in the sand as is actually makes the car drive better, it's more of an issue for rock crawling and mud/snow/ice driving. So far, we can get them to survive, but they are still not bullet proof. We will make HD gears for them someday, we are actually clearing up some design time for all of the UTV drivetrains, hopefully we'll have some HD gears for Can-Am front diff's next year.
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    sorry if this makes me "racist" but I believe anyone that refuses or cannot assimilate to our culture or way of life should be DEPORTED. Wanna come to the US and enjoy our freedoms and way of life that's great, if not GTFO
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    Why is the WEEK before you go on a Vacation . . . . SLOW AS EFF! Get to spend the week in Yosemite, can't wait...great trip every year. Where are you taking your family this summer?
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    The problem is, we no longer "melt" into a single culture or people. Most of the "immigrants" these days only come here for the benefits and they stick together, practicing their own beliefs, customs and never make any attempts to learn "our" culture, language or way of life. It is time for America to establish an identity. Declare the majority language as the official language. Declare the majority customs, norms and beliefs as the official structure and identity of our country. I'm tired of "immigrants" invading my country and trying to make it just like the same sh*t hole they just left.
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    It's funny how everybody says an 091 won't work. Reminds me in todays market how the 2d isn't suitable with an LS motor. I had a turbo'd 3.2 in my last car. Talk about fun .....
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    Got the rear shocks put together and mocked up on the car today, they look a lot better than they did before!
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    Lately it seems there's been a lot of bellyaching about changes in appearance to the board. Hell, I'm an old fart and probably stuck in my ways, but I had no problem adapting to the board. I just click "Unread Content" at the upper right and I see all of the new posts. Pretty simple. The search function actually works great now, as opposed to a few yrs ago, so it's all been improvements as far as I can see. The bellyaching invariably leads to some speculation about board traffic. Sure, people have left the sport, some only read and rarely post, some are on FB, IG, whatever else. That's fine, we all have our different things we like or don't like about social media. The thing I'd really like to address is attitude. It's how some people are approaching things, it's how they're saying things. Rather than complaining about how few posts, try and be a positive influence and start some threads yourself. There are a large number of members I appreciate for the number and quality of the threads they start. They're too numerous to list and I don't want to leave anyone out, but you can clearly see who starts threads and a lot of them turn into really informative, thoughtful discussions. I want to thank all of those guys for starting so many interesting topics! I'd love to see more people participate, ask questions, share more info and by all means, post if you agree with someone said, you're not limited to only posting if you disagree! This brings me to the major point: how some of us have been treating Slappy. I'm not pointing fingers, because I haven't thanked Slappy enough over the yrs so I'm also guilty. Keep in mind, this is a not for profit website. It costs thousands of dollars per year to run it. Moderators don't get paid. Slappy spends thousands out of his own pocket to sponsor events like Vet's Weekend, the Golf Tourney, EPOs, upcoming concerts in the dunes - why? Because of his love for all of us. He loves duners and he loves Glamis Dunes. He wanted a campfire you could join via your computer and your phone to share stories, pics, plan upcoming trips, help each other decide what to buy, help each other fix our toys and even deliver stuff to each other for free. After 2,000 posts you're a member of the Brotherhood, but it begins long before that. Slappy has succeeded in sharing his love for all of us and the dunes via this website, so I'm asking everyone to please keep that in mind when you have a concern. Sure, you could bellyache, but how about phrasing it as a constructive comment? Let's treasure this great gift that has been bestowed upon us and nurture it, participate, be the change we want to see, feel free to post more threads, ask more questions, provide more answers, share more info. Keep on posting jokes, planning trips together and bench racing. Someone said something about some of the older threads were hilarious. There's no reason current members couldn't be even more hilarious! First you have to think of each other as brothers, show a little respect and keep it funny! In conclusion: no, nobody hacked my account. I was gently reminded by another great member just how much Slappy sacrifices to give us this great place. He never talks about it, he never complains. I just feel that we could start showing Slappy our gratitude with good deeds and good will. Pull on up to the fire and share with the rest of us!
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    until the house is done and I can sell that mofo and move the eff outa here!
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    American culture is french fries in our carne burritos and green tinted sour cream called american guac! 😁
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    You need that extra height so you don't hit your head when you climb over the door silly!! It was designed that way lol
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    WTF is this "vacation" you speak of? I got to bust ballz for 9 days building a bathroom on my time off from my real "job"
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    I feel the opposite, feel like every problem occurs at work the days leading up to a vacation...……….
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    Good deal. One question, did the original owner play for the NBA? "he is actually 6'5", with the afro 6'9"
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    The Irony is this. They fly a Mexican flag to protest the ICE raids........ The ICE raids are not after Mexicans they are after people south of Mexico who came here claimed asylum for whatever reason. When they arrived they claimed asylum. They were held for a short period while they waited for a Immigration Judge the judge gave them a court date and were released. They were no longer illegal they were actually legally here at that point. ICE is going around rounding up the ones who either didn't go to the court date or who were found not to have a reason for there asylum and were issued a order of deportation. Nobody seems to have a problem when they round up the dead beat parents who don't pay child support, Nobody seems to have a problem when Cops go out into the streets and find people who have outstanding warrants. Hell Dog the Bounty Hunter had a hit show for rounding up people who didn't go to their court date. It's not somebody's Nana who has been living in the shadows illegally for 25 years they are after it's the people who we don't really need here. People who are refusing to follow the rules to actually become citizens
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    You can't really measure IAT and sense from that because it changes constantly with Boost and you would always be behind the curve You could have the fan come on with boost and thats pretty easy and set a delay after boost falls off for say 2 minutes and that would make the most sense - or just probe the core with one of the those glue on surface temp probes (assuming you can relate IAT to surface temp - and good luck with that) Intercoolers (Air to Air) "should" and will cool off very quickly with air flow - more air flow faster cooling and since you can't stay in heavy boost (under load) for more than a few seconds You run out of room or flip the car, and most non-Idaho hills aren't that long. And the most important thing to remember is unlike a radiator - and air to air intercooler is basic empty after a boost seesion - you haver no residual hot fluid in there - the incoming air is only heated under pressure - the turbo spinning with little or no boost does not heat the air, so the intercooler is running cool. watching this on gauges is kinda eye opening. the intercooler core "usually" cools off in a few seconds after a run as long as you keep moving - this IAT pre and post intercooler - is a measurement people do alot. They put a sensor in before the Intercooler and after and instrument the Delta. This is done to measure Heat soak - Basic the core never gets time to cool and the IAT (Intake Air Temp) keeps rising. Some ECM's can data log this too - its kinda useless but makes nice graphs This is dual gauge setup is common on trucks pulling loads up grades and stuff like that where you might be in boost for many minutes. In a sand car, the boost is so transient, that even if you are in 1-5 lbs the IATs do not even heat the core since you are moving air over the core (all bets are off if you have a windshield blocking air flow..) then you boost to 10-20 Lbs and hit that and you are back off the gas Unlike a Positive displacement SC, boost is function of load on a Turbo car, so unless you are Baller with Turbo's that spin up at just off idle, you need to be loading the car hard to get into serious boost and keep it loaded to stay in serious boost - Thats on big Cu v8 of course - Subi's and Hondas etc that don;t native have loads of TQ and usually (John Outfront excempted) have far less RWHP and can be in boost all the time - after all Boost makes TQ, TQ moves the heavy car... So in nearly every case, as long as you have good intercooler - well designed with lost of air flow and low pressure drop (high pressure make heat - high pressure intercoolers can actually raise the IAT instead of lowering - so when you buy that ebay core beware) the core cools back down quickly , and there is almost no heat transfer from the engine if the core is isolated - it also helps to have the right sized BOV- this not only stops back pressure on the turbo (bad for a lot of reasons) but helps cool the core - the more efficient the core (less pressure differential) the faster the core cools. I have seen big "Chinesium" intercoolers on rice rockets that never cool off - the internal core pressure can be 10 Lbs or higher - they are measuring boost before the IC and see 20lbs and they are maybe seeing 7-10 through the intake , where a good core might be 1-2 Psi. loss at best So a fan is not a bad idea , except sometimes it is.. Like the fan on your radiator of your car, it does not cool as good as just get air through at 50MPH . On a street car the electric fan has a cross over of about 30 MPH by what most manufacturers say over 30 its a restriction, and thats why its behind and not in front of the radiator usually, and why most after market shrouds are built to let air flow through - I would not say thats always the case - but fans are a restriction and you might have an efficient intercooler and make heat soak worse by adding a fan. Spearco published a lot about this before Turbonetics bought them. I think you want to use a fan, then you would want to have the maximum core coverage , a super high CFM fan, and keep the fan running all the time to have it really make any positive difference. If we weren't in the sand, the thing that some the fast street cars do that cools the core instantly is spraying a bit of distilled water or better yet window washer (methanol) on the core . They use a pressure switch and as soon as boost comes on the spray starts and of course many people spray Nitrous at the core that works too but thats not cheap I am not sold on fans without measuring IATs before and after and to see if heat soak really exists. Two gauges are great - 1 gauge with a switch also works (that how my Camaro was set up) Basic seems best when in doubt FWIW
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    They are at the bottom of my wife’s purse somewhere... I’ll ask...
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    Unicorn, skyline 1993 gt-rs from Japan, right hand drive even!! Nice cobra also
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    I’m going to try them a whole season and see what I think. I do service them more often than most, probably more often than race teams realistically if they run mint 400 or Baja 1000. Mine get tore down at least twice a year and I doubt I put a total of 400 miles in a season. We will see.
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    I believe the same group has a website too. Mullets-only.com
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    Although your parents immigrated illegally they came with the intentions like many immigrants back in the day of providing a better life for themselves and their kids. I’m not sure how difficult the legal path would have been or if they snuck in or overstayed a visa my point is they did not come to suck on the tit of the US. I do think it was different 30-40 years ago people wanted to succeed. Now the illegals want to come for all the freebies and truthfully why wouldn’t they? Guys like Newsome are promising them everything for free and in return the Dems get the vote. It’s sickening to me that the government is condoning this. My grandparents and my mom all came here legally from Portugal. When my dad brought my mom over the first thing he did was put her in school to speak the language, then when she wanted to work he said of course, and my aunt helped get her a job. We’ve always been Americans first at my house and we are very proud of our Portuguese heritage. We celebrate events in our Portuguese community to keep traditions alive but we also know that the US is the greatest country on earth. I’m not sure how flag burning and the like were deemed to be free speech but I sure wish that would be revisited.
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    try pulling a stunt like that in Mexicali, and see how that works out for you. The court system is to blame IMHO for a lot of the woes in this country.. When the line between right and wrong began to move, or was blurred because it suited somebody or someone. The moral decline of this nation began.. and When lady justice is forced to look the other way on crime, it just breeds more crime and decay... If crimes like stealing , murder, rape had the same sentences that they did 70-100 years ago, you can bet your a$$ that peeps wouldn't be doing these crimes nearly as much.. Now,....theft pays, murders make plea deals, rapist can walk on technicalities, etc etc.. It has neutered police in many parts of the country.. And seriously, who'd want to be a cop in that hotbed?? They have to be wondering does the department or the Government have my back when I go out there and enforce the law? Or will I be left hanging out to dry when someone videos me arresting a almost guaranteed violent, non complying, suspect, get sued civilly and lose the life I worked for rightfully ???? There is so much irony in todays world .. And when the law has no teeth, it only emboldens activity like this.
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    Opportunity. We all became citizens in the mid 80s. Never received any form of government assistance. Parents did everything on their own with perseverance and hard work....as have I. They were owners of a 15m business. I went to school a d earned my MBA.
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    Call Fullerton Sand Sports. They have their own line of tires made to Dave's specs, by Hoosier. Well worth the call for info. Talk to Dave or Cole. Tell them I sent ya
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    I received this from a Tibetan Munk...I heard he was very good friends with Slappy. Who is Slappy??? Slappy McDuner was raised a child of color to a lowly share-cropper in the deep south. From a very early age, he was fascinated by the motorcycle. His first love was a QA50 mini-bike that his father, Pappy McDuner, managed to buy for him. This passion only grew as he aged. He managed to graduate and was considered "gifted" by his peers. Using his new found knowledge, he soon found himself pumping gas at "Bernies Pump and Fill". This is where his keen interest developed with the modern combustible engine. After he was fired for sniffing the exhaust one too many times, he packed up and headed west. It took him aproximately 5 years to hitchhike from Toupillo Mississippi to Brawley California. Reasons as to why it took so long are sketchy, but according to sources, Slappy had the gift of gab and would talk to people for hours on end. It is even rumored that he once talked to a man for 18 hours straight about why matchheads are red in color. Yes sir, Slappy was a unique individual. But being such a unique individual caused many people to wonder about Slappy's mental stability. While on his journey, Slappy was arrested by police after they found him running through a corn field with nothing on but his birthday suit. And after what Slappy claimed to be an "alien abduction", the judge committed Slappy to the Shady Hills Mental Institution. To this day Slappy swears that he was abducted by an alien race of "Bionic Women". Slappy met his worst nightmare at the Shady Hills Mental Institution: the men in the white coats. Slappy endured 'treatments', that in his words were, "ABSOLUTELY SHASTAMCSNAPPLISH"! Slappy vowed to escape one day. That day happened when Slappy disguised himself as a mop and escaped, never to be found by the men in the white coats again. That night Slappy began walking. He was following the moonlight that starry night, and singing songs of Robert Preston and Barry Manilow. Slappy kept walking...and walking...and walking...when he stumbled onto the most glorious site he'd ever seen. The sand glistened off the moonlight creating a satin sheet of silver, and abounding with glorious, rippled sand dunes. Her name was Glamis, Mother Glamis that is. Slappy immediately fell in love with her and the plants and animals that live upon her. He has made personal friendships with many of her inhabitants; his best friend being a Red Tail Hawk he calls "Mr. Red Tail". Slappy found his calling. Slappy searched Mother Glamis for two years straight locating various parts of machine and metal. He slept for an hour a day, enduring the heat of summer, the cold of winter, and near death experiences of men and machines. After two years, he had located enough parts to piece together a machine that would not be rivaled even to this day, "THE MCSLAPPMACHINE". Slappy and the "McSlappMachine" can be found in Glamis, and at times are seen far off in the distance ripping bowls and riding ridges. His legacy of preserving the dunes, awareness of the Peirsons Milkvetch, Dune Etiquitte, and dune education are the catalysts of his cause. Slappy is married to his darling wife, Natasha McDuner. Slappy is charming and witty, and endulges in prose and poetry. Very few have ever seen Slappy, and even fewer have ridden with him. If you are one of the lucky ones who gets to ride with him, fear not and ride like the wind, because nobody dune like Slappy dune!
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    Well hot damn what a fantastic thread to read when Slap pops back into the neighborhood, It sure made Slap’s whole day SoCal, that’s a downright Slapptactious thing to say. Thank you. As a matter of fact, to make the day even better, Mrs. McDuner is NOT making dinner....YEEEHHAAAWWW. It’s an honor and pleasure to be part of this place and be part of this family; and so thankful to slaps mods and admin‘s. They are some hard-working folks and downright slap tacious people. And you know what, there be some funny folks here in the hood, there always has been. Slap loves it when folks step up and let their creative mind take over. The stranger the better...Well, not many go as deep as JD, and WOW, Slaps been their...But let’s keep that between us. Anyways, mother G is first and foremost, as well as each other, and we gonna do just fine.
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    Socaldmax ...Its a first - But I agree with you 100% THANKS SLAPPY!
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    Right on Socal, that’s a bitchin post. Cool Daze. 👍 I think the stickman will very much appreciate what you said sir.
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    Not so much a Highway Star....more of a Highway Tard!

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