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    I am sold! https://www.youtube.com/embed/gjzeNBSZFUo
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    that is exactly where I am today. Only thing is that its a little more difficult for me, the cost of ownership on my 99 is way less than a 10 year old truck. Sure an injection pump is $2K & it needs some other stuff, but for what Im paying for insurance & registration is nothing compared to a 2019. just that alone would pay for a fuel pump or front end rebuild or some other repair, etc (over a couple of years).
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    I'm making sure my fingernails will never be clean.
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    Installing some new PRP suspension seats in the sand rail. Then have a beer or two to make sure they fit right. I know I said I was going to do this last Saturday. The problem was, I did part B first.
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    Well it's August. Half way thru the summer. Season prepping has begun and will continue for the next few months. I'm working today half day. Then clean some cv's and steering stuff. Tomorrow spending the day with hexnuts. You all be safe and have fun.
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    Ran some errands this morning, smoked a ribeye for lunch and then some meatloaf for dinner. Gonna take a walk tonight to the frozen yogurt place with my kids this evening. I need to start season prepping but with only 1 day off a week and the heat, I'm not too motivated. Working overtime tomorrow. Andrew
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    Well went and got gas in the Car Git smokes Got groceries and went searching for a back support cushion for the seat in the RZR...
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    One way, I hope. DON~~~
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    AOC would not understand the Irony in that, nor would 99% of Hollywood
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    Maybe I've been mislead to believe that they are that unreliable. Just some of the complaints like: Loose steering boxes, bolt holes rounded, crumpled cages on easy roll overs, let alone huge bump steer. Not even saying I don't like them. Just seems like a lot of potential stuff to fix that seem to be quality/design related. Your post outlines exactly what I mean you can have a wildcatxx built for the price of a really good sand car with no real reliability. Not saying a dct is the end all either, just there in the entire automotive engineering universe has to be other alternatives than a 2000lb machine with 170hp and a belt. The X3 two seat is the closest to the mark IMHO, just had dealers tell me of bullet proof drivelines coupled with poor chassis quality/strength. See so many the are essentially re-engineered to stay together. Not complaining, just an observation. Also heard of 4" of bump steer from the factory. Design wise there isn't a lot of excuse for that at this point in time. I'm not a Honda swinger, just their engineering is strong. But the culture is super conservative. A X3 with Honda build quality would have me sold, or a Honda with X3 performance. They are getting real close. just my opinion for the $0.000001 it's worth. I will spend $25~30k, but not to have to spend another $20k to make it right, or keep it together, that doesn't make sense to me. Makes a V8 rock/dune jeep make seem more viable, just don't want to build a car from scratch. Tis what it tis.
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    Another item on the work list for this car was a torn CV boot. I told the cars owner, no big deal, I had to pull the axles off the trailing arms anyway so it would be a quick fix. I was wrong and it was a mother father. I removed the spiral clip and the CV wouldn't come off. Looking closely at the splines I could see they were 'mushroomed'. This is very common on microstub cars and I've seen it countless times. I even have a special triangle file I use to clean them up. You can see how bad the splines were. All cleaned up. Should just slide right off now, but that'd be too easy. I removed the axle from the car (it was still bolted to the trans) and tried tapping the axle out of the CV star. That didn't work. WTF? I finally put it in my press, which was just barely tall enough. As soon as the CV was off I could see the problem, which led to another WTF moment. The splines on the star are all effed up. How did that happen? The spiral clip was slamming into them. Notice this CV star is back-cut. Why? Because you get 'more' travel! Or it could have been because the axles were a bit too short so back-cutting the stars was cheaper then buying longer axles. Regardless this is the end result- and simple 15 minute CV boot swap turns into two hours of labor. This car doesn't have limit straps, and I'm not sure if the shocks have stops set up to limit the travel correctly. Left side before filing and right side after filing. All cleaned up. Slides right on now. Check that off the list.
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    Off to finish building son's transaxle. Hope to finish and reinstall in car so I can have my parking space back. Have a safe Saturday everyone.
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    Working today till probably noon. Cool new project for a Mall opening up in CT but I can't talk about it! Then off to a wedding this afternoon. Sunday headed to Cheryl's Grandma's in the morning to clear more stuff out as no one lives there anymore. My Father-N-Law is going to sell it. Then it will be my A$$ in a floatie in the pool with a cold one the rest of the afternoon.
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    Getting stuff ready for a celebration of life. And then going to the DIL’s birthday party. Sunday will be more tinkering on the X3 or taking my grandson to The Aquarium of The Pacific I will be informed Sunday on that. Everyone have a great weekend and be safe.
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    Worked a double yesterday. Got home at 2am this morning. Planning on going to the Lot to see Hobbs and Shaw and hit Benihana's for a late lunch!
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    Looks like you used the 8qt Pontiac G8 pan. Good choice. That's what I have also. You may want to remove the urethane bushings from the engine mounts and bolt them up solid. Those will move around and ultimately you will crack something. The way it is, there is probably enough flex in those tall un-gusseted trans mounts for it to not be an issue to drive it around on the pavement but as soon as you go off road and begin to really jar it around something will fatigue and let go. The trans mounts need to be gusseted and there needs to be some triangulation in the tubing from the belt line down to the lower tube. I don't care for the bends in those tubes but I don't suppose it hurts anything. You can put the coils anyplace you want to and connect them with your own custom length plug wires. just google LS coil relocation for ideas. If there's room under the plugs that's a good place for them, you can then use the short oem plug wires. Good thing is that your inspirations are becoming reality. Looks good so far.
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    Make sure your hose connections at the radiator are not real short. When those lines expand and contract you don't want it putting a load on the radiator connections. You can even go down the tube a little ways and put another hose connection to relieve the load. Ask me how I know this.
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    2.5" back spacing should move your wheels 2 -3/8" outwards from what you now have.
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    Rep are mean bullies!!!!!! We need safe places to live in with free phones and health care!!! And the $1000 a person stimulus!!!
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    Not sure if you are saying the same thing as what I am about to say, but here goes.. Dave at desert Dynamics always used "hanging motor mounts". this allowed the motor, and all motor related components to remain stationary, even when the cage would flex up from panning out hard from bottoming.. And believe it or not, rear cages flex, and flex up to as much as 3-4" under extreme hits. Seen it on a car, where the guy had launched off a huge dune and flat landed onto the face of the dune on the other side of the ravine. There was over 3" between the skidplate and the bottom of the oilpan, and he crushed the oil pan, so We know it flexed over the 3+" gap... . If your motor is tied to the rear cage, it is along for the ride... The only way I would ever do a cage mounted engine mount, is if you did a diagonal brace back up to the point where Dave did hanging mounts from. ( Mosebilt did them that way) and A few others, but many don't.. and over time, you will have cracking on components that don't like flexing..
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    We all know yore first trip is gonna be Camp RZR.....even if you'll be in disguise.
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    Overall the group did well damage wise. I believe it was 3 belts (all RZRs for those counting), 2 sway bar links (aftermarket ones on RZRs), a few flat tires, one mirror due to partial rollover, and I am in need of a new rear skid plate. I smacked a rock or something a speed and now have a U-shape in the skids. I am now have over 4,000 miles on my X3 and it is not 2 years old yet. Love this car and how it just thrives in the open desert and dunes. The weld on gusset kit from Extreme Performance on the lower arms has held up for a lot of miles (close to 3,000 would be my guess).
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    Quick stop for some gas and back up the highway to Ensenada. End up clocking 322 miles on this trip. It was an amazing time and even more enjoyable having my kid with me. He really did embrace Baja and the spirit of Baja. It was fun watching him take in the local flavor and how the people are. Such a better way to experience Mexico.
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    Checked out an oyster farm and the group knock back 8-9 dozen oysters. My kid liked the baked ones. He also had fun giving the local kids some "steekers". Then headed to the top of volcano/radio tower for some epic views.
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    Spend the day in San Quintin checking out the sites, hung at the beach for a while, Had my personal driver for most of the day. He had a tough day.
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    A little stop on the beach before lunch on the trail
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    I blame their parents. They are the product of their upbringing and genetics, neither of which are dictated by owning a phone. The phones are just a symptom, not the problem.
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    No I still hate them in the sand and everything they bring with it.
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    More and more People in general these days are just disgusting , selfish , clueless pieces of shit . Social media and smartphones are completely to blame . The youth in this country is almost completely worthless without one and have no skills or knowledge other than how to look shit up .
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    Talking about Depression and Drug Abuse to my Teenagers. This week a Teammate from my Son's HS Ice Hockey team lost his battle with Depression and Drugs, he Overdosed and passed away this week. He graduated this summer and was about to start his College Hockey career for ASU in AZ. The family is so heartbroken as is the entire HS Ice Hockey community... I loathe Drug Abuse, my kids already know this....but now they have their own first hand knowledge of how drugs can destroy a life. Tomorrow is the Vigil at Yorba Linda Ice. Rest in Peace Aiden Damien Varsity #8

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