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    I decided late last season that my gen 4 was looking pretty dated. I took the car down to Alex Arvizu for the beginning of the facelift and 6 weeks later i got the car back hardly recognizable. Tore it down to nothing and had it powdercoated. Finally got the car back together, had a few pieces painted then had the top black stripe wrapped by Rick at Cactus Auto Tint. I kept it secret all summer, not only for the shock value but also because i didn't want anyone's opinions! Haha. Was tough not spilling the beans, and not being able to ask my buddies questions along the way! During the build, i replaced everything with the slightest amount of wear, rod ends, bolts, trans!, basically the car is new. I was worried about the roof line but think it turned out awesome thanks to Alex Arvizu. BSsand seats did a geat job on the seats. Had a few delays and one scary moment (missed one of the alternator wires which arced to the body and burnt up part of my wire harness) but luckily it didn't do too much damage. All in all, it was a pretty fun project, learned a ton about the car and now know every nut and bolt in it Heres a list of everything i did to it: Reworked front end/ lights Replaced several heims Rebuilt all hubs Powdercoat chassis and all arms Rebuilt shocks All new airbags Replaced Airbag mounts and hardware Cerakoted shocks Powdercoated floor black Installed air lift system New seats Replaced rear bench with buckets Radius roof with gen 6 look 2 5150 whips with 1 long flag whip Painted dash/ deck/ scoop Powdercoated beadlocks Throttle cable and shifter ball. Replaced clutch master Replaced brake master Replaced turning brake Replaced oil and boost gauges Added wired dome light Powdered dash and remounted Replaced steering wheel Added steering wheel PTT Painted hubcaps Painted dzus fasteners Rigid light bar and pods Added front doors, enclosed rear New fuel pump and relocated filter Remounted radiator Rebuilt trans with all new gears Serviced cvs Installed new taillights New cooler cover New rear view mirror. All new suspension bolts New uniballs New rear bag bushings New battery New seatbelts New starter Partial wrap
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    You know we all have to learn sometime, get the F#ck over it! Do you not want people to post on here anymore? I have built several rails, starting with VW beam rails, I had no idea what I was doing. I took some pictures of a VW rail, bought a Johnny's tack kit, never had welded before, and I had a f#cking blast. Maybe there are other sites that are more friendly, less put down and will answer your questions in a professional and polite way. I like a little ribbing once in a while for fun, that is all good, but your just being an ahole! Man, this thread is really pissing me off! rant over
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    Saw that LRS did this to his, I hate the stainless look when its dirty and they are bitch to keep clean. We shall see how this holds up, about 30 minutes a shock with taping and painting and a few bucks per can of paint from kartek. I hope it holds up, but if not I can paint most w/o taking off car for the backs. Almost looks so good thinking about the transmission 🤫😁
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    This is my car. It was built as a beam car, now sports boxed A arms and a V8. Although I didn’t perform the modifications myself, it was put together right here where it sits by me. I don’t feel unsafe in it. I don’t recall Jones’n posting where had fabricated anything himself, he had a shop do it for him. He’s just like the other million off roaders out there building their own trucks to go out and have fun with. Isn’t that what the whole offroad business model is, DIY? Why can’t you guys just be a little more supportive of him and not drive him away from here? Not everyone buys a complete car or SxS to use in the dunes. There are hundreds of build threads here where guys put together their machines in the garage. I don’t hear very often that they were killed off roading. As far as asking which way a clutch disc goes in, back off of that too. I’m a 33 year veteran GM tech/ shop foreman and I consult the service manual about 100 times a day even though I’ve done a particular job many times. Does that make me an idiot too? Its definitely still summertime. 😎
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    When judging if a project is beyond your ability the amount of info you are aware that you DO NOT know, or skill you DO NOT have, should be a hard point. If leaning on the internet for 90% of it is your game plan, have thick skin and be wiling to start over...a lot. Chances are you will ask the question in a manner the people with the info you seek will be a little confused by you, or their explanation is confusing to you. "Over your head" could also just be a point of time line and your time to devote. I need to paint my house. I travel a shit ton. Can I paint a house? Sure. Can I paint MY house in a reasonable amount of time? Not according to my GF....
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    Hauls all his day laborers in there
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    Don't know how others do it but that's not how I 'race prep' a CV. I just take a Dremel to the edges of the star, body and cage to knock down the sharp edges.
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    This. As an engineer, and now PM, I see lots of people who get stuck in what "the book" says as a hard and fast rule that can never be violated. A lot of this is because many of them are of the younger generation of take a test and answer the question exactly as prescribed. Have a couple of old school "figure it out" guys who either went to school decades ago, or never did (came up through the trades) to balance out the bookworms. Get to hear complaints about those old school former vocational guys getting most of the design work while the bookworms get stuck in FEA purgatory, but those guys who did it in the real world generally come up with shit that works instead of shit that looks great in CAD...
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    Built this from scratch, in my garage. It is very far from the "cookie cutter" sand cars. My preference. Still learning and asking questions. Sounds like I am not worthy of being on the sand with some people. I have seen some "professionally" built rails that I would put my welds up against, any day. And I am not a "pro". I, also, respect the safety of any passenger with me. Rebuttals accepted! And Budlight69, I will see you at the dunes. Hopefully this year.
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    Are you signing out of this thread, or are you signing out of your build threads? I kind of feel like I checked out a copy of War And Peace and the library called it back before I had a chance to finish it. I, for one, would like to see how your project turns out. Been following it since the day you took delivery. I'm only good at two things. 1. Making a little over minimum wage. 2. Having a plan to save up enough to buy a car. Here it is. It works for me. I didn't build it. I'm not even a Bad Ass Driver. Whatever you do, good luck and dune safe.
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    One thing this site can benefit from is less build threads from guys who are eager to learn. And in its place, more old guys on Facebook style of threads based on politics and how the youth of America aren’t as good as they were.
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    Drove it for 10 years, rolled once, never cracked a weld. My buddy drove it for 5 years after that. No, they were not perfect welds. But I think the spirit of any off road vehicle project is "dream it, build it, do it yourself". Or that is the way it used to be, how I grew up. I have nearly as much fun building them as driving, almost. Don't take the fun out it. Just help em out.
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    This time it was Billy’s turn to make the groups fire pit at Glamis..............
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    working on all the 12pts on the LS motors destroying some sockets and was afraid to go to the Matco website for sockets, and the sockets are about or cheaper than the ones from McMaster car and Lowe's, why the hell I waited so long, LOL so don't be afraid to go to the Matco Website might be shocked on some tools that are affordable
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    Mine came with 2 cup holders and my off-season upgrades are to add a swivel cup holder. Plus I’ve got 5 more LED’s to add.
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    Vampires? I guess they can enjoy Glamis too. Nightride?
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    Will be listing this in a month or 2. New S5D getting installed in a few weeks. Gen 6 Low hour LS7 twin turbo 900 hp on pump gas. Just put new 35 Baja Pros on front. Car is pristine and ready to go. 110k
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    I’ve debating getting a 4 seat rhino cheap for day trips and local forest service trails. Me and the kiddos can play while mom works sat
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    getting daughter motivated to get her Honda 100 and Kawi KLR 140 up to date on registration. Grandson expressed an interest in going with us on next trip to Lone Pine / Alabama Hills. Kawi has not run in 3+ years . Need to get that running. Battery is toast . will shop for a new one tomorrow. May involve a new 18 pack.
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    Figured I would update now that the project is almost done. I ended up trying to drill them myself since I had a lightly used bushing to try it on. As I figured, even though I too great care setting up the drill press and vise, it was just not quite up to the task. The bushings were hardened and even a cobalt drill with copious amounts of cutting fluid struggled. Once going, it cut pretty well, but eventually got off course enough to bind up the drill press. I ended up using a machine shop in Mesa to drill them out. He confirmed that they were hard, but carbide and a good lathe had no issues. He charged me $50 to do all four and got them done the next day which was awesome. I enlarged the bolts to 1/2" grade 8 from 12 mm grade 10.9 and no longer have any threads in the shear planes. I was also able to torque the bolts more, so everything should pivot like it should and not move around. Thanks for all the advise, GD rocks!
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    Round 3. Nasty sound is there but does not sound like a rod knock. Need to pull the trans and look at that clutch. Oil pressure is good and at the end it actually idles. Carbs dry as a bone and have been sitting for years. If this motor is bad my dad has a fresh rebuilt 283 with numbers for this vintage Corvette. Hopefully not since that cuts into my share. Once we determine that I will have a couple ways to go. (1) Get the motor, trans, brakes all working so the car is drivable. Then sell it as a project to put together. Probably worth $35k at that point. Or (2) Do a full build and put 100s of hours into it. Then the car would be worth $55-$60k. My dad has many other projects and he would teach me but I would do most of the work. Great schooling to learn about these cars. On this particular one I am leaning toward option 1. First need to get that trans out and see what the noise is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUti-ppKV2M
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    This is round 2 and the first time the engine starts. 3 things going on here. (1) Right side rocker cover is upside down and rocker arm are digging in to the cover. (2) One side of the exhaust is missing a muffler and the other side has a glasspack. (3) This one is speculation. The son told us dad the owner did not get the clutch fork on properly. We are thinking the clutch is hitting that and making racket. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg7P4OHrAL8
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    Uncovered the boat and washed her off. Hasn't been out of the back yard in several years. Bought new in 1994, built 502 and rerigged in 1995. This old girl spent many weekends at Havasu back in her heyday. Gotta love an iron big block with a healthy cam. Always wanted a Daytona but back then couldn't afford the insurance.
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    Landing leg failure, that's what happened to Jr's airplane.
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    As requested by the man, the myth, the legend "Crusty"! I'm writing a follow up to this post "Landing Leg Fail". In which I will detail the cost, time and procedure to do this remove and replace of the landing gear, and gear motor. I ordered a complete kit from etrailer.com which included everything I needed, with a combined rating of 6,500lbs. I upgraded the pull pins to spring loaded pins as thats what the old legs had on them, and I liked how easy they made adjusting the inner tube. The Stromberg Carlson kit cost was $580.58 plus tax (free shipping ground UPS - 6 day turn around), it took approximately four hours to complete the job, working alone. I placed the trailer onto my fifth wheel pad but did not lock in, the trailer parking brake was set, and tires chocked. Using a 3 ton Pro Eagle jack, and stands I started on the passenger side removing the stabilizer bars from the inner leg base, sand foot, and the pull pin assembly. Next I removed the bolt from the gearbox cross bar which turns the leg gear up or down. I then removed the propane tank, and the two bolts holding the leg assembly in place between the U-brackets which are welded to my trailer frame. The leg came out easily through the bottom as it sits pretty high while on my truck. Assembly of the new leg, (sand foot, and spring loaded pull pin) took very little effort or time, and was back in quickly. The drivers side requires a little more work and time, removing the cross bar, motor/ wiring, gear box, sand foot, and pull pin assembly. As done on the passenger side prior I removed the left propane tank, and loosened the bolts holding in the old leg, removed from the bottom of the trailer body. Placed the new leg into the brackets and tighten down the bolts. Put the new gearbox in, motor, and crossbar. I connected the wiring back up, and used new large wire caps (purchased separately), turned the battery power back on and tested the legs,operating them both up and down. Everything worked smoothly, no binding or clicking noise. Made some minor adjustments to inner leg pin position, and remove some of the blocks to level trailer in our driveway. Complete kit above Base of passenger side leg/ sand foot. New right leg assembled ready to go in. Right leg in place. Right leg in U-brackets, bolts tightened. Stabilizer bars reattached to passenger side leg. Drivers side leg assembly in place, ready to bolt up stabilizer bars. Gear box, motor, and cross bar in place, wires capped/crimped, and zip tied for added security. In all I saved upwards of $1,200-$1,500. by doing this job myself vs. paying an RV dealer to do it.
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    A big name, big wallet, huge ego, small di@k!
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    Haven’t seen one of these in a long time. Almost looks like you wear it...
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    It said 396 on the fender (as it passed me)
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    In in Iowa, went to the Iowa State Fair today. Cool fair. Weather was great, high clouds, great crowds.. Pix later.
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    The best part of this place is seeing people build stuff and ask questions. That’s the whole draw of how I got here. That’s the reason I check this place. I don’t care how you people vote, I don’t care of your religious beliefs, and I don’t care about the last movie you watched, although it still might turn into a good thread. What I care about are the sand cars and the technical questions and answers that I can learn from. And if you want to put down people who ask questions it only leads me to believe you must profit from people bringing in cars to have you work on them as opposed to them enjoying building themselves. To everyone asking questions no matter how stupid you think the questions are and everyone answering those questions and to everyone posting up their technical builds... I salute you! Thank you so much for that. Now carry on.
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    I camped with @Cookie one Xmas-New Years trip and he can lead a nice fast smooth ride great group of guys. My buddy @fttorq is one of fastest I've followed for sure big boy rides. @2DASAND is fun to follow.
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    First rule of ghost camping, dont talk about ghost camping.
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    Oh, Hell. This thread is even over my head. I just had to look up what an AP Class, PM and FEA are. Guess I'm just a DA.
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    This is an interesting topic..Being a Tinkerer who has been figuring out and building things for over 50 yrs I can honestly say that you never know it all and should always listen to others opinions. In my way of thinking it is a crime that vocational education has been mostly removed from schools. I often wonder how many builders of mechanical things have been lost to the lack of instilling basic knowledge and creating interest at a young age. Wouldn't it be nice if the current idiotic way of thinking got thrown out and a return to basics was achieved.
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    On the flip side if asked to go on a run and I reply , no gonna sit this one out. It does not open a dialog to badger me for 30 min to go on a ride.
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    I have always done most my own mechanicing on my heavy equipment, I’m mechanically inclined just fine. I’ve built old cars and done enough to get my in to trouble. I like reading how others work on their cars. I like asking so as to possibly do it a better way. Cleaner wiring. Better ways to run fuel and brake lines. And I appreciate others not only asking questions, but posting how they are doing things, especially when they add their own touches, so as to let me have the option to do it a little differently or better if I choose. And I’m pretty sure all those old timers back in the 50’s, like @jjoseph99 ‘s dad, who built their own sand cars out of cut up frames would disagree with you as well. People building things and learning as they go has progressed this sport to what it is today, and if asking questions is wrong, well, I don’t want to be right.
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    If someone is actually asking the question, they are already on the right track. Overconfidence can easily lead to disaster. Questioning your own abilities allows you the freedom to ask for help or more expert advice. Arrogance typically makes this nearly impossible.
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    I've got a few friends who got CanAms....they said it frees them up a lot because they don't have to spend as much time on Tinder finding dates.....everyone just knows....
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    Bummer on the wear. Toe out helps it rear steer under throttle, making for easier/more fun drifts. Got any pictures of your mounts? I'm sure someone here can get you a better solution after looking at it. Doesn't the back become the front half a rotation later?
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    I guess I will try to explain myself yet again but I will use your situation as an example. Yes you bought a complete used car. Did you just tear it down to have it powder coated, freshened up, and reassemble? No, you decided to change out power train. Now to some people that’s no big deal. Was the frame built for that hp and torque? How about the extra twist that the frame is gonna take from the motor sitting further back, different location, from the new found weight distribution? Those few questions are huge from the safety factor aspect and how the car will handle. Those factors were completely skipped when the only questions asked are how to mount the new trans, how to measure for new axles, how to make motor mounts, etc. Then to top it off, you start a thread asking what direction the clutch disc needs to be installed. Eff my life!!! If you can’t take a second to look at what you have and realize it can only be installed one way, than what else are you blind to? As I stated earlier, there are mechanics and there are parts changers. Please don’t think I’m being a dick and picking on you. I’m just being honest and stating a fact. I feel your car has a lot of things that have been overlooked because you don’t know what to look for. If you don’t know what to look for than how can you ask the question? This applies to any and everyone out there building projects not just you. There is so much more to building a sand car correctly and safe than just simply throwing new parts at an old frame.

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