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    Does anyone think this has been taken over the top already? We aren't building home made aircraft here.
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    OK, time to weigh in: If you are going for the high speed or competitive feel.... Uh, no. You need to get the pros on board. But for the hobbyist, try something new. See how it works. It is about trying and having fun while learning and expanding your horizons. Not necessarily the high speed sand hiway runs or the massive-air-time jumps that Robbie Gordon just did (I learned the hard way: DON'T DO THAT), the experimenter and learner can putz around and try new things without being a danger to self or friends. Usually the worst thing that happens is getting stranded out in the dunes and coming up with creative solutions to get back to camp. The only reward is a 'never do this' type of story. If you are "all out" or super competitive, maybe DIY is not for you.
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    This is my car. It was built as a beam car, now sports boxed A arms and a V8. Although I didn’t perform the modifications myself, it was put together right here where it sits by me. I don’t feel unsafe in it. I don’t recall Jones’n posting where had fabricated anything himself, he had a shop do it for him. He’s just like the other million off roaders out there building their own trucks to go out and have fun with. Isn’t that what the whole offroad business model is, DIY? Why can’t you guys just be a little more supportive of him and not drive him away from here? Not everyone buys a complete car or SxS to use in the dunes. There are hundreds of build threads here where guys put together their machines in the garage. I don’t hear very often that they were killed off roading. As far as asking which way a clutch disc goes in, back off of that too. I’m a 33 year veteran GM tech/ shop foreman and I consult the service manual about 100 times a day even though I’ve done a particular job many times. Does that make me an idiot too? Its definitely still summertime. 😎
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    Ackerman doesn't really matter a whole hell of a lot from a going fast and having fun standpoint since it doesn't really coming into play until you're going really slow with a lot of steering angle (super small dunes, but even anti-ackerman will still turn, just not as well). A buggy is something meant to be driven at the limit, so you're probably not putting much steering angle into it (except countersteer for drifting), you're transferring most of the weight off the inside tire, and tire wear is non-existent (almost none of us wear out front tires, just age/damage). Low-speed cornering on asphalt, tire wear will be slightly degraded, but not much. Keep in mind that some of the best-handling cars in the world had anti-ackerman (though I wouldn't recommend it for desert). Same thing goes for bump steer (unless it's really bad), camber (again, unless it's really bad), and anti-geometry (esp with trailing arm rear suspension, since there really isn't much you can do to change it without getting silly). Geometry is all about intended use, as no vehicle will get them all right. Unless you're going to take those answers and determine how that'll translate to driving experience, it's just numbers and gobbledygook. Even Formula One engineers get it wrong, as once the driver gets in it and finds out he can't confidently drive it at the limit, it's going to be a slower no matter how much the engineers tell him it's faster this way. Since duning is about fun and experience, not lap times, I wouldn't put too much concern into what the numbers say except maaaaaaaybe caster, as generally speaking you can just look at it and determine how much there is, and driving experience-wise, the more you have, the better the steering feels (within reason). I doubt the guys who drove this guy back in the day had a bad time...
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    A Cessna 150 also weighs less than 1000 lbs. Jonesin's car probably weighs 2x that. Yes, I'm joking around too. 13 years ago socaldmax gave me the same advice to just buy a name brand roller chassis instead of building from scratch. I chose to build my own from scratch (Gasp!) and have no regrets. Safety has always been top priority for me. I plan to take it on it's maiden voyage this Saturday. I have asked many questions on this forum and received advice from many members including socal. Keep asking and those with the heart of a teacher will respond and try to help. Concerns expressed by big_daddy_jp and socaldmax are valid viewpoints as they speak from experience and safety should always be a concern.
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    If you haven't seen this yet, it is a must see.
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    I decided late last season that my gen 4 was looking pretty dated. I took the car down to Alex Arvizu for the beginning of the facelift and 6 weeks later i got the car back hardly recognizable. Tore it down to nothing and had it powdercoated. Finally got the car back together, had a few pieces painted then had the top black stripe wrapped by Rick at Cactus Auto Tint. I kept it secret all summer, not only for the shock value but also because i didn't want anyone's opinions! Haha. Was tough not spilling the beans, and not being able to ask my buddies questions along the way! During the build, i replaced everything with the slightest amount of wear, rod ends, bolts, trans!, basically the car is new. I was worried about the roof line but think it turned out awesome thanks to Alex Arvizu. BSsand seats did a geat job on the seats. Had a few delays and one scary moment (missed one of the alternator wires which arced to the body and burnt up part of my wire harness) but luckily it didn't do too much damage. All in all, it was a pretty fun project, learned a ton about the car and now know every nut and bolt in it Heres a list of everything i did to it: Reworked front end/ lights Replaced several heims Rebuilt all hubs Powdercoat chassis and all arms Rebuilt shocks All new airbags Replaced Airbag mounts and hardware Cerakoted shocks Powdercoated floor black Installed air lift system New seats Replaced rear bench with buckets Radius roof with gen 6 look 2 5150 whips with 1 long flag whip Painted dash/ deck/ scoop Powdercoated beadlocks Throttle cable and shifter ball. Replaced clutch master Replaced brake master Replaced turning brake Replaced oil and boost gauges Added wired dome light Powdered dash and remounted Replaced steering wheel Added steering wheel PTT Painted hubcaps Painted dzus fasteners Rigid light bar and pods Added front doors, enclosed rear New fuel pump and relocated filter Remounted radiator Rebuilt trans with all new gears Serviced cvs Installed new taillights New cooler cover New rear view mirror. All new suspension bolts New uniballs New rear bag bushings New battery New seatbelts New starter Partial wrap
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    Prepping to start college tomorrow. After 24 years, 21 with the company I still work for, I'm heading back to school to get an associates in industrial automation, electric power technology, and electronics technology. Crazy thing is, I'm looking forward to it.
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    I'd be willing to bet that Jonsin's car would hold up better in a crash than a stock RZR or CanAm! Just sayin, ~jw
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    So I sold my 24x8 enclosed a couple months ago and picked up another used one off of craigslist up in Riverside. It's a Hallmark 24x8.5. I had been changing wheels on the buggy for 9 years and was sick of it. I'll be able to drive right into the new trailer with my dirt wheels or sand wheels on the buggy! I got it from a guy who owned a cabinet company so he built a pretty nice oak kitchen style cabinet for the front of the trailer....which was immediately sold on Offerup because it wouldn't work for me. I picked up a toolbox from home depot and planned on building some cabinets for the front and putting a fuel station in it. After doing some research...it was actually cheaper to have Universal Trailers do it for me. They did the front cabinets with aluminum faces, installed my tool box and the 54 gal fuel station for $2700 cash. Just for me to buy the materials to do the project was well over 3K. So that's what I did. It took them about 3-1/2 weeks to do it but it came out pretty nice. They were a little challenging to deal with, mainly due to the language barrier, but they got it done. They left a mess in the trailer but I still think it was a good deal. I picked it up last Saturday. The trailer sits pretty high so I put some fold out steps on it for the side door. The door is 4' wide so I got two 24" stairs from etrailer.com. I'm in the process of installing an air hose reel and an electric cord reel inside the cabinet. I plan on putting a 6" access door on the passenger side to access the hose and cord from the outside. A couple other minor upgrades I've done: Outside flood lights changed to LED Clearance lights changed to LED Beefed up the tongue that was starting to bend from tongue weight on the jack...had to do this on my last trailer too. New G rated tires Low point drain on the fuel tank Rewired the tongue jack and plug and cut out the rats nest Here's a couple pics of the progress.... ~jw IMG_1959.MOV
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    At the entrance of Palm Springs, today, right in front of the off-road quad track.......
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    Not hardly... Pretty close to 300. Wait, I see what you did there! Isn’t this supposed to be one of those questions where “you figure it out on your own?” 🤣
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    Don't stock LS engines make about 430 hp?
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    Yes. My .02. I joined this forum in 2004 and knew nothing about sandcars. Lessons and info I have learned here has been invaluable. Used to be a machinist and mechanic so I have some mechanical ability. With that said I have a long list of mistakes made and have learned. Bought a Sand Limo with a 22R that was so underpowered it would not even go in the baby dunes. On that same car kicked the back end up on a jump and blew the center out of the rear wheel and destroyed the caliper. Also had a stub break and the wheel come off of that car at 40 mph. Built my Funco from a roller and have changed it so many times with 100s upon 100s of hours spent. Always asking for help along the way. Plenty of carnage there as well with doing some things wrong. As far as the forum If someone didn't answer my questions I kept asking. And yes I know some of them were dumb. This place has been great and I admit I am a junkie. I would encourage anyone that needs help to have a thick skin and keep asking. Plenty of great people here willing to help.
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    The over the head you can change the adult band (the thin metal strip that run through the pad) to a child and back as they grow.
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    How dare you sir. How. Dare. You. One must buy the latest, shiniest, coolest set of parts made. Old buggies can't dune and, like 2Pac, are a menace II society only outstripped by RZRs.
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    You guys are complaining about the site and that is not allowed.
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    I renew my membership every year at the sand sports show and you usually get some cool stickers and a free shirt or a flag. The more you donate is up to you the membership is all the same I believe
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    I've always done the supporting member I think it's $25 and they give you a $25 gift card from Rocky Mountain so it doesn't cost you anything
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    2 seats, 2 shifters, 1 cutting brake. It just didn't work as planned.
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    Caning will solve this. A used RZR belt would suffice as the caning implement.
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    .008" is a pretty big variation for pinion depth. It is very surprising how much just a few thousandths will drastically change the pattern. The key thing about the factory pinion depth settings is that they are typically figured out so that the R&P will be set at the quietest position, but not necessarily the strongest position. This is done by setting the R&P set on a fast turning fixture and moving the pinion depth back and forth to find the loudest positions. Those depths are recorded and the number that is used for setting the depth in the trans is simply the middle of those two numbers. This is why most new R&P sets look like they have already been used out of the box. The problem here is that this may not provide the ideal pattern for proper strength. We have used the same system for our R&P sets, until now. We have recently changed this system of pinion depth measurements to set the R&P by the trans builder. We now use a system that requires the builder to set the pinion depth at the number that we etch into the pinion, only as a starting point to run a pattern. The builder will then have to move the pinion depth based on the pattern that they get from that initial depth, this will force the builder the set the depth at the strongest position rather than the quietest. Since we are not building these units on any type of production scale where time is a cost factor, we are asking builders to spend a little extra time to properly set the pinion depth for the ideal strength on the gear. This will extend the wear life and increase the strength of these gears. So be nice to your trans shop next time you need a new R&P set-up in your trans as they should have spent a little more of their time to properly build your trans. I would also tell you to expect a little extra labor time added to the invoice. A little extra money now will save you a lot of extra money later.
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    Guess you missed the guys that took 2 pans, cut them in 1/2, welding backends together, 2 motors and transaxles. Flopped r&p in front, put a teepee header on backwards on front motor and try and steer with cutting brakes. Good show!
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    I agree that it is hard to crack down on the Ghost Campers. They can technically get around most of the rules and leave the rigs on the pads and win in court. Let's face it the people who do this will spend more money breaking the rules than some people spend all year going to the dunes and they could care less about the rest of us, their behavior proves it every year.
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    I would have preferred they hung him by his ball-sack then set him on fire.......all after every bit of information of those he worked with and whom bought his services was made public. SOOOO MANY people seem to be tied into this shitpile....they should not get away with any of it.
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    Yeah, right. Massive bump steer is fun! You get my point. Unless someone knows what questions to ask, they're in over their head.
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    Bought them from CBM. CBM - 1400-18.
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    Who built the chassis? What kind of tubing? What type of welds? Is the Ackerman correct? How is the bump steer? Caster and camber correct? What's the toe in? What angle is on the torsion tubes? How much anti-dive and anti-squat are built in? Those are questions I'd ask, and I don't know that much about chassis or suspension design. At a certain level, people have no idea the complexities of what they're looking at and don't realize the extent of their ignorance. They literally don't know enough to ask all of the right questions. The next step up from that is when you realize what you don't know and you rely on the experts to build it and know how to take into account all of those details.
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    1957 Chevy Belair post car. I had two of them, windows don't rattle and they are lighter than a hard top, no X member in the frame. DON~~~
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    I went to napa and they do not have this part. I went home and cleaned the main wire harness ground and the engine block/chassis ground, and i think we have a winner. this is what i found on the harness ground, rewired this section
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    One thing this site can benefit from is less build threads from guys who are eager to learn. And in its place, more old guys on Facebook style of threads based on politics and how the youth of America aren’t as good as they were.
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    When judging if a project is beyond your ability the amount of info you are aware that you DO NOT know, or skill you DO NOT have, should be a hard point. If leaning on the internet for 90% of it is your game plan, have thick skin and be wiling to start over...a lot. Chances are you will ask the question in a manner the people with the info you seek will be a little confused by you, or their explanation is confusing to you. "Over your head" could also just be a point of time line and your time to devote. I need to paint my house. I travel a shit ton. Can I paint a house? Sure. Can I paint MY house in a reasonable amount of time? Not according to my GF....
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    You know we all have to learn sometime, get the F#ck over it! Do you not want people to post on here anymore? I have built several rails, starting with VW beam rails, I had no idea what I was doing. I took some pictures of a VW rail, bought a Johnny's tack kit, never had welded before, and I had a f#cking blast. Maybe there are other sites that are more friendly, less put down and will answer your questions in a professional and polite way. I like a little ribbing once in a while for fun, that is all good, but your just being an ahole! Man, this thread is really pissing me off! rant over
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    save me a spot , I will get there about midnight friday IMG_0127.mov
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    I know I am late to the game here...It sure looks like they are together right - and just too much angle - was it measured - were straps changed? Did the old CV have the Stars undercut and now the axles pulling on the cages when in full droop? Race prep will give you a couple degrees more angle and thats the Only time it "benefits" If the angle is not severe it literally does nothing other than keeping the CV's running cooler. You are basically loosening up tolerances. Some people feel that race prep can stop components from cracking due to removal of stress risers by smoothing edges. However just like polishing connecting rods if you go the wrong directions use will cause stress. There are a couple methods out there I see deployed. Racers throw CV's away alot so they won't prep maybe like my full season or two CV life... The first is just to open up the cage and removed the burrs and smooth the entrance and exits for the balls on the race and star. The seems to be just good practice to eliminate any manufacturing defects and if done right remove stress risers. A lot of people throw the parts in the tumbler afterward to keep everything smooth The second is what we call the EMPI race prep. Thats just the use of .002 under balls. Has the same affect as loosening tolerances. Lots of people do this in conjunction with tumbling the parts like EMPI does. This actually works surprisingly well IMO. The third is how I was taught to race prep the CV's and its a lot of work. Start by measuring everything up and inspecting everything for pits.. Then you take the race and use 120 sandpaper square roll with grinders grease on a die grinder, polish each channel and smooth the entry and exits then do the Star same way. then follow up with a 360 0r 400 grit roll. Hit the race and star with diesel fuel and drop in the tumbler with "brown triangle grit for about 4 hours. Use standard balls and a Good 300M rem polished cage like a fortin - needs no work. Hit everything with Diesel again to clean it all and assemble.
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    I’ve debating getting a 4 seat rhino cheap for day trips and local forest service trails. Me and the kiddos can play while mom works sat
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    the roof the roof the roof is on fire
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    The best part of this place is seeing people build stuff and ask questions. That’s the whole draw of how I got here. That’s the reason I check this place. I don’t care how you people vote, I don’t care of your religious beliefs, and I don’t care about the last movie you watched, although it still might turn into a good thread. What I care about are the sand cars and the technical questions and answers that I can learn from. And if you want to put down people who ask questions it only leads me to believe you must profit from people bringing in cars to have you work on them as opposed to them enjoying building themselves. To everyone asking questions no matter how stupid you think the questions are and everyone answering those questions and to everyone posting up their technical builds... I salute you! Thank you so much for that. Now carry on.
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    How is a person to learn without asking? Asking a veteran or looking for help seems much safer than “figuring it out on your own” to someone who doesn’t know... I’ve noticed a few members give a lot of “that won’t work” or “you’re doing it wrong.” As for my project, I’ve taken a lot of bumps and bruises over the past year with this. If I tried to “figure the small stuff out on my own,” I would have short cutted many things that I had asked. No, I don’t take it to heart and get upset. I try to retain as much info as I can and apply it to my car. Why? Because I don’t know everything and questions need to be asked. How many questions were asked when you first got hired at your job? Like, “where is the bathroom?” Or did you just “figure it out on your own?” Anyway, on my behalf, I am thankful for everyone’s help. Especially the ones who reached out with personal messages and cell phone texts.
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    that was cool of ya to go out and take pic. for the op +1
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    What’s dangerous to some is another topic. And what is safe and safer is another. Just because it’s illegal or legal is another. What your goin to do with is just one more. All opinions. btw - I ride my bike with no handle bars
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    Plenty of them here on gd.com...….. …………….. in before the lock! Staff / Helpers Quarters spread out over 2 Pads with Stackers / Flatbeds everywhere / 1 Truck Caution Tape / Lighted Cones / Mercedes parked on edge of camp 300K rail racing up and down right outside camp pulling wheelies w no flag …………. aaaahhhh, the holiday weekends are upon us!
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    This. As an engineer, and now PM, I see lots of people who get stuck in what "the book" says as a hard and fast rule that can never be violated. A lot of this is because many of them are of the younger generation of take a test and answer the question exactly as prescribed. Have a couple of old school "figure it out" guys who either went to school decades ago, or never did (came up through the trades) to balance out the bookworms. Get to hear complaints about those old school former vocational guys getting most of the design work while the bookworms get stuck in FEA purgatory, but those guys who did it in the real world generally come up with shit that works instead of shit that looks great in CAD...
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    this is the one I built
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    The Clintons are honest, good people sir. They would never do such a thing. You can tell by how Hillary laughs...
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    I guess I will try to explain myself yet again but I will use your situation as an example. Yes you bought a complete used car. Did you just tear it down to have it powder coated, freshened up, and reassemble? No, you decided to change out power train. Now to some people that’s no big deal. Was the frame built for that hp and torque? How about the extra twist that the frame is gonna take from the motor sitting further back, different location, from the new found weight distribution? Those few questions are huge from the safety factor aspect and how the car will handle. Those factors were completely skipped when the only questions asked are how to mount the new trans, how to measure for new axles, how to make motor mounts, etc. Then to top it off, you start a thread asking what direction the clutch disc needs to be installed. Eff my life!!! If you can’t take a second to look at what you have and realize it can only be installed one way, than what else are you blind to? As I stated earlier, there are mechanics and there are parts changers. Please don’t think I’m being a dick and picking on you. I’m just being honest and stating a fact. I feel your car has a lot of things that have been overlooked because you don’t know what to look for. If you don’t know what to look for than how can you ask the question? This applies to any and everyone out there building projects not just you. There is so much more to building a sand car correctly and safe than just simply throwing new parts at an old frame.

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