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    yep. that's the video that inspired me!!! i have a guestamated 300 year oak in my backyard. trunk is 5feet in diameter, greenest tree in the area. i have water at 40 under ground (cause i put a well near by) we can only imagine the tree has a tap root sucking up 100 gallons of water a day 80 foot canopy. my trunk is every bit of the tree trunk in that video
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    At the harbor smelling the boats. Kiddos wanted to go to the beach, just like everyone else in Sandy eggo
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    I hate to say it, but I just don't know enough about motors to make my own judgment. I do have the guy that designed the setup and Redline saying 91 will be no problem at low boost (need to confirm 8lbs with redline. Previously we were thinking 6lbs). I do know that I never want to run e85 again. I keep everything at the dunes and it's just not doable for me from my previous experience. I'll post some videos and keep this thread updated. If it doesn't blow it was by far the cheapest hp gain I found dollar for dollar. If it does blow... Well we'll have some carnage pics hahah
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    Are we starting this? No but its dom and heat treated
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    You would definitely know more than me when it comes to this! I would say your probably dead on with the motor comparisons. My question to you would be if you already had the 402, is it cheaper to add the turbo set up or is it cheaper to build it into a 454? I think those numbers may really help others down the road.
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    220-260*F is perfectly fine. Consistently over 260*F, and you’ll save money in the long run getting an oil cooler. 300*F is starting to damage bearings, and 325*F is SHUT IT DOWN NOW type temps. This is a temp your oil should never get to if you want the motor to last.
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    My 990R? Yes! x20. Lighter, lays down power where you want it. Flickable, jumpable, smooth. Just an overall great off road machine. I did not get a chance to ride it on the street, but that would be a secondary consideration.
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    I do understand the difference between 91 and e85. That’s why I told him to run e85 instead of 91. The reason I showed the videos was to show what can be done, that it’s not impossible, and it can kick ass. Good luck running this kind of system on 91.
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    May be a stupid question but how hard is it to relocate the tag? And what exactly does the tag register?
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    cutting down a huge dead oak. wedding last night. found a dead chicken (one of 8) so need to fence in more of my wife huge garden/chicken coop. what ever it was had to jump over 5feet of fence. now going to add 3 more feet in the last section. 3 sides are already 8 feet high and a shade cloth over the top. there were guts, head feathers everywhere
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    Gotta work an almost 18 hour day due to holiday. I hear theres a party in El Cajon I sure wish I was at instead.
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    Ya I dunno bud. The new 6.7 pretty complicated but let’s just take your word for it. Here’s s pic of the dual cool system. Clearly there is a thermostat directly Before the trans cooler. It’s all beside the point, clearly the new trucks were designed to run in the 230s and beyond. If you want to tout your diesel mech maybe try Powerstrokearmy dot com they would love to entertain you
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    Those that know... ETA. Not JomboTron. Grainy because of light I would guess.
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    Wish I could say it was a show of a life time. Alice in Chains delivered, as always. Jerry is getting up there Gents. See this show while you can... BUT......... HOLY SHIT did Korn phone it in. I watched an entire song where Fieldy (bass) never moved his hands. I wasn't 500' away either. 75 maybe. My chick got me awesome seats for my b-day...
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    Got the rv detail done. Just need some finishing touches.
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    I alllllllllllllllllllmost ordered one of these: https://dynamaxcorp.com/class-c-motorhomes/isata-5/30FW/3694 It's a factory 4x4 RAM 5500 platform "Super C". They have a few other floorplans, but the 30-foot is the only one that leaves much GVWR available for gear and trailer tongue weight. The paint/graphic schemes are a little busy: That was one of the main reasons I was going to custom order, to cut out all the "splash" graphics, brand/model insignia, etc. I even test-drove one, and I was super happy with how it drove. Honestly, it wasn't much different than driving a pickup so I think anybody's significant other could drive it easily in a pinch. It had lots of upsides, like being factory 4wd (vs. an aftermarket conversion), the tried 'n true Cummins, easy to work on and cheap maintenance (just being a RAM 5500 platform, as compared to the diesel pusher I had at the time), and a definite "cool factor." Also, being only a 30-foot it would have got us into some really small/tight parks on non-toy trips. The downsides were pretty standard for a shorter C-style RV: very small holding tanks, no real separate bedroom (just a curtain around the bed) and much less "entertaining" space. My plan was to custom-order an enclosed trailer with a fresh and grey water holding tanks that we'd tow with it on toy-trips to supplement the small holding tanks on the RV. All of our non-toy trips are at parks with hookups, so we only boondock in places like G, Moonrocks, etc. and would have the trailer with us. I had planned to use a macerator pump setup to move the grey over. Black tank capacity I think would have been fine on the RV, and I certainly had no intentions of moving that. I had even spoken to Kelderman about outfitting the RV with their air suspension front and back, but they weren't sure the rear would work (the front is a 100% the same as a 5500 truck, but in the rear you have the RV body and storage cubbies down low tight to the frame where a lot of the brackets hooks up). Obviously I was going to black out the wheels and bumper, put bigger M/T type tires on it (I even was looking into big super-single rims so I could run a big military single tire front and rear, way better for sand than duallies) etc. I still really like these things, and I kiiiiiiiind of wish I had just gone for it. But the real deal-breaker came down to cost. Real-world price on the 30FW is about $150k. The custom-ordered trailer would end up like $20-30k. I'd be another $10-30k into modding it (depending on whether or not I went with the Kelderman stuff) etc. All-in you're talking an easy $200k+. For that $200k, what would I have been getting: A 4wd rig Somewhere to sleep Somewhere to cook Somewhere to shower and use the bathroom Space for some toys I still had my HD pickup that I wasn't getting rid of either way (I just use it too much for other things), so I had a "light bulb" moment where I looked at that list and said "wait, a 4wd rig I can sleep/cook/shower/etc. in that fits some toys sounds a lot like a 5th Wheel TH behind my truck..." Now, it's not really an even comparison that way, because the trailer I would have gotten for the 30FW would have fit 2 SxSs (a 2 and a 4 seater, which was what we had at the time) and any TH big enough for a 2 and 4 seat RZR was too big for a) my truck and b) the parks we wanted to go to. So I ended up buying a Genesis Envy 34A which fits just 1 toy, a 24' AL box trailer, and trading her '16 Jeep Grand Cherokee in on a '19 RAM 1500 for her (both are 5.7L Hemis). I ended up spending more like $100k ($70k 5'er, $13k AL box trailer, prob 20-ish on top of the JGC to get the '19 1500) vs. $200k to get the same result. But wait, I have to take 2 vehicles on trips now. Yup, that's true. And why didn't I just get a non-TH if we're putting the toys in a box trailer anyway? Well, I wanted to still be able to do a trip solo and bring a toy. Plus the non-THs all had really small tank capacities. So yes, if we want to bring 2 toys we bring 2 trucks, but we were pretty used to driving separately from our RV days anyway (it seemed we always had her drive too so we'd have a vehicle at camp). When we want to do a non-toy trip obviously we don't need the 2nd truck and still have a vehicle to drive around town. And on dirt trips where we just want to bring the 1 RZR (currently we have a XPT, the Revo sand rail, and a Teryx that's more of a utility thing than sport) we can just take one truck/trailer. With the 5'er we have way more storage space, way more entertaining space, the King bed we didn't want to give up, and the private bedroom. So there are some def upsides there. Downsides are even this "34 foot" 5th wheel is 38' tip to tip, so it limits the very small parks on the coastline, as discussed we have 2 rigs to bring if we want 2 toys, and it's not as neat-o as the 4wd RV. Anyway, that's just my experience. There are days I wish I had never sold the DP & Stacker. There are days I wish I had gotten the Isata 5. And there are a lot of days I am super happy with the space and simplicity of the 5'er. There are a million ways to "skin a cat" and every choice has its trade-offs. -TJ
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    2017 custom 4x4 20k miles! 18 ft x 102 wide winch fuel transfer 60 gallon bad ass to the bone!
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    Gary who lives a mile down the road from me did mine. I used to sit on my patio and watch him doing shock testing. He and Tom put in a lot of time to get it right. Best $$$ I ever spent on the x3.

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