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    Interesting weekend. My wife and I were talking while walking the dogs Friday morning and she piqued my interest to find my biological father. I had found and met my biological mother 21 years ago and also found my half sister when I did. I had started this search by contacting the agency I was adopted through and asked for information. Since it was a closed adoption, the records were sealed. So they were able to send me "non-identifying" information. When I received the packet, the "identifying" information simply had whiteout over it. I scraped it off and had the names and info. I have had his information this whole time, just never felt compelled to find him. I have maintained a relationship with my sister since, but not my mother due to lifestyle issues. So after our walk, I came home, typed in his name and off with my search. Having his name, birth date and where he was born, it was pretty easy. I found him right away and just "knew" it was him. Sadly, what I found was his obituary. He passed in 2013. The good news is, obituaries are usually public information and has lots of family information in them. I found out I had a sister who died from a terminal illness and potentially two brothers. I sent the picture of my man I found as my father to my biological mother to see if it was him. She confirmed it was. I then Googled the brothers names and found them pretty quick too. I found 2 phone numbers right away and called them. He answered on the second number. I began the call with "This might be the weirdest phone call you have ever received..." We talked for a minute, he asked to call me back later. He called back after taking time to digest the information and we began an exchange of information to cross verify things. After a short time, it was clear to me I had found my biological father and now half brother. We talked for a bit, just answering each other's questions and such. I sent him some pictures, he sent me some. We share a slight resemblance but not like that of my sister and I (we share our biological mother and the resemblance is very clear) . The other potential brother is just a step brother and of no blood relation to me. So...I have a 30 year old brother I "met" this weekend for the first time. He is absolutely blown away. I look forward to learning more about the other side of my genealogy in the days to come.
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    So I am on the complete other side of this. I was adopted and have known I was as far as I can remember. Never once for one second had any interest to find those people. I think I just had turned 18 when my grandmother took me to lunch one day and asked if I wanted to know anything about them or had any questions. I just said doesn't make a bit of difference in who I am. I was adopted at 13 months and the people who raised me are and always will be my parents. My middle sister she was also adopted, She was the polar opposite of me. Like me she was told as early as she could comprehend that she was adopted. She was brought home 2 days after she was born but was the type who was always going to run away and go back to the orphanage. She was never a happy person and always blamed it on her being adopted. One day when she was around 15 I want to say she was bitching about going back to the orphanage and my dad had enough. He came walking out of his room and thru a large envelope at her and said here is papers. She was pissed it had changed nothing even her name was the same. Everybody is different and I am glad you were able to do what you wanted.
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    You could always run that low point to an inverter generator as well.
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    do your research and find out what you will pay. I do that then I just start calling Sales managers. I have bought my last 5 trucks this way. If I don't like what they say I call another dealer. I wait till the end of the month. only a hour in the dealership and gone. even with trade ins. Last Ram I got 14k off sticker and i was ok with that. To let everyone know dealers make a lot per truck. Take invoice and with all the co op advertizing, dealer holdback and sales incentives most are making 6 grand if they sell you a truck at invoice. I keep it simple 500 to 1000 off invoice and all incentives and you are doing good. dealership overhead is huge and everyone needs to pay the bills.
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    i dont see why they wouldnt work. Not much different than a standard fender washer. Id suggest welding the nuts to the back of the bracket or using a threaded weld nut.... otherwise your gonna need someone inside with a wrench and one person out side unscrewing the screws.
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    Maybe Im not understanding how your planning on using these...... I don't see how that would be helpful @ all. Seems like running a pan head with a large head or a washer under the head, would work better. all these would do is allow the use of a counter sunk screw on a flat surface. Bob
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    No, that was "Craft Services", leftover lunch meat..
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    Get me one too PLEASE ! ! !
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    My mother in law was not supportive at all! In fact she went nuts!! He just wanted to see if there was anything he needed to know about..like health issues, things like that. She took it as he wanted a new family! She would not tell him anything so he went to her sister who set up the adoption in the first place, and she told him where to start. My mother in law was so furious with her sister for telling him something he needed to know...she stopped talking to her. Unfortunately...the sister passed away this year and now my mother in law is racked with guilt because she never patched things up with her. It was never a big deal to any of us, but it wrecked his relationship with is mom, all because she was being selfish and insecure. Sounds like you got the better life for sure. I know we love our little brother and he love us!
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    His name is Nolan... IDK what his board name is and he is currently at chevy in Irvine. Internet Sales Manager @ Simpson Chevrolet
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    Brother from another mother don't count
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    So, just my thoughts but... On a XP 1000 you should be able to get away with running the cover in G. That said, on our XP Turbo I never-ever will run a cover in big dunes. I have measured an 80-100 degree average running belt temp change with the cover on. This was using an infrared belt temp gauge on our 2016 XP Turbo. I go into some of my thoughts on running the cover or not here, as well as some good maintenance stuff: The way I generally look at it is yes, you will wear the sliders, buttons, roller etc. out more quickly with the cover off... you can't deny that. But it's not as drastic as people think. When the clutches are spinning they do a good job of "rejecting" the sand. But the key is, when a belt breaks it often does a ton of damage to the clutches that people don't realize or see, and then you break more belts. Talk to 10 people with RZRs and you'll get at least 5 stories of "my first belt lasted forever, but after it broke I started going through belts like crazy." That's due to the damage that was done and/or not properly cleaning after the belt-break. IMHO you can't clean up sufficiently mid-dune when a belt breaks, so I always carry good used belts as spares. Again, I don't have belt breaking problems *knocking on wood profusely* but the idea is: replace your belt at home when you can properly clean and inspect everything in the comfort of your garage with a few coldies, then put your still-good used belt in the RZR as a spare. When/if you have to replace one in the dunes put that old belt back on and take 'er easy back to camp. Then pull the clutches and properly clean them as I cover in that link and put your fresh belt on. Do your belt break in around camp. Then you're ready to party again. It only SOUNDS like more work, but it's way better than spending your whole trip in the bottom of a bowl trying to fish belt-debris out and ruining every ride for your group because you broke another belt. The jury is still out on the blowers. It's nice being able to pull that air out when you stop and cool things quickly - but some say they are a restriction at high RPM when the clutches are moving a lot of air. I'd just run no cover and not worry about any of that. -TJ
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    Thanks. It's been a good thing in meeting and having my sister in my life. We are fairly close. It would be cool to have the same thing with my half brother.
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    Thank you. Epic weekend in LA. My wife planned out an incredible weekend for my birthday.
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    True that. I was busy making movies, no time off at all.
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    So cool you found your family. My wife's youngest brother was adopted when he was a day old. My mother in law wanted another child and my father in law said ok...basically he would do anything to shut her up! His mother was a young girl from their church and she was happy to give him up. A while back he decided to try and find his bio family. He found his dad and a couple siblings but not his mom. He's 30 years younger than me and a good man with a great family. He says he's not really in touch with the bio family. In his words...he dodged a bullet and he has us!
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    Happy for you Mac, glad your getting some closure and expanding your family tree. A good woman knows how to get you motivated on things you might not have done on your own. Good support is priceless.
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    Thanks man. I'm lucky to get to do some pretty cool stuff in this industry. Like anything, it does come with a price. What started out as a hobby turning wrenches on cars has become a viable business but I do still consider it my "side hustle" and enjoy it very much. Tomorrow I drive to San Diego to drop off Todd's prerunner at Jimmy Weitzel's shop, I'll stick my head in Jimco cause they're next door, meet up with @jwest2sh to buy some parts, cruise over to @tintman shop to say hello and get n his schedule for the warp on my car, stop at my buddy @BansheeBoy914 house to pick up his 2D, swing by Kartek for more parts, shoot over to Rancho Performance to drop off the 2D, then stop at Funco to drop off some shocks, and of course walk the shop with Grant so I can see what everyone is building.
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    Wow! I know someone going through this right now. Similar, but just as interesting and just getting started. Total shock to say the least! Well wishes in your new journey and for the other posters as well.
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    For quick cooks, small cooks. Comes up to temp faster and burns less lump. Tonight I had both going, chicken wings on Jr. and a tritip (indirect) on Senior. I like steak on the egg vs the Traeger so when I am only cooking 1 I can use the small egg.
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    Pushlocks work fine. Ran them on my cars for a long time with no problems. The issue is the rubber hose will deteriorate in a few years as stated above. The get hard and crack. If you replace the rubber hose every couple years the fittings are fine. Just be careful cutting off the old hose and don't score the fittings and you can reuse them. I switched my car to PTFE with all Fragola fittings a few years ago. No leaks and it's easy to remove hoses. They should last forever. I looked at ANfittings.com but read several bad reviews. They are WAY cheaper than Fragola, Earls and XRP. Jeff, let us know the results on those fittings after you use them for a while. If they work good that's definitely the cheapest way to change to PTFE. I think I had over $600 just in fittings for my car! ~jw
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    I’ve never seen a push lock fitting on any kind of real race car. Just saying! They won’t be on my car.
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    ib4 Crusty comes in here offering his advice or giving his two cents. You know you're my day one Mac!~
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    There is a guy on online and on the Maverick forum that has over 22,000 miles on his X3 Max. The frame is done. Lots of cracks that are too much to fix and keep going. The motor is still going strong. He is having a company called CT Raceworx get him a new frame and do their magic to it. Most people barely put 2,000 miles on their SXS over a 4 year period. Judging by the ads in the for sale section most don't even but a 1,000 miles on their SXS. For a majority of the SXS owners the cars will outlast any use they put them through. Too many new owners go out and think these are build like a custom desert race car and just beat the living snot out of them. Bouncing off stuff and can't figure out why they break stuff. You have to know the limits of what you are driving. The Turbo S and X3 can take quite a lot of abuse, but if you expect to hammer the whoops at 75mph all day and smash into the dunes you will break it. For the money there is no better off-road toy available over a SXS. It opens up some many different types of riding areas and trips. Nothing gives you the versatility to do just about anything and do it pretty damn well. Sure there are certain vehicles that would do one type of riding better, but who wants to have 5 difference vehicles when you can have the Swiss army knife of off-road toys and do it all with one.
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    Getting ready for Idaho on the 18th , can’t wait!😎
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    The usual turn and burn. Jumped in this and headed out. Just stopped in St George for fuel so I'm about half way to LA. Stewart Raceworks luxury prerunner and there's a fully decked out brand Wildcat XX in the Uhaul. Gotta get them both to San Diego so they can prerun the Baja 400.
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    Dropped the wife off up in Montrose Ca with the daughter so they could "craft". Followed the GPS to go home, it told me to exit the freeway, so I ran into a MS13 gang shooting. Denied entry to the freeway by the yellow crime scene tape and lit road flares, I finally made it home an hour late.
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    With only 21 days till I want to be ready to roll to the dunes. I have been working in the garage getting things done. Next up after an extensive garage cleaning is getting to trailer ready to roll. 21 days until October it’s go time folks we survived another summer
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    Most folks do not get enough sleep. Sad. “Just Maybe” that’s one of the reasons they drive like butt holes on the freeway ...... not you or I of course..... Just them
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    So much want. The cool thing is you can hang 'em on your wall when they're not in use so they don't take up much space. I've wanted to upgrade my poor man's lift for a long time: -TJ
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    Que defense of Polaris by Sand Shark in 3,2,1.... Tim
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    I went to the Glamis Dunes.com PO Box today and received an unusually long box. I had not ordered anything, so I was very curious who it was from and where it came from. I opened it up and pulled out this beautiful United States Marine Corps sword. Inside was a note that said, “anonymously donated to the Veterans Day Marine cake cutting ceremony”, signed, A. Duner. Whoever donated this, if it was one person, or multiple people together, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This beauty will go to good use come November 9th.
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    Dood! I bought some doug fir trim, was really moist at HD, but mostly straight, a week later i go to cut for trim and its twisted as a politician! Their stuff sucks! Last batch of lumber i got from dixieline was full of termites! Where do you go now?

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