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    This is the only one I have. I will get more tomorrow. I ordered 32in tires and they should arrive any day. Heading to Pismo on the 18th for the shakedown run.
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    Big shout out to Orange County Honda Kawasaki. I was in the market for a new Honda Talon and they exceeded all of my expectations. This was the easiest transaction I've had in the last 30 years. They quoted me a price, handled all the paperwork through text. I showed up and signed the contract, loaded the car and was out the door in less than 30 minutes. I highly recommend them for a straight forward, no haggle, no hassle deal. It was so good I came down from the Bay Area to make the deal.
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    Saw this guy in my “yard” I shall name him... Waldo.
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    Ride the bikes, swim in the ocean as much as possible, walk. Push ups and then stretch when I wake up. Cut my portions in half and dropped 60 lbs (6' 2" and weighed 240 lbs at the time) Have kept it off for 3 years . . .
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    3 Inches is all it takes.... Good to know, only read that one Article so far.
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    Had higher hopes for this thread title...
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    Wow!!!! When I drove by your house the other day I noticed your window shades close up real fast like no one is home........
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    I haven't lived in a house with potential trick-or-treater's for for 6 years so I don't do too much. Used to do lots of Jack o'Lanterns when we were in a neighborhood.
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    I'm 21 with 27 years experience and do the 12 oz curls intermittently Ok, so seriously. I was jogging 2 miles in the morning before work and do push ups, but a bum knee and ankle from activities in my youth kind of have me limited. I don't want to be a runner so lately I have been doing a fast paced walk. at least 3 days a week and try to walk a mile at lunch when at work, Friday morning is a back pack with 20lbs. of weight and do my walk. Tuesday Thursdays, I try to do free weights in the garage. Thursday after work I mtn bike and if I can squeak in another day on the weekend cool! Remember Calories in vs calories out! It's hard as we get older and metabolism slows. I'm 5'-11" and weigh 199, my highest was 207.I'd love to be at 180-185. I'll get there! My brother is 51 and does P90x...he's in the best shape of his life. He's a Police officer and probably the best physical shape of even the new recruits! He's even cut back on running and does 3.5 miles a day at a fast paced walk. Amazing just what that can do. If anything..do a walk. Even if its around the block. Do Something though!
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    i think it would be better to call him shows last time he was on was in may
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    So my car didn’t have dome lights and I didn’t feel like fishing wires through the tubes (I hate doing electrical work) so I seen these posted somewhere and picked up a pair at the SSSS.
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    I’m out and about quite a bit during the day, and am starting to come across some cool Halloween displays at peoples homes. I know you are a fan of Halloween Slap, so i’ll Share with ya stickman.
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    Thanks to @RallyAlleigh for the GREAT customer sercice at PCI today. Can't wait to get the new PTT button and a few other things to bring the radios up to par. AWESOME customer service! relocated the intercom and needed some parts. Appreciate it very much Thanks!!!!
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    I wouldn't want the tire bill for this rig. DON~~~
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    Congrats!!!! I am curious to see how you like it vs the can am you own. You need to do a sxs photo of both of them.. oh can I drive it. I will see if I can break it like I do all your other cars, well except the last one.🤣🤣😎😎🤣🤣
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    The Tundra...But I just bet the tacoma could have done it too the way it was set up!
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    Congrats sir, looking forward to seeing it go through the dunes. 👍😁
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    Ahh yes...the moho/trailer question. I enjoy bringing this up to the self appointed do gooder and most judgmental and righteous POS on the ASA website and FB page....Tym Wright. He will blast you for sneezing wrong but he definitely tows over limit. He might be the biggest POS in the duning community IMO...other than a certain resident expert I know of...
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    Ideally yes, but cold, thick gear oil is hard to move as well as hard on the electric pump motor. It's best to let the oil warm up and thin out before firing the pump over. We actually used to provide a 125ºF temp switch for the pumps, but we were having a few pump motors go bad due to the extra load on them, so we upped the temp to 150ºF. If you really want a proper procedure before taking off for a ride from camp, you should jack the tires off the ground and run the engine and trans in gear for 5 minutes to warm everything up before running it hard, but who is really willing to do that???
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    Not sure how the New Neighborhood is for Halloween, a few have put up decorations....we will do same. I will either have Too much candy or not enough....but none will be left shortly after either way.
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    She was a great help to me a few months ago as well! Superb customer service!
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    Those are awesome @Sndsamplr keep them coming it
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    Congrats dude, can't wait for ride report. I love dealings like that, to the point and simple transactions.
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    Massive congratulations!!!! We’re trying to purchase a Honda talon also but it might have to wait a few months..... 😞
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    Love the Talon!!! Post pics buddy congrats!!!
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    That's pretty cool !!! That's a also a cool Whip
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    we are looking to replace my engine .. is this still available?
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    Just took a look at every wire that has anything to do with the functionality of the car starting and everything is clean and connected well. Checked for voltage at all relays and everything looks good except for the wire going from the MEFI to the fuel pump relay. So at this point I’m stumped. Why would the computer not trigger it to kick on the relay? I went as far as replacing all fuses even though they looked fine and checked for continuity on the new fuses as well.
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    they were cracked on both rims and been repaired and cracked again. Perfect for what im doing with them. too much work for you but i have some 15x14 with 5" back spacing off a funco for $200 each, fresh and clean
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    WINNER!!!!!! WINNER!!!!!!
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    A little update...not gonna do a ton of these. It's a cool process to see though. I can't believe what these guys di in a week and a half. Plumbing the spa started today.
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    Hankook's have worked well on my 35GS. Got them from Pete's.
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    I think too many people worry about a lack of power in their RV's. I'd focus more about stopping a ~40k lb RV/trailer at the bottom of a steep grade than how fast I can climb it. The sand isn't going anywhere.
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    The temp gauge I bought at home dump for a few bucks, drilled a hole in the lid and installed it just above the handle like the weber upgraded models have, took 120 seconds to install, cost a few dollars and works wonderfully. Highly recommend. My lid does not have the indent for the gauge like this newer model, and my gauge is a few cm's lower. But looks, fits and works identical to this.
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    I get plenty of exercise jumping to conclusions, flying off the handle
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    I do 12 and 16 oz curls. To get the heart rate up I "workout" with the wife.
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    I’ve been using the harbor freight #3500 winch to load my #3200 4 seat pre runner onto my flatbed trailer with drive over fenders for some time now with zero issues. Remember, just because your car weighs a certain amount that is not really how much you are pulling. Rolling resistance reduces the weight/drag. I also bought synthetic rope to spool onto my winch for cheap on amazon.
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    Just before Christmas we were at lizard hill. My 5 year old nephew kept saying he wanted to climb up the hill. After us trying to talk him out of it, he went for it. He climbed up the entire hill. I rode to the top and cheered him on as he climbed the last bit as he was drained and out of breath, barely able to make it up. He made it, and was so proud of himself. I walked over 10 feet away from the bike to take a leak and was tires and out of breath.
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    I ain't walking anywhere out in the dunes unless I'm out of gas or broke down ..... 😎
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    I climbed the stairs to the Beach Store Bar back when it was open. Does that count?
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    Im with southbay and raspadoo. Keep yore money. If something happens in yore future, if you must you can walk away, and yore money is still available
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    This is rad. New custom build that kinda resembles an old "Klunker" (which ifin you don't know were some the og mountain bikes made out of beach cruisers by a group of friends in Marin County):

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