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    You're trying to apply logic to CA lawmakers, that's your first problem. As for the question at hand, I'd still wear one for duning or aggressive riding for sure. There is just way too much metal around your noggin' that could scramble your egg in a decent tumble. I've seen people strap into their rides and kind of roll their heads around and say "look, I can't hit any bars" and I just have to laugh. If you ever look at in-car footage of wrecks it's absolutely amazing how much your body, the harnesses, etc. all stretch. In *some* rails there is more room - but probably still not enough to where it really makes sense not to wear a helmet for me. But to each their own. In the dunes I want my eye-protection, fresh-air pumper, and comms/music anyway, so the helmet is honestly easier than putting on goggles, some sort of face mask/bandanna, and a headset. Plus with a full-face when you're not right behind somebody you can flip your visor up for fresh air, then when you're back behind ppl flip it down to keep the sand and dust out (obviously this doesn't apply the same for folks that have windshields). Now, if I'm out at the woods just putting around it's nice not to have to wear a helmet. And yes, I know anything can happen anywhere, but I'm talking about true put-putting out near my family cabin in Idaho where there are many hundred foot drops off the edge of the road so you don't effe-around, and if you DO go off, the helmet isn't saving your ass. -TJ
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    How is this B*TCH still in office! Pelosi.mp4
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    This is a rough hobby on your neck regardless of helmet weight. If the helmet is making your neck tired, I'd look into doing some exercises to strengthen it or it's gonna get hurt in a wreck. 40 seconds into this video is an easy set of exercises you can do without any equipment: Still play open league (no age minimum) football at age 40, and you spend a lot of time training muscles you didn't think about as a 20-year-old. Core strength, spine/back strength, all of that is key to avoiding injuries. If you're like me and working an office job by day, set a reminder on your computer for 2-3x a day. I spend 10-ish minutes doing this per session and it not only has kept me from injury (used to throw my back out monthly in my later 20s, haven't even had a twinge since I started this regimen), it helps my productivity as well as it's a welcome change of pace from the daily grind.
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    Finally got the truck picked up today
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    seems like someone KNEW what was in that trailer.
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    Sick to my stomach already. Barely made it to his name, Martinez. Nuff said.
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    This was him before hand when he needed to load the trailer...
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    Friday bump, bless a family with kids for Xmas and donate the stuff!!
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    Whipple lower intake is the new way of chilling the air on turbos.
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    just sold an 06 with 160k miles for 22k, I miss that truck. My new 18 just isn't the same.
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    If you have the 30" big horns on wheels throw those on your X3. The bigger tire will help you get through the ruts and bumps easier.
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    You can eliminate the pcv system on the LS just like so many did on the old sbc, but there is some value to retaining a closed pcv system. The pcv system requires 2 vacuum sources and one fresh air or make-up air source. One vacuum port will be on the manifold side of the the throttle body, providing a vacuum source at idle or partial throttle (whenever manifold vacuum is present), the other will be in front of the throttle body butterfly, providing vacuum at high or wide open throttle (when manifold vacuum is no longer present). LS motors (bone stockers) are known to pass quite a bit of oil through the pcv system into the intake... if you're going to push an LS hard and want to maintain the closed pcv system, you really should include an oil/air separator/catch can into the system. If not, a simple breather tank is a good option... filters on the valve covers will work however, can be messy- will most likely always be wet with oil.
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    The speeds the new turbo sxs are hitting you would be a fool to not wear one. Seatbelts stretch and tubing bends into you when you crash. I seen a couple sxs running around last weekend without helmets in the dunes. People just don't think at all. If your helmet is too heavy or uncomfortable, spend some time finding one that fits your head and needs. Common sense is not so common anymore I guess.
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    I thought someone stole your fleet at first. Glad it isn't, sucks for the owner though. Tweekers are strong.
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    Now we know why you weren’t successful in racing. You always came up short. 😂😂😂
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    that is a quote sheet not a invoice. still can't read it. pics of the engine would be nice. has to be the worst for sale ad out there. No pics, conflicting info in post who knows what you are getting. his race dez ad makes it even worst. No intake how the heck did they dyno it. turbos? glws
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    Fugg….I'm in Norco....ALL my neighbors are ARmed, if you know what I mean....look out for the crossfire.
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    I just got into S x S, and I will always wear one. Kind of like when I began wearing a Leatte brace when I raced motocross, I felt naked if I rode without it.
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    This☝🏻I’ve done countless hot rods and buggies and used to use only ss with high quality tools.anything I’ve done in the past few years has been nickel/copper .as easy to work with as aluminum but still corrosion resistant and less prone to flare cracking
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    Ill take one. Thanks - flexible on time. Let me know next time you will be in OC
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    Just ordered a youth size for my little girl. The reviews looked good, thanks for the link.
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    Makes you wonder how many idiots spent their day thinking Trump was out simply because every newspaper headline and news story was "Trump impeached" ?? My guess is a lot.
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    I would still wear one as I like my full face helmet with the air pumper. Once you add an air pumper it is way better in the desert and dunes. You are not breathing in all the dust. If I was just going slow on some trails I would probably still wear at least an open face helmet.
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    i prefer not being told i have to wear one. i wore one in my sandcar at first but abandoned that when i almost had heat stroke from wearing one. i have been intending on adding a helmet cooler system and find better helmet since i get overheated easily with hats or helmets on.
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    I wear a helmet in my SxS even when tearing ass across the AZ desert (where it's not required).
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    I need to start offering dyno services, I'd make a fortune off you guys.
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    On the DS model I would go with a 30" paddle tire set up for the reasons @Rockwood states. The base model clutching will have no problem with the 30" tires. You have plenty of HP to turn the tires and the clutching is the same for all three models. I don't recall seeing different part numbers for the weights, springs or helix. Keep in mined that most 30" paddle tires will measure under 30" and the 30" Big Horns also measure under 30" My friend has a DS and he runs a 31" dirt tire and the 30" System 3 SS360 paddle set up. Bottoming out the rear skid now and then is okay in the sand. It reminds you to either slow down or pick better lines exiting or entering dunes. The problem with Can Am is the suspension is set up that you usually hit the skid plate before the shocks actually bottom out. If you were to take the springs of your shocks and let the car set you would see there if very little ground clearance between the skids and the ground. If you have not adjusted your ride height and suspension go check our the Fox recommended set up as it is a decent starting point. https://www.ridefox.com/fox17/help.php?m=powersports&t=tuningtips&v=Maverick
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    Need to account for tire squish, you're digging an inch or two into the sand, etc. We have a DS (29" Big Horns stock) and it cases on a G-out before hitting the stops. 30" would be the minimum tire size I would use in the sand. You can follow my wife's path through the dunes on a fast run by looking for the X3 floorpan print in the sand... I don't think there's a difference in clutching between the 64" and 72" models, but @Sand Shark is probably the best to ask for that.
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    Congratulations to @SandTrap for being the November DOTM. Esco nominates SandTrap. SandTrap he always does so much for the Vets Ceremony
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    Why shit on a guys for sale ad. If you don't like it just move on.
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    When I had my rail, we all wore a neck braces after I gave my oldest daughter a good case of whiplash barreling into China wall. She was in the back seat and has a skinny neck. Her head (with helmet on) hit her knees. Anyhow, after that, I bought 'double stuffed' neck collars made by Pyrotect. These things are about twice as thick/tall as many others. So much so that I had to open my visor, grab the helmet and use my hand in order to turn my head a full 90 degrees (when stopped) if I was talking to someone. Anyhow, our heads felt very secure after that... also forced everyone to wear wrist straps on both hands. This is critical. Also since we ran without the windshield, having the velcro dust collar, kept the sand out of the helmet and the neck collars. We had a parker pumper too. Good luck. abc
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    I skimmed over this, but did not fully read every post in depth. My professional answer: There is no real way to measure this number without spending 100's of thousands of dollars to simply have numbers that are always going to be variable based on too many other variables. We are dealing with extremely specific vehicles that will always have some sort of difference from one to the other, compared to a production vehicle that can be homologated across a far broader range of numbers and narrower range of variables in design. Simple answer, the larger the gearbox, the more power it takes to turn it over. My personal opinion: Who cares what that number is if the amount of power you want to put to the ground requires the larger gearbox to do so reliably? If you want to put the most power to the ground, use the smallest gearbox available and be ready to open your checkbook every time you drive it. Dyno sheets are simply a d*ck measuring contest in my opinion. A dyno session should only really focus on making proper adjustments to the tune for the engine to either be reliable or make the most amount of power possible. The depth of your pockets will typically determine what side of that scale you want to pay for.
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    I don’t think you’re going to double your losses to the wheels... I think people or their builders are just inflating their numbers. You also are probably a little high on whp numbers, which really depends on who’s running the dyno and what type.
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    If someone has access to one of these: Transaxle dynomometer, this issue could be 'put to bed' at least for the transaxle itself. Several of the most popular transaxles should be tested and compared showing the relationships between load/speed (RPM)/loss/heat (lubricant heat build up and also case temps) CV's really should be tested separately both to simplify testing and also to go more in depth in understanding the effects of polishing, greases, etc.
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    No question about it, this man helps GD.com so much, that the events that we have couldn’t happen without him. A title so rightly deserved, you are the man trap. Again, thank you sir.
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    6 hours later I was in Glamis unloading my car. I still needed to bolt on the intake tube, air filter, skid plate and entire floor, plus install the glass in the windshield frame. Time for a long overdue cocktail and a cigar. Damn near and exact match. Can't thank you enough @dbart !!! My friends keep teasing me about my new Racer sand car. Admittedly it does look a lot like a Racer, and that's not a bad thing. The @jjoseph99 whips are bright AF! Had them on the car for three seasons now and they are awesome. My new screen saver on my laptop. Thanks everyone for being a part of this journey. It's been really fun to share with you all. If you see me in Glamis this season say hello.
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    KKK is a different group...

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