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    Added one of these bad boys to the trailer yesterday for more security. Probably the beefiest tongue lock I’ve seen yet. No way to penetrate it and locks your chains inside of it too so the trailer can’t be drug by those. Just another obstacle for thieves. Thought I’d pass along, it’s from Proven Locks
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    I think we should just take it. What are they going to do? Once taken, we open the entire thing and throw all the closure stakes over the new border with CA.
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    The LS4 is a strange engine and really not good IMO for a sand car Its cheaper to buy than any other Alum LS for a reason... its the only LS designed for front engine cars and mount sideways. To make it shorter GM screwed with the FEAD (front drive accessory mounting like Alternator and water pump) the made a different intake, and more importantly the Crank is different so you can't use LS standard flywheels. So no standard adapters - it looks like it will fit - but it won't work right. Use a 5.3, it is way easier.. The L33 Alum 5.3 is a great choice, the Later 5.3 Alum engines are good but have DOD which you will want to eliminate and thats a little expensive and time consuming . The Iron 5.3 is heavy and I don't like 105 extra lbs in the back, but its an easy swap. The Alum 5.3 and Shortstar are approximately the same weight so no valving or coil spring changes, with the Iron block its hit or miss if you need to change things. I did one of those conversions Shortstar to an Ls6 and it was very straightforward even the Throttle cable was the same length. The biggest thing to will have to deal with is ECM and harness and probably either the most cost or the most work you can make that choice by what you buy IMO
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    I got a early Christmas present from my wife. So I spent the day installing a new pioneer stereo in the old GMC. Wow, things have really changed since I did my last Sony in 1968. Interface, micro bypass, steering wheel control, camera, Bluetooth, Spotify, Apple CarPlay mp3, WHAT!!! Where the hell do I insert the 8 track! Lol
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    Vegas. / usboxla invitational . Got to see Chad and Mindy @HOTRNHELL on Friday night for some killer 🍔 burgers some great fun with my 2 boys @ the pinball museum! A little KISS pinball machine!!! Lots of air hockey and astroids too Go Mad Dog!
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    Back in the late 90’s had the b_tch from hell lived next door, house was a rental so had new tenants yearly. She called the city code enforcement division and complained about my toy box trailer parked in the front driveway, it blocked the view she couldn’t see up the street as to when her husband (and or boyfriends) came down. I received a citation to move trailer to the side of the house back beyond the fence line even with front face of house. Code lady gave me 3 months extension as I needed to cut back the hill side and build a retaining wall. Called code when the move was completed, she inspected and signed off citation. Went next door to inform them, no body home, the citation had been corrected and signed off. Now the good part, as the code lady exited the property noticed they still had a VW Baja bug setting in their driveway which had the motor removed and expired tags. Went to her truck filled out a citation and placed it on the front door. You should have heard all the swear words when the b_tch got home …… karma ......careful what you ask for ........ they divorced and moved out 3 months later. "HJ"
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    I just bought a 2018 RZR XP 4 Turbo and it has 32" paddles. My question is, are these too big? It has long travel so I'm not worried about clearance just burning through belts in the dunes.
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    tired of all the shifters we setup being a pain to get perfect so we came up with something like this to make life a quick job to setup the shifting linkage on 2D, VW-type-1, and Bus, Albins-H pattern transaxle
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    They do. Was looking at the web site and they will key all locks in your cart the same for an xtra $1 a lock.
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    Ran up to Stoddard Wells to shake down a couple things with the buggy and get Nickman123 some seat time in his new (to him) Razor. It was chilly. Now I'm trying to fix my oven. I cooked a trial rib roast using the 500 degrees for 5 minutes a pound and then shut it down and leave the door closed for 2 hours method last weekend. Our oven has a cooling fan so I through the breaker to turn it off. When I turned it back on I got nothing. It's either the control board or the breaker. I need that oven for Christmas. We have 13 people coming.
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    P.S. Soft top’s Owners are REAL JEEPERS.........
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    It is a gimmick made by the manufacture for people like “” I gotta have one of those””.
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    I hate to be that guy but every weather app shows rain and the W apps show rain and big W pretty much the whole week. Usually Xmas to New Years is my favorite trip of the year but I just can't take another trip where I'm stuck in the trailer with a teenager, 6 year old, and wife. Anybody else pulling the rip chord and figuring something else out for the holiday?
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    Still go and beats staying at home.Hell back in my young days we had no weather apps or a way to get glamis weather we still went and heres the shocker weather was always good.
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    I'm back in! Thank you guys and my very ball busting buddies for getting my head back in the game.
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    Did they ever get you a rolex watch for Christmas? I heard you wanted to watch but they miss understood obviously...
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    We don't have any crazies, but we do have one azzhole 2 houses down who doesn't get along with anyone. 21 yrs ago he borrowed my pressure washer and tripped over the hose and broke the wheels off of it. He came back and claimed he nearly died and was going to sue me, never offered to fix it. A yr later, he borrowed it again and that time he tripped and broke the handle off of it, same deal, threatened to sue me. So I steered clear of him. A few yrs later, he needed a table saw, so he sent his wife over to borrow my table saw and I told her, "Hell no!" Last yr he started screaming at the next door neighbor's kids and the father went over there to straighten him out, but when he got close, he was afraid the guy might have a heart attack or something, so he told him never to speak to his kids again, talk to one of the adults. He has a cowardly kid who joined the NG about 18 yrs ago to appease his dad, but avoid actual military service. He got called up to go to Afghanistan and he cried like a baby, "I don't wanna go over there and die!!" We had another neighbor, sweet old Marge, retired teacher with blue hair, who consoled him and sent him cookies and magazines while he was over there. One day I brought my trailer and parked it in front of my house to pack for a Glamis trip. He called the Sheriff's Dept. and lied,claiming my trailer had been there over a week. Coincidentally, Marge and her husband had brought their Moho out of storage to get ready for a trip and we both got warning tickets. Marge was furious, her Moho was in storage 99% of the time and the day she brings it home to pack, she gets a warning! She marched up and down the street asking everyone who called the SD on her. She didn't ask me because I also got a ticket, but she stopped by after interrogating the entire street and told me that everyone denied calling. The last one she asked was Reuben, the azzhole. Reuben denied calling the SD on her, but after chatting with Reuben's wife for a while, his wife threw him under the bus and said, "Aren't you going to tell her the truth?" So he finally fesses up that he had called to try and get me ticketed, but right after he called, her Moho appeared and he couldn't tell them to only ticket me. Apparently, Marge went off like a nuclear warhead and started cussing worse than 100 sailors (she repeated as much as she could remember, and I was really impressed how many MFers she could put into one sentence!) and she used every cuss word known to man! Here's this sweet little old lady who looks like the perfect TV grandma and she's scaring me! Then she got on the subject of the cowardly POS kid who didn't want to go fight and how she sent the weak ass little bitch cookies and felt sorry for him and now she hopes he catches one in the dome!! I was totally shocked how angry and graphic she was! I learned right there - forget about Reuben the azzhole, watch out for Marge, the little old lady! She's the one who's gonna bust a cap in your ass!!
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    The irony is; lgbt is a group that is guilty of extreme hate. They are the least tolerant of other people lives and perspectives. And will destroy you if you dare disagree with them. They even throw their supporters under the bus. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/12/19/world/europe/jk-rowling-maya-forstater-transgender.amp.html
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    Oh man, what a beautiful Funco. Thieves suck and hopefully something pops up soon.
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    Had this adjuster on the shifter for the Albins my car since 2015.

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