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    Officially finished the Kitchen Remodel... Before.. After...complete gut Happy Wife, Happy Life.
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    Finished Building a rat-rod bbq for a new years trip.... a bunch of scrap laying around the house . Just seasoned it and burned off all the bad paint and metal
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    I just wanted to follow up on this for those who wanted hear my results. I have been using my WD hitch all season on my DP with the 24' enclosed behind it. I even used the sway control with it. I will say that it tows much straighter and is less affected by wind. I can let go of the wheel and it just goes straight. It's like the trailer and RV are one unit now. I definitely made a difference in the way it drives. My wife even drove it on the I-8 through El Centro (for a minute) and she said it was much better. Like is said before, it pulled fine without it.....but it just pulls better with it. And it's easier on my gear! I'm going to continue to use it....I'ma fan. ~jw
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    Tweekers are the smartest dumbest mother effers. If they want your chit, it’s theres. Trust me, we sleep - they dont
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    Roof-Top Tents (RTT)s are stupid when they have all those damn add-ons and take forever to setup and would be a nightmare in any kind of wind. If it's a simple clam-shell that sets up in less than 90 seconds, then they make sense. -TJ
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    Back from Glamis. Quick turn n burn. Staging trailers for Xmas thru new years. Needed a dinner and nap so we hit Boardmanville for some beers n pizza. Home now. Headed to the shop to prep for Xmas party tomorrow for my guys.
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    I played in the Champion of Champions golf tournament at Steele Canyon, and tied for 2nd. If I only made that birdie putt on 18 I could’ve been somebody.
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    going around to neighbors and friends passing out goodie plates spreading Christmas cheer
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    Oh yeah almost forgot, finally got the countertops installed. One step closer.
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    I think we should just take it. What are they going to do? Once taken, we open the entire thing and throw all the closure stakes over the new border with CA.
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    That would definitely deter the thief then again it looks like a mini barbecue on the front of the trailer......l
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    This happened to a friend of mine, it's a long story but I'll try to condense it. Let's call the friend "Al" and he's very smart Al had a narrow lot on the street and the guy behind him ("felon") needed an easement to get to/from his property. Al gave up most of his yard and gave the guy a very wide driveway and he drew up a contract detailing it all. The neighbor got greedy and wanted to put up a huge arch like on a big ranch and Al said "no." Felon hired a crooked surveyor who redrew the property lines so it now cut off 15' off the back of the entire length of the lot, cutting through the house and only leaving about 30' left, making the lot even skinnier. He figured this would make the lot worthless with no house on it and he could then buy it, even though he had no money, he figured his in-laws would lend it to him, like they did the down payment to buy his lot. Felon lived in a 5er trailer with his (too nice) wife. The trailer had water they hauled in with 5 gal jugs, but no septic services, black water dripped into a bucket, which he hauled into the National Forest and dumped. He also rode a quad in the NF, cut down trees in the NF and bulldozed the stumps, trying to move his property line further into the NF. He also moved tons of dirt on his property without any permits or drainage mitigation. But the biggest mistake he made was threatening Al, claiming he had a gun and he'd shoot him. As soon as that happened, Al mounted an HD camera with sound on the corner of his house and aimed it at the neighbor. Over the next few months, Al kept the recordings and hired another surveyor, who determined the property line was correct and didn't need to be moved. Al then contacted the NFS and informed them that this guy was stealing federal land by cutting down the trees and claiming it was all his land. He also told them he was illegally riding a quad in there and dumping human waste in there and he provided videos proving all of it. Then he called the county and told them about illegal earth moving and the sanitation dept. and told them about the black water bucket and the dumping. He provided videos to prove that as well. Then he called the sheriff's dept. and told them that a convicted felon owned a gun and had threatened to shoot him, again, all on video. They arrested felon and the whole world showed up to fock him over. He was tried and convicted in federal court for stealing federal land, he was tried and convicted in state court for possessing a firearm, the crooked surveyor rolled over on him for the fake property line, the county fined him a hefty sum for not getting permits and not hiring a geologist before moving the dirt, his wife gave up and his in-laws refused to pay for bail, attorneys or fines. I don't recall how long he went to jail or which jail he went to, but he lost everything and Al ended up buying the much larger parcel behind his house for the cost of the fines owed to the county which had been added to the property taxes. When Al told dme this story, I couldn't stop laughing!! Don't mess with the quiet guy with the video surveillance system!
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    My friends have a crazy guy that just moved in next to them... large lots so it's not so bad....but it seems like every week this guy has a new excavator at his house...he's moving boulders and I guess he's trying to drag a big old Oak tree across his lot...…...Geez some people!.
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    Yep, burning that flag is an open sign of hate, yet burning the stars and stripes is just expression. Wake up people......
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    So I did my first beer can chicken on the GMG and it was great. Brined overnight, buttered and rubbed under and on top of the skin. Pulled at 160 and let it rise to 166 and the meat was perfect. The skin could have been crispier, I will play with temps next time. Now for the encore , the @WaPaWeKkA crack n cheese is off the chain I would highly recommend it. I can't believe it is gluten free, non dairy, vegan , fat free, paleo, whole30 and keto approved 🤣 * Salad not pictured : )
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    At my age I have to pee too many times so an RTT is not even an option.
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    My personal fave that goes on everything: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00H2UO3AE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Ton of flavor, and has a pleasant kick to it . . .
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    Unfortunately everybody wants led stuff now days. Me personally, I still prefer hid. I need lights for my new car, but right now I need to spend money on other things 😭. What is the overall width, I can't see it very well
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    I do too...…..actually have a blue ribbon smoked habanero salsa that I created. Well I won a contest at work so I claim it's a blue ribbon winner!
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    I make my own salsa, grow the peppers also. Early batches were just hot, took some time and testing to get both hot and enjoyable flavor together. Been doing it for about 6 years and finally seem to be acquiring stuff I'm proud of now. Good hot sauces are truly hard to find imo, so when you do, it's like a winning lottery ticket.
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    I've discussed this with my 95 yr old mother, she would disagree. In generations past, there was a hope for a "better" life, now it is a dream of survival. The Social Justice Warriors have demonized all the traditions and values that made our country stand out and become a beacon of hope is a hopeless world. Society has never been this screwed up where the lawless are ignored or championed while those trying to protect us are vilified as monsters and racists. In her younger days the fear was invasion and overthrow by a world foe. Today we are being destroyed from within, freedoms are being stripped away daily, and the end game isn't even hidden anymore. Socialist rule with the State controlling every aspect of our lives is an open Goal of a MAJOR political party. This has Never happened in the US before. Europe uniting and pushing for a one world currency, never happened before. Brexit my end up buying us some time before they become united again. But a One world Government is the GOAL, they admit it now. I hope you are wrong....I'm 54 and I drive around every day for work and see different parts of SoCal....it has been getting exponentially worse over the last 10 years. I used to dream of leaving for retirement....now I will have no choice. I won't be able to afford it. I see lots and lots of older people being forced to move either in with their children or out of state just to survive. Everything is just harder.
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    Working on enclosed trailer added a 80 gallon gas tank, took my pump from a 55 gallon drum cut it down had adapter off drum welded on to tank, added cabinets, tool box, etc. Still need to skin it with white lexan and add doors, test trip this weekend. Added 28 gallon water tank behind the tool.box for extended glamis trips need to add pump and door for access
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    I can't believe this hasn't sold yet! Bump to the top for ya...
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    I agree, at $1500 I'm practically giving the wheels away for the cost of the tires... 15x8 in the front 15x11 in the rear on the new wheels. Which likely explains why the 32x13 fronts look so much bigger than the 90"+ rollout old ones do.
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    Looks safer than some of the "rigs" I've seen at Glamis!!
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    While you're laying awake tonight, will you be thinking about GPS trackers? A couple of clicks of the mouse and you could have one or a few in your mailbox in a few days. You could even put them on the kids in Glamis, just in case they outrun you in the dunes!
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    The only effective safeguard against thieves is a hidden device. In some cases, things like locks, cables, etc will deter the opportunistic thieves. If they really want your stuff, they're going to bring cordless drills, grinders, etc. Taking off lug nuts and putting 100 locks on your trailer just turns into a huge pain in the ass for the owner. You could just pay a measly $3/mo and put a GPS tracker on it and you'll get a text as soon as your trailer moves. You could also buy a wireless alarm system that will text you if someone opens any doors, windows or compartments.
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    Friend of mine had a neighbor that would call the police as soon as he brought the toy hauler home to load for a trip. There was an HOA that allowed the trailer to be there for at least 24 hours and I believe the city would allow 3 days. She would complain to the HOA as well. When we would park on the street in front of his house, she would complain about the vehicles. She purchased a home that backed up to the neighborhood park and called the police when the kids were out there playing in the park. She actually called and told the police there was a gang fight in the park and they rolled in hot with SWAT ready to take action. They let her know that the next false report she filed would get her a trip to jail. She sold the home shortly after.
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    Nice looking nova in Mission Viejo. Sounded really healthy as well.
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    ^^^ I see what you did with the refrigerator, is the old area a pantry now. Nice big kitchen and it turned out great. Congrats.
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    They do. Was looking at the web site and they will key all locks in your cart the same for an xtra $1 a lock.
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    She needs to stick to writing about curling up on the couch and watching TV, she has no clue what she was writing about!
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    Ran up to Stoddard Wells to shake down a couple things with the buggy and get Nickman123 some seat time in his new (to him) Razor. It was chilly. Now I'm trying to fix my oven. I cooked a trial rib roast using the 500 degrees for 5 minutes a pound and then shut it down and leave the door closed for 2 hours method last weekend. Our oven has a cooling fan so I through the breaker to turn it off. When I turned it back on I got nothing. It's either the control board or the breaker. I need that oven for Christmas. We have 13 people coming.
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    Back in the late 90’s had the b_tch from hell lived next door, house was a rental so had new tenants yearly. She called the city code enforcement division and complained about my toy box trailer parked in the front driveway, it blocked the view she couldn’t see up the street as to when her husband (and or boyfriends) came down. I received a citation to move trailer to the side of the house back beyond the fence line even with front face of house. Code lady gave me 3 months extension as I needed to cut back the hill side and build a retaining wall. Called code when the move was completed, she inspected and signed off citation. Went next door to inform them, no body home, the citation had been corrected and signed off. Now the good part, as the code lady exited the property noticed they still had a VW Baja bug setting in their driveway which had the motor removed and expired tags. Went to her truck filled out a citation and placed it on the front door. You should have heard all the swear words when the b_tch got home …… karma ......careful what you ask for ........ they divorced and moved out 3 months later. "HJ"
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    Rented a house next to two hot lesbians. They ran around the house topless all the time with the curtains open. Lots of fun watching them do the dishes. Lol
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    The Bible talks about it being like this....never seen it so screwed up my entire 54yrs....scary for sure.
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    Haaaaaaaaahahahaha. Damn youz! On the ground tent vs. RTT I've gone back 'n forth myself. IF we end up selling her RAM and a Jeep replaces it, the Jeep can live in the garage (with my truck) so a RTT is out of the question unless I take it on/off every trip - which sort of defeats the whole convenience of a RTT. I also really don't like how the big hard-shells look (mushroom-head). However, based on the experiences of people I know who've done the RTTs they get super-tired of dealing with the cover of the soft-shells. If I went RTT I this would be my choice: It ends up with the big foot-print of a soft-shell, but you don't have to eff with the cover (besides zipping/unzipping it). It's also not too Yuge when closed up, so on the roof of a 4-door Heep it'd look not too crazy. Still, I wonder "is that really any easier than setting up a ground tent"? In most cases, no. Ground tents have gotten pretty good about being easy to setup, some are even the pop-up type that really take no time at all. Generally staking out the tent takes the longest, which you don't have to do with the RTT. But either way I'll be setting up and staking out my "deep thought and contemplation tent" so what's a few more for the ground tent? This is the contemplation tent, I should have spun it 180 degrees to look away from camp during times of deep thought. In general, my thoughts on pros/cons for ground vs. RTT: Ground Tent Pros: MUCH cheaper You don't have to break-camp to go explore on multi-day trips where you camp in the same spot more than one night Generally roomier (unless you get one of those really small pop-ups) Generally allow you to stand up to change or take a hooker-bath (I recommend these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073RQVK4H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) More convenient place to just pop into real quickly to get at your gear, or change Much easier to get out of in the middle of the night when nature calls (though, the wide-mouth Gatorade bottle is a good solution for at least part of that problem - especially when it's really cold out) You don't have 100-150+ lbs sitting up on your roof when you do wheel, and freeway MPG (and wind noise) isn't compromised Ground Tent Cons: You need a relatively flat, smooth area free of rocks, branches, roots, ant-hills, etc. If you don't pay attention when you setup and the weather changes, you could be in a wash or low-area and get flooded out Closer to the critters (I'm talking bugs, racoons etc. more than bears and such, I'll get to that in a sec) Maybe longer setup/breakdown Have to store it somewhere once you break it down (takes up space in the rig) Bedding and such don't stay in it, so all of that needs stored somewhere too (generally going to mean inflating/deflating some sort of air mattress, I really like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0047BTUEK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) RTT Pros: Can be simple setup (hardshell, or the one I linked above where the cover is an part of the tent) Away from the critters Perceived additional safety from bigger animals (mountain lions, bears, etc.) - really, if bear can climb a tree fast AF it can get up on your RTT Don't need a particularly flat/smooth area to setup, just pull the rig onto rocks or whatever to make it relatively level Unless your whole Jeep washes away you don't have to worry about sudden weather changes All of your bedding can stay in it (with MOST models) so pack up is simple and doesn't take up space IN the rig RTT Cons: Cost. There's no two ways about it: they're expensive Ingress/egress - if you're a big boy like me and not especially limber they can be a PITA to get in/out of Setup isn't always all that easy, particularly with soft-shell designs with a separate cover If you want to go drive around and explore you need to break it down A lot of weight up high on the rig If you park in a garage, they might be a no-go which means PITA taking it on/off There are a lot of great vids on this, and when you find people that have Overlanded for years (or decades) not just since Instagram made it cool, a whole lot of them just use ground tents (or SWAGs). You'll find nine-zillion more vids on the subject, so I'll let you have at it. -TJ
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    Matt, you know me... I've done the math and research on every-which-way to do this. IF you're going 40"s (or even 37"s and HARDCORE crawling with lots of "bouncing" it over obstacles and lots of skinny-pedal) he's absolutely right... sort of. Starting with the JKs, but especially the JLs Jeep complicated things by making the Rubicon more up-level inside, it's not just a mechanical package (4.10s for gassers, e-lockers front and rear, electronic disconnecting front sway bar, 4:1 low) anymore. If you price out the cheapest possible Jeep build with the same engine/trans (and number of doors) as a given Rubicon you can make it ~$8k cheaper. The axles you'll want for said 40"+ tire, hardcore crawler are about $15k minimum unless you can build them yourself starting with some 3/4-1 ton cores. That's just axles. Not driveshafts. Not lift. Not armor. Not the needed hydraulic ram assist steering to turn those 40"s. Etc. So the ONLY reason it's "better" to go with that non-Rubi is that you saved $8k to start, and you can only sell Rubi axles for $3-4k. Not because it actually ends up net-cheaper than a Rubi. However, it kind of goes out the window if you equip the non-Rubi to the same level. The gap narrows to $4-5k, maybe as little as $3k depending on the options you want. At that point you can get the Rubi and sell-off the axles for the price difference (or figure out a way to put them under the WJ you also happen to have, if you're a dumb-dumb like me). If you really want tons (aka 1-ton axles... you'll be a cool-guy-Jeeper in no time if you just call them "tons") and 40"s though a nice, clean JK or JL isn't the right starting point. Buy a clapped out POS because you're going to replace EVERYTHING and and destroy anything pretty about it using it to its capability anyway. THAT is why the Rubi exists, and IS a good deal. It's meant for guys like us that might try some tougher lines, but aren't looking to actually "rock crawl" and get too stupid. My days of spending 8hrs to get 100 yards "the hard way" are over. I just want to get out in the woods and explore and camp and be away from people. But I don't want it to be a non-stop winch/break/fix/flop/recover/stress-fest. A JK or JL Rubi is insanely capable bone-stock. And with a 2.5" lift and 35-7"s on a JL Rubi will do more than either of us want to do. If the price difference between a Sport S with power windows and locks and a loaded Rubi was like $15-20k your buddy would be right. But at $8k max difference with majorly lacking features (no LED lighting group, no steel bumper group, no tech group, no tow group, no pre-wired aux-buttons, no 9 speaker stereo, no heated seats, no remote start, etc.) it's not apples to apples. Get 'em close to the same options-wise and the gap, like I said, narrows to ~$4k. Things are a little better in the used market, as you *might* find a non-Rubi similarly equipped to a Rubi for closer to $10k different. I say might, because I rarely see the gap that big, but they are out there. If you want the dedicated crawler with 40"s and stuff, just get a 3.8 non-Rubi JK with tons of miles super-cheap. But I promise you, that's not what you actually want. -TJ PS- if you think I'm exaggerating about the axles, here you go: https://www.dynatrac.com/axle-assemblies/jeep-jl-wrangler/hard-core-plus-prorock-xd60-xd60-axle-set-for-jeep-jl.html https://www.quadratec.com/p/dana-spicer/ultimate-dana-60-front-e-locker-jeep-wrangler-jl (front) PLUS https://www.quadratec.com/p/dana-spicer/ultimate-dana-60-rear-axle-e-locker-jeep-wrangler-jl Yes, you can do it cheaper getting some later-model Super Duty axles and building them yourself. But you're still not getting in under $10k for the pair if you do all the fab.
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    That crash was 5 years ago and John posted this yesterday. Pretty sweet!
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    That Mac & Cheese looks amazing!!! What's your recipe?
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