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    I am not sure if there’s a meaning behind this?
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    This time of year can bring happiness, but it can also bring sadness. It could be something personal, maybe between you and someone else. Whether you are in the right, or the wrong, be the person who steps up to try and make things right. Even though you might not get the result or answer you are looking for, at least you made the attempt, and because of that, you were the better person.
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    Pisses me off that the LGBTQLMONOP community has some sort of proprietary hold on refracted light.
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    Smoking 2 tri tips on NYE and making tri tip sliders on Kings Hawaiian rolls......if that helps sway you............😀
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    Sure it does... takes a pot of gold to buy one🤣... epic photo
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    If you are into hot sauce, I highly recommend this stuff. I've tried all of what he sells and they are all excellent! Local guy as well. https://www.ghostscream.com/
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    That type of attachment is very common on heavy trailers, think pintel. For under $32 they could have a "steal-a-trailer" stand-by. They won't even have to waste time re-bolting it in, pins are available...just looking out for ya. I had a tongue lock on my old car hauler. They drug it around the corner (by the chains I'm guessing), cut the lock, and away they went..
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    It was really good through yesterday from last Tuesday. The sand was drying out nicely. Rain came in around 2:00, and lasted to about 5:00 or so, sometimes heavy. Damage was done, dunes are now wet again. Right now it's bright and sunny, supposed to be that way tomorrow too, highs about 66. Thursday looks bad, I've seen 100%, Friday doesn't look much better, 50%, but it keeps changing. The way I look at it, I'd rather be in Glamis, than home.
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    Does their lock for this cover the attachement bolts? If not, it would take about 10 seconds to remove the bolts, and no matter what "locking system" you have, the trailer is gone. And, your hitch, and lock, are on the ground... Maybe spot weld the nuts...
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    NOW THAT IS FUNNY!!!!!!!!
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    Is that your new truck? It’s very nice even with the rainbow 🌈
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    For a fun change, ditch the tomato and uses El Pato sauce instead. Get something to tie you in your chair though!
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    No they didn't reduce the spots as the reservations were already made. The space reduction wasn't supposed to happen yet. They do plan to limit the amount of reservations with the reduced acreage in the future. This is the classic death by a 1000 cuts or whatever the phrase is. We need to show up en masse Jan 31st and let them know we are not just going to lay down. Please everyone help spread the word about this event.
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    Hands down use the WD. Really like the https://www.equalizerhitch.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA6IHwBRCJARIsALNjViXPQfAXGMTZIHqJX7AV7S5wmzwb7eNRxdzF1e5A6AJ7iAXLeQFvJdEaAlR7EALw_wcB combination sway control and WD. Used this hitch for years with DP and class A Moho.
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    Don’t you just hate it JD when they copy your posts and try to take credit for it! Then again you could take the highroad and take it as a compliment that they appreciate your contributions.
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    I'm somewhat of a chili connoisseur and like it hot hot hot. Southwest Specialty Foods (AKA AssKickin Hot sauces) is just right down the street from my house and we've had everything they make in our cupboard at some point or another and typically they have all been rather mild, in my opinion anyways. They do make a sauce called Spontaneous Combustion which does have some "sting" to it but I put it on my tacos anyways. We were in their retail outlet within the last year or so and the owner turned me onto their newest hot sauce called Carolina Reaper, she said it was made from the Carolina pepper (world's hottest at the time from what I was told) and to be careful with it. I said no worries I'd done this before haha. Well let me tell you...we went back a few weeks later just to let her know I had met my match, it was no joke that shit was HOT! Needless to say we bought another bottle of it lol. Since then I've had to tone it down a bit due to a diagnosis of LPR, I still consume hot salsa like a fool though. https://asskickin-giftshop.com/product/ass-kickin-carolina-reaper-hot-sauce/
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    Daily cam cover removal. Yeah no. All season and only have some minor belt dust.
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    My camping buds were mostly Navy. Not smart enough to use your Gatorade bottle trick when chilly. They see a piss that wakes you up in the middle of the night as an opportunity to do a 3a.m. "mission". A-holes....LOL Good luck with the Jeep search Matt....2DR, long arm, '87 XJ for this guy. Unibody, Renix, manual trans kinda cool.
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    Just a Cummins marking it's spot....
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    This is happening all over CA. They gladly collect our offroad fees, dump it into the general coffer, drop in an I.O.U. ( It should be about $30 million by now) and cut services and close riding areas. It's pretty sad. Thank god for groups like you mentioned above and Stewards of the Sequoia (I support them with generous quantities of $$$). I don't know what the answer is but it's not good. Just keep fighting. Here is what we are dealing with at SOS: Stop out of control OHV grant audits Dear Mike, Your California OHV Green Sticker Program is demanding $115,000 refunds of successful trail grants. Your help is needed to send a letter opposing these out of control OHV grant audits. There is no justification for any grant refunds. In fact trail groups like Stewards of the Sequoia, Stewards of the Sierra and Clovis 4x4 and others have provided 50% more work and 50% more volunteerism than agreed to in the OHV grant contracts. Yet State Parks recently issued a misguided audit finding to those groups and other non profit grant recipients, claiming more than 34% of the grant expenses as "unsupported" and are demanding them to refund $115,000. But, to be clear, State Parks had already approved all these expenses, yet now a different department is demanding these small non-profits returns funds expended on needed trail maintenance. These trail maintenance organizations run the most cost effective grants performing difficult remote trail maintenance for as little as $175 a mile. Far less than most other grants. Clearly OHV money well spent. This bureaucratic nightmare is forcing trail non-profits to hire attorneys, spend hundreds of hours compiling documents, and ultimately, will force them out of existence if this isn’t stopped. Future OHV trail grant projects will be cancelled unless these out of control audits are stopped. Off Roaders must speak up now to oppose these ridiculous refund demands and to stop your OHV registration and gas taxes from being used to pay for these audits persecuting successful trail maintenance organizations. CLICK HERE TO SEND A LETTER TO LEGISLATORS TO STOP THE OUT OF CONTROL OHV AUDITS Please forward this email to other off roaders so they can take action to stop their OHV dollars being wasted on these out of control audits harming OHV trail projects. Mike please take action now and send your letter!! https://www.opencampaign.com/petition/stop-out-of-control-audits-harming-non-profit-ohv-trail-maintenance-projects/8177
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    Wire me about $60k and send me all of your CC #s. -TJ
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    We're going to have some good stories if we ever end up wheelin' and campin', lol. Luckily for me I'm usually the last to pass out (erm, I mean, "go to bed"), so my "friends" don't often get to fawk with me. That said, it can lead to them wanting to make the most out of any opportunity. -TJ
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    My "friends" just let the tent poles down on you in the middle of the night.
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    I just wanted to follow up on this for those who wanted hear my results. I have been using my WD hitch all season on my DP with the 24' enclosed behind it. I even used the sway control with it. I will say that it tows much straighter and is less affected by wind. I can let go of the wheel and it just goes straight. It's like the trailer and RV are one unit now. I definitely made a difference in the way it drives. My wife even drove it on the I-8 through El Centro (for a minute) and she said it was much better. Like is said before, it pulled fine without it.....but it just pulls better with it. And it's easier on my gear! I'm going to continue to use it....I'ma fan. ~jw
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    I built a custom box for one 10" under the dash and mounted it to the cage. It has about .93 cubic ft of air space but it sounds great! I installed dyanamat under the hood to deaden any rattling. There are some pics in one of my threads. I'll try and find it. ~jw
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    Not sure about that one: "How's that set up work?" "Uh...yeah, works awesome! Best set up out there, no problems...wife driven...better than new...etc...!
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    I love hot sauce, but my insides really don't anymore. But I still want the flavor with a small kicker. I am so jealous to you all that can really enjoy the spice and flavor together.
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    Want to buy a wide body aluminum deckover trailer 97” +/- deck and prefer shorter size of 18’ +/- for a buggy only I have a nice one to trade that’s 22’ long if you want a bigger one, doesn’t fit well in my driveway.
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    I remember that hole...…...
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    My friends have a crazy guy that just moved in next to them... large lots so it's not so bad....but it seems like every week this guy has a new excavator at his house...he's moving boulders and I guess he's trying to drag a big old Oak tree across his lot...…...Geez some people!.
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    if you rub a stack of $100 bills together it turned this mess into billet!
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    Just ordered a youth size for my little girl. The reviews looked good, thanks for the link.
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    Good to see everyone has opinions.. but it seems that Braided PTFE (teflon lines) throughput seem to be OK (like I have found) and people like stainless hard line. One thing I want to clear up on Flaring stainless hard line is the issue is not usually flare tool, but usually like anything else the talent and method, you have to use some oil on the tool and have a clean tool and you have to flare slowing and completely using a 37 degree flare tool (for AN), normal brake line flares are 45 degree. But in all reality, the issue is that the stainless line which is 304SS needs to be annealed. The problem I have seen is that some stainless line is annealed well and some just too hard and the flares crack. it seems to vary by batch. I have bought lengths of 3/16 SS line for a reputable seller and one of the 6 lengths bought at the same time would crack if you looked at it wrong and the others were fine. I returned the back one and they said - "yeah that happens" that's why I use NiCopp now
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    Yeah, but looks like you’ve got it figured anyway.
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    Anyone have this installed on a cummins 350. Have that in my 2010 discovery and would love to get more power to pull my stacker.

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