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    A few years ago I was at Buttercup....Competition Hill on a busy night on a holiday weekend. There was a Jeep running the hill. It had a healthy V-8 in it. While running the hill, it hit the Whoop-de-Dos and when it came down something happened...in about 2 lengths of the Jeep (while going full bore) it made a 180 and came to a stop. The owner shut the motor down and let it roll down the hill. When the Jeep came down....its 16"-20" wide paddle got a good bite of sand, and snapped the axle. The loose tire was held captive by the wheel-well. and the fender was riding on it. The Jeep must of had a locker, or a welded dif and when the axle twisted in two, all the power went to the other side, and it was like hitting the turning brake, and giving it full throttle on the other side.
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    tin man Chuck Shumer, Dorthy AOC, scare crow Adam Shiff, lion Nancy Palosie.
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    You're in the business of fixing stuff, and have the appropriate tools handy. They're in the business of stealing stuff, and have the appropriate tools handy.
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    With all of the security measures everyone is mentioning and the fact that property is still stolen despite the owners attempts to make their stuff difficult to take, how come no one is ever caught in the act? I mean isn't it odd that all of these security measures are countered and trailers are still being taken? Are the stories of stolen trailers just stories or are the thieves really that savvy? I can't imagine thieves are ready in an instant to deal with unexpected circumstances other than just panicking and running down the street. Cutting locks and bolts and cables seems easy enough but to think thieves are ready with extra lug nuts and spare hitches and hardware for whatever they encounter seems far fetched to me. A hitch lock and tracking device seems appropriate enough. I think deterrence is the key in most instances.
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    Many moons ago, I was with the Border Patrol and sitting on the side of the AZ85 just south of Why, AZ, on a Sunday afternoon, and I hear this airplane coming up the highway...or is it? What the heck is that noise...here it comes....a 2-seat short-back VW powered rail w/desert tires on it pulling an RV w/a tow rope.... in 2nd or 3rd gear. Twas about a 30' class A, and it had a flat-bed trailer behind it. He was coming north from Mexico. BTW, this wouldn't fly in CA...possibly in AZ too, if DPS got involved. For something to do, I follow him to Why and talk to him. Just south of the border, he threw the D-shaft...bad U-joint. So, he had been pulling his RV for the past 30 miles or so. He needs a ride up to the Napa, about 12 miles away...hop in. He throws the shaft on to the floor of the Ramcharger (better than a Blazer, and a Bronco, in that order) and away we go. On the way he tells me...my neighbor in Penasco (Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco) is a helluva nice guy and he is one of your big-bosses in Tucson. Yep...he is a helluva nice guy. His name is? what....oh, what is it....Jimmy (not his real name). I say, Jim Smith? Yeah that is him, real nice guy. My bottom instantly swells shut as this ride could be construed as being outside of policy and Jim doesn't have a reputation as being a nice guy...the exact opposite. For the next month or two I expected to hear about this. But, nothing ever came of it
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    Congrats! Had ours for 8 months now and love it. I have began adding 5oz of Motorcraft PM22A additive to every tank of fuel, it only adds a few bucks no big deal. I read that this helps restore some of the lubricity that was lost when the sulfur was removed from the fuel and prolongs the life of the high pressure fuel pump.
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    Hard blow and a light rain? Yes please....
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    Horrible weather in Glamis. Stay home.
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    Could this be Mount Rushmore after Pete Buttigieg gets elected?
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    I’ll keep an eye out for you Matt.
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    Yeah, but...........if he's talking about the second article onanysunday linked, it's a bit better than the first. Other than the egregious error of posting a picture of a Can Am Max under the heading of "A dune Buggy." Freekin' amateurs. Wait. What? The dunes aren't in Arizona?
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    I bought a returned GMG Davy Crocket from Amazon Warehouse for a big discount and when I got it, it had a few problems. Power supply was bad, heat shield was warped, a couple of small parts missing. I called GMG and the CSR was right on top of it, diagnosed it properly and mailed out the parts that afternoon. After getting everything running, I found it was way off on temp. control. I called back and they were on top of that, too. It turns out the burner box lid has to be all the way to the left. Once that was fixed, I tested the temp. probes from 100* all the way up to max. and they were within 5-10* all the way up. Can't say enough good things about the convenience of the unit or the amazing tech support!
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    I think you should read it a little more closely. The ISDRA is NOT in AZ. None of it. Not even within 25 mi of it. Yuma is NOT the gateway to the ISDRA. Just like Yuma isn't the gateway to Alaska. She mentioned MX riders in Glamis. But not quads, SxS or sand rails. MX riders ride on MX tracks or trails. In order to really ride a 2 wheeler in Glamis, you should have paddle tires on it, the furthest thing from MX. She mentioned having to have a permit to play in Glamis, but you also need a permit to film or do a professional photo shoot in the ISDRA, contrary to what she wrote. She didn't say a whole lot, but what she did say, over 50% of it was incorrect.
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    If your night is going to be hole-y, keep it silent. For the kids.. 😉
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    Bought this one for the RV, great little smoker
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    We do the bearings at the beginning of the season on everything we own. I’ll have to measure spindle lengths. But all went together as it should. We have a trailer repair shop in San Diego and have spindles up to an 1/8” longer or shorter of threads available for trailers. So I’m thinking these new spindles are 1/32 or so longer and causing the slight interference.
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    Robert that thing is gorgeous!, congrats and merry Christmas !,hope to see you out at Glamis next month......
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    It was really good through yesterday from last Tuesday. The sand was drying out nicely. Rain came in around 2:00, and lasted to about 5:00 or so, sometimes heavy. Damage was done, dunes are now wet again. Right now it's bright and sunny, supposed to be that way tomorrow too, highs about 66. Thursday looks bad, I've seen 100%, Friday doesn't look much better, 50%, but it keeps changing. The way I look at it, I'd rather be in Glamis, than home.
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    Congrats. Looks like you're off the naughty list.
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    Starting to be concerned here. Plant production is slow this time of year and we're down to our last 10 jars.
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    I absolutely love mine and I'm sure you will also, congrats.
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    My camping buds were mostly Navy. Not smart enough to use your Gatorade bottle trick when chilly. They see a piss that wakes you up in the middle of the night as an opportunity to do a 3a.m. "mission". A-holes....LOL Good luck with the Jeep search Matt....2DR, long arm, '87 XJ for this guy. Unibody, Renix, manual trans kinda cool.
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    You pulled out 10 grand cash , got drunk , lost 9500 playing the ponies , bought a clapped out ohv for 5 hundred . Happens all The time

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