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    A manual transaxle isn't rocket science guys. There will always be those who will opt to pay someone to fix things for them, like the OP I'm not one of them. You guys always talk about "learning" about your sand cars, the only way to learn something is to just do it.
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    Started this project a while back. The Az sun just kills everything so ive been wanting some shade. Had to widen my 8' gate to 10', take down a few large palms, then i added lav dump, elec, h2o and concrete. Final step last week was a 43' long shade structure.
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    I tell guys at work this all the time. If someone put it together, we can likely fix it. Same kinda goes for my GF. She is amazed at the projects I'll take on, or convince her she can do. I tell her that I can do anything I want. I just have to want to do it. The dishes/laundry, that I can't do...
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    Piece of cake. Being a tech you are a few steps ahead of the game already. I tell my apprentice techs that if humans have assembled it so can you haha.
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    It be happenin on da 14th👍
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    I saw there were two different diameter spindles available. All is working well on it. Just the spacers on the rotor had to be removed. The old spindles had the caliper flanges welded on and I’m thinking they weren’t in the proper place and that’s why the spacers were added. I couldn’t find any on Karteks site though for just the dust covers on the front hubs. Looks like complete hubs were only sold from what I could find. But, all is working well out here right now on it.
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    Prime rib roast on the BGE 2 nights in a row. This is night 2.
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    After breaking my stub axle on Thanksgiving saw this and stepped it up a bit. Harbor freight 3500 lb tounge jack. 28 inch throw. Plus adjustable bottom. Going in car.
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    So at the buggy round up 3rd gear would no longer go into gear. So I made a few calls everyone busy till after the first of the year ,so I figured I would pull it out and be ready to take it to a builder here in vegas after the first of the year. Here is where being a master technician for nissan and ase will get the best of you,and here is what happened. I decided to look at the diff and then after watching some videos I pulled the trigger and tore it down all the way. Upon doing so I found the problem, when shifting to 3rd gear the fork does not engage fully which ended up shearing the front of the 3rd gear idler. I also the shafts aren't running true to each other ,the shaft with 3rd gear idler needs to move back so the work will have proper throw to fully engage.I also found reverse needs to be changed while it is apart, this is my first teardown of a 2d and I will take the shaft and try to figure out why it happen or was it the builder originally and if I can't well I will take to a builder.
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    I am not sure if there’s a meaning behind this?
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    Only you could do that. DON~~~
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    Have built more boxes than I can count on my hands and toes and even worked at rancho for a short amount of time. It's not rocket science, but is most definitely helpful to have a pro show you a few tips and tricks on the first go-around. I personally screwed up a few of my own boxes before learning the "trade secret" techniques for prepping the sliders, shift forks, engagement teeth, etc. To set this up, you'll need a jig. No ifs, ands, or buts. A good jig is a cut up old case. You'll need to hit the pinion bore with a barrel sander to loosen it up a little on your" jig" case. Having the gear teeth not line up perfectly like you've picture is not un-common. The mainshaft is "fixed." The pinion & gear set is floating depending upon your shim count under the pinion bearing. A pro knows what shims to match with the given bearing mfg, r&p ratio, case. Going into this blind, you'll have to set it all up and run a pattern. You'll need to assemble / disassemble / repeat a few times until everything's right. Once you've found the correct combination of pinion shim, then finalize adjustment on shift forks, then set lash on ring gear, then set bearing pre-load. If the forks are worn, replace them. A lot of parts / bearing are usually re-used in a rebuild, the mainshaft bearings are usually not. Good luck. You got this.
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    And it's still problem free, probable will be for a long time in my car too!
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    Bill at AZ transaxles magnafluxed my gears every time I broke my 2d. Built every inch of my car from a roller including the motor. I always thought building a trans would be fun but just not cost effective for what they charge. Parts were always the expensive part of a trans build. I have rebuilt Muncie transmissions, transfer cases, set up gears in diffs, etc and still let Bill do them.
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    I thought we were evolving better ideas here?
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    HAHA...…..Never Ugly in G! Peace
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    I would recommend getting a hold of a mendeola jig and mounting your gear set in it before further tear down. The jig will put shafts in the the running position as they would be inside the trans case. This would be a good idea as it is your first time in one of these, you can then shift it through the gears and see what is going on. You will see clearances are very close and the jig is necessary.
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    I think the fact that you can take it apart and tell what went wrong speaks volumes. So I’d imagine you would know if you’re setting it up right or if you should bow out as you get further along. Post your progress and How it goes.
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    Good point Jeff. I’m Gonna keep an eye on it and see how it goes. The muffler cases supposedly don’t get very hot. But I do have a plan of making a heat shield for around the cell soon. Back when I first built the car I had a single exhaust on th enoass side and made a heat shield since the single chamber flowmaster got so dam hot.
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    I am with LRS on this one, and I think its great to never stop learning and this is an outrageously expensive sport, and I am 100% the Build not bought kinda guy,, so respect to OP for doing his own work. There is just about nothing I have not done on a sand car from building my own chassis on up, and yeah I have a Bunch of specialized tools and if I ventured to do Transaxles and save a few hours labor $$ I would buy the alignment tools (jigs) and likely build it 3 or 4 x before I put it in the car, (I still mic every engine part and use Plastigauge because everyone makes mistakes). If helping someone out by pointing out that they Might need some specialized tools and get some experience (watch a trans guy rebuild a few) is a bad thing, then so be it... I took welding classes too, I am sure I could have stuck metal together with out them, but - FWIW
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    I have done a few of these and doing another one tomorrow The Terminator X has a relay for the fuel pump, but its rated for 15amp since they also use it to power one of the "loose wires" Most people use that particular wire to supply power for the Alternator exciter since its on with the key essentially. Each fan needs a relay and 10Ga wire (if you are using 10-14" SPAL fans) I still stagger the fans FAN1 on at 185 off at 180, FAN2 on at 190 off at 180. The starter does not go through the ECU that goes to your Key switch and yes the starter solenoid is a heavy duty relay, however you do need 5amps for an IMI relay so run a 12gauge to the solenoid its usually a long run and make sure the Key switch has proper wire size and amp rating. the Main Power and ground to the ECM should go directly to the Battery not your main cutoff switch, this will guarantee power to coils and injectors since they are heavy current sources and have big load at high RPM -DUTY CYCLE), and the ECU switched power of course can run to the key. You should also make sure you only put the master power switch on the Positive not the ground or the car will source ground through the ECM (if it is powered directly) and that will be bad over time. This is what has worked for all Terms and HP's I have done. One more thing I do is use the Fuel Pump loose wire also as my 12volts for the Relay triggers for trans cooler pump and fans and oil cooler fans. this way even if the grd triggers are on when the car is off the pumps and fans won't run and kill the battery.
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    Yes pump and fan need to be on relays. The starter should be on a relay also, unless you are using a heavy duty push button but even then it would be better to use a relay.
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    Buddy of mine made a crack about a rainbow on my shirt, I just told him "Rainbows were cool before you people adopted it as your symbol".
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    This time of year can bring happiness, but it can also bring sadness. It could be something personal, maybe between you and someone else. Whether you are in the right, or the wrong, be the person who steps up to try and make things right. Even though you might not get the result or answer you are looking for, at least you made the attempt, and because of that, you were the better person.
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    Yes it is hard to wrap my head around about half the stuff that works. But sometimes there is just no rime or reason something works.
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    I like the can do attitude. Give it a try, gain some knowledge and learn the experience. Maybe you get it fixed, maybe you have to pay to get it fixed.
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    You really need the jig so each gear can be aligned second make sure you get a chromoly pinion nut. And the ultra duty main shaft bearing rc trans uses the use special tools for pinion depth but can run multiply patterns to get depth.
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    There is at least 2 different Combo spindle snouts on the market that I know of. The tapered part where the bearing ride is the same, its the weld on shoulder height that is roughly .110" difference in height. What that does is throw off the caliper alignment or it can make the rotor hit the spindle body.
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    Somewhat of a belittling statement. You can say that for just about anything- construction isn't rocket science, but did you build your own home? Sewing isn't rocket science but do you make your own clothes? Farming isn't rocket science... you get the idea. At some point you have to decide what your time is worth. I'm stoked to read that the OP is taking on his own repairs. Now that I've read he's a trans builder it makes more sense.
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    That trans you saved 3k. You might save $500 here. F up first or second gear here and you just cost yourself a main shaft. More than $500. Furthermore, you think you found the problem, but do you know the solution? It also kinda looks like you took it apart on the table next to the brake lathe. Sooo much junk. I'm a former auto tech, but I don't even waste my time changing oil in my cars. For $20, someone else can buy the shit, change the oil/filter, and dispose of it. Sometimes my time is worth more than theirs. Start a timer. Get off the couch, go buy everything, come back, change oil, go dispose of waste at local parts joint after clean up, come home, plant azz back on couch, and stop timer. Take less than 20 minutes? Nope.
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    It is and I thought that when my diesel trans was quoted 5k to do it, when my ls engine was done it was 5-600.00 for dyno time. Parts are parts diesel trans parts 2k savings 3k. Putting it together and it working properly satisfaction like no other .
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    I agree but here's the thing even when Alper built my engine he recommended I take to a tuner , I just have a problem that if I can work on GTR's I should be able to tune my engine, I did plumb and wire my car ,so when the trans went I figure I will try it if it doesn't work then I will pay someone. I do build CVT transmissions weekly for Nissan and the worst that can happen is I blow it up ,I can live with that.
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    Horrible weather in Glamis. Stay home.
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    Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” and im a believer!
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    The Bible talks about it being like this....never seen it so screwed up my entire 54yrs....scary for sure.

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