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    now if we could only shut the media down for like 6 months.... then perhaps people wouldn't be losing that last rattling marble, where their brains used to be. Lets just use some common sense people. And those agencies of the media and their talking heads, who are whipping this situation into a frenzy, and inciting all the chaos should be brought up on charges. They are in fact enemies of the STATE, and are in large part, wholely responsible for the economic meltdown..Causing fear and panic, causing sheeple to act like idiots.
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    Debate the Topic guys, not each others personal level of intelligence, etc. Would SUCK to be Quarantined on too.
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    Our stance on the "aftermarket" version on Cryogenic treatment is that we do not consider it to be beneficial to our parts, or many other types of gears that we work with, specifically the UTV gearbox's. Regarding the wording on our website, the description of our gears does mention a cryogenic process, but this is not the same type of process that most people are now aware of. In fact, We just had a discussion here in house to remove that wording from our website and descriptions. In the early days of manufacturing our gears (back in the 90's), a form on cryogenic process was used in tandem with the heat treat process depending on how the gears reacted to the heat treat process, and would be used as needed if the gear did not respond well to the particular type of heat treatment that was being used at that time. I will also note that our version of the cryogenic process is not the same as what is now being advertised in the aftermarket world. Since then, we have really worked on fine tuning the heat treatment process so that the cryogenic process is no longer needed. The heat treatment we have used on our gears for the past 20 years has been well tuned and we feel it is as best as it can be. A short example would be that a few years ago when class 10 desert race buggy's where really starting to put a lot of stress on transaxles (specifically R&P's) with the use of water-cooled engines, our customers were complaining that the R&P sets were wearing out too fast, meaning they were pitting the hard face out of the gear, but we never really saw too many issues with cracking. So we tried the aftermarket version of cryogenic treatment on a set for a customer and let them run a few. We then started to see these same R&P sets come back cracked after the same amount of race mileage, where we never used to see them crack before. Our research and real world experience with this treatment is that is tends to make a gear too brittle. We want a gear tooth to have a slight amount of flex, so that when it takes a hard impact, it gives a little and bounces back rather than snap off. The cryogenic treatments tend to make gears a bit more brittle as it changes the heat treatment throughout the gear. I have personally seen quite a few of the cryo treated UTV gears com back broken after some very short race miles. There are certain types of parts that might work well with the cryo treatment, I have heard brake rotors, flywheels, and CV joints respond well to the treatment. I have put in a lot of effort into our Weddle Race Prep program for UTV transmissions and I feel like we have good process for these gears. Essentially the same exact process of prepping gears that have been used on factory VW gears in the off-road world for 50 years to make them live in an off-road buggy. I believe the REM micropolishing is super beneficial to helping a gear last longer , but I would not say that it adds any strength characteristics to the parts, that comes from our deburring and shot-peening process.
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    You want advice from this group on if you should go to Glamis or not?
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    Said eff it an got out of town and went to Gorman for some fun in the mud! Tried out my new to me fold up couch/bed from IKEA. Worked awesome. My trailer life is super simple. Had a blast in the rhino but Sunday morning ride proved to be a bit much and overheated the belt on a long sandy/muddy wash. Had to hang out for a bit then I headed back to camp...started to heat up and slip again so before breaking it, my buddy Patrick towed me back to camp. Got it all cleaned up..if you can see in some of the pics there was some slight dust on the sides I have decided that I'm gonna throw a new belt on it then probably put this up for sale in the next month or 2. @Intro2Rhino I'm really wanting to step up but I'm gonna take a break for a little bit, get my truck paid off then Wifey is on board for me to get whatever I want! Rhino has been great, but maybe time for a family with young kids to enjoy it since it has a back seat or someone with older kids that they can learn to drive on??? Who knows
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    the least they could have done was spell check it
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    Cleaning the new to me sand car was brought home on an open trailer in the rain trying to get ready for Easter. Corona virus just shut down schools in NV for the next month kid was happy till I reminded him he is a senior and he will make it up this summer
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    Took the kids hiking near the house today. Good time
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    Just back from south sand pile. I'm exhausted!
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    A Blonde Female cop pulls over a blonde that was speeding. "may I see your drivers license?" the blonde was looking for awhile through her purse then says I cant remember what it looks like. the Cop says its a small square that has a picture of you on it. Searching some more she finds a small square mirror and looks at it.....here it is, she says and passes it to the blonde cop. The cop looks at it for a moment and says, "if I knew you were a cop I would have never pulled you over, have a great day"
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    First the kids were given 4 weeks....now they are going to send my wife home too? EFFFFFFFUUUUUUU COVID-19
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    Lamborghini Huracan Ferrari 488.
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    Might as well post it here to.
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    one thing about being a redneck.. we still race.. Az speedway up by Phoenix tonight..
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    The Boston Burger Company!! Awesome eats 4 sure!
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    Lol. Well I figured this is the best place to get the answer I am after.
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    Ride Report Well the car ran flawlessly. The torque of the LS is great and the power is pretty equivalent to what the Turbo Honda had. I do love the torque being immediately there when I hit the throttle. The Honda always had a secord or two lag while the turbos spooled up. I have no regrets at all. And not spending $$$$ on race fuel was AWESOME!!! The motor I got from @fullthrottleguy ran great. No issues at all. I did have to change out the valve in the power steering pump, as it had too much assist. I had a feeling i would have to do this before I went out, so I already had one from KRC. That helped give the steering more feeling. Can't wait to get it out there again.
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    Most bars/restaurants are closing down anyway.
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    A clown is a person who thinks basic high school economics doesn't work. He is a guru for the simple people who have simple needs and speaks to those people you know the people who you hope are not spitting in your food. You can keep your smart guy I will just keep it simple and do the things I know have worked sense the beginning of economics, Like I have done for 30+ years. So sit on the sidelines and and laugh at the small minded people and hope especially now they are not spitting in your food.
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    In the mean time, us stupid eff*ers did this...
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    Told my boss I had a headache and felt congested. He says....stay home and work from there! Yep will do
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    Apparently its up to me and my bro in law to keep the economy going. We are the only people that showed up in the whole industrial complex today
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    One thing to think about if you are using this setup in CA and your trailer is over 10,000 pounds, converting it to a goose neck setup can require you to have a full commercial class A license. If you keep the traditional 5th wheel hitch you can tow with a standard license until you go over 15,000 pounds. Over 15,000 pounds with a standard 5th wheel hitch only requires a “non-commercial” class A license which is much easier to get than a full class A. I know I had a non-commercial class A to tow my 5th wheel before I was finally able to permanently escape from there! My two cents would be to get a B&W turnover ball for gooseneck needs with their companion 5th wheel setup.
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    Probably because of the weather coming in tonight/tomorrow as well.
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    Look up @newtrendcustomtrailer on IG. Been using Jesse for years and have sent countless people to him. https://newtrendcustomtrailer.com/
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    Texted him a couple weeks ago, it’s been sold
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    Hell yes. and the lovely, lovely, Molly Ringwald.
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    heading back home from Nashville. the home i stayed in was one mile from that tornado that hit two weeks ago. it was on land for 50 miles.
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    Still here in Berlin,making the best of the current situation. Bought a mountain bike to get around like the locals!
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    This is my two oldest boys and my daughter playing my grandmothers funeral last week. It was a proud moment for my wife, my mother and I.
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    Traveling back from. East coast. Washing my hands 10x an hour. Got to see my son play lacrosse in what turned out to be their last game of the season. NCAA cancelled the season which SUCKS...... then moved him out of his dorm and headed home. Remaining semester classes are gonna be remote online........ he is super bummed out but making the best out of it. stay safe out there fellow duners.
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    Met up with some of the boys in Boston regarding the state of things in the USA! good meeting for sure!
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    +2 for leaving the exhaust alone!!!!!!
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    Check the screen sandwiched between the filter housing and the block.

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