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    Woke up to snow unexpectedly yesterday. Took the day off and started the weekend early to play with kids. Snow was all pretty much gone by 2:30 as it ended up being a 65* day. Later in the day my oldest two wanted to go hiking to scout for turkey opener today. They did awesome, 4.8 mile hike. My boy found a deer carcass he wanted to add to his “bone yard” at grandmas. He hauled it 2 miles. Impressed
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    Every where I go in my daily work area in the last 2 weeks , from banning to arrowhead to Rancho and all in between I see people out mainly adults walking , riding bikes , working in the yard . Doing stuff . I’m sure there’s a lot of kids glued to video games , social media bullshit . Unplug the shit get there ass out in the yard Life is too fing busy for these kids these days with excessive state test driven homework bs and then if they have sports or other things like scouts . I definitely am switching gears with a few things at home . My wife has wanted a food garden and chickens for years . So a borrowed Kobota tractor and Komatsu mini ex is arriving next week . Gonna give her about 1000sq’ of the backyard . Dj
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    Keep posting pictures and saying stupid shit on the weak ass Glamis facebook pages and they'll close it all down.....
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    Republican Sitting in a Bar A union boss walks into a bar from the factory next door, and is about to order a beer when he sees a guy at the far end of the bar wearing a "TRUMP, Make America Great Again" cap with a mug of beer sitting in front of him. The union boss doesn't need to be an Einstein to know that this guy is a Republican, so he shouts over to the bartender so loudly that everyone can hear, "Drinks for everyone in here, bartender.... but not for the 'Republican'. Soon after the drinks have been passed out, the Republican gives him a big smile, waves at him then says, "Thank you!" in an equally loud voice. This infuriates the 'Union Boss'. After a few minutes, the union boss once again loudly orders drinks for everyone except the Republican. As before, this doesn't seem to bother the Republican. He nods and smiles, and again yells, "Thank you!" A few more minutes pass and the union boss orders another round of drinks for everyone except the Republican. Frustrated that he can't seem to get the guy angered, the union boss asks the bartender, "What is wrong with that Republican? I've ordered three rounds of drinks for everyone in the bar but him, and all the dummy does is smile and thank me. Is he nuts...?" "Nope," replies the bartender. "He owns the place." ADVICE TO DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS AND ALL LEFTIES: WHEN YOUR HORSE DIES, ITS TIME TO DISMOUNT.
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    Madness I say. Kids want to ride, I want to see what AWD does to a rear engine rail, machine software needs testing... everybody wins.
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    Taking the edge off in troubling times. afternoon relaxation mix. Before my friend Ron died in dec. he bought me a few bottles of whiskey in an attempt to get me to quit drinking rockstar vodkas. The current events are times that make me especially think of and miss Ron. We had lot of conversations over the years of helping each other and what we had and would do if “sh*t hit the fan”. Many new favorite is Pendleton and Pepsi. Nice Carmel flavor.
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    This is cool. DON~~~ https://www.youtube.com/embed/HyuE1XnYO0I
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    Incredible. Maybe someone can convert for non Facebook users. https://www.facebook.com/617883896/videos/10157392079408897/
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    Johnson Valley not closed. BLM campgrounds are closed but not dry camping. If you still want to go and are concerned, hit me up and you can stay at our place. We are at the end of Larrea Road which is across 247 from Boone road. You can ride to Pioneertown from there over the mountains. Pappy and Harriets serving take out food. We were just there yesterday.
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    Got a brisket on the BGE, started it at 6am. Waiting to eat!!!
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    There’s quite a bit of dune area..... superstition is a place that has alot and a little of everything. Its also a very historic area. Most of those concrete buildings have alot to do with either the gemini space missions (comm link and position triangulation), it was also the former missile and parachute test facility. There are still active bombing/gunnery ranges surrounding the area. They tested the various atomic bomb shapes/designs for fat boy and little man there. Some of the early supersonic flights and world speed records happened/were set there. the area behind the dip between the shooting range and kamakazi wash has some cool petrified sand formations. There are also ancient oyster beds/fossils there. Between the shooting range and “the fingers” (easternmost dunes) there are fun narrow sand canyons. Especially fun is the one closest to wheeler rd. If you like hard back, you can ride all the way to ocotillo (south) and ocotillo wells (north). There are more fossil beds, plane crash sites, washes and trails at plaster city west. Stop at pesky’s perch and have a beer with FUD (race promoter in the area when i was a teenager). If you have the balls, back and stomach, try riding down gypsum mine rd (gyp rd to us locals) to plaster city. This section of desert is just about the roughest most whooped out desert you will ever find. You can ride to the bars on s2 in ocotillo. Check out the “sandbar” under the trestle outside of town. The pole line rd will take you to O-wells, but i prefer san felipe wash. Fun twists and turns, watch for prairie dogs. See if you can find the jet engine between the wash and the dunes. Go explore. I’ve been riding/racing there since i got my drivers license. I love that desert.
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    The bypass is ment to let water from the pump circulate back to the motor for a quicker warm up. The thermostat when closed opens the port to the bypass. When the thermostat opens it closes the port to the bypass. If you have a bypass hose you must run a thermostat. If the thermostat isn't closing that bypass port the pump is just pushing hot water back into the motor. On a sandrail with electric fans lose the bypass and the thermostat. The fans will control the water temp. Check the water pump belt tensioner and belt. If the belt is slipping it will over heat. Also check that the pully isn't slipping on the intake cam. It's just a press fit. The water temp sensor can go bad and cause issues. They start to heat soak and read the head temp rather then the actual water temp. They are cheap available on Amazon and easy to change. Its located on the same head as the water pump right under the water log on the back of the head. There is no burping the system they are very basic and simple. As long as the top radiator is higher then the heads when filling the system is fill there shouldn't be any trapped air. I know Funco tends to mount radiators as low as possible and behind seats and fuel tanks so air flow and the heads sitting higher could be an issue. Good luck.
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    he’ll have 40k$ into that wj in no time. I wish i could get my 2000 wj back as an overland rig
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    Most will fail to notice but this multi trillion dollar deal along with the snowball fallout from what is happening now may lead to bankrupting the privately held side of the federal reserve. This could lead to a major monetary policy reset and a transfer of majority power to the treasury and the executive branch and out of control of the corrupt one world order big banks that brought you the crash of 08 and the creation of this debtor nation in cooperation of corrupt politicians. Their policies have created another bubble that this virus is going to blow up in their face but keep in mind that you will know the media is lying to you when they give only the downside to this. They were bailed out of the last one but we have a leader that knows what they have been doing and has signaled and made moves to do something about it. If you ever wondered why so much effort has been spent trying to remove him by any means possible this is just one of many aspects. There will be and is obviously some pain that goes with this but this deal put some backstops in place and most of it will be blamed on this virus but it will be much better for the country in the long run. The rampant and obvious corruption there and in our government will be removed and guilty parties are made examples of to prevent it from happening again if he has his way. Not saying this will happen but if the national debt and any debt you carry was reset to zero would you and most of the country be on board or not? It has happened many times in history and we all know how history tends to repeats itself. This may even have the power to reset monetary policy for the world as many countries have the same problems and need a way out. This is the only way to keep a dollar based economy. Remember when the last administration was in power all we heard about was going to a yuan based economy? Well the adults are in charge now and things are changing.
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    Getting the car ready for some isolation in Glamis next week. Will be there Wednesday thru Sunday.
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    I rained and snowed off and on all day yesterday. It also snowed last night. I need to fix my PU. I am doing it in the driveway, using carpet as a creeper. So, all my stuff is wet and cold. Tis supposed to be warm today...it is sunny. But, gonna used Gore-Tex Fleftorn coveralls and get that darn thing running.
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    About to do some drilling next to some 287kv
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    Well it now looks as if I am going. As long as crazy is over and no strip searches are required to leave the state.
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    FYI you need to take the second wheeler road on the left. The first will take you down a farm road. At least that’s how it was moons ago when I used to camp there.
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    Well done brother
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    Gecko closed but washes open? Makes about as much sense as everything else the government is doing. Have they barricaded gecko road? What about campers or ghost campers currently out on gecko road?
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    from my friend as you guys know i dont drink. lol Heard a Dr. on TV saying in this time of Coronavirus staying at home we should focus on inner peace. To achieve this we should always finish things we start and we all could use more calm in our lives. I looked through my house to find things i'd started and hadn't finished, so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiumun srciptuns, an a box a chocletz. Yu haf no idr how feckin fablus I feel rite now. Sned this to all who need inner piss. An telum u luvum. And two hash yer wands, stafe day avrybobby!!!
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    yep thanks guys. that is fun to watch. our group is aggressive too. we ride together so often that there are times im leading and i have seen 3 wide behind me drifting and jockying for 2nd. the whole video is great. lot of character. looks like a fun group
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    Sounds like the freeze plug is the way to go however I run the mr gasket t stat with holes drilled in it and have not had any issues there either.
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    Best guy in Phoenix is Gerald King aka ( Smitty ) 602.576.8332
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    At this point, I look at it in two ways since we're now committing economic suicide: 1. You keep the economy open and just accept the deaths. Let it run through the country. 2. Shut down everything and do a national lockdown with the military and national guard to stomp it out. This half-assed approach isn't working. We've killed the economy. My vote is for 1 to ensure the future livelihood of our children.
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    give mark a call he is your best bet to get it fixed. pgs 714-999-2961 [office] info@perfectgranitesolutions.com Perfect Granite Solutions 1838 E. Ball Road Anaheim, California 92805 https://www.perfectgranitesolutions.com/pgs-blasting/
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    Exactly. eff*ing media....I bet 1000 people have died from the regular ol' flu in this country since the "outbreak" of the Corona virus.
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