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    having Sunday lunch with 1/2 of my grandkids, next is our in house Sunday school class. we actually did a whole church service at home.
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    Went to Glamis and practiced proper social distancing with the return to the dunes for Osoto. Great rides and awesome times with Hozay and Family and Osoto.
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    Plus sneaking some fireball... have a old drinking buddy that is no longer with us that I have been thinking about a lot lately as well...
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    Woke up to snow unexpectedly yesterday. Took the day off and started the weekend early to play with kids. Snow was all pretty much gone by 2:30 as it ended up being a 65* day. Later in the day my oldest two wanted to go hiking to scout for turkey opener today. They did awesome, 4.8 mile hike. My boy found a deer carcass he wanted to add to his “bone yard” at grandmas. He hauled it 2 miles. Impressed
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    Took my girls out for a quarantined Jeep ride, crazy how much snow Palomar had.
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    adding more rocks to my front yard so i can have flat grass rather then it going down the hillside. the last pic im estimating that boulder at 10-12k pounds. we have family that drove down from Idaho and Utah to visit for a week cause they can do classes and work on-line
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    Wifey request this morning. I'm the dedicated pie maker in our home. Pecan Sunday!
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    I'm still enjoying my OG Maverick to the MAX. 1656 miles. This photo is from TODAY. But sure if SxS's are really going to lose value, and my employer doesn't lay me off down the road, I'd like to scoop up a Turbo RR. What I don't see here in this topic so far is why SxS's in particular are going to drop in price. Are we talking used ones because owners need to bail out, or are the SxS companies going to be in trouble because people won't have disposable income or cash anymore?
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    Started a tritip in the crockpot this morning. Did lots of laundry, hung with the kids. When the wife got home from work i snuck out and did some turkey hunting. Lots of sign, lots of gobbling, no takers. Here kitty kitty kitty. Not what you wanna see in an archery only area. No backup pistol allowed.
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    Shaved my head this morning since the barber is closed. We made a trip to Costco and was able to get some toilet paper since we were almost out. That was cool. Worked on the Front yard. Finished my wall. Finished my drip system. Back-filled more sprinklers and dug for more irrigation on the slope. Enjoyed a walk with the wife and my babygirl. Cleaned some guns. It’s turning out to be a nice weekend. Be safe fellas.
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    Hung out on parker strip with some close friends.
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    Now it's BBQ, spa then movie time. Cheers everyone.
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    Just FYI, and others might be in the know, but I just today found a place the delivers booze "In about an hour" www.pikfly.com
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    Just got done redoing a customers office desk, because who every built it had alot of useless file drawer space, so they wanted it all usable space. Know sitting down with a cold one
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    Just tell them you are ghost camping and it will all be OK.
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    Gonna go play with my girl....a little TLC today for her.
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    He will never catch up. Every time stupid is on display a new law/rule is enacted to protect them. Take 3 wheelers, great fun machines, for those capable.
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    I recently started getting into vodka about 3 months ago. I studied how different makers use different ingredients (a surprise to me), and that apparently potato vodka was much more popular in the 1800's, i.e. the original vodka. That motivated me to search for it, and Chopin clearly had the highest reviews. Now I know why!
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    Drove to Salt Lake City on Friday and back home yesterday. Had to deliver a car. Staying on the couch today and watching movies.
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    I was reading a book thursday; there was a chapter about the polish special forces (groms), and what i learned is, the pole’s take their vodka very seriously, and pride themselves on better vodka than the russians. Maybe its the polish in me that loves vodka. thanks for sharing
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    Bought everything for a full stereo system install for my sons girlfriends truck for Christmas. Just finally had some time off to be able to put it in. Not gonna lie, I forgot how small Ford rangers are for working on and just how old and out of shape I’m getting! It turned out pretty good, sounds good, and she’s happy so I guess that’s all that really matters.
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    We had these Friday morning. Tracked them from one end of the property to the other.
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    I picked up a set of 15x12 Douglas for my paddles. These 15x7 are going up front with my MT Baja Pro
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    it sure gonna hurt when someone stubs their toes on that border or what ever u call it and shouldn't u be staying home ?
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    Grandson was running an old, old set of paddle tires I had. We got tired of trying to keep air in them and the paddles were separating from the carcass. We ordered a new pair of tires so I am cleaning and mounting them on the rims for him.
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    Johnson Valley not closed. BLM campgrounds are closed but not dry camping. If you still want to go and are concerned, hit me up and you can stay at our place. We are at the end of Larrea Road which is across 247 from Boone road. You can ride to Pioneertown from there over the mountains. Pappy and Harriets serving take out food. We were just there yesterday.
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    Coffee, breakfast then a bloodymary
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    Got a brisket on the BGE, started it at 6am. Waiting to eat!!!
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    I was thinking head gasket issue also, have you checked the pressure at the coolant tank or cap with engine running? If the pressure just keeps building or no pressure at all it may help narrow things down. If I remember, The water pump for a Northstar has its own little belt on the back of one cyl head I think it is driven off the cam? and the little pullies are plastic and the belt is very small, u may have a slippage issue there also?
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    First I would shut off the water. Disconnect the supply hose and turn on the water while the line is aimed into a pan. This will tell you if the supply line is plugged or the problem is at the mixing valve.
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    Getting the car ready for some isolation in Glamis next week. Will be there Wednesday thru Sunday.
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    Doing my part with the isolation, social distancing thing. Playing with toys in the shop.
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    Working on the house got a lot I can do..
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    About to do some drilling next to some 287kv
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    Right on, I'll set it aside for you and hit you up next time I'm heading down that way. It's kinda funny- For months I've been asking my 14 yr old daughter to clean her room and throw out/donate of a bunch of stuff she never uses. Due to COVID-19 her school is going to online classes starting next week, some of which will be a video chat platform of some sort. Coincidentally she has been cleaning her room for the past three days and thrown out a lot of stuff. Her room is now spotless and even her desk is cleaned off. It just hit me that she cleaned her room because of the video chat and what her classmates will see in the background.
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    Wedding Pics from July in Texas. Never seen these Duners dressed up like this before. Been fighting the photographer for 8 mos regarding these pics. He was holding them hostage for money! I told him to shove the pics up his asss! Now that his business is slammed shut he contacted the wife and negotiated a deal to hand them over. Be careful who you hire to take your important event pictures. Some people are just Crooks! Peace
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    So, ummm... other than the GM-factory optioned roof panel what makes this a "Carbon Fiber 2015 Covette"?
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