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    With all of these conspiracy theories going around, I was wondering if any of you heard about the crazy one where our Government is actually trying to use social distancing so that there isn't an initial, massive spike in cases that overwhelms the hospitals? I know it sounds crazy, but they say that given a little extra time, we can manufacture more equipment that will help save lives as well as developing a possible vaccination that will prevent many from getting it in the first place. Now bear with me cause I know it sounds nuts, but this particular conspiracy says that there actually isn't an ulterior motive behind our government officials (you know, the branch of our government that is basically divided 50% on all issues and virtually never agrees on anything, yet some would like us to believe that they all agreed to figured out a plan to kill hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans so that they could ( insert conspiracy of the day here )
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    Oh man I bet @Rockwood, @tjZ06, and @socaldmax are gonna have a 3 page discussion on this. Thanks for posting I need something to read and learn today.
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    We did a huge Loop today from wash 13 and it was Eerie to see Gecko and especially Roadrunner empty. Hardly anyone in the place but a few campers scattered in the washes. I say if you can do it safely getting your fuel and food get out of town and do it. This is the best time of year out here and why not socially distance yourself here instead of in your house. The flowers blooming every where are beautiful right now. And thousands of butterflies we're flying yesterday.
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    Sometime this year, we taxpayers will likely receive another economic stimulus. It is indeed a very exciting program, and I’ll explain it by using a Q&A format: Q: What is an Economic Stimulus? A: It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. Q: Where will the government get this money? A: From taxpayers. Q: Is the government simply giving me back my own money, then? A: No, only a smidgen of it. Q: What is the purpose of this payment? A: The plan is for you to use the money to purchase a high definition television set, a new iPad, or a new SUV, thus stimulating the economy. Q: Isn’t that stimulating the economy of China? A: Shut up. Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the U. S. Economy with your stimulus check. Use it wisely: * If you spend the stimulus money at Walmart the money will go to China or Sri Lanka. * if you spend it on gasoline, it money will go to the Arabs. * if you purchase a computer, it goes to India, Taiwan or China. * if you purchase fruits and vegetables, it will go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. * if you buy an efficient car, it will go to Japan or Korea. * if you purchase useless stuff, it goes to Taiwan. * if you pay your credit card off, or buy stock, it will go to management bonuses and they will hide it offshore. Instead, keep the money in America by: (1) Spending it at a yard sale or (2) Going to a ballgame or (3) Spending it on prostitutes or (4) Beer or (5) Tattoos (These are the only American businesses still operating in the U.S.) CONCLUSION: Go to a ballgame with a tattooed prostitute that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day. No need to thank me, I’m just glad I could be of help.
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    Couple hundred less now,,,,they are on the front of my truck!
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    As somebody who builds Office buildings for a living I am more worried they will all start working from home. Oh and I figured it out all of the non-essential people are the terrible drivers
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    They are worn by people who are sick and must travel outside as a courtesy to others. Would you like to tell me more about Asians?
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    This is what I'm concerned with. And sheltering in place isn't the best solution. South Korea is kicking this thing's ass without lockdowns except those who are actually sick, which they find by expanded testing (which we could've done just as quickly had the FDA not required their approval process for non-CDC tests) and tracking contacts. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/03/26/821688981/how-south-korea-reigned-in-the-outbreak-without-shutting-everything-down I really hope we learn our lesson this one and allow for emergency bypassing of idiotic bureaucratic processes. If this one has taught us anything, it's that we absolutely can't count on the government to make or do anything to help us. Remember this: most every major hospital and medical facility could've been cranking out tests starting in January. The FDA shut it down since they weren't approved. https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/new-fda-policy-will-expand-coronavirus-testing/ And they're still shutting down innovative ways to fight this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2020/03/31/home-coronavirus-test-fda-shut-them-down-but-they-solution/5080703002/ Sorry, lemmings was a bit strong. Just maddening to see what's happening and how you have to dig through tons of "PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!" articles to get to the root of the problem. A lot of us are business owners, or manage a significant portion of a business. We all know how government approvals and process stifle us in our day to day lives. This is another example of it that's going to cost too many of us our lives, and all of us will be damaged in some way that could've been prevented. I'm afraid we'll come out on the other side too busy rebuilding to fix what went wrong.
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    if the stuff is "white" i'll get it handled for ya
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    And it’s finally home. Love it... so much better in person.
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    We are learning day by day how to react. Even in this post from beginning to now its clear this is changing quickly. I think we all need to do our best to protect ones with current health conditions and most importantly maintain a positive and strong mindset.
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    Valid points by most here (not all) I'm no lemming but we are adhering to the recommendations. I'm a pretty simple but optimistic guy. Yes , it sucks , I miss my friends and really miss my Grand Kids tremendously. The overreaction by the government may be just that but if we stand a chance of recovering economically we need to stay the course.
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    No, I haven't. (sarcasm.) Have you heard the one about 6 ft being totally ineffective? It turns out when a person coughs, they expel aerosolized virus droplets for 27 ft. Have you heard the one about the virus entering your body only through your mouth or nose? That means that if a person wears a face mask, they could go out in public, be surrounded by infected coughing people and as long as they remove their outer clothing and sanitize their hands and stop touching their faces, they won't catch the virus. If the gov't would allow faster testing of suspected infected people, quarantining of ONLY infected people and nursing homes, we would not have had to shut down so many businesses. Sure - concerts, bars, restaurants would still have to close, but other businesses could have remained open. The way the gov't - and top doctors have approached this makes it look like they've either not really thought about what to do, or they're slow, or not that bright. Take the cruise ships for example. They quarantined them out at sea for two weeks. This had to increase the number of people who were exposed to those who actually were infected. This increased the load on the hospitals with more patients who were needlessly exposed. They should have sent a team on board, isolated everyone with a fever or other symptoms, tested everyone and kept them isolated until the test results came back in 2 or 3 days, then released everyone who was not infected and treated the infected ones onboard. Instead of 2 or 3 or 5 infected, after 2 weeks of being stuck on a ship, who knows how many more people were infected out of the hundreds of passengers. They're looking at this like either force everyone to stay at home and do huge damage to the economy, or let most businesses go on as usual and lose a lot of the population. But there are other alternatives, possibly as effective if not more so. Why are they just now thinking of them, 4 months later? Considering (IMHO) that all politicians are simply power hungry morons and pretty much every law written in the last 150 yrs would have been written better by a 10 yr old and it would have directly addressed the real problem without all of the gibberish and loopholes, I think the prudent thing for people to do is prepare and protect themselves by doing their own research and not waiting for the gov't to take partially ineffective measures too late. I hope everyone protects themselves from the virus and we can all get back to our lives soon.
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    i tend to not buy into all the conspiracy theorists out there, but i do listen and form my own conclusions. I am under the belief that the point of the social distancing, stay at home etc is to just slow the spread to not overburden the health care systems. i believe most of us are gonna get this bug at some point, to some degree. some with get it worse than others. there is also some other things that can be taken from this whole experiment, is thats just it.. an experiment (not that the virus was relaesed on purpose or shit like that, but the reaction to it is now an experiment). see how people react, what they do, how they treat others etc. how far will people allow big brother and other to push them around and dictate their lives before they revolt? sure, sounds tinfoil hatish.. but kinda makes ya think. also to the original question, i know of nobody personally that has it or had it confirmed by a test. i have several friends that believe they had it back in january as they were tested for influenza and came back negative but had high fevers cough etc same symptoms as they say covid has.
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    There is ALWAYS that ONE Guy at every gathering....
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    Imagine the luck of everyone in this wedding party being sick all at the same time? All jokes aside, your insinuation that because you happen to be Asian somehow makes you an authority on one of the most diverse ethnicities around the world (48 countries and countless religions) makes about as much sense as me claiming to speak for all white people. Point is, you're right, it is mostly a courtesy to others in addition to a general respect to law and order that we don't have.
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    LOL, never! My professors knew everything. Having never had a real job put them in the perfect position to tell me what I need to know in the real world since they weren't blinded by such trivialities as turning a profit.
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    Surf and Dune nailed it The current situation exposes the Great and Not so Great of the US system
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    Those said doctors die, We all die folks.. 🙏!!! And yes I’ve a 6yr old little girl and I am the only thing she has in this life. God forbid anything was to take me out, period. I know there are children all over the word that are just like her. Only one parent and nothing else in the world. Yes there will be many children left with nothing but a deep sadness , agony, fear, hopelessness and much much more. The mental state of that generation will be greatly effected and will need a great power to over come this so they can lead our countries into greatness.. that’s my fear that’s my worries that’s my sadness.. Not for us but for these children that are going to live through this nightmare. Yes. People die by the hand fulls everyday. But not the truckloads in every hospital.. it’s real, and people will die, and the world will still turn after this.. They found a cure yesterday. Got sent to the military for confirmation. I think there test trials are out dated and full of shit.. 14 people test runs etc etc etc a year later.. I say eff* THAT. Test 3000 all at once 30 day later if more than 80% are good. Ramp manufacturing and disperse around the world ASAP. It’s better than hundreds of thousands of people dying from this shit or all the choices people have to make and the children that will lose the most precious thing in life... Be the dam savior, I don’t care, I know who My God is.lol. They talk peeks and what not. There will be no peek with out a way to stop it. Numbers are bs. Death is real though.. https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/pandemic-scientist-says-his-team-has-discovered-a-potential-cure-for-covid-19-coronavirus-california/509-4a895be1-80f6-46b0-8812-e2d49d20bebf
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    Ted Nugent. STRANGLEHOLD
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    I am leaning towards a fuel problem most likely pump. You never stated you checked the fuel pressure when you were out driving and gave it the beans. Pumps act weird when they go bad and could be intermittent but when you give it the gas it’s probably not maintaining the volume. Maybe see if some one has one to swap to test. Could also be regulator but those are less likely to go bad.
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    02 GMC Sierra SLT with 8.1 bought new. It has 107,000 miles on it (not my daily driver) It can Tow a 11000 lb Toyhauler around without an issue. Paid it off back in 07. Up keep and repairs cost about $1500 a year just because I like keeping my truck in good condition. No truck payment!! PRICELESS
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    Looks like that’s that.. Thank you..
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    should not be effected there its not really a deveolped site but i would drive about 25-30 min further and be by yourselves and not worrying about others unskilled shooting antics.Check your dm ill send you directions to a better spot.
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    The heat will close it down before the BLM does.
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    Oh and still plenty of fresh sand to be had. Big stuff by Osborne is tracked up a fair amount but you can still find some smooth stuff. Along Gecko is still pretty rough and The Ridges. If you get south of roadrunner and head back towards the hill across the dunes we found a lot of Great Sand
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    I havent bought a gun or ammo since dec. im not scared. Im always ready for the worst. I always hope for the best. What will you do if something happens and 911 doesnt answer? We arm ourselves for the same reason we carry a spare tire, diversify our portfolios, and tell our family we love them...just in case something happens
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    I think this quote applies to what we are experiencing now, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself". The remainder of that quote is "nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts needed to convert retreat into advance". I am not saying that we should not take precautions to protect ourselves, but when fear takes over, we lose! Fear drives irrational behavior, and worse yet, gives those who seek to take advantage of crisis the power to do things they could not get done in normal times. When the masses are taken over by fear, the few in power gain strength. Another quote I heard from Sen. Kennedy from Louisiana (going from memory, not verbatim), "a crisis does not change who we are, it just unmasks our true character"
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    The other day I read “”online”” that they were closing all of it down..... So it must be true!
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    Back during the Obama years Thomas Sowell was interviewed and he was asked what his biggest fear concerning our countries security. He said it was being attacked by our enemies and Obama surrendering. At the time I thought it was very far fetched and highly unlikely. Now seeing how easily people are manipulated into fear and cowering down I think Dr. Sowell was probably correct in his concern. Who has the fortitude to send our boys into a fight where certain death looms? These are choices that seem far removed until they suddenly become reality. I think this virus is serious and the ones among us deemed to be the most susceptible (elderly, overweight, heart conditions, respiratory problems, etc.) should be shielded by those not at high risk. That includes conducting business to ensure a stable economy which fuels the prosperity to protect those at risk. My wife and I had our foster care license for several years and adopted my youngest son who was born to a drug addicted prostitute. We saw what it is like to see the venerable not have enough resources to manage basic things needed for survival. This country is resilient but there is no way we cannot work for months. All the relief bill has done is to devalue our currency in the hope to buy a little time. That time is ticking away. I guarantee if we took away the checks from government bureaucrats and elected officials state and federal, as well as public schools and colleges suddenly there would be a concessions made that protected the venerable and kept the country solvent. We would have studies that would not over predict deaths by 20 or 30 or 50X’s the more likely results. Right now we are being heavily influenced by unelected government employees who show a strong bias towards a political class that would love to destroy the very people that this panic is likely to decimate, that is small business and entrepreneurs. You cannot miss the connection unless you choose not to. We are a culture that is now near completely emotion driven rather than driven by logic followed with reason. Because emotionalism is easy and you can readily get most to agree with you it becomes the default of pussies, wimps, cowards and the self deceived. The elite use it to exploit their useful idiots and thus ignore what reason and logic expose. Most of life’s essentials choices are hard. Real men make them and live with the consequences. Speaking of Dr. Sowell
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    I'll fully admit it's mine. She can't even turn it on. LOL She wanted to gift the girls in her office personalized coffee cups a week or so ago.. So, I designed up a little logo and cut out all their names. She had to do the weeding though...that part sucks.
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    Isn't it your wife's, and she lets u use it? JK
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    @Rockwood All I know is, this shit is out there, we have no control of it much less a cure and the numbers displayed are a direct result of tested people. There isn't enough tests to go around so you tell me what the real number is. If you think it's ok to just resume life while people are getting discarded and thrown into freezer trucks with no proper burial, times that by 1,000 within a few weeks all to "save the economy" then your interests are miss-placed. Perhaps, you wouldn't mind being the doctor that has to decide who gets to live? Play Russian Roulet much? Feeling confident, go take a stroll through an ER today and ask how you can help? No, me neither. @ANGRYBUTTCRACK good for you man. I still have my whole life ahead of me. So I'll pass on checking out just yet. As for China, I don't think they have a handle on shit. They are in the thick of it right now for sure. I seen some video from some bloke that couldn't post it on Facebook for some reason, anyone see it? China man fishing only a few meters away from a floating corpse, bodies laid out in front of businesses up and down the street etc. Crazy. Anyhow, I'm still proud to be in the greatest country with the best of everything! I'm sure other countries won't fare as well as we will. We've been down before and we shall rise again. These days, it happens at lightning speeds. Like a flick of a switch hopefully. We'll get a handle on it I'm sure... just be patient. Thank you.
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    This guy has a Cricut. It's sweet.
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    First off the numbers are being spread by the Press....so we know we can't believe them. I mean if it was really as bad as they say, would CBS have had to use a photo of an Italian hospital instead of one in New York? The stories of people dying from this leave out all kinds of information of their prior conditions. Nobody will say if these people had got hit by the flu bug if they would die as well? I don't think people know how badly this is hurting the economy. We are going into a Depression...not a recession. It is going to be really, really bad with 47 million people out of work and no jobs. The public shaming of people who just don't believe everything the press says is astounding. This information is coming from the same people who said that the ICE caps would be gone 10 years ago. I'm sure this is a horrible virus and people will die, I just don't think it is worth destroying our way of life.
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    I don’t think anyone doubts this is deadly. Just that it’s worth tearing down western democracy over. If we all shelter in place and the United States goes so far into debt investors in the dollar go elsewhere, how many will die due to the collapse of this country? I know people who died of that crazy flu that went around a couple of years ago as well. Hell, I wondered if that one was gonna do me in I felt so terrible. Point is: given a long enough timeline, the survivability rate for everyone drops to zero. Do we want to spend that time in our houses for a year? Do you? I’ll tell you this: even the worst case scenarios for this virus won’t result in a 1/80th (life expectancy is 80 here) loss in life. BTW: if the FDA had gotten the F out of the way, we wouldn’t have had to shut the country down. South Korea didn’t.
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    Gearing wise: does it feel "long" now? If so, bigger tires will only make that worse. Doesn't matter too much what your gears are, but more your riding style. If you're duning everywhere in 2nd right now, bigger tires aren't going to help that. Or they don't want to swap tires to get in the trailer.
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    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Monkey Happy birthday to you 😍🐒🎂🥃
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    Happy Birthday! 🎂
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