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    Woohoo I got my stimulus money already.
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    Looks like you don’t really need anymore stimulating...........
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    Bergaras 6.5 HMR and BMP .308 Vortex PST gen2 and Zeiss Conquest V4
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    Famous worst words a business owner can hear, I'm from the government and I'm here to help!
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    Daniel defense 300.blk from the bunker
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    Colt Sauer 7mm Remington magnum. Zeiss scope. She packs a powerful punch. Sighted in 1” high at 300 yards. She’s a beauty.
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    And that's why you build Subarus like no other!
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    haha I had both hips done last year one in may and one in august. out patient operation, cut the top of my femur off. started the surgery at 7am and I walked out of the hospital at 4pm. while driving to my home we stopped at my favorite Italian restaurant and had dinner with another couple--then went home my favorite line, I aint got time to bleed!
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    Yep, them geologic types.....Stoned Rock, Intense Rock, and "Kick your @ss" Rock!
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    ...can't afford shoes when you own a Jeep. Actually, the sad truth is those shoes are fairly new. I coated them with a stain-protector/water-proofing spray and they did this in a week or two, so they became garage shoes. -TJ
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    Some will do it for sure. Cuomo is already doing it and others. Trump does not help with some of his tweets and comments, mostly aimed at Cuomo. At this point our governor has not pointed any fingers and focuses on what we as Californians will do to get the supplies needed and to combat the virus. .
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    Lots of hospitals were a mess before this. This is the eye opener to all the Governors and local government who rather poor money into stupid projects that due the citizens no good (bullet train in the middle of no where comes to mind) versus spending money on improving the county hospitals and important infrastructure. Going to be interesting to see in the states hit the hardest if their Governors attitudes change on what is important for their citizens. As much as most hate the governor of California I think he is actually doing a good job for once dealing with this situation.
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    I wonder if I painted that on the building where congress convenes, the same would happen..................??????
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    I find needle nose pliers to be the most effective. Disinfected of course.
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    It finally surpassed the annual deaths for Rhuematoid Arthritis... do you expect it to exceed the >300k drowning deaths per year? What about just the 185k per year that die from fires? Will it even approach the ~110k that die from poisoning or skin cancer? ...how about the 330k per year that die from malnutrition ??? For the love of fk, if our stimulus would have been spent on food alone we could have certainly made a bigger dent than with covid… Here's the >100 other things that DOES and WILL kill ten to a thousand times MORE people EACH YEAR than covid-19 https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/world-rankings-total-deaths I'm not saying it's not deadly but for fks sake, we lose ~650k people globally to FALLS... where's the outrage to have a safety meeting? What about the 7 3/4 million that die to suicide each year... In 2017, just in the US... not some third world shit hole, we had 3,564 DIE from malnutrition. 32,672 from FALLS …. fk the social distancing, I'm staying off ladders. Coronary Heart Disease 1 8,727,670 Stroke 2 6,221,072 Influenza and Pneumonia 3 3,177,204 Lung Disease 4 3,162,054 Lung Cancers 5 1,683,893 Diabetes Mellitus 6 1,570,100 Alzheimers/Dementia 7 1,533,855 Diarrhoeal diseases 8 1,388,418 Tuberculosis 9 1,372,855 Road Traffic Accidents 10 1,339,206 Liver Disease 11 1,154,240 Kidney Disease 12 1,121,214 HIV/AIDS 13 1,059,626 Low Birth Weight 14 1,056,984 Hypertension 15 938,129 Suicide 16 783,407 Liver Cancer 17 777,816 Colon-Rectum Cancers 18 767,280 Stomach Cancer 19 749,806 Birth Trauma 20 690,870 Other Injuries 21 673,501 Congenital Anomalies 22 646,027 Falls 23 644,028 Breast Cancer 24 568,309 Violence 25 466,060 Malaria 26 439,026 Oesophagus Cancer 27 413,123 Inflammatory/Heart 28 411,622 Endocrine Disorders 29 411,242 Asthma 30 382,288 Drownings 31 358,957 Pancreas Cancer 32 355,709 Prostate Cancer 33 342,090 Lymphomas 34 341,463 Malnutrition 35 330,105 Oral Cancer 36 315,707 Meningitis 37 314,965 Rheumatic Heart Disease 38 304,792 Maternal Conditions 39 303,269 Leukemia 40 288,470 Cervical Cancer 41 278,318 Peptic Ulcer Disease 42 234,134 Other Neoplasms 43 207,953 Bladder Cancer 44 184,183 Fires 45 179,766 Drug Use 46 167,165 Ovary Cancer 47 161,421 War 48 156,238 Epilepsy 49 152,310 Measles 50 139,822 Alcohol 51 128,513 Parkinson's Disease 52 127,231 Skin Cancers 53 111,444 Poisonings 54 107,549 Syphilis 55 92,243 Skin Disease 56 91,172 Encephalitis 57 89,272 Hepatitis B 58 86,877 Uterin Cancer 59 82,669 Anemia 60 77,896 Pertussis 61 66,392 Tetanus 62 63,993
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    Yesterday (thurs) morning, boat was STILL there. Over the past weekend someone spray painted “TRUMP2020” down the side in big orange letters. This morning, boat was gone
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    I've thought of ramming people with my truck while driving down the highway......Never crossed my mind to derail a locomotive! Peace
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    Can't agree enough with you Trap. Post your pics. Love to reminisce about everything in Life. Peace
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    Just build it and they WON'T come! Peace
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    Happy 45th! Hope you have a great day.
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    Happy Birthday. 🎂
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    Hay man! Happy Effin birf!
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    Happy Birthday homeboy!
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    Man comes home, finds his wife with his friend in bed. And shoots his friend dead . Wife says "If you continue to behave like this, you will lose ALL your friends!" ~~~~~
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    Looking forward to sharing my incoming stash. My CHP neighbor took me to buy arms yesterday and I was able to buy the following. My first arms purchase ever. Benelli M4 H20 Sig P226 Emperor Scorpion Barrett M82A1 416 Manganese Phosphate 29" fluted barrel
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    We could do this but we would probably suck all the profit
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    Population density per square mile. Orange County California 3200 people San Diego California 4325 people San Bernardino County 100 people Inland Empire 147 people over all but Urban area is 3434 and Metro is 4224 Phoenix Metropolitan area 308 people L.A. Metropolitan area 2744 people Kansas City Metropolitan area 260 people New York City 28,000 people See a problem here? Where I live (Very boring place nothing to do here) St. Clair County Mo 32 people per square mile.
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    Maybe He was singing, Driving this train high on cocaine, Casey Jones you better watch your speed!
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    Happy Birthday Jalper👍🎂🍷
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    Happy b-day Jason! 🥳
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    Jason!!!! Have a great Bday!
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    RIP Adam Schlesinger . . .
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    I've heard that place mentioned a thousand times in Calguns. Mostly as a mess and ghetto favorite.
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    Nice ride for a nice price!
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    Junk shit China stories, oh I have thousands of those but here is my “favorite”. In the early 2000’s we had many N14 Cummins ECM failures. Cummins blamed it on grounding issues on the machines or someone welding on the machine. I probably replaced 30-40 ECMs in 2-3 years. Fast forward to around 2012 I was working with an outfit that specialized in Cummins ECM programming and while waiting for some information to travel across the internet I had a few minutes of uncomfortable silence so I asked the guy helping about his background. He had been an engineer for Cummins until 2008. I asked him about the ECM failures and the problems and he told me that was due to improperly reverse engineered components from China that worked backwards and created heat that would crack the printed circuit boards. I spent many hours on the phone with Cummins and they never admitted the problem and never recalled any of the ECM’s I was involved with. I know my customers alone spent a couple hundred thousand dollars between the parts, labor, and downtime. There is no way to measure how much “cheap” Chinese junk shit has cost this country. How many things like this were covered up or not discovered.
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    Just pick up this little thumper. It's a Masterpiece arms 300 win mag. TAC 300 action MPA competition chassis MPA barrel and brake Trigger tech trigger Leupold Mark 4
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    @77charger Try driving a car on the street with 1" of toe out in the rear 😲
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    I want to start this one. A buddy of mine is just finished it, I need to borrow it from him.
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    What's the cost of the anchor baby, it's support, Juanita's check, and the liberal vote that comes with all that? Drug crime? Insurance premiums on the rise for stolen trucks moving "stuff"..? >$4000 a foot. Build it. California to Texas. Connect the Pacific and the Gulf with a wall.

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