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  1. Been a great Journey. Appreciate Y'ALL coming along for the Ride. Talk is Over. The Trigger has been pulled. BOOM!! It's a Dream Coach my entire Life. King Aire is the TOP of the Line in the Newmar Line of Coaches. Didn't expect the Trailer but......It's a perfect Combo Package! 26' ATC Double Stacker. Set up for a Car Hauler. Man collects cars for a hobby. This dude will get some sand!! 2018 Newmar King Aire 8500 miles. 450hrs on the 12,500 ONAN Generator. These folks never used it. They had great intentions. We Just parked it in the driveway! Thanks For being a part of the Journey. See ya in Mother G! Peace
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  2. It’s a cool little sled. Needs a new motor and some love, but it will be a ripper. Going to stab a new motor in it, do a mild rewire, full prep and see how it does.
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  3. Found one got it home yesterday
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  4. Thank God, if it was to happen it wasn't while you and family were in it.
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