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    The following is one of the most well-written and informative articles I have come across in a very long time. Very insightful with great explanation. Written by Dr. James Veltmeyer, a prominent La Jolla physician, voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019. TRUMP: EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO NEW WORLD ORDER By: James D Veltmeyer, MD The ongoing attacks by the political establishment on President Donald Trump –which began even before he was elected – are without parallel in history. The savagery, frenzy, and outright hysteria displayed by the President’s enemies within the Democrat Party, the media, and the various power centers of the globalist elites have no prior precedent. This President has been spied on, lied about, made the subject of phony foreign dossiers, insulted, ridiculed, scorned, mocked and threatened. We have witnessed Hollywood celebrities advocate for blowing up the White House, demand the President be beaten, jailed or even assassinated, and his children tortured and sexually abused. We have seen politicians in Washington try to convict the President of non-existent crimes, investigate him and his family members for everything from tax returns to guests at his hotels, project on to him crimes that they themselves have committed, and seed his Administration with leakers and double-agents. No other President in American history has been treated in such a shameful manner. Not Lincoln. Not FDR. Not Nixon. Not Reagan. What is it about this President that has roused such demons in his political foes? What is it about this President that drives his opponents to the brink of insanity? What is it about this President that so terrifies and terrorizes the Pelosis, Schiffs, Schumers and the George Soroses? Is it simply that he is not part of the club, a brash outsider with a different style? Is it merely because he’s outspoken and tramples on political correctness? Is it because he’s sometimes non presidential in his demeanor (at least in their minds)? Not at all. After all, aren’t these the same folks who loved Bill Clinton whose extracurricular activities involved cigars and staining blue dresses in the Oval Office? Of course, Clinton was beloved by the globalist elites who pull the strings on world governments. He gave them NAFTA, after all, and he gave them the WTO. He made tens of billions of dollars for them and their stockholders through these unfair trade deals that cost America five million manufacturing jobs and closed 70,000 factories. He also gave the military-industrial complex plenty of profit-making military interventions, from Haiti to Bosnia to Serbia and Iraq Bill Clinton, for all his corruption, delivered the goods for the New World Order. Donald Trump, of course, never played ball with these globalists. He was elected explicitly on an anti-globalist platform that put America first. From day one, he started to implement that America-first agenda, earning him the undying enmity of all those whose profits are secured by selling out American workers, American jobs, and America’s national sovereignty. President Trump pulled us out of the TPP. Billions in lost profits for the globalists. President Trump pulled us out of the job-destroying Paris Climate Accords. Billions in lost profits for foreign nations like Communist China, at our expense Read NASA's Report. President Trump began the process of securing the U.S. border. Billions in lost cheap illegal immigrant labor for the Business Round table. President Trump imposed tariffs on China, becoming the first President ever to address Beijing’s annual $500 billion rape of our economy. Billions in lost profits for corporations who ship our jobs to one of the worst tyrannies on the planet. President Trump renegotiated NAFTA. Again, billions in lost profits for the cheap labor crowd, President Trump launched the process of extricating the U.S. from endless foreign wars and avoiding new wars with nations like Iran and North Korea. Billions – perhaps trillions – in lost profits for the globalist war machine. Is the picture becoming a little clearer? In each instance, the President’s policies have represented a dramatic upending of the globalist agenda of both parties, the Carter-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama agendas of continuous war and the continuous looting of America’s wealth and hollowing out of the American middle class. With both parties and their representatives in Congress beholden to campaign donors whose profits are threatened by Trump’s America-first initiatives, is it no wonder that both Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans, all Globalist-Socialist , are determined to bring this President down? Most of the mass media is controlled by these same global corporations. After all, doesn’t Amazon’s Jeff Bezos—the richest man in the world – own the Washington Post? As was said in Watergate, just follow the money. And while you’re following the money—see if it leads to a $500 million left-wing slush fund run by a shadowy Soros and Clinton linked group called Arabella Advisors which is funding the anti-Trump political agenda through dozens of high-sounding front groups. Folks, the New World Order gang is in full retreat all over the globe. From Brexit in the UK to the populist governments of Hungary and Poland to the Yellow Vest movement in France and Salvini in Italy, the middle and working classes are demanding the overthrow of their nation-destroying overlords. The overlords who have flooded their countries with unassailable immigrants from North Africa and surrendered their sovereignty to the European Union and its unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. They have lived the unfulfilled promises of the globalists, that giving up national sovereignty and relocating jobs abroad would usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. The exact opposite has happened. The globalist vision has resulted in $7 trillion of pointless wars in the Middle East, an immigration crisis, the loss of jobs, and declining standards of living. In the United States, Donald J. Trump has emerged as the New World Order’s most tenacious and determined foe as he fights the good fight for the American people, our constitutional rights and liberties and the sovereignty of our nation. He is an existential threat to the New World Order. Unlike other Republican presidents of the recent past, he can’t be bought and has no price. Unlike them, he doesn’t give in and he doesn’t give up. Go ahead, globalists. Try your impeachment games. Try your Senate trials. It won’t work In fact, it will backfire on all of you as – after three years of trying to prevent the Electoral College from voting for Trump, stopping the inauguration, unleashing Jim Comey and the FBI, CIA spying, Robert Mueller and his phony Russiagate probe, tax returns, emoluments, Kavanaugh, and all the rest -- the patience of the American public is wearing thin. We aren’t as stupid as you think, something you will recognize clearly come November 3, 2020. “How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!” ― Thomas Jefferson
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    Didn’t look like a single work boot was stolen .
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    It should scare the crap out of everyone what the Obama Administration did, and what the career Obama officials continue to do. Obama used the IRS to target conservatives. Nothing was done. Obama and Holder smuggled guns into Mexico. Nothing was done. Obama created a racial divide in the country that divided people by race and created a hatred for Law Enforcement by promoting false information. Obama weaponized the CIA and FBI in a coup attempt to overthrow a president. Sponsored by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Targeted a 3 star General to fabricate Russia collusion. Then trick him into perjury. That should scare you. Obama abused (Loose term) the FISA Courts to target American citizens by falsely using the guise of "Foreign Intelligence". Obama and Clinton covered up an illegal weapons deal in Benghazi that got people killed and all lied about it. And to my point, Trump is considered the evil one and demonized? Wake up America...… Trump 2020...…………...
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    I'm so proud of my brother Robert. 2 yrs 9 months older than me, served in the Gulf war in the Marines then has served more the 27 years as a Police Officer in Arcadia. He is retiring the end of this week. Hello, Everyone: As shared in an earlier email (see below), Officer Bob Bartley is retiring at the end of this week. Please join me in congratulating Bob on one of the busiest, most productive careers that a patrol officer has ever had here at Arcadia PD. Whether you worked with Bob most recently just a few months ago, or worked with him when he started here in the early 90s, you saw the same Officer Bartley: A highly motivated and dedicated police officer that loved his work, loved law enforcement, and, most importantly, loved the camaraderie of working with the men and women alongside him every day. I recall once encouraging Bob to test for an assignment that would have taken him out of patrol, and I remember to this day what he said to me in return. He said, “Thanks, Chief, but I like patrol too much…I like taking criminals to jail.” What I appreciated most about Bob’s response is that I absolutely believed it because he exhibited that passion for police work every single day he worked. Simply put, Bob is and remains one of the hardest working police officers that we’ve seen here in the past 30 years, and it’s been an honor to work with him. This COVID Pandemic has been crappy on many levels. But, what I really don’t like about it is how it restricts our ability to give our retirees a sendoff worthy of a career served – with a department lunch and presentation that they have earned and deserve. Such is the case with Bob. I hope and expect the Department and APOA will work together in the future, after all this is comfortably and safely behind us, so that we may once again have a lunch and presentation for both Bob Bartley, and Stan Flores who also retired just a few weeks ago. But, for now…this email will have to serve as our best way to say, “Good Bye” and “Thank You” to Bob. We wish him and his family well as he begins this new chapter in his life. Most importantly, our doors will always be open to Officer Bob Bartley should he ever find himself our way again in the future. Congratulations, Bob. Best of luck to you, BartMan! Bob Guthrie I'm so stoked for him that he's done. His son Dylan is in the Marines and has 50 days to go and he's out. Dylan will be following in his Dad's footsteps and wants to become a Police Officer! Some pics of him and his family then my wife and I with them having fun, Palm Springs and Mexico! Congrats Bro!
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    Just approved this person earlier today. All looked well. Checking this account I see 10 private message sent. Unknown to who on here. Cant see that info. I will leave this post active. If you received a PM from him just delete it. I have flagged and Banned this new member. And just for the sake of saying. Always be careful of whom your dealing with. Thanks for posting. GM
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    Anyone see the video of the white guy on the ground get soccer style kicked in the head by a black guy? White guy critically injured. Where's the out cry? Where's the anger? Black on white violence is racism too. At least it's supposed to be.
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    How about a purse to match your SxS?
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    Smoked a brisket yesterday to eat today. Buddies from Montana and Campo coming over. Also picked up ammo from some other buddies yesterday. Damn, I have some serious connections. GRATIS!
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    j35A4. 850cc RC injectors, E85, AEM series 2, forged rods, balanced, stage 2 cams, heavier valve springs, T4 sized turbo. I don't know the exact size turbo but there is a guy at Pure Turbos in Oceanside called Charlie, he's pretty helpful. Dyno sheet says 391 hp to the ground. I've done some other upgrades to it the past few months and am getting ready to tune again. Dyno numbers will be debated until somebody comes up with a new way to calculate horsepower so be careful with that. My car weighs 1,900 lbs wet. You don't need too much hp with a smaller car. In my mind usable power is more important than more power. Go for the reliability factor also. More power is harder to maintain.
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    You gotta remember, govt only makes blanket statements, laws, declarations, etc. i completely agree with the context of your thread. Teachers are far from heros, as are firefighters in general. Are there shining stars that deserve that label; yes. People dont understand how they cheapen things by overstating them. We cheapen the title of hero with baseless blanket declarations. We cheapen racism by calling everything racist. We cheapen the holocaust, hitler, kkk, etc by evoking them bombastically. We cheapen freedom when we sacrafice our freedoms today, may 12 by forcing businesses closed, people in their homes, and worst of all we cheapen the sacrafice of millions of our ancestors that stood and fell for these freedoms we so cheaply throw away over the 99.5% chance bad may happen. EFFIN PUSSIES!
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    Handful of dead rioters by would put an end to this really fast.
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    Racism is racism. There’s judgement, there’s prejudice and there’s racism. Mislabeling things and calling everything racism is not helping. Corruption and not wanting to confront the police unions and cops not reporting other cops for abuses is the problem. Politicians are only willing to fix that which will help the get elected next time. Let’s focus on the problem.
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    K.I.A. 11/04/2004 Marine best friends killed in Iraq honored at memorial By Juliana Barbassa Associated Press FRESNO, Calif. — Childhood friends who enlisted in the Marine Corps together and died together in Iraq were buried side by side. Jeremiah Baro and Jared Hubbard, who played together, wrestled each other in high school and toughed it out together through boot camp, died Nov. 4, after a roadside bomb exploded. They were in Iraq’s Anbar province, where the military was preparing to attack the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah. Members of the armed forces, classmates from the nearby high school, more than 700 friends and family members packed the church pews and stood pressed against the walls at Thursday’s memorial. Many wore red armbands with the Marine motto — Semper Fi, or ‘always faithful’. Friends said the phrase described the young men’s dedication to each other and their families as much as it defined their commitment to their country, and to their mission as Marines. “You couldn’t say anything about Jared without saying something about Jeremiah, and you couldn’t say something about Jeremiah without saying a little something about Jared,” said the Rev. Tim Rolen. Hubbard, who wrestled and played football in high school, and the slighter but pugnacious Baro were “two peas in a pod,” said Bert Baro, Jeremiah Baro’s father. “You can’t have one without the other,” he told the Fresno Bee. “If one or the other survived, I don’t think they would have been the same people.” Hubbard, 22, and Baro, 21, enlisted in December 2001, acting on an idea they’d had since high school, but motivated by the terrorist attacks that September. The two men were dedicated athletes with a close group of friends — among them the dozens of high school classmates who attended the memorial. When a group of friends went out, Hubbard was the last to go home, and the first up in the morning, ready for breakfast and a hike, said Benny Clay, who had known him since the fifth grade. Baro was more intense, and had a way of earning the respect of those around him, said Rolen. Baro’s girlfriend, Stephine Sanchez, also showed his lighter, caring side by reading a poem he gave her. Her voice broke into sobs before she reached the end: “You were meant to be my heart, my soul mate, my everything.” It was their second tour in Iraq. They returned home during the summer and trained together as snipers when they returned to their unit. Two weeks before he was killed, Jeremiah Baro told his father of the latest action they had seen, when they had run into insurgents setting up a roadside ambush, Bert Baro said. Bert Baro said he wished he had paid closer attention to the 30-minute conversation, not knowing it would be their last. He had been concentrating, he said, on enjoying “the sound of my son’s voice.” ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Great link to read through and consider this Memorial Day. https://scoutsniper.org/memorial-wall/ ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.“
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    Me senior design team and I successfully launched our actively stabilized rocket. The goal for the project was to build a rocket that would self correct to vertical using four canards (fins near the top of the rocket). We used an IMU to control four servos that controlled the canards. We have to further look at the data but off initial results the launch was a success and the system worked as it should have. Maximum altitude was a hair above 9000 ft and the rocket successfully recovered and landed 1600 ft from the launch rail. IMG_4515.MOV
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    This is great, not so much for the information, but the drama. I am guessing one of you is a democrat and one is a republican? The way I read this, Alper is saying that the system works very well. He is also pointing out a few things he thought could have been improved upon. Somehow it seems that was misinterpreted as he does not know how to make it work, or lacked the knowledge needed to install? My guess is if somebody asked each of you separately if the harness was perfect you would both have an idea on how it could have been improved upon? I am guessing there is a personal issue here between you guys? Either way, I am bored at work being essential and needed something good to read... thanks guys.
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    This is Mike Monsoor. Mike jumped on a grenade in Ramadi, iraq sept 29 2006 at the age of 25. He did this to save his fellow servicemen. There is no greater action. He is buried at ft. Rosecrans cemetery in my home town of san diego. This is a hero. He has no movies, no books. Read about Mike Monsoor https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_A._Monsoor This is Bowe Bergdahl he abandoned his post. In his final email to his parents, he said be was ashamed to be an american. 5 soldiers died trying to locate him, many others were injured. he is suing to be awarded a purple heart and prisoner of war medal. He also is attempting to collect $300k in “back pay” This is not a hero
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    That seems kind of odd to me, because I've been thinking that everyone and his retarded cousin has been pivoting and virtue signaling like crazy on TV and radio ads. Everybody is putting out all new advertisements reassuring everyone that "we are all in this together" and offering 3 months of deferred payments, "we are here for you", "your health and safety are our primary concern" and trying to grab some of that reflected glory of calling everyone who works in healthcare who actually goes to work and gets paid a "Hero" ad nauseum. Somebody has to write all of that ad copy. It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to see how K&N could have pivoted into making high performance N95 face masks in a wide variety of sizes and colors offering higher performance and greater air flow than any other brand of N95 mask. See how easy that was? I bet the flame paint job would sell for a nice premium. Hell, the CBD infused oil would be a very high profit upgrade over regular air filter oil.
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    Oldie but still makes me
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    Maybe that bitch Carol Baskin can help
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    Seriously? You go places without a rifle and extra loaded mags? I thought more of you than that........
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    Now the Supercross coverage is not being shown because of this...…………..now they have crossed the line.
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    Soros funded obama inspired shit show. None of these people could give afuk about ol George Floyd. Time to open fire. Don't spend counterfeit money don't get rolled up by the Po Lease.
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    We went to Coral Pink Sand Dunes a couple of weeks ago. No traffic, Diesel for 1.99, no masks and open restaurants you could sit down at.
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    Got the parking lot finished Thursday. I’ve been wetting it down and we got the patio cover done after 5 delays. Now the fun come in putting everything back 3 or 4 times till the wife is happy. I’m trying to do a @dbart thing with pictures
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    My wife and I are heading to Lake of the Ozarks for lunch and dinner. Our two favorite places are open for dine in and the waitresses are going to get $100 tips. https://redheadlakesidegrill.businesscatalyst.com/ https://shortypantslounge.com/
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    Got her fired up , sounds wicked.. no more codes getting thrown!!!
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    I have had a lot of back an forth today with people on here, I knew it would happen, I knew my point would not be a popular one, but I was coming to this tread to say the same thing. im glad that everyone was able to say points back and forth with out calling names or F this guy or F that guy type stuff. thank you everyone I was talking with today for keeping it respectful. socal, THD, Rockwood, alpine.
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    I would like to make one point. This thread is a great example of how you have civil discourse even when you don’t agree. Carry on!! P.S? No protests scheduled for Osceola, Mo. unless the game wardens start checking boats for beer........then it’s anybodies game.
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    The proof of this being funded is just look where the rioting and looting are incurring, really West LA/Rodeo drive or La Mesa. Are these really the problem areas. BLM is planning a protest in Menifee today. They are mobilizing and bringing these protest to the Suburbs. Saw something this morning that I have been trying to say for 4 years and couldn't get the message across simply, "Trump didn't bring Divisiveness, Divisiveness brought Trump".
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    The cop that killed Floyd was completely wrong and my belief is it was intentional. The other cops not stopping him were in the wrong and should be punished also. Yes, the cop was arrested and will be charged with murder, but that should have happened right away. I understand the frustrations of the black community but rioting won’t fix a thing. In fact, I think it takes away from the very cause they are fighting for.
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    The police across the country need to use more force now. They are acting too passive with law breaking rioters. Regarding the issue of police violence, hmmm..........let's see.............I treat all officers with RESPECT and EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION.................but SOME PEOPLE always seem to argue, fight, resist, and run away from them. Almost every single policeman is just trying to do his/her job properly, and he/she will treat you OK if you act properly.
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    Well, I decided to put down a deposit on an El Diablo last night. I wasn't even as drunk as I usually am when I buy stuff at 1 am. Considering my track record of choosing Betamax, Laserdisc, backup tape drives, Superdisks, a Toyota Corolla diesel, and the first Wildcat, the rest of you should not feel comforted by my decision. If it turns out to be pile of junk, I'm blaming TJZ06 for presenting such a compelling argument for it!
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    I posted an ad ISO parts for my new to me truck and just got a pm from another member. A quick google search later and it shows the email is used for a scam. I'll attach screenshots. Just wanted to share.
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    My father died in Vietnam Feb. 24, 1965 at 33. I was 4 yrs old. My mom finally started dating my dad after turning him down seven times. When I asked her why she said "no" seven times, she said she worked at the Officer's Club on base and everyone asked her out. She wasn't going to settle for the first one to ask, or for someone who gave up after only six tries. When they started dating in '55 or '56. her parents and 7 out of 8 siblings disowned her, cut her out of the family completely. Only one sister spoke to her. They got married, I was born in '60 and as the first grandchild (and male) they forgave her and welcomed her back. After he died, she never smiled like that again. I often wonder how or if things would have been different if he had survived.
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    A hacker just sent me an email. "Dude, I stole your identity but after seeing your credit score, I don't know how you're still alive! I would have committed suicide a month ago! I deposited $50 in your savings account and I'm sending you a link to a financial advisor ASAP! Good luck!"
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    Jason For a good welder and fabricator the electrical stuff seems to be lost on you, maybe its because I am EE or just that I built hundreds of cars over my life, but this is not hard stuff, you just have to do what you do approaching any project lay everything out and start with a plan ... This stuff is universal so you start by saying where does everything go and how do I get it there... they are just wires... Buying specialty stuff from CBM or Redline or Turnkey will ALWAYS be easier - just like a wireloom for a Tatum fits a Tatum better than a FUNCo and I think their is a place for buying that. And Turnkey makes 5 wire harnesses for the Holley too if anyone wants to spend money vs a little time. 30-40 minutes investment in cleaning up the harness before installing is worth it to me at least. And it is BS that Off roaders expect more than Street guys, come over and let me show you a few 200K plus street cars with detail that makes a Funco look " sloppy" and thats pretty darn hard to do Please Just don't make GD people seem stupid and think they have to come to you get work done - you constantly knock CBM and other engine builders because you now build engines, Are you gonna make your own harnesseses now? You should go back and read what you wrote about how bad the MSD EFI was and how you never got it to work - Maybe its the builder not the EFI systems? I respect who you are and what you do - just please don't be underhanded - deliver helpful info and not sales pitches ... Anyone that wants to learn about Holley and installs - there are dozens of Videos on line and the forum is very good I can direct anyone to a few great videos The info Joey corrected you on is just the start ... You obviously have no idea what AUX plug is for in the harness or how to wire everything plug and play - You can use ALL the GM sensors including the Oil pressure, its really easy that would have fixed 90% of your issues in 5 minutes Everything is there in the harness except ALT trigger and Fan relays - Yes I start with logical approach - the harness is universal - its gotta fit everything from trucks to cars to universal applications like sand cars- but all the stuff is there - you just need to make it go where you want - the harness has lots of extra length folded up inside the wrap - Holley engineers are pretty smart- its a multi-Billion $ operation they thought about people wanting to customize lengths and out points etc. There are several Videos but Holley showing how to remove the wrap and move the connectors around I do strip the harness tape, remove the wrap (I tape wires together temporarily just to make it cleaner, lay it out and "rework lengths" so its clean on the install - no cutting required - then put it back together and re-tape with Rescue tape - that takes about 30 minutes to do and its cleaner and better than universal harness. In fact Holley even recommends that for custom installs in the videos - holley's EFI You tube channels is your friend there is a lot there and lots of 3rd party instruction too and some Hillbilly stuff 🙂 If someone wants a plug and play fit to the car harness - they should have Redline or someone like that build it for them - I have not seem hoa AEM or others are better they are universal too and not made to dismantle.. Offer still holds to show you how to wire a Holley up cleanly, I will even give you tuning instructions .. Peace...
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    Putting the finishing touches on my senior project. It’s an actively stabilized rocket. Set to launch next Saturday. Should hit a max speed of Mach 1.2 and hit 13,000 ft if all goes well.
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    Typical of the left, support radical actions as long as it's not in their neighborhood. They are all elitist hypocrites.
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    These BS protests which result in vandalism, violence and just general obstruction do nothing more then do the opposite of what they claim to be standing for. While I think what happened to the George guy was horrible and the officer needs to be held accountable, I have zero sympathy or zero support for the protests because it’s now just about causing distruction and violence. When I saw the I-8 mess, all I hoped for was a semi truck to down shift and not lift right through the crowd!
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    Sequestered here at home, pissing off the wife by scattering compute shit all over the house.
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    I completely agree with you. I don't think they are heroes because they signed up to do that specific job, and now that they are doing it and getting paid handsomely for it, that is not my definition of heroic. The mistakes and medical malpractice are kind of side subjects to me. Any doctor who makes an egregious mistake or several should be prosecuted, or at least fired and lose their medical license. Heroic is a civilian pulling kids out of a flipped car, or a burning building. A hero doesn't get paid to do what he/she just did. They risk their life for someone they don't know for altruistic reasons, not a paycheck. However, since today's society has lowered their standards to the point that the Kardashians are considered stars and billionaires, the Talk and The View are considered talk shows instead of propaganda machines of pure stupidity, Jerry Springer considers himself the height of class and entertainment, women go on the Maury Povich show 8 times in a row trying to find out who the father of their kid is and kids get participation trophies just for showing up and mouth breathing - I guess it's only fitting to call first responders and hospital workers "heroes." At a time when a large proportion of the population wants to work but got laid off (for no good reason, really) when someone else is making bank for going to work, I think the word "hero" is inappropriate. I think the correct word is "fortunate" to be employed.
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    Double Red ... I actually ‘get off’ on donating... its fun abc

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