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    Got a second Master's degree. Got an MBA this time and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources. I'm a certified people person now.
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    Looks fine, whats the issue?
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    Been doing this since Wednesday. New engine is incredible. So much fun to drive.
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    End of week 4(of 20) here in Berlin Germany. Trying to track down cool Euro only parts for my 04 Jetta Diesel and 13 Porsche Cayenne Diesel,as well maybe track down a barn find of a older Porsche.
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    Makeover complete this one is near and dear to our heart Thank You Paul and Cheryl for years of support
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    Hot darn it be time to swing the stick, and Slap knows that y’all can swing yer stick....um...uh...Anyways, it be a slapptacious time to share in Mother G’s beauty and what she has to offer. Meet with friends, take a stroll through the ripples, and GRIP IT AND RIP IT. Mr. Red will be flying high, so don’t forget to look up and salute Slaps favorite. Hey, is that Tiger guy showing up?😁😁
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    A teacher asked her class how many of them were Bernie Sanders fans. Not really knowing what a Bernie Sanders fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny. The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different...again. Little Johnny said, 'Because I'm not a Bernie Sanders fan.' The teacher asked, 'Why aren't you a Bernie Sanders fan?' Johnny said, 'Because I'm a Conservative.' The teacher asked him why he's a Conservative. Little Johnny answered, 'Well, my Mom's a Conservative and my Dad's a Conservative, so I'm a Conservative.' Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, 'If your Mom was a Moron and your Dad was an idiot, what would that make you?' Little Johnny replied, 'A Bernie Sanders fan.' Make America Great Again!
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    Rockwood you of all people should know that in this day and age nothing short of an S4 will do in the dunes. I read here that you have to have at minimum 461 hp to even get one out of 2nd gear so keep that in mind when you do the swap. An oil cooler and double sheared limit strap mounts will be mandatory. Post your dyno results with RWHP and what size water pump restrictor you used. You will be gearing 4th 1:1 for the diner runs won't you?
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    Packing new MOHo and got car loaded leave for Glamis Tuesday night
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    He looked good. Without the hello kitty you’d never be able to pick out the only other Asian guy in glamis.
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    Usually they will reject your application unless you have a stacker with at least 1 backup car. Thought they upped the requirements to also needing a camp "Host". Does not count if you refuel your own car or run the BBQ. You are permitted to pour your own drinks, but you cant operate a blender for any group drinks.
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    He’s been busy singing Mariachi 😂😂😂
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    I broke a CV just watching that video!
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    Dinner thanks to Ben my service manager. Will be eating good. Diving tonight. So far.
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    Not what I was expecting from the title...
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    We will Have Breakfast stuff there for the ones showing up Early while it Lasts.. Will be good to see Y'all
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    Plain and simple; the supreme court needs to rule once and for all the basis of the 2nd ammendment and the current infringements. They cannot hide from it forever. Im a history buff and have read front to back jefferson, franklin, etc. there is no doubt in my mind they completely intended a fully armed and engaged populous
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    they are probably the most realistic you will find to a trophy truck. a drug addiction may be cheaper in the long run though...
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    Just fired up the 70 and ripped around the neighborhood. Peace
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    Everyone leaves CA and moves to AZ. Spreading like a disease. Sucks! Peace
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    Still building mine... 3yrs in bottom of the $$$ pile From junk yard to start of mock-up
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    Sometimes the weekends go so fast you just flat out Forget what happened. Peace
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    Organizing and cleaning the shop. Going thru decades of service manuals and parts catalogs that have aged out of usefulness. Taking photos and making lists of eBay stuff that's got to go. Focusing on tomorrow and not looking backwards You all have fun this weekend. Be safe out there.
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    Well, been working over the past 8 years on a golf cart build. I figure it would make for a sweet "campground cruiser" and another toy to play with in the dunes that I vacation to. It's a 1990 Yamaha G2. Bought it for $50 bucks with no engine but, everything else was there. Has a Polaris Scrambler 500 - 4 stroke engine. I figure a nice 50hp on a golf cart would be sufficient. Here are some pics I took during the build so far. Yes, those are Honda Civic spares I am using for mock up. Don't laugh but, I will have the wheels and tires on order in a few weeks. 14" wheels and 27" tires. The rear shocks are from the rear of a Polaris Sportsman 700. Fabricated a panhard bar to keep the swingarm centered due to the swingarm drop. Now for the front. The Jakes LT kit I bought was not good enough. So, I modified it to fit my needs. 8" is not going to be enough travel for me. I fabbed up some steel bulkhead plates to drop the arms down 1" and out 2". Got the front stretched about 5" and the steering rack in place. Made a pretty beefy steering column for the driver to pull themselves up on the cart. It's only human nature to use the steering wheel as a crutch to get in... Fast forward to January or 2020, we are getting close to driving this cart! Got the frame back from sandblasting/paint. Waiting on a fuel pump, muffler springs, key switch and a choke cable. My guess would be close to 50mph with the gearing and tire size. Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!
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    Well do you have a stacker? LOL Congrats!! Super nice man.
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    Ability has everything to do with it. I've seen Advanced ATV Riders squeeze blood from stones racing stock ATC70's around camp, doing things way beyond the machines intended purpose. Also seen high-end Sand Cars driven by an idiot who could only afford that level of performance and power....but had no right to be behind the wheel. Driving within yore Ability keeps people from getting hurt or even dying.
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    Dear Sir, my coworker in the next cubicle rarely baths and massages his grundle region in the break room while singing various tunes by the band Digital Underground in a loud voice. Please consider this official notice of my concern as his actions have created a hostile work environment.
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    I've got one of each. The 64" has more body roll, looser feel than the 72". The feel in the dunes is best on 72".
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    Especially not the 4 seaters that are 2,000lbs or more depending on how many isles at Autozone the owner hit up for accessories. LOL!
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    Rookies, everywhere rookies..
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    Talk about taking a long time to pass a law....... I say instead every time you pass a new paw you must get rid of an old one. "I propose that from this day forward it will be illegal from an grown man to drink a White Claw, I also propose that it will no longer illegal to ride an Elephant during a parade. "
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    I have one they are sick and perform well
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    im headed up aug 8-15th with a group.
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    Yeah The general consensus is that AZ and TX will be next to fall due to all the California transplants. People I know are now opting to skip to ID and TN because they say AZ and TX are getting too liberal. I just don't get it, Leave because you don't CA then ruin the state you move to : (
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    Doesn't look like a ball joint failure to me. Usually its the lower OEM arm that folds when you run out of talent and hit something.
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    One of the recipes I use. Made it on Sunday night but didn’t take any pics. I like my meatloaf with a little kick. Smoker set at 250. The small loaves cook for about 2 hours.
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    Seriously, WTF is the thinking on rewarding criminals???? It has to be for the votes, again...letting criminals vote??? HOW THE EFFFFFFFFFFF are these people still in office/employed????
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    Damn, that dildo under the gun...
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    I used to just want to retire and move out of Ca now I want to retire and move to Mars. BBB wants to move to Uranus
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    Thanks to Jason for the gd postal back to AZ to Richards house!!!!!! these babies look good together headed from glamis to AZ!!!
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    I have big box in my shop with Mendeola and 091 gears that look like that - This sport wears stuff out...it gets $$$ over time. No trans seems immune -

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