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    Funny listening to a bunch of rich guys bitch on a message board about somebody who just wants to make things equal....Just because you were able to sacrifice and work extra hard to earn more money than you need.....doesn't mean you don't owe it to the kids with the liberal arts degrees who can't get jobs, cause they have nothing to contribute. Expecting other people to work as hard as you did is just wrong...….It's the new kinder America, where everyone is an American....even it they aren't! It's gonna be a long decade...……..
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    The attitude of the american left today is, they want to eat their cake today, and then eat yours tomorrow
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    100% of his supporters and 40% of america are exactly the same sponge he is
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    Can Am worth over $50,000? Is it because of the whips or the lights?
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    I installed my Rugged radio with an audio filter that they sell separately. Rugged’s instructions say to connect one side of the audio filter directly to the battery as your instructions stated. However, I connected the positive lead to a terminal post that is connected to the battery with about a one foot cable. I connected the negative lead directly to my engine block. Everything works great. My battery disconnect switch is on the negative side.
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    Please enlighten me as to why this guy is even considered a fit to run this country???? Never held a job, been on welfare his whole life till somehow weaseling his way in to a political office! Sponged off his numerous wives Joined Socialist Party...like EXTREME Socialist! Seriously, are people thinking???? Oh, they hear FREE!!!!! Nothing is free people Ok, Rant over...but feel FREE to join in!
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    @ahipara 55 No ! you are not dumb, You paid for it. I did the same thing, I paid 100K+ to send my daughter to UCSD It was our choice and we saved and paid for it. re read what I said about being " Dumb" and yes I was also questioning parents that would let their child go thru with that decision. "Look, if you are so dumb that you would take out 150K in student loans to get a Political Science degree and now you make mediocre coffee Stealbucks you are dumb enough to fall for the lies of the left. " Congrats btw on putting your child thru school without debt. 👍
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    Toe in is stable on the straight. Toe out makes a car turn better. Castor is similar. Mercedes gets it and this vid explains why their F1 drivers can adjust it constantly on the fly by pushing and pulling the steering wheel.
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    Homeless guy pulled the pin at the lunch break.........
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    Thanks to all that replied. I see there are many schools of thought on how to connect it. I have installed the audio filter as @Flip-Flop suggested. I am going to wire it after the disconnect, and directly after a breaker so it fused. I always like the idea of rolling the buggy in the trailer at night, turning off the battery and fuel, then cracking a cold one. No worries mate
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    Mine is connected to the disconnect switch. Also have a main power switch and relay wired in for the radio, intercom and GPS. Works fine.
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    Next was to rattle can the rear end... Fun trying to find a Silver color that matched the powdercoat. There must be at least 50 different options.
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    Good plan for North, East and South side would not recommend this on the West side unless things have changed.
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    My radio and intercom are wired to a 200 amp relay that is switched on by a key. All connections are coming from a fuse panel behind the 200 amp relay. No issues with any interference on either the radio or intercom.
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    parts for motor install $1000, motor $5000, having your friends over, welding, drinking and bench racing ..priceless
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    15 x 12 accordioned and blew out center. I know you said 12in to large. I may end up hanging on wall anyway. Lol
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    There's an election? Hmm............
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    She's too arrogant to accept 2nd fiddle, especially a commie.
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    You're trippin', it's a blowfish.
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    Awesome write-up you did. Looks great.
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    This ^ And for some reason ( Schools are overloaded with Progressive teachers) Schools cannot teach non politically correct history America is bad, founded on every bad principal, and the "Bernie revolution" fixes everything. THOSE WHO DO NOT LEARN HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT
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    Damn, That flywheel got toasty. Are you keeping the 2d or thinking S4? Lot of work/money but sooooo worth it in the end. Can't imagine going back and so nice not to worry about a broken trans on every run. https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/357138-2d-to-s4-gen-4-funco-build-thread/
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    Over a month ago I saw a video with Kaitlyn Bennett interviewing college students. Her number one question was, “”How will Bernie pay for all the free tuition””. The number one answer was “””he will figure out a way”””.....................
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    as simple as, there are more TAKERS than MAKERS. If you promise the school free pizza every Friday, you will get the votes.
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    Was stationed there years ago (USCG). Hard to get away from tourist traps. Used to be able to rent a jeep and do some really cool off-roading on the north-east of the island. If your travels take you to the north shore through Haleiwa, Grab a burger at Kua Aina's and some shaved ice at Motsumoto's. Shaka Brah
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    We (Pinnacle) just built this Loft for AT&T for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am event! It will be traveling next to the Byron Nelson Classic. There is an agency we work with that designed the structure...we did all fabrication, installation and dismantle.
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    From my military days we would just get drunk and get a hooker.
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    I didn't know the sand fleas bit. I thought they were just annoying.
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    Those guys made sure that the job was done to California Code and no OSHA rules were violated. Don’t mess with this crew. They had a very successful TV install yesterday and could very possibly save the World tomorrow.
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    I had some wheel nets made at the sand show and Love them http://www.macscustomtiedowns.com http://www.macscustomtiedowns.com/category/WheelNets
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    Sorry, I just like facts - If I know the answers and people need to hear them I will speak up, if I don't I will shut up. if posting facts makes me a F tart - so be it. while I don't appreciate it, I get immature thinking.... I don't have to call anyone names, I actually grew up. You are a good guy, but I will post facts... BTW - Regarding Dyno Variables - I always refer people to this article its pretty good https://www.hotrod.com/articles/0612phr-dyno-accuracy-testing/ I happen tp have some experience on this subject. People need to know that BS is BS, and IRL is IRL. Once I established the the numbers were on 9lbs, I gave Jason credit for building a Textbook engine, nothing wrong with that - thats why those numbers exist so people can hit the numbers ... I did not want anyone to think they would get THOSE number with 6Lbs - Not happening.... Jason said himself that engine "creeped" to 9lbs boost and thats the numbers he posted I wanted everyone to understand Where those Dyno numbers came from so I posted the formula that nearly every manufacturer of Superchargers and Turbos use I think they call that educating people on how to calculate what they should expect from an engine instead of guessing - I hope people find that stuff useful - If you didn't in your words get $#it from learning - thats your problem., and to your second point thats I call "sharing" in your words, how people get those numbers - I know math can be hard sometimes... Turbo's can be huge power adders with the right combo, and SC's can too - its why I feel Boosted cars are great in the dunes... I also really also get that Dyno's "lie" I have seen numbers vary in many cases, but also on my own cars, I never hold back the truth --- A couple years ago, on one of My cars I saw 70HP difference (TQ was the same for some reason... knowing that TQ is all a Dyno measures and HP is derived was an interesting thing) in one day on two different Dynos - I put myself out and drove 200miles to proven that can happen. And Yes I posted on GD both Dyno results I did in the same day Turnkey in late morning and Outfront and the afternoon (same temp) - ask John he was good enough to prove his dyno is "stingy" I drove from Turnkey to his shop and ran the car - basically back to back and posted all of it on GD for peoples Information, i did not just take the Big number and say "hey my car made incredible numbers" . I have NO fear about posting the truth, and no builder should be afraid to stand by his numbers (Like Jason did) or called out when they lie (some others) I did not call out Jaso, I said good job, his combo rocked (at 9lbs not 6) I just gave a formula to get "his numbers and showed with 9lbs you get there so people could see I was not just making it up . Facts matter, I am, not a democrat... Peace
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    Do we know if they paid for Cheryl's She Shed?
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    Not my trick but Jalper's idea. We have been using Sta-Flo liquid starch for years to seal up beadlocks or any other tire that may have slow leaks. The biggest issue was finding a bottle that would work to transfer the fluid into the valve stem on wheel without much hassle or mess. Tried this little trick this weekend and thought I would post because is was simple, clean and really quick. Took a Sta-Flo cap and drilled it out for a valve stem. Drilled the valve stem out a little, add a 1/4" ID plastic tube. Just pull the valve core and bleed out air in tire. When tire is collapsed , attach end of hose to valve stem and turn the bottle upside down. Jack the wheel up off the ground and the tire has a tendency to suck the fabric softener out with very little squeezing. Worked like a champ and zero mess. I will just throw the cap with hose in the trailer for next time.
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    I have mine run to a fuse block powered off the battery cutoff switch with the audio filter and did not notice any difference when connected straight to the battery.
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    Almost all aftermarket accessories instruct you to wire directly to the battery. If you followed all of those instructions, you would have about 75 connections when you change a battery!! They do this, because they don't want the liability for someone who doesn't know any better connecting to a small wire, or improperly fused circuit and having problems with the new product you've installed because of an installation error. They cannot teach you how to install the item correctly, so all instructions typically state to connect directly to the battery, for their security. I've installed many, many radios without direct battery connection, and never had noise or weird issues.
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    I used a relay on the hot side, works fine with no noise, etc. Just make sure that you use a quality relay with sufficient current capacity.
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    I have my Kenwood and intercom wired to the disconnect switch, and it works without any noise.
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    My PCI TRAX intercom and Kenwood 110watt radio are both wired directly to the battery, just like the instructions say. It's not a big deal to turn them off separately from the main disconnect switch. On nob and one button.
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    Like you, I preferred to wire the positive lead of my Rugged Radio to the battery disconnect switch. I tested my radio and intercom while connected to the battery direct then to the battery switch. I found absolutely no interference or diminished quality in either. I have mine connected to the battery switch, works perfect. Just a note: I do use the rugged radio filter which has the positive and negative wire leads on it.
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    Personally I disconnect the ground and hook the radio ground on the disconnected side, positive to battery on my sand car, on my side x side i went straight to battery with both and used Rugged's switched wiring harness to turn off the radio system. No problems either way hope that helps.
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    Personally, I wired my radio directly to the battery both positive and negative leads. I have not tried it to the disconnect but I would try it both ways and see if there is much if any difference. I could be wrong, but I believe the goal of radio wiring is to keep the wire away from any other circuits to reduce any kind of noise feedback in your radio.
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    my fronts are on 5 years without adding air to them works amazing

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