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    Seriously? You go places without a rifle and extra loaded mags? I thought more of you than that........
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    Antifa san diegos website says the plan tonight is to hit east county communities of lakeside, el cajon and santee. I’ll be rolling full arsenal at the shop tomorrow. Tonight even out here will be full alert. really a bad call if they follow through. They arent gonna get the same reception in santee or lakeside that they got in la mesa A little care package for a freind/Neighbor in need.
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    Didn’t look like a single work boot was stolen .
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    Maybe that bitch Carol Baskin can help
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    I see at least a few positives in all these riots. 1) They took the virus hysteria off the news. 2) No one has mentioned the fudge packing pole smokers, butch fur traders, gender benders, etc. for several months and with these riots that narrative didn’t become the “news” once again. 3) Once again the progressives have thrown everything they have at disrupting Trump support and it will backfire. 4) My life long dream of squaring off against communists, progressives and anti-patriots is closer to fruition. 5) My empathetic give a shit nerve has been damaged beyond repair. 6) My kids are raised giving me much less to be attached too and responsible for. If I don’t come home no one will starve.
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    Typical of the left, support radical actions as long as it's not in their neighborhood. They are all elitist hypocrites.
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    Yep! They had just announced the ability to chill down at the beach where as of a few days ago, you had to keep moving and not stay in one place. I hate most people right now. Watching these protest shutting down the highways, live on Facebook getting a gazillion likes and hearts and support, why?!
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    I don't blame one person for another person's actions. I read that a member of the Floyd family said something like they don't support any violence or rioting. The Floyd family didn't cause any of this. They're still missing a murdered family member and for that, they still have my condolences. Likewise, I hold the rioters responsible for their actions. I'd like to see them all teargassed, shot with rubber bullets and tazed. Charge them all with felonies and find out who organized all of this, trace it back to Soros if necessary.
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    Got stuck on freeway from the la Mesa rioting yesterday,. Got home, cleaned and shined all weapons, locked and loaded. Now, watching supercross.
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    Anyone see the video of the white guy on the ground get soccer style kicked in the head by a black guy? White guy critically injured. Where's the out cry? Where's the anger? Black on white violence is racism too. At least it's supposed to be.
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    My wife watches Live PD quite a bit and I can't believe how people act when dealing with the police. The vast majority of people it seems are very confrontational with the police from the start and play the victim. My wife was watching it today and a cop pulled a young black lady over for 2 violations. She was uncooperative and argumentative from the moment the cop started talking to her. The cop told her why he pulled her over and told her that he intended on just giving her a warning but she just kept being argumentative with him. She actually accused him of being racist and pulled her over because she was black. He stuck out his arm and asked her what color he is. He was black. He calmly told her not to pull that racist crap with him. Her parents were with her in the car and they never tried to get her to shut up and let the cop do his job. So much for parental guidance. That dog won't hunt with my kids. I believe that left wing politicians and leaders have convinced large groups through out our country that they are victims, are due reparations, are entitled to special rights, are due basic income, free health care, free college education, Obama phones, free transportation, and positions in leadership based on the skin color or genetics. And that has encouraged the lack of respect for authority and respect for the law. Our country is a land of OPPORTUNITY, not entitlement. You have to work and sacrifice to realize the potential that this great country offers! I think what that cop did to George Floyd was wrong and he should be held accountable. But I believe most cops are good and do a very difficult job. I wouldn't have the patiences to do that job.
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    I would pay 1000$ to see him sing “wocket man”
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    We got in about 6 pallets of inventory Friday so the boy and I have been working on it. Good news = more inventory = more money $. Bad news = I have to receive it in, meaning I actually have to work. We put up 2 storage racks we bought from Home Depot. I couldn't believe how crowded the place was at 10 am Friday. Parking lot was full as was the store. I guess that's a good sign ... Trying to 'limit' my news viewing. Wonder if there will be another sh__ show once the sun goes down. Weird times. Can I go back to 1983... please? abc
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    that's the one I want.....if I get one.
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    Hope he looses his job for supporting the riots too!
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    Got plywood up already And electrified it to stop any stupid Looters.... hahaa
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    Bought my truck new in 97 and the only thing I have put in the tank is diesel #2.
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    did you guys see the little white trash in new York that tried to burn 4 cops in a car....she's looking at life in prison...4 cnts attempt murder on a peace office and a feds are throwing the book at her.....well bye...…..
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    So it’s ok for these protesters to ignore the social distancing and mask wearing regulations. Well wouldn’t it be terrible if they all got Covid19 virus. Just sayin.....karma is a biotch
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    Just as we are allowed to go back out this shit just happens to go off. Its not a coincidence.
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    Built a gate yesterday and just got done hanging it !.... now my backs killing me Again
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    Here's another tidbit: In 1992, the police told sanitation to NOT pick up trash for a week or so. Police then scanned the streets, and if boxes from TV sets were set out for collection, house holders were asked for the receipts for the new TV. Arrests were made.. Sounds good to me..
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    https://www.minnpost.com/state-government/2020/05/walz-mayors-blame-looting-violence-on-outsiders-urge-twin-cities-residents-to-observe-saturday-night-curfew/ Bastards CIA should never investigate on US soil. FBI has proven untrustworthy: https://thefederalist.com/2020/05/08/obama-biden-oval-office-meeting-on-january-5-was-key-to-entire-anti-trump-operation/
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    I think this is partly because the nation has been cooped up for 2+ months..... There is just sooo much energy that these people need to let out. F'n idiots just choose to release it in a negative destructive way.....
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    If I had to go anywhere into town this week, I'd be taking a rifle and mags.
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    Hoping some citizens can drop the bodies. Then empowering other Americans to take back the cities on their own.
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    Handful of dead rioters by would put an end to this really fast.
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    The cop that killed Floyd was completely wrong and my belief is it was intentional. The other cops not stopping him were in the wrong and should be punished also. Yes, the cop was arrested and will be charged with murder, but that should have happened right away. I understand the frustrations of the black community but rioting won’t fix a thing. In fact, I think it takes away from the very cause they are fighting for.
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    I have a hand pump. It works great. Screw the pump on to a quart or gallon container and pump away. You’re welcome to borrow it.
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    At my brother in law’s indulging on some adult beverages and trying to ignore the covid and riot news.
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    I'm sure OC Jeff and some others as well. I'm out for awhile. Was pretty busy Memorial weekend but temps were not off the chart either. Had some really great runs, til the last.

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