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    Lately it seems there's been a lot of bellyaching about changes in appearance to the board. Hell, I'm an old fart and probably stuck in my ways, but I had no problem adapting to the board. I just click "Unread Content" at the upper right and I see all of the new posts. Pretty simple. The search function actually works great now, as opposed to a few yrs ago, so it's all been improvements as far as I can see. The bellyaching invariably leads to some speculation about board traffic. Sure, people have left the sport, some only read and rarely post, some are on FB, IG, whatever else. That's fine, we all have our different things we like or don't like about social media. The thing I'd really like to address is attitude. It's how some people are approaching things, it's how they're saying things. Rather than complaining about how few posts, try and be a positive influence and start some threads yourself. There are a large number of members I appreciate for the number and quality of the threads they start. They're too numerous to list and I don't want to leave anyone out, but you can clearly see who starts threads and a lot of them turn into really informative, thoughtful discussions. I want to thank all of those guys for starting so many interesting topics! I'd love to see more people participate, ask questions, share more info and by all means, post if you agree with someone said, you're not limited to only posting if you disagree! This brings me to the major point: how some of us have been treating Slappy. I'm not pointing fingers, because I haven't thanked Slappy enough over the yrs so I'm also guilty. Keep in mind, this is a not for profit website. It costs thousands of dollars per year to run it. Moderators don't get paid. Slappy spends thousands out of his own pocket to sponsor events like Vet's Weekend, the Golf Tourney, EPOs, upcoming concerts in the dunes - why? Because of his love for all of us. He loves duners and he loves Glamis Dunes. He wanted a campfire you could join via your computer and your phone to share stories, pics, plan upcoming trips, help each other decide what to buy, help each other fix our toys and even deliver stuff to each other for free. After 2,000 posts you're a member of the Brotherhood, but it begins long before that. Slappy has succeeded in sharing his love for all of us and the dunes via this website, so I'm asking everyone to please keep that in mind when you have a concern. Sure, you could bellyache, but how about phrasing it as a constructive comment? Let's treasure this great gift that has been bestowed upon us and nurture it, participate, be the change we want to see, feel free to post more threads, ask more questions, provide more answers, share more info. Keep on posting jokes, planning trips together and bench racing. Someone said something about some of the older threads were hilarious. There's no reason current members couldn't be even more hilarious! First you have to think of each other as brothers, show a little respect and keep it funny! In conclusion: no, nobody hacked my account. I was gently reminded by another great member just how much Slappy sacrifices to give us this great place. He never talks about it, he never complains. I just feel that we could start showing Slappy our gratitude with good deeds and good will. Pull on up to the fire and share with the rest of us!
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    I'll play. WTF are you doing wearing rubber gloves for an antenna swap?
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    Liberty and freedom is worth fighting for. Please remember those who have sacrificed everything so we can enjoy anything. I’m proud to be an American and I’m humbled by the sacrifice so many have made, remember them, honor them, and rever the Flag and those by whom it has been made possible to stand in this our time.
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    Wow I've been on this forum for almost 15 years I've seen the good the bad and the other... seems like alot of negativity every time I come on here now used to be alot of good information some of my best friends in life I met from this site ....now it's just lots of bitching and complaining and definitely alot of hypocrites.... I personally dont care if you have a 300k sand car or 1600 cc Volkswagen if your my friend I will help you the best I can . There is alot of hate for some reason for people that have nicer things ....talk to them there not all bad ....there are ahole that have a tent and ahole who drive 750k prevost .....that the world we live in . Unfortunately some one can get hurt or worse killed by a 30 mph vehicle or 150 mph vehicle .....let's help each other instead of bash .... I could sit here and talk shit about all the people on here that save spots are on every dune ride they shotgun a couple beers but I dont ....come on people let's work together not against each other do we really want more laws in the dunes ?
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    Always interested to read the after show comments. Some have value and some are completely ridiculous. Truthfully we rarely build a “SAND SHOW CAR “ we do try to bring a broad range a cars to represent to the public what we offer. Perception is an interesting thing.Did anyone see the G52 in the ally way between the 2 buildings. We had a G52 our entry level car in a very function over frills spec . Literally solid black. All I did was put a red interior instead of black and Grey and people thought it was one of the most expensive cars we had. All perception !! Yes the SXS market is on fire and and we would be foolish to not offer something unique in that market to meet a demand. Making money is not a bad thing and no not all SXS owners are idiots. Robbie’s deal is a cool car and advances the category. BTW I KNOW THAT A GUY OR GAL DOES NOT NEED TO SPEND 300k on a sandcar or 70k on a SXS to enjoy the dunes but some do. Heres the take away GOD BLESS AMERICA , our demographic right now mimics what we saw at the show in that 80 percent of our sales this year will be domestic.
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    Out of surgery and on new heart....she’s doing great. Thank you for the prayers!
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    My son Ryan has Achieved so much for himself in his life . A lot of adventures and heartaches Along the way . One of my proudest moments to see him do this for himself and on his own .
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    I was trying to stay out of this conversation for the obvious conflict of interest reasons, but I would like to step in an clear up some of the misinformation that is being posted about our products. This does actually affect the conversations I have with people who do read these forums. Please understand that I am not trying to argue with anyone here, simply clearing up some mis-information that has been posted. For the post above, 100 pounds heavier is simply not true. We have weighed all of these units without oil on our calibrated pallet jack, I would say it's accurate to about 5 pounds, so not the most accurate, but within reason. Actual weights posted below: Albins AGB Sequential 5-speed: 215 lbs Weddle S4D (now officially rebranded): 200 lbs Weddle S5D: 210 lbs Weddle S4: 180 lbs Weddle S5: 190 lbs Again, most larger scales are not going to be super accurate, so don't take these numbers as written law. Putting percentage numbers to strength on these units is very difficult, if not impossible without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of detailed strength analysis that we are simply not going to pay for at this time. We have a good baseline on what these units can handle based in history and logic. Every single conversation that I have with any customer asking what trans is best for them starts with 3 questions: What type of vehicle? What engine and how much power? And how do you intend to use/drive the vehicle? Answers to these give me the baseline of information that I need to know what trans is best for you and your application. The Weddle S5 trans that can handle upwards of 700 HP on average in a sand car will only handle a 200 HP 4 cylinder Ecotec in a Class 10 desert race buggy and needs to be serviced every 800-1000 miles. We have made some pretty major improvements to the entire Weddle (formerly Mendeola) sequential transaxles that make them much stronger than when we acquired the program. There are many things about these that I would actually put up against an Albins in strength comparisons, but overall they lack some original design details that hold them back. The S4D/S5D are pretty close to an Albins for external dimensions. Same size R&P and approximately the same length, they are both about 35" end to end depending on bell housings. True, the original design of the S4D/S5D case was a weak link, but our revised design and materials have proven to bring them much closer in strength to the Albins. There are other factors that go into why the S4D/S5D is not quite as good as the Albins on a direct comparison. Fact about Albins gears and Weddle gears is that they are actually the same. They use the same material, heat treat, and final finish on Weddle gears as they do their own gears. The S4/S5 gears were originally made to accept the removable face plates that floated on the gears. These faceplates were the weak link and would break under heavy loads. We changed the design about 10 years ago that machined the dogs directly onto the gear (Or welded the faceplate to the gear for the taller ratio's that would not allow this) to remove that weak link. Albins also integrates their dogs onto the gear the same we do for the S4/S5 gears. None of the newest Weddle sequential trans gears nor Albins sequential gears have removable dogs on the gear itself. The slider is the selector piece that can be changed out when the dogs are worn.
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    Be safe out there! Are you kidding, the Pont crew is doing a public service letting everyone know (at least the ones that swing from their nuts on instagram) that they might be running 150 mph in an open space and we should all watch out..... if they kill someone its going to be a shit show of law suits. Owners, drivers, builders, tuners, organizers, blm & just about everyone else remotely linked is going to get sued. The video they posted is going to make great evidence that they are fully aware of the danger but continued to do it anyway. The speeds have gotten to the point where extreme caution needs to be taken. At 150 mph no one is safe, not the drivers, spectators, flag men and especially not the people that aren't aware of what they are doing. The idea that this is the wild west and if you show up well you get what you get is insane. If the actions are negligent, and doing 150 mph in an open space in an organized drag race without proper safety measures is negligent, the people responsible will be held accountable. If you can spend $300K+ on a car then spend a few thousand on some cones, don't let people line up on the sidelines so everyone has a clear view of the course and have a safety plan. None of the "cool" factor is worth a human life period.
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    I can’t keep from staring at her as well! And yes I have been gong to the dunes since 84. So this isn’t just a guy with a big wallet. The car was $150k but could very easily be $100k. I went for the Albin’s and the stroked ls3 with a blower. Had the turbo subi but wanted to try the blower. Probably my last car so I went for it all in. After seeing x3’s for $80k this looks like a bargain to me. Attention to detail is just incredible with this car! Thanks Grant you guys rock!
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    It gets real tiring reading all of the posts from the sxs haters. This sport continues to evolve and if you haven't figured it out by now your either blind or just a complete idiot. Yes the sxs market has completely taken over and you buggy guys are pissed, but do you care about what all of the quad riders said about you when the desert used to be flooded with sand rails? Or how about quad riders caring what three wheeler riders had to say about them? If it wasn't for the sxs market, what would keep the sport and our desert alive financially? This is OUR sport and EVERYONE is welcome to play.
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    So anyone who goes to costco knows; you breeze through check out and wait in the bottleneck at the door to have the person draw a smiley face on your receipt. Well, my local walmart started this recently. Today being friday, there was quite a line. And I just walked right past the guy inspected all 1000 items in the old ladies cart at the front. He said, “hey sirrrrr” but i was gone. A guy that had just made it through the line commented to me, “i wish i had just done that”. I told him eff walmart, i paid, its not a club, im not gonna wait for their geriatric to look at my two items and my receipt, and most importantly, they wont chase down a thief, you think they are gonna chase down a paying customer? Pretty sad all us poor suckers are punished in so many ways for the fuc*tards in this country. When are we going to start beating the shit out of thieves, and making the drug atticts ruining our cities clean up or GTFO
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    Um Economic growth, job creation etc. the economy is flat out rolling. As for Twitter , he's not acting " Presidential " because he's not a political insider like the last 20 years of Rep/Dem BS. The media is getting to you : ) As for the swamp not being drained, it's tough when both sides are against you because you are not in their political cult. I suggest you ignore the biased media on both sides as well as social media and judge things from the real world around you. If you really have friends and people in your circle that are changing into socialists ( like the media says ) then get new friends or give them a history lesson.
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    I had stopped by my "Embroidery Guys" house the other day to have some hats embroidered with the Slappy Racing logo. My embroidery guy is named Tom, Tom Cameron. I've known him for over 15 years, and he has embroidered so many things for me and GD.com. I met him while I was reading a route for work about 15 years ago, and noticed him in his garage running an embroidery machine. I walked on in and asked him if I could use him to do some "One offs" and such. He said sure. Tom was an elderly man, skinny, white hair, wears glasses, rides a street bike, and is very pleasant to talk to. Over the last 15 or so years, I've talked with him considerably about Glamis, the Veterans Ceremony, the Golf Tournament, and many other stories about Glamis over the years. He even came out to Glamis last year for the Golf Tournament, and stayed in his tent just outside my trailer. I offered him to stay in my trailer, but he declined saying, "It's beautiful out here, I'll be ok in the tent." Anyways, back to the story. When I stopped in a couple weeks ago to drop of the hats for the Slappy Racing logo, I noticed that Tom was wearing a Vietnam Veteran hat. I looked at him, puzzled, and said, "Tom, you were in Vietnam?" He replied, "Yes I was." I immediately replied, "Tom, I've known you over 15 years, and I never knew that." My mind was now racing, and I stared at him for a couple seconds, and i was thinking maybe he was stationed stateside or something, no way did this pleasant, soft talking old man walk the jungles in South East Asia. So I asked, "What did you do in Vietnam?" He replied, "I was a field medic for the 1st Infantry Division, assigned to Charlie Company, out of Lai Khe, 25 miles North of Saigon." My jaw dropped. After all these years of talking to him about the Vets Ceremony, my mother and father being Marines, I never had a clue that my friend was a Vietnam Veteran, and one that was deep in the bush. Well, I guess I never asked. Right after that, we talked for a brief 20 minutes about what he did while in Vietnam, and I could've stayed there and listened for hours, but I had to get back to work. I did ask him if he was ok to talk about his time in Vietnam, and that I would love to sit by the fire soon and hear everything, and he said, "Absolutely, and I do have some article write ups, a narrative in a book, and some other things I can give you if you would like." I said, "Absolutely". And before I left, I told him, "YOU HAVE TO COME OUT TO THE VETERAN CEREMONY." He replied, "I will be there." So, Tom Cameron, the soft spoken, gentle man, my embroidery guy, Bronze Star recipient, is a total bad ass, and I never even knew it. Here is some stuff he gave me. That's Tom on the right.
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    Yup got to callon this one. Gd has always been a place were people speak there minds. There is a lot of strong minded opinionated members on here who dont hold punches . If you say something out of line you will be held accountable whether you like it or not, if you give wrong info in a tech thread you will be called out. Maybe we dont want the type of people you mentioned as they would not be a good fit here. 98% of the topics and post are positive helpful post but, there are members who sit in the sidelines and as soon as one of these threads pop up you get the "this site is negative" response as they are fueling the flames. The most negative places are FB and IG were people come in and slam somebody and then disappear, cant do that here. I see most of the past trouble makers saying that GD is drama as I watch them trash threads on FB regularly, they were the drama. The members who use to incite most of the trouble have left or been removed and we have been happy without them. Of course these threads come up but to throw the site under the bus because you do not agree with what is said in them is kinda childish.
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    Ok here we go! Devin, first I was in no way “slamming” Polaris. And in fact I do appreciate that they’re investing in the dunes by purchasing the store. Second, even if I was slamming them I don’t see how that makes me or anyone else “hypocritical.” Third, now that you’ve opened this can of worms. My first trip to Glamis was memorial weekend in 1974. Yes, 1974. I have seen the changes over the years and perhaps I long for the old days when the place was waaay more laid back. No overzealous rangers, smaller crowds and less rude ass campers. So with that being said, I remember watching Crusty Demons of Dirt in 1995 (on a VHS tape no less) and the guys were at the “trendy dunes,” and even THEN I was like oh shit here we go, this place is going to blow up. Then there were the party’s at the pit (competition hill) where assholes were digging trenches so you would wreck or get stuck, burning OHVs to the ground and it was one big effing mess til the law clamped down. So if anyone ever wonders why there’s such a HUGE presence of LEOs and BLM at the dunes this is one of the main reasons. Since you didn’t ask, my opinion on camp rzr? It’s awesome that they display the vehicles and offer test drives and will repair your cart on the spot. But. Live concerts, a big party and a a fireworks display? If I wanted that shit I’d just stay home and go to Disneyland. I go to the dunes to escape that crap and in fact refuse to bring a tv along. This type of event brings in non-duners that makes the CAMPING turn into the shit show as I referenced with that image. Some of those people dgaf and trash the place leaving it to the folks that are truly passionate about the dunes (dare I say LOVE the place) to clean up after them. Many people enjoy the event, it just ain’t for me. There was a day when guys built their own sand cars, and the only thing to finance was ATCs/odysseys/dirt bikes. Now anybody with a few thousand dollars down can get into a cart with amazing long travel suspension and an automatic (gasp!) trans. Easy to drive and easy to wreck. I think they’re awesome and will buy a Textron XX 4 seater when they release them. I’m just not a fan of the commercialization of Glamis, but there’s no stopping it. Now get off my lawn!
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    Dallas TX (AP) - A seven-year old boy was at the center of a Dallas courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Dallas Cowboys, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.
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    Life is not easy, it most certainly in not fair either.. Have seen a lot of people who seem to have success fall in their lap, sometimes even undeserved.. I have also seen people who do the right thing, are ethical, and work their a$$ off, and live paycheck to paycheck.. In the end, you will have to answer for all your actions, and have to look yourself in the mirror, and go to bed with yourself.. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, then roll up your sleeves; and get busy.. John, I have seen some really ingenious stuff come out of your shop.. I also have seen some real crap.. I would imagine that was happening when the economy dumped, and your life you were explaining was going south.. That was then. Here you are today.. What will people say about you moving forward? You have a say in determining that..Everyone can write a new tomorrow, and different chapter for the future.. John, if UTV’s have overtaken your buggy sales, maybe look for creative ways to apply your ingenuity to the UTV market. It is possible to make lemonade when given a bag of lemons.. .Here are just a very few tips for success that I have tried to implement daily, & have served me well.. - Do good work. even if it costs you more to deliver. Cutting corners will never pay off. Did I mention , Do good work? A persons work reads like a book as to who they are. -don’t promise timelines you can’t deliver on.. Just don’t do it.. (under promise & then over deliver)It will be some of the most effective advertising you’ll ever do. - COMMUNICATE with your customers.. Be brutally honest, and let them know if a problem has come up.. They appreciate knowing, even if it isn’t what they wanted to hear.. Things happen with suppliers or situations out of your control, no sense adding to your agony by avoiding delivering the bad news.. if its out of your control you have nothing to feel bad about.. It is however your responsibility to let them know.. -follow up with customers.. Find out if they were happy ,or disappointed.. Having a dialogue with an unhappy customers is just an opportunity to sharpen your game, & hopefully not make that mistake again if possible.. A happy customer validates you are on the right track, and lets you know where to double down your energy on for continued success.. I just want you to know .ANYONE has the ability to change, it is a matter of discipline & fortitude.. I wish you lots of success John. -For the record, the set of boxed arms you did for my DD several years ago fit like a glove , and are still in use on the car today..😎
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    After reading this thread I feel like you need an intervention......... I’ll be the ahole and point out the elephant in the room that a couple of posters have eleuded to. You need to understand you are dumping and will be continuing to dump a PILEof money into what looks like a home built chassis. That chassis is not worthy of an LS. You still have a torsion housing from a VW in that chassis right? You’re building a lopsided car. Cut your loses, salvage the parts you can and search the for sale adds for a good quality chassis built by a reputable builder with tried and true correct chassis geometry, appropriate sized tubing with good triangulation. Of course resale value can also be a factor. I know you are hindered by your location but don’t let that stop you from haveing a property built car that will provide you and your family with as safe as possible experience that will take you out in the dunes so you can enjoy the time you have running the car rather than wishing you had done it right looking at your family sitting in lawn chairs while you work in vain trying to cobble some morphodite car back together in an attempt for at least one decent ride. Sorry, not trying to discourage you but we all want you to succeed in your quest for a good car, not become bitter and hate the predicament you get yourself into and disappoint yourself and your family. There have been many cars for sale that are in various states of disassembly for a great price on here. I don’t know what he is currently getting for a chassis but Jesse at JP Designs sells a very good car for a great price and will sell it in about any stage you want to buy it. If my post offends you I’m sorry that’s not my intent just ignore it and I won’t respond again.
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    Ok, I'll play. I have yet to meet a woman who implanted something in her chest that fixed what was wrong in her head.
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    21 years with this fantastic woman. She has put up with my crazy adventures, wild ideas, and mental looniness for this long, and if I’m lucky, she stays for another 21 years. Thank you Jen for being the best part of my life.
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    There was a pretty good crowd this weekend. Sorry for the amateur pics. Outta focus and over/under exposed! Yes, I got that pic of you going down the drags! I thought you latched the hood? My kind of flags! Tuna! Think he's a fisherman? Last pic of the evening at the drags. Time to go back to camp. Sunday Funday! Made it! Some ATC's coming by.
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    This may be the ticket @mac No one would know you had it in ya.
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    Well it was about 8:15-8:30 Saturday Morning we are getting ready to go to the Veterans Ceremony and the the wife and the the other ladies in camp start screaming that someone crashed just outside camp near the road. So a few of us in camp go running over to find a buggy that had overturned landing back on it wheels sitting about 30-50 feet from the kiddy track in wash 16. As we run up to the accident scene there is one camp a little closer to the accident than ours and we see a guy from that camp run over as well. He gets there first and starts CPR on the down Gentleman. We have a Medic, a Nurse and myself a Fireman, the medic and nurse start assisting with CPR and realize that there is no chance for the gentleman and cover him with a blanket. I worked on the driver and put a sling on his arm as he had a broken shoulder, collarbone and broken arm. About 15 mins later BLM Rescue showed up and took over with getting the driver transported. So the buggy was supposably going anywhere between 35-50 miles an hr heading from wash 19 to vendors to get a Sand Jack and did not see the kiddy track and went over kinda like a corkscrew ejecting the passenger. My guess would be if they were wearing seatbelts they would have been fine with maybe a headache. It is a very unfortunate accident that has change the lives of many. So all I can say if we follow the rules and just slow down in the washes and in the Camping areas things will be a lot safer. Also wear your seat belts.
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    If the revival of an old thread is the source of aggravation in your life you may be a Snowflake. Maybe you could start a thread of a list of trigger words we shouldn't use so this continues to be a safe zone for you.
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    Throw as much as you want at them, I have bills to pay. 😎
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    https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2019/05/02/be-a-rooftop-korean-n2545651 Be A Rooftop Korean The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of Townhall.com. Source: AP Photo/Reed Saxon We should all be ready to do our duty as American citizens and, when duty calls, each of us should embrace our inner Rooftop Korean. The year was 1992, 27 years ago right about now, and the city was Los Angeles. Several police officers who got into a videotaped brawl with a petty criminal named Rodney King were acquitted of beating him up. The city exploded. It was chaos. I was a first-year law student, back a year from the Gulf War, and I had just joined the California Army National Guard. My unit was the 3rd Battalion, 160th Infantry, and we got called up early the first night and were on the streets for three long weeks. Making it even more delightful was the fact that the unit was in Inglewood, which was pretty much on fire. They burned most everything around, except our armory – that would have gone badly for them – and the Astro Burger. My battalion commander grabbed then-First Lieutenant Schlichter, and we went all over the city in his humvee as he led his deployed and dispersed troops. Our soldiers came, in large part, from the areas most effected by the riots, and they were notably unpleasant to the thugs and criminals who quickly discovered our guys had no patience for nonsense. One dummy discovered that the hard way when he tried to run over some Guard soldiers from another battalion; he had a closed casket funeral. The city went insane. Order simply ceased to exist. It was Lord of the Flies. I remember a cop totally breaking down because everything was completely out of control. But I had a M16A1 – a real assault rifle – and I had a bunch of buddies with M16A1s. The regular folks … not so much. The decent people of LA were terrified, and with good reason. See, the dirty little secret of civilization is that it’s designed to maintain order when 99.9% of folks are orderly. But, say, if just 2% of folks stop playing by the rules…uh oh. Say LA’s population was 15 million in 1992…that’s 300,000 bad guys. There were maybe 20,000 cops in all the area agencies then, plus 20,000 National Guard soldiers and airman, plus another 10,000 active soldiers and Marines the feds brought in. Law enforcement is based on the concept that most people will behave and that the crooks will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers of officers. But in the LA riots, law enforcement was massively outnumbered. Imposing order took time. And until then, our citizens were on their own, at the mercy of the mob. Betting that the cavalry was going to come save you was a losing bet. LA’s Korean shopkeepers knew that. They operated many small businesses in some of the least fashionable areas of Los Angeles, and they were already widely hated by activists, being scapegoated for problems and pathologies that long pre-dated their immigration to Southern California. So, they became targets for the mobs. Bad decision by the mobs. See, most of these Koreans had done their mandatory service in the Republic of Korea’s Army. Those ROK soldiers are the real deal – the Norks are not a theoretical threat and the South Korean army does not spend a lot of time talking about feelings. They were some solid dudes. So, when the local dirtbags showed up for some casual looting, they noticed the rooftops were lined with hardcore guys packing some serious heat, including the kind of scary rifles that the Democrats want to ban. The Rooftop Koreans. It did not take long for the bad guys to realize that the Rooftop Koreans were not playing games – they were playing for keeps. The mob went away in search of softer targets. There’s a lesson there. Our first responders are awesome, but it takes nothing away from their heroism to point out that the title “first responder” is a misnomer. The citizens on site are the first responders. And they should be ready to respond. We all should. Personally. Some duties of citizen should never be outsourced. If you are an able-bodied adult, it’s your duty to know how to stop the bleeding and give CPR until the pros who do it for a living arrive. And it’s your duty (and right) to defend yourself, your family, your community and your Constitution. With guns – effective guns, which sometimes means your concealed pistol and sometimes means the guns that those who want you defenseless call “assault weapons.” Ban them? We should insist non-felon adult, able-bodied citizens own them and become proficient with them because all that law and order you see around you can disappear in a heartbeat. I watched it happen up close and personal, in one of America’s biggest cities. And as the Rooftop Koreans recognized, groups of citizens with (preferably) semi-auto rifles with 30-rounds mag is the only thing that is going to keep a mob in check. It’s your duty to be prepared to defend our community. Your duty. Yes, being a citizen of a free country is sometimes hard. Too bad. Tighten up and be ready and able to pick up a weapon. Whether it’s a riots and disaster, or whether it’s some scumbag who decides to shoot up your house of worship or a shopping mall, it’s on you. You have a job to do when chaos comes – no shirking your responsibility and outsourcing it to the local police or the Army. Being a citizen is not a spectator sport. Now, the left does not see things that way. The mere idea of a good guy with a gun makes them wet themselves. The left hates the notion that we citizens might take personal ownership of, and responsibility for, the security of our own country – that we might act like citizens. See, citizens are unruly. Stubborn. Uppity. We’re hard to control at the best of times. Armed, 300 million of us are impossible to control, unless we consent to it. Now, the Founders, who enshrined the natural right of free men to keep and bear arms in our Bill of Rights preceded only by the rights of free speech and freedom of religion, knew this. To them, an armed citizenry that is prepared, mentally and logistically, to respond to threats to the people is a feature. To the liberal elite, it is a bug. The elite wants serfs, not citizens. It recognizes the threat in our possession of modern weaponry. But it’s not a threat of us causing evil but of us quelling it. An armed people is a free people, and a free people demands its rights and its say in its own governance. Liberals talk about “gun control,” but what the really want is total control. Of us. There are two models to which Americans can aspire. One is to be citizens, armed and sovereign. The other is to be serfs, disarmed and obedient to their liberal elite overlords. Choose wisely. Choose to be a Rooftop Korean.
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    And a few night shots...he used a long exposure and a flashlight to paint some light onto the Can Am while the shutter was open.
  31. 10 points
    More work on the addition, finishing up a accent wall and bathroom painting.
  32. 10 points
  33. 10 points
  34. 10 points
    I wish I could post on here what I really want to tell you guys but some that read this would not believe it and turn this thread into something I would feel the need to defend to keep from giving the wrong impression. I hope these fools keep going the direction they are headed because the disconnect with reality and the underestimation and miscalculation they are making is huge. The social engineering that acedemia, the media and the ruling class elite are trying to push off on the USA is not what Joe Six pack wants. Joe Six pack wants to be left alone, live and let live, but what these people (progressives, pinko’s, communists, etc.) have been emboldened to do is forcing Joe to have to respond. These people have no idea the resolve that red blooded, blue collared, God fearing, liberty loving, Patriots will do when they feel backed into the corner, especially when they have decided they are willing to sacrifice what they have to get what they want for their posterity. Trump is the uninvited guest to the party that was never supposed to be there. Regardless of what you think of him personally he has faced down an enemy like very few have ever imagined let alone seen. The elites are concerned he is going to permanently end their gravy train. Us peasants cannot imagine the power and influence these elites have cultivated and just what they will do to try and keep it. There has never been such a divide between the serfs and the elites in this country. Even the CIvil War was commoners against commoners.. A very small percentage of the population under the right circumstances will change the trajectory of this nation. We have the tools we just need the occasion to come to fruition.
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    Took way to many pics! I like to also get pics of people just driving by when I'm bored on the Pads. Here's a few from the Pads, Olds, Picture Bowls with friends, and the Drags. Enjoy! Racing from a dig! I'm going to have to do another thread for some more pics I need to upload.
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    Our group this trip. Went on a sunset ride and Hozay brought the duraflame logs. Hung out and enjoyed the sunset and friends. Backside of olds a few dunes in.
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    I personally dont care what you got or how u paid for it , if u work on it or not . That said what I do care about is the safety , respect and courtesy for my friends and family ,felow duners and our playground. You earn courtesy and respect by being courtious and respectful . Seems to be a serious evaporation of these basic principles these days in general .
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    Oh yeah...well...umm.......pretty much
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    Can't wait for tomorrow's thread... what do you torque your lug nuts too...
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    I purchased a pair of used pair of 930 axles from his garage clean out thread. First, he took like several hours to ship them out. Second, They were good usable axles exactly as described in his ad. Third, He packaged them well and I got them like a whole day later. Fourth, he even had the nerve to make me a super good deal on them and they were exactly the ones I needed. Just thought you all should know what kind of guy you're buying from...lol Thanks again man...
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    That's it! Just a boring weekend. Spent an hour or so at Olds Saturday people watching. Cropped to see the smiles!
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    Lots of good discussion here. I've dropped a turd in both pools, so here's my .02 2004 - A guy (me) goes to the Yamaha dealer and finances a Rhino...................because it's different than bikes, three wheelers and quads. 2009 - Same guy buys a sand car...............because the two Polari and second Rhino he bought (financed) since 2004 were a blast. 2013 - I'll finance another Coolaris. 2018 - I'll finance an X-3, because, well...........I have a short attention span. When we're in the sand car, I think "Lookit those idiots in their S x S's." When we're in the X-3, I think "Watch out for those a$$holes in their sand cars." By my own definition, when I dune, I'm either an idiot or an a-hole. It's a lot easier to work on my sand car than my X-3. I've put a lot more money into aftermarket stuff for the S x S's. None of it's been a dollar investment. It's been an investment in memories. I had the most laughs per mile in the first Rhino. If we're arguing, we're arguing about some fun sh!t. See you in the dunes.
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    Here is mine..Almost complete
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    Great News I saw Jeff at the hospital last Wednesday night and he was up walking and hoping to go home the next day. Just talked to Amber and Jeff is home recovering WOOT WOOT as of Thursday
  47. 9 points
    And going to rip this thing through the dunes
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    Well, I’m kind of a softie when it comes to this stuff, but here it goes. I was driving into work and saw a little bunny rabbit scrambling off the road, but having trouble. It must’ve just got hit by a car. She tried to get up the curb, but she was unable to, and I saw her curl up and sit there. I went into work and got my work truck and went around the corner to see you if she had shook it off and hopefully had made it. She was still at the curb, cars racing by. I approached her and she was very scared, but couldn’t run. I could tell her back end wasn’t doing very good. I scooped her up, and brought her back to my truck. She drove around with me for about an hour, and I made her as comfortable as possible, I knew she wasn’t going to make it. She didn’t seem to be in any pain, and her lower half was paralyzed. I pet her on the head as I went about the morning, and she seemed to like that. After about an hour, she raised her head one more time, turned towards me, and then lowered back down, and died. Kinda messed me up a little bit today.
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